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on October 12, 2013
With this pack you get two separate game activation codes.

I put the Gold edition (Civ V and Gods and Kings expansion) code on my Steam account and let Hubbie upgrade his copy of Civ V with the Brave New World code.

You do not have to have Gods and Kings to make full use of the Brave New World mechanics and content. You can skip the Gods and Kings expansion if you wish, but you won't get the added civilizations, technologies, and units. Any needed mechanics are included in Brave new world.
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on November 27, 2013
I can't say anything more than others have said. I will note though that the Steam keys provided unlock the game and expansion for both PC and Mac versions of the game. You don't have to buy it twice to play on both platforms.
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on September 21, 2013
I played Civ 2 and Civ 4 previously. I didn't really think there was much they could add to the game so I never bought Civ 5. Given a good deal on the game and the latest expansion, however, I decided to check it out. Wow! They have added so much to the game and it seems like all the parts I didn't like before they changed. For instance I never really like the combat system with stack of units before. Now with the change to hexagons and the limit of one unit per hex it feels much more realistic and enjoyable. Also the way that cities defend is much more realistic now - you can't just waltz in with a stack of units and take it in one turn.

I love how they simplified city management, eliminating the need to micro manage workers, production, and happiness. Now happiness is a single global stat and it's mostly based on balancing population versus luxury goods. This is great because it causes you to have to focus on trade, instead of just building structures. This also encourages diplomacy and forces you to interact with the other civilizations in a more realistic manner.

Speaking of civilizations, there are so many to choose from now! They have done a great job making each one feel unique in both personality, special units, and special abilities. City states are also a great addition to the game because they open up so many possibilities for deciding how you want to win the game. The same is true of the new social policies. They open up and offer many different paths to victory instead of funneling players into the same worn-out rut. They require planning to be used effectively and none of them constitute an easy I win button.

You can see that they put a lot of work into the latter part of the game as well. They added the world congress and completely redesigned the culture victory. There is definitely a fairly steep learning curve here, as you not only have to create great works but it matters how you combine them as well. Sometimes you need great works from the same age, sometimes different ages. Sometimes the great works have to come from another civilization. Then there are also archeological antiquities which also need to be acquired.

All the other things that old-time players are used to, like barbarians and goodie huts, are still in the game as well. Building Wonders of the World is still fun but it isn't as important as it used to be as their benefits are more fine tuned. The same is true for the role of religion in the game. You can still build missionaries but overall it seems like the world is more tolerant of religion. There is also something new called natural wonders. These add incentive to explore the map and make you feel lucky if you happen to find one in your backyard. They grant extra benefits such as gold, happiness, and culture when worked by your city.
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on December 23, 2013
First of all, this product includes every DLCs for Civ5 there is, there is none missing.
Civilization V is a strategy game, where you lead a civilization of your choice from the beginning to the modern and future era.
It is very complex and requires lots of time, patience and experience to play (1 round takes from 4-6hours) and is therefore difficult for newcomers. According to my personal experience, 3-5 rounds if games are enough to understand the game overall, even if not every single detail. Since the bigger DLCs offer new content, I recommend to first play without Gods and Kings & Brave New World and later add those. I've played 50 hours so far. Overall, great game and also fairly realistic and sticks to the law of modern diplomacy

-Tons of strategies to build your civilization / empire
-many types of maps that are randomly generated
-9 different difficulties
-decent graphics, even if not fascinating
-every single DLC is included
-long playtime guranteed
-Must-Have for strategy fans
-lots of tips for newcomers...
-There is always something new to discover

-...which are a pain to read (there are tons of them)
-boring until you actually understand the game
-long loading times (7200RPM HDD)
-AI not always realistic
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on January 17, 2016
I can spend countless hours playing online multiplayer with others with the Brave New World expansion and all the other DLC. Thoroughly enjoyed the game.

The only problem is playing with random people in public games that leave and ruin games. Should be played with TeamSpeak (or other communication software) for a smoother gaming experience.
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on August 22, 2015
This has been everything we expected. It's a really fun game - very replayable with lots of different civilizations and leaders to pick from.

There are multiple ways to "win" the game which makes it fun to play a different way the next time. It had been years since I played a previous Civilization game and this is everything I remember that being and more.

Would definitely recommend this.
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on December 8, 2014
I've spent 140 hours on Steam playing Civ V and had an amazing time doing so. Steamworks allows a multitude of mods to be used and the multiple difficulty levels help provide a good way to improve over increasingly difficult A.I. if one wishes to play alone.

One minor complaint I have is that if you wish to play quickly, it can sometimes be annoying if you're playing with more than 4 people/AI as it processes all of their turns in real time. This is exacerbated if you choose to see the animations for unit attacks and movements (though this can be turned off).
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on December 4, 2013
I absolutely loved the Civilization series, and Civ V was no exception! Especially once the Brave New World expansion came out! I was very disappointed when it came to Steam, since it meant I now have to go through Steam for everything. However, it was on sale on Amazon for $20, and I couldn't possibly turn it down! It was well worth the investment [now that price is back up to $80...].

Few things I don't like:
1) Moving large squads of troops is a pain, since they cannot stack. You need to remember where they are going, and move them 1 unit set at a time. This is a hassle when you have squads that are 7+ (like my strategy) to deploy them for "peacekeeping".
2) AI is predictable. Even if I do absolutely nothing wrong, they still find a way to hate you. It would be nice if the AI were a little more knowledgeable.

Other than that, I love this game, and love the many ways you can customize it! Thanks 2K Games!
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on November 19, 2013
Civ 5 is an amazing game. I've gone almost entire days playing and I've never gotten bored. Be sure to get the new expansions!
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on December 31, 2013
Steam key.

Contains all sorts of DLC, all of it great but I don't think I would have bought it without this package. I really enjoy the map-pack stuff.

This a great game solo, I stayed awake until 5 am trying to finish a match. I don't appreciate how units move compared to your tech development in the faster paced matches, feels like by the time your scout meets 3 other leaders you're in the next age. So I prefer to play on the longest turn count, if only because it feels like units move at a more realistic pace to your tech advancement.

Pretty good multiplayer but there aren't leaderheads and other little touches that make the singleplayer so engaging, you also have to use trickery like Giant Multiplayer Robot if you wish to use mods in your multiplayer matches.

Ottomans OP, make a bunch of Janissary units and then promote them to have an unstoppable army.
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