Customer Reviews: C2G / Cables To Go 03116 18 AWG Outlet Saver Power Extension Cord NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R, Black (10 feet/3.04 Meters)
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on December 19, 2008
This product is fine if you are just using it to free up space on your surge protector or UPS that would otherwise be used by A/C adapters for cell phones, speakers, etc.

However, this cord is only rated for 10 amps. Unfortunately that is not disclosed anywhere in the promotional materials. This means you can only use it for electrical loads of up to 10x125 volts = 1,250 watts. So if you were intending to use this with a Kill-A-Watt to measure, for example, how much electricity your refrigerator or microwave uses, well, don't do it because those appliances may draw more than 1250 watts and overheat the wire, possibly causing a fire.

What is needed for use with the Kill-A-Watt is an extension cord that is rated for 15 amps or more. That will allow safe transmission of the electricity over the extension cord without overloading it.
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on June 17, 2013
The description includes "NEMA 5-15." This indicates it is rated as 15 Amps (and 1875 Watts at 125 Volts); the "15" in "NEMA 5-15" refers to the amperage rating. (See the chart at However, the item I received has a tag attached that says it is rated at only 10 Amps. See my two images.

To examine the cable it would seem to be well made and good quality. But the attached "10A" tag means the inferior quality is in the gauge of the conductors. The cable is stamped "18 AWG," i.e., 18 gauge, the maximum safe load of which in this type of three-conductor cable is 10 Amps. The specification "18 AWG" does appear in the description, but is not directly recognizable as implying the 10-Amp limit and is easy to overlook and/or disregard (as I did) in the presence of the immediately recognizable spec "NEMA 5-15" that indicates 15 Amps directly.

(NOTE: There's no simple chart for current capacity because there are many factors to be considered, including conductor material and gauge, insulation, ambient temperature, number of conductors bundled together, and application circumstances. Caution must be exercised in simplifying, but generally in typical household usage an 18 AWG three-conductor extension cord such as this has a rating of 10 Amps, as the attached tag says. For a rating of 15 Amps it would need to be at least 14 AWG. See, e.g.:

Given that the 1-ft cable was an Add-on Item that got me free shipping, a return isn't worth the hassle and I will find a suitable use. But I would recommend only as above qualified (10 Amps), and would NOT buy again. And I reprimand Amazon for its inadequate care in gathering product info and publishing accurate descriptions.
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on September 23, 2011
This extension cord is only rated for 13A, so be cautious when plugging devices into it (most other extension cords & power strips are rated 15A). Other than that it is exactly as advertised.
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on May 25, 2010
I ordered two of these to free up outlets on my UPS that had transformers plugged into it. It seems to be a good quality extension cord, and it says made in China. But it is not one foot in length. When it said 1 foot, I was thinking the actual cord was 1 foot long(from plug to plug). It is not! The actual cord length, not measuring the plugs, is exactly nine inches long. Other than that, it serves its purpose.
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on November 4, 2009
I purchased a "Kill-A-Watt EZ" and use this 3' extension cable in conjunction with that. For background, the Kill a Watt EZ measures power consumption of anything plugged into it and displays watts consumed and if you enter your local utility's cost per Kw it will tell you what it costs to operate on a per day, per month, per year basis. The only issue is that you plug it into the wall and then the electricity consuming device into it, after, you have to get down on your hands and knees to view the reading. Kind of a pain to do. In using the unit with the CTG 3' Outlet Saver Power Cord I find it much easier to use.

What can you say about a 3' extension cord...It's a well constructed cord for the money and does the job intended.
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on January 19, 2016
This was the item listed that should be purchased with the Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2200 Peak Amps Jump Starter on the Amazon jump starter page. I figured that Since it was listed it should do the trick for charging the jump starter. I received both on the same day and to my shock this extension would not work with the jump starter. The wide gaps on the female end of the extension cord are huge and would not hold onto the narrow male prongs on the jump starter. Luckily I was able to find a connector that would attach to the jump starter and am was able to use it. I want to warn people that the female end of this extension have a huge diameter and will not work with something with narrow male prongs.
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on November 21, 2015
They REALLY should list the current and power rating in the device description - unfortunately, they only list the wire gauge. My cord as arrived clearly states 10 Amps, 125 Volts, 1,250 Watt maximum on it. That said, it is a great extension cord to use with small power tools but you really have to know what you are doing and how NOT to start an electrical fire. It is advertised as 18 AWG wire gauge where a normal 15 Amp extension cord is most likely 14 AWG. 18 AWG is MUCH smaller wire than 14 AWG. This means it can't handle a 15 Amp load without burning up. BUT - if you have a small appliance under 10 Amps ( like my hand held vacuum or power drill ) it results in a MUCH lighter and compact cable to be dragging around and storing. My 25 foot 18 AWG has a ship weight listed as 1.1 pounds ( 0.5kg ) where a lot of equivalent 14 AWG 15 Amp cords are 3 lbs, or about 3x heavier. As an experiment - I used this website to determine that plugging my 15 Amp 7" circular saw into this cable would be a REALLY BAD IDEA - the voltage drop was 10 Volts x 15 Amps = 150 Watts of heat dissipating in the cord. Running continuously, this would most likely melt the cable insulation and start a fire. For a good example of voltage drop turning into heat in a cord, run a upright corded vacuum cleaner and hold the power cord after it has been running for a few minutes - it should be quite warm.
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Not much to get excited about with an extension cord. But there are still some poor ones out there, as well as some that are just too damn expensive. What I needed was one that looks exactly like this that would fit my leaf blower...The plug on the blower is shielded and I cannot use one of those extension cords with multiple outlets at the end. And I also needed around 15 feet to do my deck with it which is what I use my blower for most of the time. This cord was the perfect size, fit, and above all, price. For a 15 footer its a real bargain for the price. And there is nothing cheap about this cord at all. I understand from some of the other reviews that the amp rating on this is lower than some would want or need. But since I am only using this for a few minutes at a time that is of no concern for me. If you need a cord like this for something that will be plugged in all the time and draws a lot of juice, by all means make sure its safe enough for you. As for my need, its perfect, solid, and the price on it can't be beat...Highly recommended...
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VINE VOICEon November 28, 2014
This is for the very short 1-foot extension chord. Very practical item when needing to connect something to an outlet that's inconvenient.

Example: I have an outlet which is hidden behind a shelf and I had to crawl under there to connect a space heater. Now I can plug it in easily. I do wish I had purchased the 2-foot which would have made it possible to lay it on the second shelf but this has worked great so far.

The extension chord seems to be of very good quality and should last for years.
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on May 17, 2016
I bought this fancy retractable light with a power outlet in it and got up on a ladder to install it near my garage door opener because there is also an outlet nearby, It was a pain to install, but once I had it all set where I wanted installed on the ceiling I realized "DOH" I was about 3 inches SHORT of being able to plug that darn light IN! I was actually really mad because where the stud was to install this made it pretty much impossible due to the plug in cord length, if I moved it to the next stud i would STILL be short!

I jumped on Amazon thinking find myself a short extension cord and just fix this problem that way (much simpler than messing with removing it) and I found this, let me tell you it took a few days to get but once I plugged it all in and solved that issue of not enough cord I was a happy guy, the cord works great and most important my light with outlet on it is operational and gets used often :)
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