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on August 29, 2012
I've had my case a few months now and it is spectacular.

The case's best features for my day-to-day life:
1) I typically drop my phone twice a day, on asphalt, grass, tile... and the phone is still in excellent condition. Not a ding on it!
2) The Pacific green color has benefitted me a lot because I typically lose my phone a few times a day and the color makes it easy to spot.
3) Many other cases that hold cards either open or cover the front of the phone. This one does not which is wonderful if you check the time, skim texts, etc.
4) It looks very professional and you can whip a business card out in an instant, impresses clients!
5) Ladies, there is nothing worse than being chained to your wallet. I can just grab my phone and go.
6) To date, cash nor card has ever fallen out or even started to wiggle out. You can even slip a housekey in! Your things aren't going anywhere!

To date, not a piece has broken off and the leather is stitched on very very well. My last case was an Otterbox Defender which is in several pieces due to my reckless lifestyle, but the CM4 is still intact and it's been through hell and high water. This product has integrity! Now... if only it could hold my Chapstick.
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on November 9, 2012
Been looking for a nice-looking, minimalist wallet case. I had a hard case for my old 3G that was perfect - and held what this one does, two cards and a spare bill - except it didn't protect the screen. Since then, I have been drawn to the bulky cases, wanting to protect it from drops. Then I saw this and read the rave reviews. It holds my drivers license, debit card, and a little extra cash snugly. I haven't dropped it yet so I hope the reviews on that are accurate. It is nice-looking, sleek, minimalist. I have a few friends who have the life proof case and it seems to be of comparable size - only instead of being waterproof, this one has the little wallet. I had just bought a bookbook knockoff and the bulk was ridiculous. It looks cool and yes holds a bit more (although really not a lot more, especially considering the excess bulkiness) - but this one is so much nicer. I'm a cheapskate so the price nearly made me choke but the reviews spurred me on - and so far definitely worth it.

Oh! And it lets me take pictures! The reason I got the knockoff bookbook was because of the camera hole but it made my pictures all foggy and almost distorted. This one, not a problem. Perfect pictures every time.

Edit: ok I've dropped it. Several times. As has my toddler. No damage when I drop it. My toddler, however, slammed it on concrete a few times before I realized there was a problem. In this case, the back glass cracked a little. Not even that bad and not noticeable due to the case. And somehow he broke the power button. I happen to have a good friend who works on iPhones so this translates for me $12 in parts. The front glass was immaculate. Not a scratch. And the front glass is what really matters, is it not? So even though I've had to pay for parts and schedule repairs due to damage done in this case, I am still 100% happy. I watch my kid's hands a little closer when he has my phone. $12 in parts is a small price to pay for the absolute convenience of not having to carry anything extra in my pockets.
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on June 6, 2012
After a week of using this I am in love with it. Otter box and others are for sale. Been around the block trying to find a case i felt good with. Very compact and keeps the phones slimness, but good grip on it at the same time. The plastic is flexible but hard, with a good tackyness to it for holding tight. This case protects all of the phone but the front, and a good clearcoat takes decent care of that. All buttons are very easy to use, and the camera is in a great protective slot that is hard to get anything in to hit it, but easy to use. I dumped my wallet and went to a virtual wallet, taking pictures of all my useless bar code cards and labeling a folder "wallet" I carry a credit card, my bank card and my license. Able to fit a few bills in with them for emergencies, and been carring 1's and the spare 5's in my front pocket. Highly recommend this for new and old iphone users.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 25, 2013
I want to ditch my wallet...completely...I've been searching for the perfect iphone wallet case and did a lot of research to come up with this wallet case. Let me go through the Pros and Cons:

1) It's a great concept--a card case, and iphone protective case all in one! I have pretty much ditched my wallet completely in favor of just carrying this.
2) It's stretchy leather pouch carries my corporate amex, personal amex, two debit cards, a visa, driver's license, auto insurance card, and my subway pass all in one!
3) I get comments and compliments on it all the time. When I pull it out my pocket at coffee shops or at restaurants to pay, I typically get a comment like "woah, that's such a cool case!"
4) The more cards you put in the pouch the more it protects your phone from that inevitable accidental drop...or two, or three, or if you're me--a zillion.

1) The more cards you add to the pouch, the more the leather permanently stretches out. A lot of times if I take one-two cards out of the pouch, the others will be so loose in the pouch that they'll fall out.
2) Also, the more cards you add to the pouch, the more the leather pouch pulls away from the plastic protective case. The pouch is actually super-glued to the plastic and not actually held on by much more. With all the cards in the pouch, not only is the leather pulling away from the case, but the stitching is beginning to come loose and I now have several white stitch threads chilling at the bottom of the case.
3) Functionally, it can be a hassle pulling cards out of the pouch since you can't really have them organized or in separate easy-to-grab slots like most conventional wallets. With all the cards clumped together, if they don't take Amex (the card I keep on the top of the pouch) I'll end up having to pull all the cards out to grab a visa.
4) I've noticed that sometimes my screen protector sheet that I put on the face of the phone will come dislodged on the edge of the case when it's been sitting in my pocket the wrong way. I'm forced to either take all the cards out and pull the case off to adjust it, or try to get my finger nail under the edge and push the protective sheet back onto the phone.

Bottom line -- I still really like this case. I've had it for almost a year and it's just now starting to show signs of wear and tear. I'll probably be upgrading to the iphone 5 soon so I'll have to replace the case regardless, but if I weren't to upgrade, this case would probably last me another 3-4 more months before I'd begin researching a new wallet phone case. This is a good case if you're a minimalist and only intend to carry around 3-4 cards max. But if you want to literally stretch the boundaries, you'll most likely end up where I am now with threads sticking out and the pouch ripping away from the case.
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on June 7, 2016
These guys are great. So, I bought this iphone 4/4s case about 3 or 4 years ago. And one day, out of the blue I figured i'd give them a call and just see if I could possible get a replacement for the 4/4s case since the one I have now is ( a bit ) worn down.

heres the transcript pretty much as I remember it. (Btw, they were super easy to get ahold of.)

Me = A
Cm4 = B

A: dialing the number, pressed 1...
B: hi thanks for calling CM4 my name is XXX ( I am not good at remember names) how can I help you?
A: Hey, so I suppose I have a bit of an unussual request, but I have bought 3 of your iphone wallet cases in the past, and I want to hangonto my old iphone 4 as a spare phone but the case I have for it has become a bit worn down. So I was sort of just thinking outside of the box here and wondered if you wouldnt mind sending me a replacement if I mail back the old one, with a return label.
B: sure we have a some spares here, and wouldnt mind that at all, which one where you looking at replacing.
A: the black one.
B: great, do you need our mailing address?
A: yes please.
B: 500 east 4th st. blablabla
A: this is awesome, im so glad your able te help me out with this. so which shipping option should I select for the return label?
B: hey dont worry about it, just ship it to us and well take care of the rest.
A: thanks so much! I really didnt think you could do that, and im glad I asked.
B: No problem, you seem to really like our cases and have purchased several from us so we don't mind at all.
A: cool, ill ship this out as soon as I can, have a great day.
B: you too...

So these guys are great! not only do I love their cases. They smplify my life and style, and are so comfortable to hold. I really think you should buy from them because they truly do offer a great product.

as for the worn down case, I pretty much have stuffed 3-4 cards, and business cards, and receipts into it, and over time it's losened up. I guess it was a bit abusive at first, but since that was my first one, my next two have remained in excelent condition.

I will say this though, on the recent cases there is a small ridge which allows for the credit cards to sink nicely into the wallet, which is not necessarily a bad thing, I just think it can occasionally be a bit of a neusance since you will need to dig you finger in a little bit when ejecting the card that is closest to the phone. It took me a bit of geting used to, but it is still the only case/wallet I will ever buy.

I also keep a nice leather passport wallet that I bought from fossile in my car which holds my passport and all my spare cash, and credit cards. it's a great system.
review image
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on December 13, 2013
I purchased this for my husband who hates to carry a wallet. This meant we would often go places and he would not have his driver license, money, or credit cards with him. But he still always seemed to have this phone (go figure).

This case proved to be a solution to our situation. Since I bought it for him he now always has cards and money attached to his phone (which he always has with him). He loves the case and has used it daily for several months now. The quality has stood up to daily use and he is always quick to show his cool phone case to friends who also don't like to carry their wallets.

Other pros include that it offers good protection for his phone and has a basic black design (no frills) which fits his style.

Another important thing to note is that the pocket for cards/money has stretched some over these months but has held its shape enough that things don't fall out and are still securely in place.

I initially purchased this based on reviews and after researching several different models. I am beyond pleased with this case and would purchase it again. I think it would make a great gift for that person who always wants to travel light!
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on September 9, 2012
I received this case about 3 weeks ago and have used it every day since. At first, I didn't think the case was going to work. It was too tight to insert and remove two cards (credit card and drivers license) and three bills as frequently as you would do so in a normal day. But then I read on another review that you should give the case 24hr to expand to accommodate the cards, so thats what I did, and what a difference. After that "Break In" period, the case became my most valued accessory's accessory (aka Case). It's been a little more than two weeks since then, and I have found only two complaints. First of all, this case case takes 24hr to get smaller as well as expand. My solution to this is to put a $20 bill in it every night (after taking out all of the other $/bills from that day) and then getting more "change" bills ($1, $5) as you spend it through the day. That way it won't get too loose as it would if filled it with $1's and spent those. My second complaint is with the appearance of the case. It's white, therefore it will get very dirty in a week. You can clean it, but it can get annoying after awhile. Luckily, the absolutely excellent customer service will send you a new one (in any color) if yours gets damaged/discolored during the one year "Premium Warranty" period.
This is a case I have really enjoyed, but it's not for everyone. If you have more than two cards you keep in your wallet, this is not the case for you.

P.S. I forgot to mention how good the protection of this case is. I don't really drop my phone, but this is a very thick bumper which has depth. It's thick and has a lip above the screen. That lip saved me the other day. I was helping a friend change a tire (on a Lexus GX 470) and I had set my phone (in the case) on the back bumper so it didn't get damaged. So we get the tire changed, and lowered the jack, which was under the front driver side wheel. As soon as that wheel hit the ground, I heard the back gate/door/hatch start closing (on this car, the rear door closes/opens to the side (like a house door), not up and down like on most SUV's). I ran back there to find the metal edge of the door jammed in the middle of my phone screen area. Without thinking, I threw the door open and grabbed my phone to assess the damage. It was fine. There was a mark on the case, but the phone was fine. I was amazed at how well the case protected the phone. All I can say in wow!

P.S.S.This case is very unique. I get asked where I got it all the time, so much in fact, I feel like I have probably sold at least 20 of these things for the company. Just saying...
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on August 7, 2014
I've been using this card case for 7 months now and it's just what I'd hoped it would be. I previously had Otter Box cases--2 of them. The hard outer shell on the Otter Box with the soft rubber inner sleeve seemed like a great idea, but the outer shell broke on the ends each time leaving them vulnerable, not only to shock, but to getting dirt and debris under the edges of the too soft inner case. This Q Card case is actually sturdier than the Otter Box cases and provides great protection against my clumsiness. It also looks great! The pocket looks like hand-stitched leather and the color is a really elegant shade of slightly bluish green.

I have used the pocket for a credit card, my license and a $20 bill on an occasion or two when I had jeans or a jacket with pockets and could get away with just that much. Most of the time, I keep a card-sized magnifier in the pocket, which really comes in handy for reading small type that for whatever reason can't be expanded. One or two people said they had trouble getting cards out of the pocket, but there's a little cutout on the opposite edge from the opening so that you can push the card from there as you pull it out. The only thing the Otter Box had on this case was that it had covers over the ports, which was arguably a layer of extra protection, but I haven't had any problems on that score, so far. The case is just thick enough that the ports are a little recessed, which seems to be enough. The old-style connectors don't fit well in the USB port, which is true of most cases, but the newer ones are fine and I've had no problem with the headphone jack. I'll note, too, that the company was also great about promptly answering my question about the material used in the manufacture of the case.

I'm about to upgrade to an iPhone 5S and almost didn't want to do it because I like this case so much. It'll cost me about $40 to get one for the new phone (this one was on sale for about 8 dollars or so less), but I think it's worth it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 15, 2013
When i first got this case i was really enthusiastic about it and told everyone they should get it too. It is convenient to have your cards with your phone and not have to carry so many things everywhere. In fact! i barely carry a purse anymore. I saw that one of the reviews stated that the leather will stretch if you increase the amount of cards you put in it. Is true, i used to put only two cards and once i put three in it, i had to put three cards since then all the time, otherwise they will fall off.

I recently noticed that the case has not letting me take good pictures with my phone. I end up taking the case off if I am very enthusiastic about a picture I am taking. The picture comes out blurry if I take it with the case on.. specially if it is very dark.

I am writing this review because i wanted to see if this has happen to anyone else (blurry pictures) or if this just has happen to me. I really like the case and I am thinking I might get a new one for my iphone 5s but i just hope the blurry pictures go away in the next case.
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on May 16, 2014
I cannot LIVE without this thing! I love that I can just walk out with my phone and have my whole life with me as needed. I keep my ID and credit card in there and I'm set. I don't ever add or subtract from what I leave in there because I don't wan't to stretch the leather more or leave a gap for cards to fall out.. but if ever I need to leave my card at the bar because I've left a tab open, my ID still says quite firmly with the back groove holding it in! I get sooo many compliments from this thing.. cashiers always comment on what a cool idea it is and I always tell them where I got it! I've gotten a handful of friends to get them for their iPhone 5's because they think they're such a great idea. I honestly will debate on what phone to get next on whether or not I can get one of these cases for it.. haha!

n thing to note, that the 'green' is not exactly how pictured. The leather is more green and the rest is more teal--at least on mine. I've had mine for almost a year now and the edges have gotten dirty but I'm sure if I took a cotton swab to it or some diluted vinegar, I could clean it right up. The leather is only slightly (and I mean slightly) fraying by the notch on the base of the cards because I kinda play with popping my cards out and in lol. I'm wondering if it effects my camera but I think it's just because I hold such high standards to camera quality myself owning a DSLR and such.. but otherwise a great case! Buttons work well, enough room to get to the audio switch and charging port.. even for some docks.. great case!
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