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on July 23, 2011
I have an endless supply of windfall oak branches in the yard. I got a Cajun Cookware Grill Round Cast Iron Hibachi Grill. 14 1/4 inch diameter cooking grill. 11 1/2 inch diameter fire grill. I made a small wood fire and waited for the fire to change to glowing charcoal. I oiled up the food grill. Immediately put on the food grill and heated it up for five minutes till it began to smoke. Oiled up the grill again. Immediately put on a small steak. Steak came out great. It was well seared. Grill cleans easily. Had to move fast because a wood fire doesn't produce much charcoal and it burns very quickly. I think I would have to add store bought charcoal for bigger meats or longer cooking.
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on March 21, 2016
I have a full size charcoal grill which is great when cooking for family and guests, but is too big when I am grilling just for my family of three. I was looking for something more appropriate in size, as well as something portable, that I could take on a camping trip or to the beach. While browsing online for such a grill I found this hibachi and decided to take a chance on it. I couldn't be more happy with that decision. It heats fast and is big enough to cook a meal for three. I like that I can add charcoal to it as the food is grilling, and that the grill has two heights. The only downside is that it doesn't have a lid so I can't use it as a smoker.
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on August 30, 2013
I had purchased this grill in June as a birthday gift for my man. He is a fan of the hibachi style grills and the one he had was looking like it had seen better days, so I read the reviews for this grill and the lodge grill and obviously decided on the Cajun. We don't use traditional charcoal, we are fans of the hard wood stuff, and this grill works well with it. I've cooked on cast iron my whole life and this grill is good quality cast iron; as always take care of your things and they will last! Don't leave it out to get rained on and oil it every now and then and you shouldn't have any problem with it rusting. I purchased the grill off of amazon and it arrived promptly nor had I any issues when I inspected it. So if you prefer the look of this one over the lodge and want a larger cooking surface, is go with the Cajun.
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on April 2, 2017
I have been using mine for a couple of years now. Really well thought out, made and a joy to use
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on March 4, 2016
Healthy eating begins with healthy cooking and this grill provides an economic way of grilling with out having to brake the bank. Whatever that means. Good quality product. at a very affordable price.
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on September 19, 2009
This grill is bigger than it looks, yet, surprisingly light. The item arrived quickly and very well packaged. I'm impressed with the vendor and with the product. There were no reviews posted when I purchased this, so I hesitated (about 3 months) before purchasing, and am happy to report just how pleased I am with this. Additionally the construction, cast iron pieces, is excellent, as well as the sturdy handle, which tucks conveniently away when not in use. You can see it in the photo, a detail I had originally missed.

I had also shopped for the Lodge model most similar, which is in all the stores locally, as well as the Braai grill (at twice the price) Potjie Braai Hibachi.
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on May 29, 2012
But its REALLY heavy. Be ready. I use this for camping bbq and firepit. It is bigger than it looks and cooks great. The finished surface is fine, its a grill, not a flower pot. Just keep it seasoned and out of the rain. I need to set it on plywood in the bed of my truck when I transport it. No kidding, its heavy. And the handle isnt comfortable. But this thing is COOL!!!
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on July 18, 2011
The best grill I have ever owned. It's bigger than it looks and will cook a lot of steak, burgers, or vegetables in short order with nice grill marks. You can even sit a Dutch Oven on top for cooking stews or noodles.
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on July 6, 2015
Great Transaction! Order received promptly!!! Works great. I have both cast iron grills the lodge l410 and now the cajun cookware grill.You will not go wrong with either one. Excellent searing. Easily reaches 600-1000 degrees, dependent upon the type of charcoal/wood. My preference for grilling is using a mixture of hardwood charcoal with chunks of various woods depending on what we are grilling, ie: fish, lobster, shrimp, chicken, duck, pork or beef fajitas,.baby back ribs,PIZZA or steak. In my experience wood always burns hotter than charcoal, helps to get that beautiful sear and also imparts better flavor. I have played with several flavors of wood, hickory, mesquite, peach, apple, cherry, oak and orange. Each one has a way of enhancing the special meal.

Below is a secret that will enhance your grilling..........
I also have utilized the old smokey charcoal grill # 22 to set both grills in. with the bottoms being supported by inexpensive ceramic 4x4 tiles.
This gives me the added benefit of slowing down the grilling process by being able to cover both grills and control the heating process. I have also been able to roast a golden brown duck and chicken by adding a rib rack and using the old smokey set up I have SET IT AND FORGET IT!!! LOL.
Also I have been able to smoke/grill 3 large racks or ribs. SET T AND FORGET IT. The height of the old smoker is a true WINNER!!!

Now to my favorite. The winner is the Cajun grill. WHY?
Larger surface area, excellent for that homemade pizza,8 hamburger patties 8 lobster tails, etc.

Fyi, it can also be used as a cooker for a cast iron skillet for fish, vegetables etc

Also while using a small amount of charcoal it is our go to for quick grilling versus the weber
or the homemade brisket smoker.

For those that mot only love to grill but love those beautiful seared grill marks. We have used weber searing
grate for a little more expression especially with a good steak.

Experiment !!! Enjoy grilling !!!
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on May 30, 2013
I chose this grill because there are only two to cook for. I have realized that this grill requires less charcoal and is faster than a conventional grill. It will cook steaks, porkchops, and hamburger perfect! I also own a lodge hibachi grill but prefer this one because of the larger grilling area and because you are more able to move the meat away from the coals because of the larger grilling area. It should last me my lifetime due to the rugged construction as long as I protect the grill from the elements. I believe that this grill is a superb choice for someone who wants a true habachi!
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