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on March 19, 2011
CYMA CM023 MP5 Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle AEG
First off, anybody should always take a look at the descriptive reviews such as mine or Kyle Slayzar's reviews when it comes to spending any kind of money on these things. I would say I've seriously looked around comparing these starter rifles, both online and between friends who have already purchased various rifles and I definitely say that this rifle is by far one of the best beginner airsoft, electric rifles out there. But being the inexpensive yet excellent rifle it is, there are some ground rules to get around first.

Durability & Build: It's important to know that it is pretty durable for the price, as long as your aren't constantly throwing it at rocks or off the roof. But, you should always know your limits and realize some areas are prone to more vital damage than others so play it safe and take care of it - it's not that hard. Unfortunately since it's electric powered, there's a critical firing mechanism detail you should keep in mind when blasting on fools. You should never, ever continuously fire for long periods of time. The gun could easily jam and you could throw the firing mechanism out. After that happens, there's not much to do than make 'pew-pew' sounds by yourself since the gun would turn up broken. Simply use a sustained fire method when shooting in the full-auto mode. Another thing is the scope attachment which isn't that accurate in the first place. Personally I don't really use it much, but if you want to, just know it does wobble at times and is never really 100% accurate after 20-30 ft. anyway.

Power: The charge is actually one of the great bargains for the low price. I almost never have to charge it for the full time, and I get days of continuous battery life on it. But, it's also always smart to keep it as fully charged as possible (without overcharging - don't ever do that) for full performance and max FPS all the time. I would agree the FPS does range between 180-220 most of the time with 0.12g 6mm BBs, and yes, it does hurt and leaves welps and bruises here and there. I'm also very pleased with the regular 20 round magazine it came with and the hi-capacity drum mag it came with was pretty decent holding about 110 bbs.

Accuracy: For the most part, It's not all that accurate, especially after 30+ feet away. It does come with an adjustable hop-up system for use between 0.12g 6mm BBs and 0.2g 6mm BBs which worked out fine. Being able to spray, in short bursts of course, makes up since is supposed to be an entry gun anyway. The standard sight is common and is great for me, and the mountable red dot sight is, again, cheap and not reliable. The rifle preferred for close range and close quarters fights or even small area backyard fights.

*Important Details to Know Ahead of time (Excerpt from Kyle Slayzar's Review):
"Many people have noted the weapon is prone to jam on the first round and this is true and there's a way to prevent it; pull the cocking hammer back and then slap in the magazine. Once in, slap down the hammer or you can insert the magazine then pull and release the cocking hammer.

Sometimes the full-auto also jams on the first shot. To get around this I switched to single-shot, fired, then switched back to full auto since it already primed the next shot. Then there's the instructions... written VERY poorly. I've read garage door opener manuals with better translations. It's almost to the point where I have to read the instructions soley from the pictures. "

Overall, this is a wonderful buy for entry level players for a cheap price. It performs well, but it just has a few important details to remember. I love having mine around and it hasn't disappointed me since. I definitely recommend buying for beginners!
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on November 30, 2014
This is my 4th year buying airsoft guns to fulfill Christmas wishes and I feel I need to review the worst purchases (2). I bought this gun in 2013 and it wouldn't fire again except a couple intermittent times past the first couple shots on Christmas morning when it first broke. It was most heartbreaking as it was my son's 1st gun ever and he was so thrilled to be a part of the airsoft hobby with family and friends. I was unable to buy him another until his birthday 6 months later. He had enough Xmas money, however, for a cheap pistol....mind you it till works flawlessly today. Please don't take the chance on this gun as it was a heartbreaking experience for my son and myself.
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on April 10, 2011
When the gun came I took it into my basement to shoot it,(the low cap mag was hard to put in.) I was holding down the trigger on safe and while I was doing that i flicked it up semi. After wards, I couldn't got to safety, the trigger was stuck on semi and would shoot semi auto on full. I got it replaced, and the mag was fine and and I'm not even going to test the safety to semi again.

It shoots fairly far, it has a great rpm, and the medium cap it terrific. It is close quarters weapon in wars, and is very reliable. The only problem is the low cap mags hold only 25 rounds which go very fast. I would recommend in wars JUST taking 1 mag cap mag with you. When the mags running low ,you can leave the mag in the gun, but take off the cap and poor the BBS in this way you only need to take a container of BBS WITH A NOZZLE and you don't have to carry a bunch of mags.

I haven't quite figured out how to use the scope yet but the iron sights are fine. The suppressor of course doesn't silence, when you actually put it on tilts down and makes the BBS drop more. I wouldn't recommend a sling though it comes with one. The adjustable stock is very helpful. I would recommend using just a flash hider. You probably should have other glasses since the ones that come with are kind of small, then again I have a big head.
I recommend this gun for novices and experienced players. It probably should be used run and gun.
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on January 15, 2014
I bought this gun without really thinking about it and I was not disappointed. The gun is very well made, the plastic is nice and pretty durable if taken care of. Most of the accessories are useful however some are just for fun or decoration. The sling is nice and fits me fine. (5'5 male) The low cap mag works amazing and I haven't had any problems with it. The high cap mag also works well but I prefer the low cap. The speed loader is very useful. The glasses are usable but not the best. This gun is great for neighborhood wars with your friends but I wouldn't use it in a competition. Overall I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Its the perfect gun for those of you who are upgrading from spring or are just starting out.
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on April 14, 2009

-Cheap and affordable
-Has a heavy feel to it
-I'd say it has a 220-250 fps, just guessing
-Includes A LOT of goodies: 2 magazines, battery with charger, mock silencer, laser dot scope, small bag of BBs, safety glasses, BB loader, strap, screwdriver... Ready to play right out of the box!!
-Contains 1 twenty round magazine AND an additional hi-cap 120 round magazine, sweet!
-Retractable butt stock
-Has 3 rate of fire switch: lock, semi, auto
-Gun came to my door the next day!!! :)
-Fun, shoots fast and accurate, would hurt!!!


-Fore stock was a little wobbly even after I made sure the screws were tight
-Accessories feel cheaply made with weak plastic
-Non metal, but what can you expect out of a $40-50 AEG?
-Is only a LPEG (low power electric gun)
-The BBs jam sometimes, but problem's solved when you switch the rate of fire
-The scopes and iron sight are inaccurate to where the BBs hit

Additional comment: The gun shoots fairly good but if you are looking for a 300+ fps AEG with performance then obviously this is not the gun for you. But if you are just looking for an affordable AEG to have some fun with some friends in a 50 feet range this gun would be just PERFECT. I got mine for $50 with shipping included so I'm very satisfied. It looks cool with the silencer and it has a realistic 1:1 model ratio. I gave it 4 stars because the accessories could've been better and the scopes/iron sights were inaccurate. But the gun hits hard and fast and you can have a lot of fun with the extra magazine rounds after rounds in your backyard. Makes a great gift for teens and it won't break your wallet! Be safe and have fun!! :)
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on June 7, 2013
My 12 y.o. loves this thing. I bought him the single action Marine (M16 and Beretta 92F) airsoft set last year, and after a year of learning gun safety, got the MP5 upgrade. The red dot scope has a bright, illuminated, red "x" in it, but the scope is not actually clear enough to see through, so we removed it. Sighting without the scope was an adventure, but the thing costs $40, not $1200. We were hitting the backside of the mailbox at 25 yards with ease once we figured out the sight picture. My garage is full of pellets because the little injector used for reloading the magazine isn't as sturdy as it could be...Wish the magazine could feel the rifle, without having to be spring loaded and then refilled, that would be the best case scenerio.
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on February 12, 2016
But this going a while ago for my son he got a couple years use out of it but eventually it fell apart guess we should've went with one of the full metal ones the battery didn't last more than a month we had to fix and repair and replace that eventually I don't even think he has this gun anymore So in Minesite I'm glad I guess we didn't pay a lot of money for one of these since he doesn't even do that anymore
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on February 20, 2011
Ok, Ill start by saying im not big on electric airsoft weapons and this was my first one. For the price paid, it was actually not bad. It came 5 days from ordering and with all it said it would. I went outside and tried the supresser and it broke off the tip of the gun because i barely tightened it. The red dot kinda works at close to medium range, and was a little confusing to assemble. Oh and the manual has many grammatical errors and it was obviosly typed by someone who speaks broken or improper english. Its accurate from to about 40 feet then starts to break. When wearing a jacket, you can feel a hit, but barely. This suggest that this gun is rather weak. Dont bother using the single clip either because it barely fit in my gun and was extremely hard to get out, and it broke in a day. I also recomend buying a second double clip because this thing eats through bullets. A more accurate review of this gun would be a 6.5/10. It wont dissapoint, but it wont wow either.
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on March 23, 2011
I just got this gun today and it works great. The seller is very reliable and shipped in a timely manner. I ordered this gun late night on March 18th and got it on March 23rd, keep in mind there was two weekend days when it was not in transit and took only 4 business days to ship. Now to the pros and cons.

Has A Very Sturdy Feel In Your Hands
Great For Low Powered AEG
Nice Adjustable Stock
Stock Has A Nice Rubber Pad
Selectable Rate Of Fire (Safe, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto)

Plastic Gear Box
Slightly Hard To Put In And Take Out Magazines (Might Be Because Its Brand New)
Short Sling (Just To Small For Me)
Crappy Electronic Sight
Sometimes Wont Fire (Might Be Caused By A Low Battery)

Most of the Cons are fixable just by buying your own items. I would highly recommended this gun for anyone who wants a entry level AEG. Feel free to comment on this review for more info that I will gladly provide when I get to check out this gun
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on October 3, 2009
first, i want to start out of how amazing this gun is. it is the EXACT model of an mp5. it shoots very far on semi and blasts people with bbs at far range on full auto. the only thing is is that they got me spending more money because on the page where you press add to cart it says you can buy the bb speed loader which i did, but when i got the speed loader with the gun i opened the gun and it already came with the speed loader, but that's not the guns fault. the best thing i found out about it was that when it said it would come with a 4.8 volt battery but they gave me a 7.2 volt battery witch makes the bb's fly far. i was reading reviews for this gun and also a few customers who bought this gun got a 8.2,7.2,and (ect) volt battery, hey maybe if you buy this gun they will give you a better volt battery. i highly recomened this gun to anyone who wants a non expensive, heavy duty, amazing air soft gun.
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