Customer Reviews: Arkon Camera Bike Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Holder for Sony Samsung Panasonic Nikon Cameras
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 3, 2013
I read roughly 40-50 reviews on Amazon before purchasing this product. I read the Arkon product description, hoping to find weight limits that the mount would support, but found nothing discrete.

The CMP227 product listing does note that the mounting screw fits GoPro and Contour cameras. I have a Contour GPS, so I figured that this mount would be solid enough for my camera. The mounting instructions that arrived with the product show an outline of a camera that has nearly identical dimensions to the Contour camera line.

I took a test run across paved suburban roadways in a well-funded municipality. The mount allowed the camera angle to sink a bit over the course of ~10 miles, but it was not a major problem to readjust.

Upon viewing the video back home, I experienced more vibration that previous reviews had me anticipating. To remedy this, I opted to use my Contour GPS's "Continuous Photos" feature instead of capturing video on my next ride.

I rode for roughly 20 miles through a mixed-use paved path before my mount stem unexpectedly snapped on a smooth area of the path while I was maintaining consistent speed, elevation, and direction. My camera took damage across the lens and battery/memory card door when it fell to the side of the path. I had followed the mounting instructions that I received with the product and had not allowed extreme environmental conditions to affect the mount.

Arkon requires $9 to replace my mount using the 90 day "In Warranty Procedure". I spent $13.06 on my Arkon mount when I purchased it on March 26, 2013, making this warranty replacement cost 69% of the original cost. I see that it is currently selling for $7.62, which makes the warranty process seem incongruous for current potential customers.

I have used other types of mounts with my Contour GPS (car dash, fixed surface, headband, clamp) and none have faulted. I've had my Contour GPS since December 2011, and it received its first scratches using the Arkon mount today (April 3, 2013).

I used my Arkon mount twice for a total period of 3 hours, and it snapped causing my camera to receive damage that hinders its ability to operate correctly. The warranty process is not agreeable for a customer with my experience. I would not recommend using this product.
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on December 15, 2011
-Pretty sturdy little device.
-Rubber platform under the 1/4" thread
-Fits my RODE Micro Boompole to connect my H4n (or H1) to the pole

-Sometimes the head will spin while you tighten it - somehow you have to hold the top of it while it tightens. A little hinky.
-Rotating head could be lower in my opinion (see reason for use above)
-1/4" thread is too long (See Other Thoughts)

Other Thoughts:
1/4" thread is too long to connect my H4n on to it. I needed to grind it down about 1/8" to make it fit. Not realizing how hot the metal thread was getting on the bench grinder, it suddenly popped out of the plastic head. I tried fixing it by re-drilling a hole through the head, but to no avail. Time to buy a new one (or one with a shorter thread).

Bottom line: This clamp is pretty sturdy; I would recommend it. However, if you need to mount an Zoom H4n or H1 (or even a digital camera), you may want to consider grinding it down (carefully!) or find another that has the right height of thread. Learn from my mistakes.
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on October 3, 2012
On a moving object (bike, car, etc) the camera does vibrate and can flop out of position if you hit a big bump. I found that it is better to work with gravity than fight it. Mount the camera hanging down or under your handle bar instead of on top. In some cases that could result in your video playback being upside down, but that's easily fixed too. Just import the video into Microsoft's free Movie Maker software, and under "edit movie" there is a list of options: pick "video effects", and then pick "rotate 180", and then use "save to my computer" under "finish movie" and ta-da, you just created a copy of the video file turned 180 upside down, or in this case return it to right-side up. It takes all of 7 seconds.

I am no video expert, but it was easy to download Microsoft's free version of MovieMaker and just flip the video around. I am sure other video editing software has rotate options too.
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on December 7, 2011
I was given a cheap camcorder as a comp gift from Atlantic City and thought why not use it to record my rides...if it flies off, who cares? So I looked for the cheapest way to mount it on my bike. Well, I gotta say I'm very impressed with the versatility of this little guy. It mounts very sturdy. It can angle in mostly any direction and the part I like best is the camera screws onto the shaft and the plastic nut can be unscrewed and the camera can pop right off of the mounting ball. This is a great feature because I mounted the camcorder in a tight spot, so there's no room to unscrew the camera from the shaft. This feature allows you to remove the camera much easier.
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on February 18, 2015
This is an inexpensive, sturdy, useful, and secure camera mount. It is easy to adjust and remove your camera once you have attached this product to the handlebar. I can literally think of no way to improve this product. It is an excellent value.

I would recommend mounting the camera upside down, meaning the threaded camera mount hanging under the handlebars. You can mount it right side up above the handlebars, and it will hold your camera in place, but there will be more vibration. Perhaps vibration would be less of an issue with a motorcycle, but having never ridden one, I cannot say. You can use software to flip the video; I used XviD4PSP for this. It's free.

I purchased this to secure a HD action camera to my bicycle handlebars to record my commute in the event of a traffic incident. Unfortunately, I was hit by a ~ 7,000 pound truck (hit & run driver...) soon after this purchase, and the camera stayed attached during the entire collision. My bicycle was destroyed, but this mount and the camera remained completely unharmed. It is in fact now attached to my new bicycle.

I have since recovered fully. I will not provide further information about the incident I have related in this review, so please don't ask.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 22, 2015
> A good solid semi-permanent camera mount for ~1" (25mm) handlebars/rods/pipes/poles, with easy (but limited range) tilt adjustment, for lightweight cameras.

> 2 1/2" wide X 1 1/2" X ~3" high to tip of camera screw when installed on a ~1" rod/pipe/pole.
> Comes with 2 rubbery pads which help grip the pole and absorb vibrations.
> Grips a ~1" rod/pipe/pole using 1 of the rubber pads.
>-> Could be installed on a ~1 1/8" pole without any pads, but probably would not grip as well, and you'd loose the vibration dampening.
>-> Could be installed on a 7/8" or smaller pole with both pads and/or additional padding, but might not grip as well.
> Range of tilt 45 degrees from vertical, 90 degrees total.
> For relatively lightweight equipment only, particularly on a bike or motorcycle.
> Oddly, the upper and lower portion of the mount are separated (as shown in the photo) by 3/8" when installed on a ~1" rod/pipe/pole.

COMPARED TO A TRIPOD BALLHEAD (available on some similar mounting devices)
> IN SHORT: The ballhead of the Arkon mount works well, better than a tripod ballhead in some respects or applications, but it is not as versatile as a tripod ballhead.
> A tripod ballhead with a comparable size ball would be taller, which results in unwelcome leverage making it easy to push your camera etc. out of orientation.
> The Arkon ballhead is movable when moderately tightened, and stays in place better than an ordinary ballhead. So, it is easy to position and reposition just by grabbing your camera and moving it where you want.
> When locked-down tight the Arkon ballhead ballead is less likely to spontaneously loosen than a comparable tripod ballhead.
> The Arkon ballhead does not have the multiple independent movements of a tripod ballhead. You screw on your device and then lock it in position. For example, there is no independent way to tighten your equipment on or to (in effect) adjust the length of the camera screw-thread.
> Tripod ballheads allow a full 180 degrees range of movement (tilt),the Arkon only 45 degrees from the vertical, 90 degrees total.
> The Arkon is all plastic, tripod ballheads are metal.
>-> The ball of the Arkon ballhead can pop out of its socket (if you mount heavy equipment and hit a hard bump--likely resulting in damage to your camera).
>-> The Arkon ballhead can can snap off at the neck (if you mount heavy equipment and hit a hard bump--likely resulting in damage to your camera).

> Click on “Stoney” just below the product title to see my other reviews, or leave a comment to ask questions.
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on December 12, 2014
I bought this to attach my Sony Action Cam to my bike, so I can record my riding. It fit on the handlebar great, and with a little lock-tite on the threads, I got no movement what so ever.

It has the screw that fits the industry standard threads on almost every camera. I also bought a phone holder that attaches to a tripod. It fits just fine in the threads. So now, I can ride with either my Action Cam, or with my phone to track my progress. I use an app called Cycle Droid that tracks all kinda of stats, so its good to be able to see what progress I'm doing.
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on January 2, 2014
Purchased this a week ago as it looked sturdy, looked well built and had good reviews. Well, after attaching it to my Harley and taking 4 test videos with it, it's obvious that these people are probably using a different mount or are not giving the mount a real test. Works good around 10mph, but anything after that it's nothing but blurry, shaky picture. I even had a windshield on to keep the wind off of it. Here's a video to show the quality of the mount. The camera used with the mount was a Sony Cybershot. I gave it 2 stars because the quality of the product is well built, it's just not well designed to prevent vibration. It should have been lined with some rubber in order to reduce the vibrations.
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on December 11, 2015
I needed a mount holder for my tablet adapter (which I use with my computer, 24in screen, bicycle trainer, Zwift, Racermate, VeloReality videos and other cycling apps for indoor training). I have a mic stand set up with a boom extension running in front of my handlebar. I've attached my phone, tablet and bike computer to this boom so that I can view all devices with ease. This holder is the perfect companion for the Accmor Tablet Tripod Adapter (which holds my tablet to the boom). With this holder, I can pan the tablet to the right or left for the perfect viewing angle. I'm very happy with the setup.
review image review image
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on August 3, 2016
It attaches to my handlebars very securely, and holds the camera securely. However, it seems impossible to secure the direction of the camera securely, no matter how tight I crank it down. My camera ends up slowly aiming further and further downward with each bump I hit. I'm using this with a Sony AS15, which is a very light, small camera. It's not like I'm putting a DSLR on this.
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