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Cabidor Classic Storage Cabinet
Color: White|Style: Classic Storage|Change
Price:$149.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 15, 2016
This is a must have for any small space. My bathroom has no medicine cabinet just a mirror and is pretty small so storage is a huge deal. My girlfriend came across this item so I figured I would give it a shot being prime eligible. This item came FAST and packaged extremely well (much better than expected) the finish was flawless. I know it states it needs a two person install but I put this together and hung it in about an hour by myself with very minimal effort and I'm sure if I did it again it would be significantly less time. This fits soo much stuff it really is amazing and it does not impede any operation of the door. I can't fully explain how much I recommend this. I'm about to order the mirror version for my bedroom for colognes and little knick knacks to declutter the countertops.
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on February 13, 2017
This is a nice sleek looking storage piece. It feels sturdy. Good quality for a piece that would be behind a door. If you need a quick reference for bathroom use as how deep it is: a thick roll of toilet paper barely fits on the shelf with the bar (that helps keep everything on the shelf) attached. The double roll of toilet paper/really thick roll would not fit. Included are pictures of the how it arrives pre-assembled and a close-up of one of the shelves.
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on September 28, 2016
Freaking awesome!!!! Very well packaged, delivered on time, easy to install. I'm ordering 2 more tonight; 1 with the chalkboard for my pantry and the other with the mirror for my bedroom door.
UPDATE: Hubby wants one for the garage, that order is expected to be delivered Tuesday. I have 4 more in my wish list... I need to purchase stock in these. So far 4 ordered, at least 4 more will be ordered in the future, for a total of 8!!!
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on June 28, 2017
I bought 1 originally because I was concerned after reading many reviews about difficulty setting up and hooking to the door hinge, but after it was installed, it has been a great addition to my bathroom.

I bought 2 more for my main bath and my housemate's small room. I was able to put them together and install both quickly.

I would give a bit of advise:
1: measure the distance between the hinges to help with setting up the shelf before hanging. Also hang the top hinge first.

2: be sure to install the metal bars before hanging the shelf. Adding them after install is frustrating. The shelves that go inside can be put in after attaching to the door.
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on November 2, 2016
This is the best creation ever!!!! We purchased a home with a tiny bathroom and I had no clue where I was going to put everything. This is the perfect solution!! The design is so neat, it hangs from the door hinges so you don't have the hanging racks chewing up the top of your door trim. I will be getting more of these in the future for organizing my daughter's room and basement craft room.
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on April 10, 2014
I called the company to see if I could install this inside my pantry door since I did not want to install on the outer door, which would have been required because of my hinge configuration. Cabidor sent me explicit instructions (easy) along with a picture of the required screws (common). It is now up, holds lots of cans, looks built-in. Good quality overall. Worth the money.
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on June 1, 2017
This is an ideal product if you have a tight enclosed bathroom and that's why I bought it, BUT READ THE FINE PRINT! I was so excited for this cabinet when it arrived and now I'm even more disappointed than I might be otherwise since it doesn't fit.There is not enough room for this cabinet to fit behind the door in my tight little bathroom (that really needs storage space). YOU NEED 3-1/2" BETWEEN THE HINGE AND THE BACK WALL absolute minimum. With this cabinet in my enclosed space the bathroom door will not open properly nor will the unit open wide enough to access. After realizing it did not fit I came back to the item description here and it does say that ... so BUYER BEWARE! Check your clearance.

So I ended up attaching it in an area I did not intend (nor really need) so it has become an expensive mirrored spice rack in the pantry. In installing it there are definitely some challenges:
1) The instructions really gloss over the location that you should attach the unit's hinges. The location of the hinges impacts how high the product will be above the floor and how close to the top of the door your cabinet will be. For my mirrored unit this determined the height of the mirror. I'm pretty adept at installing things but it took me two or three tries and relocating the hinges to get them to fit so be prepared to use your "figure it out" skills as the instructions do leave it up to your imagination.
2) The hinges and the wing nuts you attach them with can really impact the desired location of the shelves once the unit is in place. But by the time you realize that the nuts/hinges don't allow you to place a shelf or retention rod where you want, the unit is already hung up and you can't change it unless you start all over again. Watch out where you place the hinges because you cannot have a shelf at the same height as the hinges. When you attach the hinge with the two wing nuts in adjacent pre-drilled holes it leaves two heights you can't attach shelves at, and four heights that you can't insert retention rods into. Overall it's not that big a deal but if you have specific shelf heights in mind it leaves a 4" section at each hinge you can't use for shelves.
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on June 20, 2017
After it's all said and done, I do like the product, HOWEVER.. the installation was a massive pain, mostly do to the fact that I received the wrong nuts. Both in the instructions and in the video I saw online did not have wings, as seen in the photo I provided, they included a nut with wings which obviously did not fit (reflected very poorly on the product to me at the time that they couldn't put the correct parts in it). I had to go to home depot and buy some that did. As for the product itself, I feel it's way overpriced for what you get. The shelves are a bit flimsy and everytime I shut it (no matter how gentle) a few of the small metal pegs that hold the shelves continuously fall out. Finally I just glued them in, so now I can't adjust them in the future. The shelves themselves don't align perfectly with the pegs (which is why they kept falling out) which makes them wobble a bit, but nothing on top of them falls out thankfully. Lastly the metal plate they give you for the magnetic lock would not stick on the door no matter how hard I pressed or how long I held it there with the provided tape strip, so I had to screw it in.
Overall it functions like I needed it to, but I feel like I overpaid for the quality.. unless somehow I just received a returned piece or a defective unit. At one point I did get so frustrated I thought of returning it, but the packaging was such a pain to get the pieces out we had to tear it all apart so it would have been too much of a pain to repackage for a return.
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on January 6, 2017
There was a small indention at the top of the storage unit, which appears to have happened during shipping as there was a corresponding dent in the box. However, it is at the top where you can't see unless you are VERY tall, which I am not so I didn't want to return the item and wait for a new unit. Overall I am extremely pleased the item I purchased and feel it was a great value given how sturdy and well made this unit is compared to all other "over the door" cosmetic organizers I've found. It was a genius idea to mount on the hinges vs using those flimsy metal bars that rest on top of the door. We will likely purchase another unit for my daughter soon.
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on May 11, 2017
Really nice product. Exactly what I expected. Excellent illustrated instructions. Assembly was very straightforward. Did not take long. Only negative is that the shelves are not secure enough. When removing items from shelves, it is easy to bump the shelf above out of place. My wife is not a big fan of the way it looks (flat vs panels of door), but I think she will like the extra storage.
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