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on October 15, 2014
2 Dvd's, unopened, no defects and the code worked for steam so I can play online. It arrived EXTREMELY FAST, it was at my house the next day, the product itself well I could just not have wished for more especially at the price (this game still goes for 59.99 on steam). Can not go wrong in that aspect what so ever.

As for the GAME, the software/gameplay itself. I LOVE THIS FREAKING GAME! Servers on Steam are still full, in the few days I played it I have yet to run into a hacker and overall its a fast paced game which will get your heart pounding if you do the online play.

Now for the bad part, it is a Call of Duty game.. Which means in about 4 hours you can beat the entire game in normal mode or maybe a little longer in expert mode, if you want to play the game for the story its a good story, but its no game you will play for a month in offline play. Thank god for CoD's epic multiplayer, really makes up for everything else. Also, screw you guys who run around with every possible explosive the game offers, nothing like walking up to a wall and seeing the entire ground around you turn into ash along with everything from your waist down. Sigh, I suck at these games but it's just too addicting not to play.
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on September 13, 2015
Wow this could be such a good game! There are to many hackers chopping you to pieces before you get a shot off. Do Not waste you money unless you want to hack God Mode so you can run around and rack up points. I removed it from my computer, its not worth searching for a server without hackers!
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on November 20, 2012
Single Player: Rating ***

PROS: Black Ops 2 once again does a great job at creating a cinematic experience that mixes real world characters with fictional creations. In sense it almost has a harry turtledove taste to it. The engaging story line and ability to determine what happens in the game through your actions is a plus and gives it good replay value in addition to the challenges and intel you can collect. I also love the addition of feasible futuristic equipment and weapons.

It allows you to compare scores with your friends so you can get bragging rights in an additional category of the game.

CONS: Its glitchy. I had to restart the "Time and Fate" mission because the characters wouldn't advance after I took everyone out from the bell tower. Other times you have to trigger the AI to proceed to the next point because it seems like its waiting for something to happen.

The AI is also mediocre at best. I played this game on Veteran and it was highly disappointing to see that I could pretty much Rambo my way through sections of many maps. Also enemies appear behind you out of thin air after you have cleared some areas ; they don't even come out of a door or run they just appear.

The strike force missions were very promising at first but they are pretty easy to beat and leave a lot to be desired. The idea is very nice, in essence the game mixes World in Conflict or Starcraft strategic military thinking with the ability to play first person as any of the squads you control and switch between them during the course of the fight. I was able to direct all personnel to the Objective point and then I played as a soldier and shot my way through everyone.


PROS: The ability to select up to 10 options for your class is a welcome enhancement. The maps are very fun to play and there is something for everyone. Killstreak rewards are exciting and continue the spirit of awesomeness as the first black ops.

CONS: NO DEDICATED SERVERS! This is IWNET 2.0. Just let the server pick random people and smush them together. Its hard for me to get a great ping. Why is it so hard to give PC players a dedicated server? Don't have to reinvent the wheel. If its not broke don't fix it. Now just to make it clear I knew that the game didn't have Dedicated Servers before preordering but I was also aware that their system for multiplayer would be an improvement over IWNET. When your environment gets chosen for you it really destroys the experience of all the extra things you can do with this release of Black ops.

Nuketown 2025 is NOT a permanent map. I was tricked into believing that the map was included when you preordered the copy. Nuketown 2025 was fun and available to play but only during the 1st week of release. If Treyarch had made it clear that this was the case I would not have had a need to peorder this game. I think its pretty deceitful to the pull the map out of the blue.


PROS: TRANZIT!!! Its a HUGE map that has a player explore 5 bus stops. The new elements in this iteration of zombies is that you have BUS as a transportation and you have the ability to play in 5 different environments. Also there is an abudance of buildable weapons and easter eggs that intertwine and require that players explore every inch of the world for you to have maximum survivability.

Another thing that I like is that ability to migrate hosts when you have a crybaby player who rage quits in a middle of a match because he/she is to wussy to play zombies and keeps on dying.

The leader boards are also a welcomed addition. Now one has the ability to see just where you rank with other people across the world. It includes much more categories apart from kills and highest level. It gives you the career total for Kills, Revives, downs, perks, door opened, etc. and it includes a ranking system so that when you in a lobby you can instantly know if you are playing with noobs or pros.

CONS: The graphics in zombies are blocky at times specially in when you are looking at the lights from the bus. Grief mode is only available within the confinement of a single town. I think it would be much more exciting to have 4 v 4 in TRANZIT.

Its been a week since the release of Black Ops 2 and I feel full but not totally satisfied. It has nice entertainment value on zombies alone and I recommend you wait to get this game when it goes down in price in the future. Move on to other exciting video games that have been released this fall unless you are in withdrawals and can't fathom not being able to play.
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on November 15, 2015
If you have to compare it to the Black Ops: BO2 is far more playable than the original. While the first is tied up in uncontrollable movie scenes; long loads and game exit - Ops 2 fixes all of the woes of the first. My only gripe about the newer version is that the plot isn't as deep as the first.

The newer version also plays far more like an Xbox video game - whereas the first "feels" more like you're part of the story. The characters in the new version are sympathetic and recognizable (as opposed to Castro, Kennedy, etc.). I appreciate the more "real world" weapons from the earlier version - having spent some time in the military.

In all - it's still a great game.
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on September 6, 2014
Activision need to go back to school and back to basics. And flush steam. I called activison support and they told me their was nothing they could do for their own game-plus they were Indian in India and had no clue as what to do anyways. Steam rules and runs this game and thru 8 hours of research of the game telling me steam needed an update and it never giving me one here are the results.
DO NOT EXPECT to get this game and load it up and just play it. it has many downloads and updates that last hours on top of it the storyline rambles on and on and you cant turn it off. I have 8 gig of mem and a huge video card and it works fine but void of color everything is grayish.
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on December 30, 2013
It worked very well after I put the code into my steam account and yes, it was pretty fun actually. I haven't play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PC and yes, it runs very very smoothly with 120FPS or greater, except multiplayer capped at 200FPS. Low latency control, smooth animation, excellent sound engineering design such as explosions and the way gun sounds, and graphics are amazing and it's still 60+FPS game which never reduces the enjoyment of the game. Treyarch made their best job on Black Ops II over previous game like World at War and Black Ops.

Story was great, but shot.
Multiplayer is just for casual and hardcore gamers who just want to play it for fun and/or be competitive against other players.

Overall, this is a much better Call of Duty experience and I recommend this game for Multiplayer guys who want to kick some ass wheras some Single Player guys who wanted to walkthrough whole stories about Deniable Black Operatives Mission.

Buy PC version for more than 60+FPS. I guaranteed. It will run much much smoother than console version. And, it's easier to acquire targets with Mouse & Keyboard.

*You'll need 1000hz Polling Rate with at least 5000DPI or greater for Gaming Mouse
*You'll need either Cherry MX Brown (Soft-Tactile) or Cherry MX Blue (Clicky-Tactile) Switches for Mechanical Keyboard.
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on December 8, 2012
An engaging video game is not much different than a movie. Both require a tight script, an unpredictable yet compelling story and characters you come to care about. This iteration lacks all three.

Treyarch's World at War gave usher Colonel Reznov, a character so memorable he appears in the next two sequels including a brief cameo in this one. Unfortunately there isn't any character even approaching his depth here. It is hard to bond to a character when you are forced to play as different ones including at one point Menendez himself. Jumping between 40 years of wars doesn't help. In fact I reached a point midway where I didn't know who I was playing as, all I needed to do was shoot bad guys.

As for the story, all you need to know is that anyone who can will betray you. What paranoids wrote this thing? Call of Duty has always been on rails but it just keeps getting worse every iteration, and this one is by far the worst. They try to mix it up some with the in-game choices, but the result is forced and hackneyed.

Even with all these faults the game allows Activision to print money, making $500 million in its first week of release. There is no incentive to improve the rickety franchise as long as this remains the case. I picked up Far Cry 3, and so far it is everything this game is not with a memorable insane baddie named Vos. I recommend it instead of this game.
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on January 1, 2013
Interesting new title in the COD franchise. I purchased this primarily for the multiplayer. So far the multiplayer has be excellent with a great new variety in weapons, perks, build design (completely different in some respects), game types, and level design. The ability to sneak was nerfed hard by dissecting key skills into about 5-6 different perks and giving access to those perks near prestige levels. So much of the game has been reduced to run'n'gun and spray'n'pray. Sniping is not really viable in any sense because levels lack large stretches of open ground to sit on overwatch. There will always be 3-5 UAVs at any time (not worth shooting down). For anything other than Hardcore, learn to live with being a dot on the map. I find most of the Sub-machine guns to be heavily over-powered in the weapons dynamic(pick one up to stop dying, earn the FAL or another single fire assault rifle, or enjoy shotgun mayhem). Customize your classes to the max. Perks and builds allow for 5-6 perk classes, 3 weapon attachments on your primary, standard overkill with attachments, and a great many more possibilities. Basically, the only limit is that you have 10 slots to customize a class with and a slot is filled by assigning weapons, attachments, perks, equipment, and wildcards(builds).
-Haven't seen many hackers personally, game chat reveals some cheaters (or whiners) and seemingly order is kept.
-Don't expect a BO1 server experience, but these are dedicated and monitored (even when ranked)(much better than MW3)
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on July 29, 2015
Never got the game to work.

Bought used, and so it seems the A-hole owner previously did not uninstall the game and the registration key is invalid (for whatever reason, take it how you please)

Nonetheless i have played the game on XBOX, overall not happy with the overall story line. Also the multiplayer is as bad as everyone complains about with children and trolls. Seems like a downgrade overall to the previous installments. The single player graphics are marginally improved with a faster pace than struggles to keep inline with XBOX hardware performance.
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on June 24, 2015
Great addition to the series. I had not played Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2 so this was a nice addition. Story is a great continuation from the original Black Ops and Graphics are top notch. You do have to play it through Steam so create an account if you do not have one but the story line and ability to choose different outcomes throughout the game was a real refresher and not something you see very often in a FPS.

Treyarch has always been my favorite CoD developer and there was no shortage of awesomeness from WaW to this from Treyarch. 5 Stars
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