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on January 14, 2017
Infinite Warfare just came out, and while that game is great, it lacks what COD had before Ghosts came around. Ghosts started a bland era of COD games- still great shooters but lack the initial passion that we had from COD1 up until BO2. I'm not saying the studios don't work hard on them (their work shows in the fantastic control, great production values and good plots) but they feel soulless now- "get the next one out! Make it futuristic again!". Again, they're still great games but you get my point. Going back to Black Ops, it holds up extremely well almost 7 years (holy shoot...) later. Three game modes- Campagin, MP and Zombies, and each is executed in what feels like flawless execution, though this review is going to go over the campaign.

BO's campaign is still the most interesting thing about the game. You play as a Black Ops assassin named Alex Mason through a series of flashbacks during a torture-interrogation by Unknown indivuals. The interrogators are seeking out Mason's apparent knowledge of "The Numbers", which Mason cannot remember. You experience the interrogations from Mason's POV, as he's reminded of events leading up to where he is now, and these flashbacks are where the gameplay takes place.

BO has the second best story of the series, after BO2- all of the main characters stand out from each other and are all wicked likable, thanks to the great writing and superb performances by the cast, including Sam Worthington as Mason, Gary Oldman as Reznov(reprising his role from WAW) and James C. Burns as Woods. Even Ice Cube does a good job as Bowman.

As with every COD, the missions are loaded with cinematic explosive set pieces. The series has been called the Micheal Bay of video games and that's not wrong- explosions at every corner, constant gunfire and the most impossible narrow escapes. The action is balanced and well paced thanks to the cutscenes and a few quieter stealthy sections. There are some gameplay variations as you get two helicopter sections, a boat section and a short RTS style section in one mission, but most of the the time will be spent on the ground with guns in hand. Plus it's a globe trotting adventure- you'll be going from Cube to a Russian labor camp to Vietnam to the rooftops of Kowloon to Soviet Missle silos etc. Each location looks amazing and the level design stays interesting throughout. The shooting action can get mind numbing a few times but thankfully the many cutscenes, above mentioned stealth and vehicle sections as well as the varied and great level design keeps the game from getting boring.

You have a large variety of weapons from the usual AK47 and M16 to the lesser used FAL and PM63. Each gun looks and sounds fantastic plus the shooting action itself is very satisfying. The gore and violence isn't as brutal as WAW but it's still a really violent game, especially during the Vietnam missions. The soundtrack also adds a lot to the game, including a few hit songs of the time as well as good original soundtrack as the background to your gameplay.

My complaints are basically the same I have with all COD games- unskippable in game cutscenes. The interrogation scenes were done with the game engine, and sometimes skipping them doesn't work. You can always skip the pre rendered video cutscenes but before and after a mission starts, you'll get first person dialogue and actions to start off the level before you get control. Sure when you first play you'll want to see them, but when you're replaying the missions for fun or on different difficulties it's annoying having to sit there and watch. They're super well motion captured and choreographed but being forced to view them even after beating the game is annoying. My other complaint is, as mentioned above, it can get mind numbing at times. I mean that may have been the intent, but it can take you out of the game for a sec. My last complaint is the main villain, who is pretty bland and underdeveloped. He's a stereotypical rogue Russian general from countless 80s action thrillers. He's said to be a horrible person, and is said to have powerful influence but when he's on screen he doesn't really do anything memorable to live up to his title as main villain. He does horrible stuff but he seems more evil off screen. Thankfully this was fixed in BO2, which definitely has the best villain of the series.

Overall, this is still one of the best of the series after all these years. Zombies is wicked fun and the multiplayer is great, giving the game what feels like endless replay value, but the single player is what the game is most well known for. Great gameplay, graphics, performances, story, level design and variety. BO2 did improve and is the better single player experience, but BO1 still set the groundwork for it. If you just want a great single player FPS experience, get this game. If you want great multiplayer and a game full of varied game modes and tons of replayability, et this game.
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on November 14, 2016
Super fun game, plenty of people still play it online- multiplayer as well as zombies. For the dlc, though, you'll probably have to find people to play it with, which shouldn't be too hard if you look on the Steam forums. Just buy it and enter the download code they give you on Steam. By the way, it works just fine on Windows 10, and you can look on to see if your computer can play it.
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on February 20, 2014
This is an UPDATED version of my original review written on Black Ops, and a DOWNGRADING of my original rating.

I originally rated it a FOUR stars, because of the functionality of the game on my pc. After a few installation hurdles, I got it working reasonably well on a Pentium D class computer with an Nvida GeForce 9800 graphics card, a cable TV internet connection, and by tweaking my settings via setting and the game console, all of which (as I originally wrote) gave me a fairly acceptable game play, notwithstanding the occasional hacker one often seems to encounter in game play.

I have NOW rated the game a ONE star because on several occasions, I've had all achievements, game statistics, ranks, perks, and optional weapons configurations WIPED completely clean. RESET, for no apparent reason other than confirmation via online posts in their forums of others having the same experience. After the first experienced, my previous stats were only PARTIALLY restored, and I had to earn the rest all over again.

And here's the clincher. Activision "Support", or more accurately, the LACK thereof. Attempts to login to your account (created when you install the game) brings up a message which reads, "Sorry, an unexpected error occurred". At the bottom of this screen reads "visit support" which loops you right back to the same screen.

They reference no contact phone number, or email. I obtained a number (310-255-2050) via an online number bank, and an automated message refers you to a website where you supposedly can get a ticket number for phone support. Only, that page brings you right back to that login page and you're cycled through the same error screens again.

Not worth the time or money.
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on January 15, 2014
First off, I am not sure (like other reviews have said) why this game for the PC has gotten such a bad rating. My only gripe about the game is the fact that I have to use it with Steam, but that is a super minor gripe and not worth hurting the overall score of the game itself. Otherwise, the game installed just fine. I had no issues with shuttering, lag or drops in frame rate on my current machine. Initially, when I had tried to run this game on my previous machine (core 2 duo, 8gb ram, and 1gb nvidia graphics card) I did suffer lag even with the settings on medium and all other stuff turned off. My assumption was the "minimum" settings are as they allows you to run the game but doesn't say it will run NICELY, lol. I think folks out there read the minimum system requirements and think they can have the game run buttery smooth with 60FPS. They get aggravated and decide to write a bad review because its the games fault YOUR machine can't handle the game. If you have a current generation PC, you should have NO issues with the game so long as you have a decent video card.

As for the game itself, I mainly play the campaign modes and thus far have not experienced anything out of the ordinary. Graphics are great, as good as it will get (but its nice to know that there are legit actors doing the voice overs - Sam Worthington and Ice Cube). The AI does get a bit quirky at time, be it your AI team members or enemies. Still enjoyable if you are a fan of the CoD series.

My advice, don't go off the "minimum" system settings and make sure your machine specs exceed that and you should be good. Sit back and enjoy a great game!
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on November 18, 2012
I am not at all an avid gamer. This was my first first person shooter I have played, so I have never had anything to compare it to. I played it to pass the time in Afghanistan. My first impressions was that there were way too many, and far too lengthy, cut scenes. They made for a decent story, although I didn't much care for having the majority of combat taking place as flashbacks. One chapter even took place as a flashback within a flashback. And I didn't like that I would switch between characters. This was also the first time I have had to reduce graphics for performance. My computer can run almost any new game on full graphics, no problem, but for whatever reason, Black Ops was a bit laggy.

All negativity aside, I did enjoy it very much. The graphics, even turned down, are great, I don't know what so many people are complaining about. The voice acting was very realistic, and I instantly recognized Ed Harris. I would say cut back on the swearing, as it is unnecessary, but it actually adds to the realism, since that kind of language exists in the service. What I liked most was the variety. In one mission, you are running down the streets of Cuba, fighting off dozens of soldiers, in another, you are sneaking around in stealth, slicing throats and planting explosives. There is zip lining, skydiving, and sniping, which I loved. And there is no shortages of vehicles to operate: Cars, boats, helicopters, even the radar in the SR-71.

Overall, I would recommend the game. I would say it's worth $30. I don't do multiplayer, so that doesn't factor in. Since I bought this, I have played Half Life 2 and its expansions. Despite being 8 years old, it's a much better game, but very different. I also played Sniper: Ghost Warrior, which is decent, but not enough to play again. I have played Black Ops 3 times, and I liked it each time. But it's not great. I might try another Call Of Duty sometime.

After upgrading from 4GB Ram to 8GB, this can run on maximum graphics very smoothly. But I don't use it as much now, since it isn't really all that replayable.
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on May 4, 2011
This game is not worth its current price. Far less, in fact.

Beware its fatal flaw - it will lag painfully on computers and despite many patches from Treyarch and plenty of optimizing methods to increase FPS in multiplayer, the game will still freeze frequently.

The single player is palatable for a first time runthrough, but it's far from something you'll keep in your long-term memory. And although the game has been coming out with more map packs and whatnot, it really doesn't mean anything if you lag too much to play it.

Even the weapons weren't enough to interest me. I got this game thinking that the loadout selection and customization would be varied enough to keep me playing for ages, without the addition of cumulative killstreaking a la MW2. Well, I may as well be playing airsoft than Black Ops. The guns sound like they run on electric batteries and lack that power that fuels our testosterone-driven, primal manliness. Or estrogen-driven primal womanliness if you're female. Hmm, what am I saying?

Anyway, don't get this game, especially not now. You have much better FPSes to look forward to in the near future. Don't believe me? Google for them. They will blow your mind. Black Ops will not blow your mind.
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on January 23, 2013
So, I am fairly new to PC gaming, and I mistakenly assumed that, like with the PS3 and Xbox 360 (at least from my experience) you could buy and sell used games and play them, no problem. But with PC games, you must buy them new (if you get the DVD-ROM version) or not at all, because once the product key has been used to register the game, it can never be used again, except by the original person. Most PC games nowadays force you to make and use a Steam or other similar program to install and register PC games. I bought a used copy of CODBO 1 and 2, and now they are both sitting on my desk useless, because I can't play them. The sellers, when I contacted them to return the games, didn't even want them back, and refunded me fully. Perhaps they were hoping to dupe some poor soul like me (which they almost did) who wouldn't realize that used PC games are useless. Apparently, something I never knew before, is that selling used PC games is illegal, and eBay doesn't allow it, so it makes me wonder why Amazon, an otherwise amazing company, allows it. Who knows. So, anyway, moral of the story, don't waste your time trying to save money buying used PC DVD-ROM games. Just stick with the good old 360 and PS3. Or, buy the darned thing brand new. Otherwise, CODBO is a bad*** game, and you should buy it.
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on August 25, 2014
This game came as a welcome surprise despite all of the very negative reviews. The campaign was very good for a Call of Duty game and the story was very convincing. I have this game on my laptop which is an hp 15t quad core i7 with 12 gb ram. My graphics card is the nvidia geforce gt 740m with 2 gb dedicated graphics. The multiplayer on this game almost like the console experience but instead gives you a server browser which has its positives and negatives. The positive to this system is that the game is not heavily hacked like mw3 pc. The multiplayer gives you what is to be expected from a Call of Duty game which is fun and fast action. The graphics on this game are beautiful and are very well done. This game is good for a Call of Duty on the PC but I would only recommend this game to people who like zombies and campaign because the multiplayer is slowly loosing its population.
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on August 29, 2012
I have an i7 cpu with dual gforce 560 (SLI config) and my computer rips this game up in graphics. The mp maps are tons of fun and the best part about this game is how you can spend money on so many power ups for each weapon, and is way better than MW 1.. You can also change the way your special ops man looks.. like paint face, etc. The perks are a blast to discover, too.

This uses steam and its a breeze to use. Way more economical than the old way, and I'm all ready making friends on my steam list.

The only con is there is a limit of 18 players and its hard to rejoin your favorite server

And there is way more people playing this than any other COD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The multiplayer skill level on this game is unreal!!!!

What I like the most is gun customizations, and you can spend all day just deciding. I like the Uzi with grip and editable scope.

Dood.. get the game for $20.

The player cards and gun tags choices are so much fun to edit, and also check out the cool expansion packs with so many more huge maps like Berlin wall, Hanger 18, Hazzard (dictator golf course), Drive in.. These maps are huge and are a blast to play.

Black ops is my top game to date.
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on November 15, 2010
I was absolutely a big fan of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. I did not, however play World at War or Modern Warfare 2. After all of the hype surrounding Black Ops I got sucked in and decided to go ahead and purchase Black Ops for PC.

So what is the end result? Extremely dissapointed by this release for one major reason. You cannot have multiple profiles in this game on PC which has several drawbacks. For single player, if I want to play through the campaign, I have to wait for my son to finish the campaign or I'm using his savegames. That's right, 2 people on the same PC cannot have separate save files. This really sucks because my son and I both love the game, but we can't share.

Multiplayer should be better right? Not! It's the same way. Since this is a Steam game (which should be included in the product description here on Amazon, but it's not), you only get one online profile. You can't even create multiple in-game profiles either. So if I want to share with my son again, I can't, and if I want to start over fresh to enjoy the leveling process again from the beginning, I can't. I suppose some enterprising hack has been created if you want to go that route and play around with settings and ini files, but I don't. This is a huge disappointment for me and I absolutely would not have purchased this game had I known these things. Being a PC game, I'm sure I cannot get a refund, but I'm going to try. If you can get past all of that, I won't even get into all of the crashing and performance issues people are having with this game. Google it, you'll see. It's a shame really, because this game could have really shined on PC, and it is probably a lot of fun.
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