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Spectrum MyBella Over the Cabinet Door Folding Dryer Holder, Chrome
Color: Chrome|Style Name: Coil Design Dryer Holder|Change
Price:$8.06+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 18, 2012
My hairdryer needed a home in my tiny bathroom, and when I saw this holder, I knew the size and storage space would be perfect... in theory. My hairdryer is very similar in shape to the one in the picture. The coils that hold the nozzle are shipped compressed in a thick plastic band. Be careful removing it as the coils are held under duress. Once released, you need to stretch them out a bit in order to really hold the hairdryer as designed. This is not easy. I first installed it without doing that and my hairdryer barely wanted to stay in it. It would swing in the coils every time I opened the cabinet door to the point of falling out if I didn't catch it in time. You also need to secure the power cord of your hairdryer to the body of the handle so it doesn't hang. My hairdryer actually has a retractable cord but the plug hanging at the end would cause an imbalance for the nozzle and helped it to fall out of the coils. Once I got the plug to stay on the handle and stretched out the coils, the hairdryer finally stays still when I open the cabinet door.
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on May 31, 2014
Since I have a single sink vanity I had little room for my new hair dryer when I needed two hands to style my hair in the process of drying it. This holder/caddy is sturdy and can be used on the inside OR outside of the cabinet, either on a door or on a dummy panel above a cabinet door. Your options depend on the style of your cabinet doors and how tightly the dummy panel is affixed to the cabinet.

I found I could use mine in 2 different positions on the dummy panel above a cabinet door. For use the holder is folded down and moved toward the center of the cabinet. When not in use it's easily folded up and moved to the wall side of the panel where it compactly remains until next needed.

It takes just a bit of care when moving it to avoid scratching the wood, and storing it on the outside means less clutter inside the cabinet. I'm very pleased with mine and would recommend it to anyone with similar needs.
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on October 20, 2015
This sounded great in theory. I was very anxious for it to arrive and solve the never ending blow-dryer location battle at my house. I have two problems with this item. 1.) There is no place for the cord. It just hangs and if you don't try and wrap it around just right, it will hang out the bottom of the cabinet. I suppose if you had a blowdryer with a retractable cord this wouldn't be a problem. 2.) The over the cabinet hanger doesn't allow my cabinet door to close. It may work on some, however, it does not work on mine. Very frustrating.
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on September 15, 2014
I bought this to hold my standard sized blow drier. Apparently manufacturer's idea of standard is way bigger. The drier flops around in the unit and there is no place to hang the cord so you have to do some creative and time-consuming wrapping. Then it gets caught in the unit's open spiral. Then the unit slides around and keeps the cupboard door from closing all the way. And if you are trying to put this under the cabinet that the sink resides in, the drier runs into the bottom of the sink bowl, again keeping the door from closing. I had to slide the unit to the end of the door, fuss around to get it clear of the sink, make sure the cord wasn't tangled, just to get the door almost closed. If it weren't so inexpensive I'd return the darn thing.
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on July 20, 2014
The idea of this holder is great! The function is poor. Yes, it sits on your cabinet door to hang your hair dryer .. However ... It's not long enough.. The hair dryer I have hit the frame of the cabinet when sitting in the holder! The handle of the hair dryer has to go into the cabinet it needs room to do that. I thought I would be able to lay the hair dryer against the door and close save space.. Nope! The weight of the hair dryer due to gravity makes that not possible. Not what I wanted ...
I donated this to goodwill .
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on April 18, 2014
You get exactly what you think you get. I want to point out 2 things I think would be an improvement though. One is that the part that holds the hairdryer, the part that folds up and down, you can't leave it folded up when it's hanging on a cabinet. The hinge is loose so if you hang it on a cabinet it will unfold. It seems that the folding is only for shipping and storage reasons. The second is that there is a hole built for a screw on the part that clips onto the cabinet. The problem to me is that the hole is on the outside. It would make more sense to put the hole on the inside, where the hair dryer is, so you could screw it in and hold it in place and the outside would be smooth and seamless. If you put a screw in it there will be a screw visible.

It works as expected, and at that price you can't beat it really. Would totally buy it again.
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on August 15, 2014
I have thinner cabinet doors so this is just a little too wide and leaves a gap when the cabinet door is shut, but it still works. Holds the hairdryer well. If you fold it up, it does not stay folded up since it has no spring action to keep it folded up and gravity pulls it back down. Not really a problem since I keep my hairdryer in it when the hairdryer is not in use. Just added that info to let other know in case it might be a problem for them. I like it and recommend it. Beats any other options I have found.
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on May 1, 2014
I like this and wish I was more able to use it in my home. The problem is not really with the product itself but the width of my cabinet doors. My hair dryer is too big! My cabinet doors in the bathrooms are smaller than say the average kitchen cabinet door and so I cannot easily use this because it stops me from being able to open and close the doors once the hair dryer is place in it. Otherwise it's a handy little holder.
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on March 18, 2014
This is really great, the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the part that goes over the cabinet door is really too big. Its closer to fitting for a regular size door than a cupboard door. So it wobbles around a bit. There is a place to put a screw in to stabilize it, but I don't want to scratch up the cabinet as I live in a rental house.
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on September 28, 2014
I like this because you do not have put holes in your furniture to attach it and it holds the hair dryer well. I don't like it because I have to be extra gentle to take the hair dryer out or else it pulls the holder off the cabinet door! It annoyingly still happens at least once a week and noisily falls to the floor while others are sleeping.
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