Customer Reviews: CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip
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on March 8, 2012
This grip is light, comfortable and well made; the PS Vita locks in place and stays in securely without any wiggle room. The grip's frame is rubberized, making it easy to hold without risk of dropping it due to sweaty hands, which brings my next point, this grip is very easy on the hands, I used to get pains in my left hand, but this grip took that away; it feels like a slightly larger PS3 controller.
At the bottom you have a sliding, locking mechanism that keeps the Vita locked securely. On the back you have full access to the rear touch panel and I didn't experience any problems when playing games that use that feature. You have access to all the buttons, bumpers, headset jack and the cameras as well. Also, the grip doesn't put any pressure on the Vita at all, so there's no chance of it scratching it; it grabs the vita by the edges and I haven't seen any marks left on it.

The grip does have some flaws, first, there's no access to the charging port or the game slot, you have to get the Vita out of the grip to change games and charge; also, the Volume and power buttons are kinda hard to press/access , not incredibly hard, but it takes some getting used to.

Even with its flaws, this is probably the best grip on the market and it deserves the 5 star rank. If you want a huge improvement in comfort during your gaming sessions, do not hesitate to buy this grip, it is great.

I took some pictures of it, so you can have an idea of what it looks like, you can view 'em above. Hope this helps.

UPDATE 08/08/2012:
The grip is still doing its job without a single issue. It's been 6 months now and have used it everyday. Still works and looks new. Great purchase. You won't regret it.

UPDATE 09/04/2012
If you're deciding between this grip and the nyko, check my review of the Nyko grip. Nyko Power Grip for Vita. Trust me, you want to stick to the CTA.
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on December 22, 2013
Hey guys, I uploaded a video to give you some more information/better view of the CTA PS VITA Hand Grip, I hope it helps! I would have made it longer but Amazon has limit on size/time that can be uploaded

I specifically bought this to use my PS Vita's remote play feature with the PS4. Without the grip, my hands would always touch the back touchpad on the PS Vita, which during remote play is the R2/L2 buttons on the PS4. So playing games like killzone and need for speed were almost impossible. This definitely fixes that problem.

For playing PS Vita games, I used it to play the Uncharted: Golden Abyss and its great! It makes the whole gameplay a lot better and definitely makes it feel more like a PS3/PS4 controller.


-Fixes Remote Play L2/R2 issue with the PS4
-Soft in your hand
-Not to expensive
-Doesnt cover most of the ports, except charging port


-Covers charging port (not an issue unless you are charging and playing at the same time)
-Obviously doesnt allow the PS Vita to fit into your pocket or other storage areas easily

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a PS Vita, even if you dont use the remote play feature with the ps4, this is great to have just to play PS Vita games, its soft and molded perfectly to fit into your hands. I havent hand that issue that it moves around when docked as other reviewers have mentioned, mine seems pretty sturdy and set in when i attach the grip to the PS Vita. I bought it from Amazon for $13 and it shipped right on time with Prime.

If you have any questions let me know! I hope this helps :)
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on March 27, 2012
Considering the great price for this item, I was not sure what to expect and having read other reviews which said the power button and the volume buttons were difficult to access, I was not expecting too much from the product but wanted a pair of hand grips for my PS Vita and was not interested in the Trigger Grips (another type of grips offered) because the nubs at the bottom of them looked like they did not provide any grip at all. One other thing that concerned me was that to me, it looked like the locking mechanism for these hand grips worked in such a way that plastic was inserted into the charger port of the Vita and I was not sure if I really wanted that in fear it might hurt the port.

Let me say that after receiving the product I was pleasantly surprised with them and they exceeded my expectations. The quality of the plastic is excellent and although it is hard plastic, you get the sensation that it feels like it has a thin layer of silicon or rubber over it, but it does not. Its a smooth yet gripping feeling at the same time - almost like velvet frosty glass. Hard to explain but needless to say, it feels great. To address the fears I had before purchasing the product, I can say that I was wrong about both of them ... the power button and volume buttons are easy to access and the locking mechanism does not insert any plastic into the charging port. Here is how the locking mechanism works. On the upper portion of the grips is a lip in the top center, on the bottom of the grips is a sliding lip that locks into place. You open the locking mechanism, slide it down, insert the Vita top first into the upper lip, slide the bottom locking mechanism up so its lip meets the bottom of the Vita, then click a switch to lock it in place. Inserting / removing the Vita from the grips is so easy and this method, with the sliding locking mechanism, means you are not trying to wedge / squeeze the vita into the grips which means zero opportunity for scratching the Vita, and I like that. The Vita is held in securely and I experienced no rattling or shifting of the unit during game play.

It should be noted that the grips do block the charger port, game slot, and data port, sim card (3G model) and memory card. Some may look at this as a negative, but because I usually only keep one game cart with me, the one in the Vita, and the rest of the games are digital downloads, I am not one to keep switching game carts often. But even if I did, these grips only take one or two seconds to put on and take off. I do not even know what the data port on the top of the vita is used for so that it does not bother me at all that it is blocked. I could care less that the memory and sim card slots are blocked. I would say one drawback is that you can not charge the Vita while using the grips, but I never change the Vita while I am playing anyway so that is not a big deal either.

Now for the positive aspects of the grips ... The grips feel great, providing your fingers places to rest while using them. Your pointing finger and 2nd finger rest nicely on the grips and your other three fingers rest on the handles perfectly. They also position your thumbs in a great position to access all the front controls and the rear touch pad is not only easily accessible, but the grips allow your fingers to rest just outside the rear touch pad, so you only need to move your fingers onto the touch pad when you actually want to make an input and not by accident. Using the L and R buttons on the top of the vita feels great and much better than without the grips when playing a 1st person shooter like Medal of Honor (for PSP but runs on Vita). The headphone jack and both front and rear cameras are readily available and exposed and unlike most hand grips for the Vita, you still have access to the two strap holders at the bottom right and left of the Vita ... and playing with a hand strap on is is not a problem at all. The only drawback I see is that the edges of the grips themselves have an edge, in other words the hand grips are not rounded. This did not cause a problem for me but it may have the potential to do so for others depending on the size and shape of their hands.

For a product I thought I would have to give a 3 out of 5 star rating for, I am happy to say after receiving it and using it, I give it a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. I will save that last 1/2 of a star for any grips that come out in the future that manage to out do this awesome product. Looking for hand grips for your Vita, these are best ones out there so far.
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on November 18, 2013
Pretty much everything that can be said about this grip has been, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

There are several Vita grips on the market, and after doing an extensive amount of research, I settled on picking up the CTA Digital PS Vita Hand Grip. My reasons for wanting a grip are similar to many who seek such an accessory: I have big, strong Rock Biter hands, and I simply couldn't stand the thought of the Nothing ripping my brand new Vita from their clutches.

Bonus points if you get the reference. I'm probably showing my age!

Suffice it to say, holding the Vita in a position where I can easily get to the shoulder buttons is an awkward task. Either my hands are all over the rear touch pad, or I hold it in such a way that I feel like I'm going to drop it. I needed something to add support, and I wasn't happy with the size or shape of the PDP Trigger Grip (although I may be the only person who likes the idea of the lower triggers replacing the shoulder buttons).

I received the Grip from Amazon around the first of the month, and was immediately in love with it. The handles feel good and I'm able to hold it comfortably, even when laying flat on my back in bed. After fooling with the home screen for a while, I wanted to get on Amazon and give the grip a 5 star rating.

But then I decided to play a game, and I noticed ... It. I'm sure you're aware to what I refer: the dread system jiggle.

Yes, as other reviews have pointed out, the Vita does shift ever so slightly in the grip. I'm not sure I would use the word jiggle -- even though I just have -- as that's not really what it does. You can flip the grip over and give it an almighty shake and the Vita doesn't move at all. It holds the system very snug. The problem is closer to that of an un-level kitchen table: if you press down on one corner of the system, the other corner of the system will rise ever so slightly, and vice versa. It's one of those things that, once you notice it, you can't un-notice it.

I thought I could deal with it, that it wouldn't bother me. But after nearly three weeks of playing Persona 4 Golden and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, it has become really distracting. It's especially bad if I'm laying on my back with the system facing down toward me from above. I'm not sure why. It's probably got something to do with science. I'm not good with science, so I decided to toss the grip in a drawer and buy the PDP Trigger Grip to replace it, but not before logging onto Amazon to give this grip a 3 star review.

Why then, you may be asking, did I give it a 5 star rating? Because high school workshop-style inspiration intervened.

Rather than chunk the grip in a drawer, I decided to try and make it level. I took a paper towel, tore a long, thin strip off the side, then folded it over several times. When I had it down at a size I thought was appropriate, I tucked it in the bottom right corner of the grip and slipped the Vita in over it.

And like magic, the wobble was gone!

The Vita doesn't sit any more firmly in the grip than it did before, but now it's stable. Thus far, that piece of paper towel has had no adverse effects on the Vita or the grip (if that changes, I'll post an update to the review). I'm thinking about maybe stacking a couple of strips of electrical tape inside the corner of the Vita grip instead of using a bit of paper towel. Electrical tape is nice and smooth on the non-sticky side, it's just about the same color as the grip, and it'll be out of sight when the Vita is slotted in, so having it there is no big deal (if I do go that route, I'll update the review).

At the end of the day, I'm actually giving the grip a 4.5 star review -- having knocked off half a star for the design flaw that causes the wobble -- but Amazon only allows full-star reviews, so I gave it five. The grip feels great in my hands, and it just takes a little bit of simple DYI to make the whole thing rock solid. If you're willing to put the tiniest bit of effort into leveling the Vita, it's easy peasy. I'll even include some photos of how I've done it, so you can see it for yourself.

If you simply can't stand any of the other grips on the market, this one is a great buy!

UPDATE: It's now February 1st, 2014. Almost four months have passed and I'm still using this grip. I did eventually swap out the small strip of paper towel with a couple of strips of electrical tape and the system continues to remain firmly in place with no noticeable wobble and no adverse side effects on the Vita itself. For the price, this thing has been well worth it!
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on August 27, 2014
This review is for the 1st generation PS Vita (series 1000, I think), and pretty much for girls or guys with smaller hands.

I think I've got normal-sized hands for a girl, but when I compare it to other girls, my hands are still smaller :(. So, I've got small hands, but even so, the PS Vita still cramps my hand after an hour or so of gameplay. So I went in search for a hand grip - one that DOESN'T scratch my Vita (like those trigger grips). After reviewing this on Youtube, I decided to get it, and I'm glad I did.

Here's the pros and cons:

- Fits perfectly for the 1st gen PS Vita
- The grip case doesn't scratch the Vita
- Feels comfortable even for smaller hands, providing hours of gameplay
- The texture of the grip case feels pretty nice
- Access to all of the ports (except for the charging port and game cartridge thing - but not a big problem at all)
- Easy to remove the grip case
- Easy to install the grip case
- Light weight
- Pretty stable - so you can play it laying down on the couch or something without the Vita falling off the grip case and onto your face! Lol.
- All the buttons are easy to reach, even the L and R buttons - I know some people said that it's quite a reach. You would think someone with small hands would reeaally have to reach... but nope. It feels fine to me.
- The back is a little elevated so you can rest your fingers there instead of accidentally touching the touch-pad (only for games that support this feature) (I never had a problem accidentally touching the back touch-pad though with or without the grip case, but having a place to rest my fingers now with the grip case sure is a plus).

- Grip case fits perfectly with the Vita, but stills feel a little shaky sometimes
- You must remove the case to charge the PS Vita or change the game cartridge (if I had to choose a case that scratched my device or one that's so easy to remove when I need to charge it or change the game that it only takes as long as me saying, "geez", I'd definitely choose the latter)
- I didn't really like that the handles on the grip case are kind of square or triangular-shaped instead of rounded. So when I hold the handle grip, my ring on my ring finger scratches the edge. I can tell that if any part of this grip case is going to wear out, it's the part where my ring touches it; so that's a bit annoying and the biggest con for me. I have a grip case for my 3DS XL with handles that are rounded and that one feels a lot more comfortable AND my ring doesn't scratch it because it doesn't have any edges.

So, there you have it. These are all the pros and cons that I've encountered thus far. Like I said though, the shape of the handles on this grip case is the biggest con for me because it isn't that comfortable with a ring on. So if you're married (and wears a ring) or just wear rings as accessories, this might be something you would think about in terms of comfort. To me though, I'm still happy that I got this. It was worth it.
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on August 5, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product. After reading some of the reviews here, I was a bit skeptical, but this seemed like the best fit for my needs and there is not exactly a huge variety in vita accessories, so I decided to give it a shot. I am very glad that I did.

When the package arrived I was prepared for the worst. The box it came in was very plain and it had made in China written on the side of it as the first thing you see. Yet when I opened it and got it in my hand, I was immediately impressed.

While it is made of plastic, it has a coating on it that makes it have the same feel in your hand as rubber would. The texture is so similar to rubber that I had to double check just to make sure it wasn't. I unlocked the lock on the bottom of it and slipped in my vita and it was a nice fit. I will say that it does has a TEENY bit of wiggle room, but it is so small that it is not at all a problem when gaming. You have to be nitpicking big time to find it as a problem.

The benefits of it, however, are immediate. I have big American hands (I wear a XL glove size) that have always had problems with handhelds making them cramp. The ps3 and ps2 controller have always been too small for me as well and my hands are far more comfortable on a xbox controller. I couldn't even play the vita for a full hour without having to stretch and massage my hands from cramping. This hand grip completely fixed that.

It is nice and wide and has plenty of space up top for your index fingers to rest. This doesn't at all take away from using the back touch-pad, as your middle fingers naturally hover over the center of it, making it nice and easy to reach. It also makes tilting the psp easier too, because you can just apply pressure with your palm to the side of the grips to make it twist with smooth ease. Much easier than it would be without it.

Another thing I like about these grips is that they make holding the vita with one hand much, much easier. I can get up and walk around the house without worrying that I am going to drop it, because it feels nice and secure when you tightly grip one side of it, and the rubber-like texture makes it easy not to drop, unlike the slippery vita by itself.

One more benefit of it is that I can set my vita down on hard surfaces without worrying about it now. I didn't like to set my precious vita and its glass back touch-pad down on things before, because I would always worry about the back glass getting scratched. Now, with the grip on it, it rests higher, so the glass makes no contact with the surfaces I set it down on. This is a nice added bonus.

The only con I would give it is that you cannot charge your vita while using it. I find myself dreading the low battery indicator because I know I will have to continue my game without the grip and go back to the primitive non grip vita game play and all the cramps that go with it until it is charged again.

In conclusion, this is definitely worth its low price, and you will never want to go back to using your vita without it once you have it. If you are on the fence about this, pull the trigger. You will be glad you did.
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on May 5, 2014
Having this grip slightly improves my gaming experience with the PS Vita, as my large hands get cramped within 10 minutes of playing any game. While I was initially worried with the design since the Vita was only being held in place by a millimeter's worth of plastic at the top and bottom, my mind was at ease after a month's worth of use without the Vita falling out, even when I swung it by the handle while walking around. However, there is one glaring issue for adult hands: The handle is too narrow, with very little to fill your palm while gripping it. Let me paint you a picture: When you hold an Xbox 360 controller, your fingers naturally curl around each side of the controller, allowing you to rest your fifth and fourth finger on the back of the controller, with the rest of the handles filling your palm. Now imagine if you took 1/2 of the volume of the plastic out of each handle to make this PS Vita grip and the open grips are too far down and you cannot reach the bumper buttons. So you have to move your hand up, and now your fingers are pushing against the back touch pad of the Vita. There's no winning in this situation: You either have to grip the back of the vita or grip the bottom of the handles and not be able to reach the bumpers. The only reason this grip adds comfort is that it provides just a bit more plastic to fill in your palms and give you something to hold on to. On games that don't require the bumper, it feels just a bit better. To its benefit, I was able to finish a remote play (via PS4) of the entire single player campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts by playing 1-hour spurts before my hand started cramping. When playing Pixel Junk Monsters HD, I am able to play for two hours or more since I can use the actual grips (no need to reach for the bumpers). If you're an adult deciding on a purchase for yourself, find an extension/grip that offers a little more padding and girth. In the end, this does provide more comfort than using the Vita on its own, so I will give it a 3/5 rating.
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on August 28, 2013
This product is fine. Buy it. Anyone who has reviewed this and said "O.M.G. It falls out and stuff" has to have the IQ of a turtle. There is a locking mechanism in place that keeps the PS Vita from moving. It's jiggles EVER SO SLIGHTLY if you really try to make it jiggle, but most people aren't shaking their PS Vitas around like a pair of maracas. I've been playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss on this without issue.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the aforementioned ever so slight jiggle. I am very anal, most people aren't. But even being an over analytical hypercritical consumer, I know I can live with this especially at $10. While your PS Vita is inside the Hand Grip, you don't have access to any of the ports (you still have access to all buttons, including volume and power). However, the locking mechanism keeping the PS Vita in place pops down almost effortlessly so you can remove your PS Vita quickly and put it away, change your game or charge it.

If you were getting hand cramps like I was, this product will alleviate that issue. I prefer this hand grip to any other (albeit, without having physically tried the others) because I like that I can easily take it out of the grip and put it away. Unlike the 3DS (or in my case, the 3DS XL), the screen is always exposed which makes it feel vulnerable to damage while not in use. I tend to always put my PS Vita in it's case.
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on March 3, 2015
Two stars may be a bit of a harsh rating as I think it's somewhere between two and three stars. Using Amazon's guide of "I don't like it" or "It's ok" made me choose two stars though over three.

I want to preface the review by saying that I have small to medium size hands and I think that effects how much I enjoy the size and shape of the grip.


I think the grip is decently made but lacks in the fit and finish department. The locking mechanism that holds the Vita in place composed of a sliding piece with a switch to lock it in place against the Vita. It doesn't feel particular flimsy or poorly made but I question how it will last in the long run. The grip is also covered in a very slimy/greasy feeling coating. I'm not sure why they choose this type of coating because it feels very cheap and unpleasant to the touch. It's a soft touch type coating that shows smudges even though the finish is matte and not glossy. It's also not made perfectly straight and so the Vita rocks slightly left to right when locked into place. The rocking along isn't enough to be a deal breaker but once again it's not a perfect fit.

Size and Shape

I think that for someone with smaller hands the grip is rather large. It's not bad but I feel like it would be better suited to people with larger hands. One thing that is very nice is that the back is shaped in a way to give your fingers a place to rest without activating the rear touchpad so someone using this for remote play should be rather happy about that. Transporting this thing is kind of a pain though because of the really odd shape. I haven't taken it out very much but it's not something that I would want to be carrying around everywhere if I had a public transit commute and wanted to play.

Port and Button Access

This turned out to be a problem for me. With a library that currently includes 6 game carts and 3 digital games the fact that I am unable to change game carts with the grip on is a bit of pain. The most annoying thing though is the inability to charge the Vita while playing with the grip. This means that if I forgot to charge the Vita and want to play I can't use the grip. I'm always having to take the grip off and put it back on. This is an annoyance to say the least. It also ties in with what I was saying above about the switch. Once again, while it doesn't appear to be really poor quality I question it's ability to last long term with having to be used every time I need to charge the Vita or change game cards.

Final Verdict

I am returning this product and looking elsewhere fro a grip. While the product isn't horrible and it isn't a failure there are just too many little things wrong with it to warrant using long term. I am going to check out the grip from Brainydeal( as it seems to correct some of the issues I have, smaller grips, full access to ports and what appears to be no soft touch plastic coating. I will try to remember to update this review with a conclusion once it arrives.
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on May 23, 2016
I already own the PDP Trigger Grips for my PS Vita, but when laying down in bed playing, my hands would go numb and cramp up around the half hour to hour mark of gaming. This was getting quite annoying so I started looking for a new solution…and the CTA Grip is that solution!
Since switching over to this grip, my hands don’t cramp up as much at all. Only occasionally do I run into a cramping issue. Additionally, the weight of this grip and the PDP grip is roughly the same. What I was surprised the most about was that the L and R buttons are actually easier to hit on this grip than with the trigger grips (at least for the game I am currently playing which is Ys Memories of Celceta).

I have combined this grip with an analog stick cover from Cyber for my PS Vita and overall the experience is mostly solid, but still not perfect. This grip is good, but sadly the PS Vita moves around in the grip (PS Vita 1000), even with the lock mechanism on.

Furthermore, this grip is being sold by off brand names on other sites for much cheaper so you may want to grab one from those sites or Amazon since they are the same exact product, just not sold with the CTA name. I personally went with this one because I wanted the benefits of Amazon prime shipping and guarantee.

Overall, I would recommend this grip, but I would just try and grab it for the cheapest you can get it for since it is just a fancy piece of plastic.
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