Customer Reviews: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [Download]
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on November 14, 2012
To help put this review in persepctive, I have been playing Call of Duty since its PC roots with COD 1 and have played every COD besides the portable spin offs. Before this game I had become incredibly bored of the "COD forumula", and MW3 left me feeling very unsure about the future of this series. This game was going to be my last go at buying COD on release day. I'll break this review down into categories for the sake of readability.

Graphics: As someone who used to play these games on Xbox 360, the jump to my higher end PC really presents almost no difference visually from MW3 on Xbox. That's not to say the game looks bad, the characters gear and facial expressions look detailed and the environent and weather effects are excellent. But it is clear the engine has changed little in the last two years and doesn't hold up graphically to the higher end PC games. The plus side is it runs at the consistant frame rate that COD is known for and never slows down no matter what's on screen (your millage will vary depending on PC). GRAPHICS RATING 8/10

Sound: The audio in COD games has been a mixed bag for me since the WWII days of this series ended. I was very impressed with the voice acting in the campaign so far, the dialogue is another story. My biggest gripe remains, and that is that the weapons just sound kind of "soft" when fired, like they lack any real punch compared to the rest of the fighting in the background. Since this is a game where you fire thousands of bullets I consider this to be a major issue. Explosions and background effects from radio chatter and soliders yelling are about par for the course. SOUND RATING 6/10

Campaign: I really enjoyed the Black Ops I campaign a lot more than the MW2 and MW3, and this one has impressed me so far. The future setting works well for a game that badly needed a change of pace. The campaign jumps between past, present, and "future" (2025 where the game takes place)through cutscenes and dialogue. The cutscenes are a new addition to the game and nice for moving the story along, but unlike most games they look much worse visually than the actual game play. The future setting allows for some new gameplay elements like hacking, optical camo, and cool gadgets that are somewhat beleivable. I haven't played far enough in to experiance the new strike missions, but I've read they are a mixed bag. The core gameplay is largly unchanged and will be very familiar to COD vets. Go here, kill these guys, get on that turret, pick up that missile launcher, etc. But in the future setting I must admit I was actually having fun again instead of just going through the motions like MW3. The set pieces (rail scenes) are classic COD, and it's a lot of fun jumping off a cliff in a windsuit in the pouring rain. One other notable change is the addition of a loadout screen, so that pre mission you can choose your weapons and gear. This is a great addition. So far so good on the campaign. CAMPAIGN RATING: 8/10

Multiplayer: This is what I buy COD for. I was massivly dissapointed with MW3, just felt like I was buying a map pack for an older COD game. BLOPS II changes the formula and hits a suprising homerun here. The biggest change is to the create a class. Instead of the old "pick one perk/attachemnt from each slot" now there is a 10 point system. Any combination of attachments, weapons, perks, etc can be selected as long as their value adds up to 10 or less. This allows for nearly unlimited possibilites. Maybe you want two perks from "perk 1" slot, go for it, just ditch that extra grenade. Want 3 weapon attachments? Sure maybe ditch that "perk 3" slot you didn't care much for. This will allow players plenty of options for creating their ultimate killing machine. The killstreaks are now pointstreaks, so teamwork is slightly more encouraged (of course no one cares anyways, its all about the K/D for most players). The airstrike/support options are all a lot of fun, and nothing seems rediculously overpowered compared to older games (chopper gunner!!!). There is a new e-sports league mode where you are matched based on skill and all unlocks are made available. COD TV is built in, but I haven't tried it yet. There is a fully customizable mode with bots. These features make the whole multiplayer feel complete and well rounded. The maps are mostly of the smaller variety, but each has a unique visual style and I find them more enjoyable than MW3 maps. I'm sure DLC maps will show up in no time as well. The core gameplay modes are all there with a few new ones, and well nothing is radically different here, the future weapons and new customization options make for a great kill fest online. My major gripe here is the lack of dedicated servers, which unfortunatly makes this closer to the Xbox Live experiance. MULTIPLAYER RATING: 9/10

Zombies: Haven't played this much yet. From my limited exposure it looks to be completly overhauled. The map is much larger and full of secrets and choices. There is an armored bus that will transport you between sections while zombies give chase. A few new game modes here including a fully customizable experiance (headshots only for example) should keep zombie fans busy for quite some time. Compared to the old zombie modes this one is a big step forward. ZOMBIES RATING: 10/10

Issues: The game must be installed in Steam, and is close to a 20gb install. Keep that in mind if you're considering a digital download. The DVD set comes with two install disks and it still took close to 30 min before I was up and playing. Also for some reason each mode (single player, multi, zombies) must be launched seperatly. Switching between them DOES NOT keep your video/control settings from the previous one, so you will have to configure each mode seperatly (just once). The controls are akward, I did some rebinding and now I'm good to go (speciifcally crouch/prone and melee).

The verdict: I bought this almost expecting to be dissapointed, instead I've been pleasantly suprised. Activision has pulled an upset here, and for the first time in over a year this game will sell well not just because of the franchise name. A change in scenery, well balanced and refined multiplayer, zombies 2.0, and lots of customization options will keep you busy for a long time. If you're an old COD fan who's grown bored of these games lately, or a new player looking to jump on the late bandwagon I recommend Call of Duty Black Ops II. VERDICT: 8.5/10
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on November 27, 2012
I've played every Call of Duty ever made, pretty extensively I might add, and in addition I've put in over +50 hours to date into Black Ops 2 to give it as fair a review as possible.

Make no mistake, Black Ops 2 is just about the same as the previous iterations of Call of Duty with a futuristic paintjob. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, Call of Duty has gotten a lot of things right, but you can't help but feel "been there, done that" for much of the experience.

The campaign is what you've come to expect, killing hundreds of respawning enemies with a pretty dismal D movie action flick script and a villain who refuses to ever die. The introduction of choices and consequences add some intrigue, and the strike missions can be amusing, but I can't say that it was very memorable. I didn't bother beating it again after one playthrough, which took roughly 6 hours on Veteran difficulty.

The weapons and killstreaks are basically the same as they have been in previous Call of Duties. Many of the older weapons are available (An-94, 870 MCS, MTAR) whereas the newer fictional weapons are just remakes of older guns like the M8A1 which is an updated M16 or the KAP-40 pistol which is a remake of the G18. Many of the familiar killstreaks are still here as well, the usual suspects of UAVs, Care packages, sentry guns, RC XDs are still here along with a few new faces like the AGR and Dragonfire drones.

One of my biggest complaints of Black Ops 2, as of 11/27/12, is how poor the weapon balance is in the game. Call of Duty has always been very SMG and Hip-fire friendly, but the amount of prevalence of both in Black Ops is really disheartening.

Hipfiring with an SMG is the way to go in Black Ops 2 if you want to dominate, and I feel I can say this with a an overall combat record KD ratio of +2.0 (I don't say this to brag, I state this so people don't assume I'm bad at the game and that's why I'm complaining). People who take Assault Rifles are punished and will almost always lose a 1v1 engagement in close to mid range against an SMG user. Shotguns have awful range, and without attachments will literally not reach a target further than a few feet away.

The game actually encourages hipfiring in my opinion, which almost always guarantees a kill against a close range target. The nature of weapon recoil in Black Ops 2 is very random and makes it difficult to properly ADS against a moving target, hence why most people avoid this and hipfire which will almost always net a kill if it is within the general vicinity of an enemy. The poor weapon balance will often force you into an SMG class if you want to perform well and punishes players for experimenting.

But this is only a miniscule problem to the elephant in the room of Black Ops 2, Treyarch have abandoned the perfectly functioning server browser of Black Ops 1 and World at War and have replaced it with, you guessed it, matchmaking. The matchmaking is identitical to the one implemented in Modern Warfare 2-3 with the difference being that rather than player hosted it's on Treyarch servers.

With matchmaking you can't choose your own settings, you're forced into games with whateverTreyarch decides. For example Team Deathmatch (my favorite mode personally) is limited to 6v6 and a 75 kill limit, meaning that many times when I got high level streaks like Warthog or Lodestar (which require +10 kills in a row) the game ended 15 seconds afterwards.

Another problem with matchmaking is that I have friends who don't live nearby me, and as a result when we queue as a party we get into a server that is not perfect latency for any of us. We're forced to play with 2-3 bars when playing together (yes, they've also removed latency numbers and replaced them with bars so you never actually know what your ping is).

And of course the worst problem is that no one can ban the racists, the flamers (thank god for the mute botton), and of course the cheaters and the hackers. Yes the cheaters and hackers that plagued MW2 and MW3 are back in full force, I'm talking about people who aim at you behind walls when you have Ghost/Cold blooded and players who go 40-2 headshotting everyone with an LSAT. I would especially not recommend League play to anyone, a mode which Treyarch introduced to be "competitive" but it is already filled with obvious aimbotters and wallhackers. It's not so bad so far in normal mode, but it's getting progressively worse and the game has only been out a few weeks. VAC and the report system are extremely ineffective at getting rid of cheaters, as anyone who has played MW2 and 3 can tell you (I have over 200 hours logged on Modern Warfare 2 and had to quit because of the prevalence of cheaters).

Keep in mind that despite all these flaws, Black Ops 2 is a fun game. I wouldn't have logged over 50 hours if I didn't think so. It's basic formula is very addictive and the controls and gameplay are very smooth. The pick 10 class creation system is cool and the scorestreak system is the best in the series in my opinion. But truth be told I doubt I will be playing much longer, and I will definitely NOT be buying any of their DLC thanks to the issues I've listed above.

Black Ops 2 is a decent game, but it's not a great game. I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone, and would suggest that you either A) Wait for the price to drop B) Buy it on Xbox 360 or PS3 C) Avoid it all together. You won't be missing out on much.

Hope this helps if you're on the fence about Black Ops 2.
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on November 13, 2012
Another great entry in the Call of Duty series. If you're a fan of the military FPS genre, you won't be disappointed.

This time around the single player game focuses a story told across two cold wars - the 20th century US vs. USSR cold war, and a 21st century cold war with the US vs. China. As is traditional in this series, the story is told as you play multiple characters. And as in the previous Black Ops game, flashbacks are used to move the plot forward. The story takes place in locales across the globe, from the 1980s to 2025. For the first time in a COD game, you are now allowed to choose your weapons before the start of each mission. The main adversary is very well developed this time around, making for a great story. And the decisions you make along the way will affect how the story unfolds. This branching narrative affects the ending of your game and adds to the replay value.

But the multiplayer experience is what many of us buy these games for, and on this front, the standard of this franchise looks to be upheld as well. The graphics are detailed, crisp and smooth (of course your mileage may vary depending on your PC setup - make sure to pay attention to the recommended specs). There are new customization tools available, adding some new RPG elements into the mix. There are new game modes as well. "Hardpoint" pits multiple (more than 2) teams against each other to take command of a randomly changing control point. And "League Play" acts as matchmaker to bring teams of equal skill together. Also, "Zombie Mode" is back.

In case you were wondering how the download process works (for those buying the download version):

1. When you first purchase the game on Amazon, if by chance it prompts you to download it, decline. All you will need from Amazon is the Product Code generated when you purchase the game.
2. I already had an existing Steam account, so if you don't, create one first and download the client software from their site. You will need a Steam account regardless of how you choose to install this product.
3. Go to the "Your Games and Software Library" page of the "My Account" section in your Amazon account.
4. Copy the "Product Code" listed under your game.
5. Open up Steam, and click "Add a Game".
6. Choose "Activate a Product on Steam".
7. You will need to click though a couple of prompts, then will be asked for the Product Code. Paste the code your copied from Amazon in step 4.
8. This game will then be added to your Steam Library, and you can download and play the game.
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on March 3, 2013
Do not buy this for PC multiplayer now. It's too late. The fun has gone out of it. The PC multiplayer is now saturated with players that cheat (and easily get away with it). The cheaters are also those who spout profanity, sexism, racism, and bullying. It's a cesspool. Cheaters always know where you are on the map and they hardly ever miss (hitting regular players that is). They can turn their unauthorized advanced abilities on and off at will. So they start playing without them and as soon as they are not doing so well they turn them on until they are comfortable with their lead and then turn them off. OK, here's my fantasy. Someone invents a program that tracks, verifies and identifies the cheaters and either shuts the hacks down or sends a super virus down their pipe that wipes their hard drives. They SO deserve it. That's the second best idea I have but I do not have this ability. The best idea I have is to stop playing. That I can do and as of this moment, I have done.
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on November 20, 2012
Single Player: Rating ***

PROS: Black Ops 2 once again does a great job at creating a cinematic experience that mixes real world characters with fictional creations. In sense it almost has a harry turtledove taste to it. The engaging story line and ability to determine what happens in the game through your actions is a plus and gives it good replay value in addition to the challenges and intel you can collect. I also love the addition of feasible futuristic equipment and weapons.

It allows you to compare scores with your friends so you can get bragging rights in an additional category of the game.

CONS: Its glitchy. I had to restart the "Time and Fate" mission because the characters wouldn't advance after I took everyone out from the bell tower. Other times you have to trigger the AI to proceed to the next point because it seems like its waiting for something to happen.

The AI is also mediocre at best. I played this game on Veteran and it was highly disappointing to see that I could pretty much Rambo my way through sections of many maps. Also enemies appear behind you out of thin air after you have cleared some areas ; they don't even come out of a door or run they just appear.

The strike force missions were very promising at first but they are pretty easy to beat and leave a lot to be desired. The idea is very nice, in essence the game mixes World in Conflict or Starcraft strategic military thinking with the ability to play first person as any of the squads you control and switch between them during the course of the fight. I was able to direct all personnel to the Objective point and then I played as a soldier and shot my way through everyone.


PROS: The ability to select up to 10 options for your class is a welcome enhancement. The maps are very fun to play and there is something for everyone. Killstreak rewards are exciting and continue the spirit of awesomeness as the first black ops.

CONS: NO DEDICATED SERVERS! This is IWNET 2.0. Just let the server pick random people and smush them together. Its hard for me to get a great ping. Why is it so hard to give PC players a dedicated server? Don't have to reinvent the wheel. If its not broke don't fix it. Now just to make it clear I knew that the game didn't have Dedicated Servers before preordering but I was also aware that their system for multiplayer would be an improvement over IWNET. When your environment gets chosen for you it really destroys the experience of all the extra things you can do with this release of Black ops.

Nuketown 2025 is NOT a permanent map. I was tricked into believing that the map was included when you preordered the copy. Nuketown 2025 was fun and available to play but only during the 1st week of release. If Treyarch had made it clear that this was the case I would not have had a need to peorder this game. I think its pretty deceitful to the pull the map out of the blue.


PROS: TRANZIT!!! Its a HUGE map that has a player explore 5 bus stops. The new elements in this iteration of zombies is that you have BUS as a transportation and you have the ability to play in 5 different environments. Also there is an abudance of buildable weapons and easter eggs that intertwine and require that players explore every inch of the world for you to have maximum survivability.

Another thing that I like is that ability to migrate hosts when you have a crybaby player who rage quits in a middle of a match because he/she is to wussy to play zombies and keeps on dying.

The leader boards are also a welcomed addition. Now one has the ability to see just where you rank with other people across the world. It includes much more categories apart from kills and highest level. It gives you the career total for Kills, Revives, downs, perks, door opened, etc. and it includes a ranking system so that when you in a lobby you can instantly know if you are playing with noobs or pros.

CONS: The graphics in zombies are blocky at times specially in when you are looking at the lights from the bus. Grief mode is only available within the confinement of a single town. I think it would be much more exciting to have 4 v 4 in TRANZIT.

Its been a week since the release of Black Ops 2 and I feel full but not totally satisfied. It has nice entertainment value on zombies alone and I recommend you wait to get this game when it goes down in price in the future. Move on to other exciting video games that have been released this fall unless you are in withdrawals and can't fathom not being able to play.
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on September 13, 2015
Wow this could be such a good game! There are to many hackers chopping you to pieces before you get a shot off. Do Not waste you money unless you want to hack God Mode so you can run around and rack up points. I removed it from my computer, its not worth searching for a server without hackers!
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on March 30, 2013
I was a bit paranoid on this download because I had never purchased from amazon. I wanted the game, but I had missed the Steam sale where the price was knocked down to $40. I got on amazon and saw that the sale was still up. I made sure I was getting a good deal and purchased. Was an easy transfer to steam and fast download! Love the game so far!
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on October 15, 2014
2 Dvd's, unopened, no defects and the code worked for steam so I can play online. It arrived EXTREMELY FAST, it was at my house the next day, the product itself well I could just not have wished for more especially at the price (this game still goes for 59.99 on steam). Can not go wrong in that aspect what so ever.

As for the GAME, the software/gameplay itself. I LOVE THIS FREAKING GAME! Servers on Steam are still full, in the few days I played it I have yet to run into a hacker and overall its a fast paced game which will get your heart pounding if you do the online play.

Now for the bad part, it is a Call of Duty game.. Which means in about 4 hours you can beat the entire game in normal mode or maybe a little longer in expert mode, if you want to play the game for the story its a good story, but its no game you will play for a month in offline play. Thank god for CoD's epic multiplayer, really makes up for everything else. Also, screw you guys who run around with every possible explosive the game offers, nothing like walking up to a wall and seeing the entire ground around you turn into ash along with everything from your waist down. Sigh, I suck at these games but it's just too addicting not to play.
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on February 7, 2015
I have all the Call of Duty games (save for Advanced warfare and Ghosts), and so far this is my favorite one. Much better story and execution than black ops 1 (some of the acting in that was cringe-worthy), but this has a good story, good characters and fun action. The big plus is also the story changes at times depending on the choices you make - you can choose to kill certain characters or not - and that affects the outcome of the narrative. Very cool. Weapons are cool as well.Have only played the basic story solo as the multi-players are just too intense and nutty for me. But the zombie levels are terrific as well (and good with multi-players). While a lot of the story is futuristic (and a realistic take on future warfare) about half the story takes place in the 1980s, which allows for contemporary play as well. In the end it's a very fun game and well worth it. You'll dig it.
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on July 16, 2014
my computers processor is dual core 2.70 GHz and i notice that the processor max out at 100% when loading and in game it is in the 90s%. I suggest a faster processor with multi cores. using the keyboard and mouse to play this game might take practice. i tried playing using the keyboard and kept hitting wrong keys and it would affect game play. you can remap the keys to do different functions. you can use an xbox 360 controller to play this game also. in both cases you would want to adjust sensitivity to very low.
installing the game took quite some time but once it is installed you don't need the discs. it comes with 2 install discs. you will need a steam account to install and play.
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