Customer Reviews: California Baby SPF 30 + Sunscreen Lotion - Super Sensitive, 2.9 oz
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on November 18, 2010
I'm late to the game and just realized that there are lots of harmful agents in even the supposedly gentle sunscreen for kids. We went thru testing lots of sunscreens, but b/c I don't want the chemical blocks (anything that doesn't have titanium or zinc oxide) that'd react with skin, we usually use Bull Frog Solarsphere (which is pretty good) but it's very thick and white, even though it does the job done. I was forced to use chemical blocks (most of the products on the market) but non are as effective as the physical block sunscreens (ie, those with titanium oxide). I was so happy to have found California Baby sunscreen at a friend's recommendation. Before I bought it I cautiously read the reviews on Amazon, especially the negative ones. I'm glad I did, b/c apparently there are different types of California Baby, some aren't PABA free.

This one, the one says fragrant free, does NOT contain PABA. So please read the ingredients carefully before you order (words that ends with -paraben is the one you don't want to have in your sunscreen).

I had no problem with spreading this white cream evenly onto my skin (and I have very tanned skin). It is not streaky, messy, and sticky. It goes on very smoothly, and my skin is only a slight shade lighter, very slight, once I fully spread it on my skin.

This product does contain titanium oxide, so it's supposed to remain ON TOP of the skin, not inside the skin and being absorbed (i read some complained about this). That's how they block the UV ray, and that's why the physical blocks don't irritate skin and are safer for young children to use. If you want something that's clearly absorbed into the skin, use chemical blocks (just about most other products don't have titanium oxide), it creates chemical reactions with your skin and supposedly help block UV rays. But now to look at all that news reports about the fact that there are carcinogens inside most of the sunscreens, I'd think twice about ever using chemical blocks again.
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on March 29, 2015
This stuff has an odd purple, pearlescent tint to it which is very unflattering, as it does NOT soak into your skin but rather sits on top of it. I will say that it is an effective sunscreen, but that awful tint makes you look dead (especially if you're already pale, like me!). It's also about the same consistency as cream cheese -- give yourself an extra ten minutes of prep time to spread it evenly and try to blend it so you don't look like you're wearing ghostly theatre makeup. I've since started using CeraVe invisible zinc sunscreen which goes on more like regular sunscreen and is also effective.
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on July 10, 2015
If you don't care about your face looking too pale it is ok. I used it several times to go for mushrooms or just for walking on the open sun and it protects from the sun, the only issue is it is white lines on my face...I am adult so I don't and it is baby product and who cares if I look like I have a mask on my face))) as long as it is protected. Also with time it becomes watery and I keep forgetting to shake it before I open...
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on June 10, 2011
Kumazawa, et. al. in their study, "Effects of Titanium Ions and Particles on Neutrophil Function and Morphology" concluded that cytotoxicity (danger to the cell) was dependent on the particle size of titanium dioxide. The smaller the particle size, the more toxic it is. This conclusion is relevant to the consumer because of the cosmetics industry's increasing use of micronized pigments in sunscreens and colour cosmetics. Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide are used in sunscreens because they are colourless at that size and still absorb ultraviolet light. Many cosmetic companies are capitalizing on metal oxide nanoparticles. We have seen, however, that if titanium dioxide particles used to act as a sunscreen are small enough, they can penetrate the cells, leading to photocatalysis within the cell, causing DNA damage after exposure to sunlight (Powell, et. al. 1996) The fear is that this could lead to cancer in the skin. Studies with subjects who applied sunscreens with micronized titanium dioxide daily for 2-4 weeks showed that the skin can absorb microfine particles. These particles were seen in the percutaneous layers of the skin under UV light. Coarse or fine particles of titanium dioxide are safe and effective at deflecting and absorbing UV light, protecting the skin, but consumers should avoid using products with micronized mineral pigments, either in sunscreens or colour cosmetics.
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on April 1, 2012
While this product seems good and applies nicely to my skin, my daughter, who is black, looks like she is starring in a zombie film. It turned her skin an awful purplish color.
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on June 1, 2009
Although I love California Baby's bath products and their Sunscreen Stick, I was surprisingly disappointed in this product. I applied it very generously on my toddler's arms and legs, and it did not seem to protect her for more than a half hour in the sun. Additionally, she has very sensitive skin and I found that it irritated her arms with small bumps. Perhaps for a baby that is not very fair skinned or sensitive, this product works better.
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on August 17, 2013
I tried this on my baby's skin, it looks greasy, feels greasy and just doesn't work. After only 30 mins in the sun my baby got a really bad tan like he's been baked in the sun for hours. I thought I didn't apply enough at first but after trying another sunscreen, the other sunscreen did protect him for hours. It wasn't fragrance free but the other sunscreen did protect him from burns and tans. So I decide to give this another try, even for a couple of minutes in the sun my baby got tan. I'm really questioning what kind of sunscreen is this? The only reason I paid so much for a sunscreen because it stated no fragrance, non-chemical sunscreen, PABA Free, scatters & reflects UV rays, really? if it does what it's supposed to do then how did my baby got a tan? it sure wasn't a fake tan. And though it states organic ingredients my baby broke out every time I apply this on him.
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on July 21, 2016
Love California Baby products! I have been using this since I first started using sunscreen on my 1st son 3 years ago. It has not let us down, and my son has never gotten a sunburn. I will warn you that because it is a mineral sunscreen, it does go on VERY white and will make your kid look a little ghostly. ;) But I find that the ghost effect goes away after they have been wearing it a little bit, and besides...who cares! It works, and it's not full of harmful chemicals...that's what's important to me! Much recommended for any mama who wants to feel good about the product that they are putting on their baby's/kid's skin (we absorb everything we put on our skin into our bodies!), while still being confident that it will protect them from the sun's harmful rays.
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on May 26, 2008
Was looking for a sunscreen that wouldn't contribute to bleaching of the coral reefs. I was all excited to find this until I saw that it has "parabens" (propylparaben to be exact) which contribute to coral bleaching. Gonna get this when our baby comes along, but for now, I can't use it to snorkel in Hawai'i. :( Badger sunscreen it is!

EDIT: Despite comments to the contrary, this particular product DOES have parabens (just read the ingredient list provided on this page). Please note, this is NOT the fragrance-free version (which IS, apparently, paraben-free). If you order this specific product, you will recieve a product with parabens.
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on September 10, 2012
We buy this for our son, who has sensitive skin and also needs all gluten free products. It works very well as a sunscreen and doesn't seem to wash off quickly at the beach or pool. It has titanium dioxide as the active ingredient so it's safer and PABA free. It goes on smoothly and has almost no odor. Our son has never complained about it stinging his eyes or anything.

But obviously it has one major drawback -- it's expensive! Very expensive. So expensive that it lost a star. It's also hard to empty the tube, so when it gets down to the bottom I cut off the top and can easily find another 2 or 3 applications worth inside, which equals a few dollars worth of product.
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