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on April 25, 2011
Got my 5-pack of individually sealed Maxell batteries from the vendor, Best Price Mirror for a reasonable price shipped. There is NO use by date on the package/packages and they were made in Japan. See some of my other reviews on batteries if you want to compare. These batteries are a bit too stale for my interest, but for the price they will give you lukewarm results. I tested the open voltage on them and they vary but average 3.07 V at 23 C. That qualifies as a new battery, but it is far from fresh as a new shipment of (Duracell's, Energizer's, etc.) from the local department store. Great batteries start out with open voltages around 3.35 V. The significance of the 3.07 V value in this case is that either they are two or three years old, or were stored less time but in a warm place (or they meet a lower spec, or are off spec).

Overall, these Maxell CR 2032's don't measure up to the Sony's (5-pack individual perforated blisters, made in Indonesia) which I ordered at the same time on Amazon and arrived the same day and I measured alongside them - the Sony's were purchased from National Brand Dist and had an open voltage of 3.20 V and were all uniform, which is great. The lower voltage would not indicate to more than 40% loss and still exceeds the manufacturers spec sheet claim (which is purposely a conservative claim). I also tested these batteries side by side with new Energizers and new Duracell's, which were both over 3.3 V. The Maxell's were packaged similarly as the Sony's in 5 attached on a perforated card with individual sealed blisters. However, their open voltage was only 3.07 V on the average. Unfortunately for the Maxell's, there was variation among the Maxell voltages among those batteries - this is not as good and was not the case with the Sony's. The Sony's beat them hands down. My dead batteries all have open voltages between 2.75 V and 2.80 V in my kitchen scale application. While the discharge is not "linear" it still gives a good idea of what you are getting and I feel comfortable with my conclusions.

I don't recommend these Maxell CR 2032's 5-pack, individually packaged from Best Price Mirror if my shipment was representative of all the sales. I've reviewed other cheapies and have not recommended any of them ... except the Sony's. I hope yours works out as well: Good luck!

EDIT May 16, 2011: I edited out that the Sony's were cheaper since this is variable. I would like to add that in my application, which has a pretty uniform use, the kitchen food scale, a pair of 'new' Maxells ordered (of the five-pack) and reviewed here lasted 19 days. This compares to new Duracells from the supermarket (with starting open voltages over 3.35V) which lasted 53 days for the same scale immediately before this purchase. That is ony 35% of the energy I got from the Duracells. To allow that they may have been used a bit more, in the best case they had up to 50% the juice of new Duracells for me, probably less in the practical use (vs. my estimate on voltages of 60%). Anyway it is basically in the same ballpark. One further comment: If you are going to buy these and your device takes pairs of batteries, buying 5 will leave you with an extra as you burn through them. So you might have to get 10 (two five packs) in that case. I would not recommend pairing these Maxell batteries in light of the results, since batteries working together should drain uniformly to get the maximum economy out of your purchase. Frankly, these are different enough in initial charge as purchased that I'm going to check the remaining three individually and pair the closest two. That is another reson these batteries were a pain. Good luck with your set.

[second EDIT update June 4, 2011: a second set of Maxell's once again lasted 19 days in the same kitchen scale application].
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on February 16, 2017
These are the REAL DEAL! They are not cheap knockoffs! I have used them extensively in my home mainly in detectors and watches and find them to last longer than any other brand I have tried. My purchase was here on Amazon on Nov. 27th 2010 so I am a :**VERIFIED PURCHASER**

The ONLY way to buy batteries is in bulk! You will save a TON of cash this way!! If you go to somewhere like Wally World then you will pay upward of 5 bucks each for these!! So get em here at a FRACTION of the cost!!

The use by dates were still good for three years!!
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on December 20, 2015
I hate having to look at the teeny numbers, then transcribe them into a location that I'll have handy for buying while at the store, only to find out the numbers also require letters, too, and that there's about 50 different battery sizes available!

This said I went online and did a quick search and was VERY pleasantly surprised to find these were available and ready to ship quickly.

I bought these to replace one battery - the food scale went out quite some time ago, and sometimes it's darned convenient to be able to track what you're eating OR have a weight for those freaking recipes that puts every solid in non fluid ounces instead of denoting size.

This battery went directly in and powered the device nicely. Obviously I haven't had it long enough to say whether the battery will last years like the one that the scale came with, but with the relatively low price caps the number of batteries I received, I can spare another battery without issue.

Then I realized how many OTHER devices we have that use the same battery after replacing the scale's battery! So far my cars key fob, the scale, and the remote to our Bose speakers all take this same battery. Maybe the companies are finally starting to make things a bit more standard, but I'm super happy that I have been able to replace 3 devices in one shipment and still have some left over!!

In short, if you're worried that you'll never use 5 of these, you may be right ... Though maybe you're like me and you have more things in your house that take the same battery than you think!

By the way - I went to the store and per battery these are well over $1 and closer to $1.25-$2 depending on brand. So the price here is well worth it.
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on March 18, 2016
I needed to replace the battery on my bathroom scale and was very satisfied with these batteries. Arrived on time and worked perfectly. And now I have four backups. Only problem is my scale is reading a higher weight, but maybe that's due to eating more and not exercising. I'm starting to see that me getting fatter was not impacted at all by these perfectly working batteries! Highly recommend this product.
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on July 19, 2016
The Product described is not what I got and none of the battery were in the packaging and also none of the battery would work, Waited for more than a week for me to receive this package. SInce they are Lithium I need to take them to recycling place to dispose them. Next time I will stick with Amazon Prime Seller.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 6, 2016
After spending a lot of time reading through the reviews for various 2032 battery listings, I decided to take a chance on this 5 pack offered by Euro Tool.
Upon first impression, I am extremely glad I chose to order these over the other available options.
As the price was so affordable compared to what I had seen in the stores, I ordered 2 packs of 5.
I received my order in a timely fashion and without issue.
There are 5 individually packaged batteries to the strip and each package is separated by perforations, making it easy to tear off one or two at a time as needed.
As my order was placed in Jan of 2016, I was especially pleased to find an Expiration Date of 6/2019 on the packaging of every battery!
I own a couple different "auto on" night lights that use this type of battery. I have installed 4 of the 10 I ordered and they have worked wonderfully well.
It's too soon for me to tell how long they will last, but at this point in time I feel I made the right decision in choosing Euro Tool's Maxell 2032 Batteries over the other offerings I had checked out.
Would definitely recommend them!
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on January 26, 2013
The price was hard to believe, but so low I gave it a shot. The batteries got here when promised and matched the image. So far they seem to work very well (I've put 4 of them to work to date). I don't know about the life of the batteries yet, but will provide an update later. Otherwise, only great things to say about this very low cost solution and the service from this vendor.

Update: I use these in small but bright LED lights on my bike for when I'm riding in darkness, which is usually when I start before the sun comes up. As such I turn them off after it gets light and put my bike away. That is the plan anyway... 6 days ago I put the bike away but forgot to turn off my back light. I just realized it as I was prepping my bike for another early ride tomorrow. Though LEDs are pretty easy on batteries, the fact that it was still glowing after 6 days speaks to the quality of the batteries even though it had dimmed noticeably. So I'm reiterating my 5 star rating...and buying 5 more!
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on May 7, 2014
There are so many things use CR2032 batteries, that everyone should have a drawer in their house of extra AA, AAA, and CR2032 batteries. And for the price, getting 5 is a no brainer.

Between my wife and I, we have 3 vehicles, all with wireless keyfobs, plus I have a home alarm system with multiple sensors that all use CR2032 batteries. So, thats 6 car keyfobs (including my Hyundai Sonata with the smartkey) and at least 6 or more alarm sensors throughout my house. Many garage door openers also use this type of battery, but our opener is relatively new, so I havent yet had to replace the battery.

So, as you can see, these batteries come in handy for us every couple of years, and even though these batteries have a finite shelf life (I ordered mine late 2013, and the expiration date is 2017 on the package), you can afford to have a couple go bad. For the price, you should just buy a pack or two and put them in your utility drawer.

With Amazon raising the minimum purchase to $35 to get free shipping, this is a great add on item to boost your purchase price if you find your total is a little short of the required $35 to get free shipping.
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on December 20, 2016
I have used these battereis for several years and find them to work great. The price from CR2032 battereis is the best that I have currently found available. I use them with confidence in flashlights and the sensors in my home alarm system. They are excellent quality, at a reasonable price. Delivery was prompt. I would recommend these batteries to anyone.

PS: Please mark my review as 'helpful'
Thank you!
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on August 28, 2015
I got these batteries to replace the ones in my garage remotes that had died. In reality, I can't say they are better or worse than any other lithium battery on the market, but after 4 months they are still working so I'm happy with the purchase. I priced this type of battery out at battery warehouse before deciding to buy them here and honestly I figured the extremely low price was worth the risk of possibly getting really old batteries out of some warehouse somewhere. I was unable to find a date on the ones that I received, but since they have been working for a couple of months, I'm guessing they aren't too old. The shipping does take a while, but your spending less than 3 bucks on 5 batteries so its sort of hard to complain about how long it takes to get them. Overall, good batteries for me.
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