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on April 10, 2017
You woukd think that a 53 yr old wouldn't like to play these games well be surprised cause I love to play this with my grandson. Slthough he wins all the time its the fun time spent together that counts and this is bonding.
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on January 9, 2017
So first of I want to say that I've been playing call of duty games for a couple of years now. The game that made me fall in love with the franchise was Modern Warfare 3, and ever since then I've been playing each new release. I was never a really huge fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and by that I mean that I never really played it much. In comparison to that game I can't really say just how much better Black Ops II is, but what I will say is that this is a great game. The campaign isn't something to get overly excited for, just like most call of duty games (in my opinion). But unlike other games, with BO2 I feel like I can play the game for hours on end and still have fun. Of course there will always those campers, tryhards, and occasional whiny kid, but the game is still refreshing to play. A lot of the weapons in the game are fun/challenging to use and not completely overpowered. The overall feel of the game is a great experience, and would recommend it.
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on August 17, 2013
I've been a COD gamer since the beginning, and it's clear to me what Treyarch was attempting to do here. This could've easily been the best COD in the franchise. They designed the system to be an objective based game, hence why they call them score streaks, not kill streaks. The perks are weak, but if you find the right combo they work well together. The weapons are weak, but a couple preform as they should. The thing that breaks this game is the lag compensation, sniper/tac insert, crappy hit detection/wanted pro; The halo jumping, the imbalance of the score streaks, like a hunter killer will take you out with flak jacket on, but a loadstar will get flak hit markers; The overpowered sentry guns make emp grenades a necessity, emp is an abused tactical because you need a perk to counter, and they give 50 points per assist. The ability to have multiple tactical/lethal through scavenger. The imbalance of the weapons, a shotgun will kill in one shot, but so will a rifle in real life; So that argument is null and void, but in a game where the rifle takes 4-6 shots and a shotgun takes one it's unbalanced and overpowered. Because most of the maps are poorly designed, and small, the spawns are horrible. The matchmaking is worse than ever. If you have a 2+ k/d forget about it. Every match I get into is a 150-20 with a dozen score streaks in the air etc pub stomp. Which makes it impossible to play solo, hell even with a squad you get a 2 in there you get matched with a whole team of 2's. I said the only reason I prefer MW3 to this game is because I can dashboard all the crappy games I'm put into and not be punished. You'll never stop rage quitting so why punish people like me for their actions? Not to mention the camera angels are horrible because you'll corner check, see nothing, then as soon as you turn you're shot; Then the kill cam shows you looking right at an enemy then turning? I don't know if it's lag, or a combo of both. On the subject of angles, the head glitching is still in it. The snipers are the biggest problem because the hit box is so large they don't even need to hit you to kill you. The snipers have built in toughness = no flinching, and built in quick aim down sights. Combine that with a powerful aim assist it's almost effortless to kill with a sniper in this game. The campaign is short and unrealistic, the zombies mode is the same as the last one. Along with a bunch of annoying things that ruin the game play. The point is everything that is good about this game is drastically over taken by all the negatives. The simple fact is this game isn't fun, and that's the whole point is to have fun. I can go on, believe me, but why bother you get the point. If they had just kept the formula from black ops 1 with 60 frames per second and dedicated servers it'd be perfect. What frustrates me the most is you can tell that Treyarch gets it to a point, they have the formula they just continue to ruin it. While kill streaks are fun, and all the extra stuff. The thing that makes this game great is the battle amongst players. The most fun I have is being on the HQ and defending it against waves of enemies and trying to out play/think them to survive. Again you're not going to have fun on this game, not to mention the over complicated pick 10 system. If Activision ever decides to listen to the public we can make a great game. As for this one another squandered opportunity because of a rushed deadline, and incompetent leadership. Not to mention all the leaches in MLG/YouTube that influence the developers. Then at the reveals they are clapping seals never once raising any real questions/complaints. Bottom line don't buy this, if you want it that bad rent it for a week. Save yourself the money, not to mention the frustration.
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on February 23, 2016
This is one of the best Call of Duty's produced to date in my opinion.

The maps are great and nuketown is the best map for horrible shooters like myself to just lob grenades and kill people randomly
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on December 10, 2013
I am new to the Xbox 360 and this was one of three titles I purchased with my new machine (the other two being the first installment of Black Ops and the other being DiRT3). The graphics and depth blow the original Black Ops out of the water. I'm not terribly fond of the near-future setting of the game but it does allow for the introduction of new technologies and weapons that enhance the gameplay and make it that much more fun. One thing I noticed the multiplayer was lacking though was an assortment of 70s/80s era weapons as a carry-over from the campaign missions. If you get to use an AK-47 or a Dragonov in the single player game why aren't they available for use in mulitplayer? My only other complaint is the almost exclusive use of number-letter designations for all the guns. For weapons that havent been invented yet it makes it very difficult to recognize them by name. Everyone knows what an MP5 or Colt M4 are because they actually exist. When you do the same thing with fake weapons it just makes it hard to identify them in the game. I usually tell my friends that I play with that my favorite sniper rifle is "the one all the way to the left on the list of sniper rifles" because I havent memorized its alphanumeric designation. I also would have liked it better if the weapons upgrades counted for all similar weapons instead of having to level up for each specific weapon. If I spend hours getting the scope I want for my sniper rifle why can't that item be available for another sniper rifle as well? I dont really want to go through hours of playing just to upgrade my gun to the same level.

With those small issues aside, the online play is great. Much more scope than was seen in the original BO. I have only played through a few single player missions on the easy setting and they're okay, but I'm not terribly invested in the characters or the storyline. I have played the zombie maps once online with friends and they are fun, although again I'm not really into it. Somehow fighting Nazi Zombies in the first one just felt better than killing regular zombies that aren't Nazis. Also, what's the deal with every fourth zombie wearing either pajamas or hospital johnnies? Just kinda weird...

The bottom line though is that if you enjoy playing FPS games online this one is a definite go! I dont really have anything to compare it to (comparing it only to the first BO isn't exactly fair) but it it definitely fun and lends itself to quite a bit of exploration online.
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on May 29, 2014
So I wasn't a fan of the first Black Ops, I wasn't a fan of the annualization of Call of Duty, but this game was breath of fresh air. New futuristic setting, cool gadgets and a branching storyline. I'm not a fan of CoD multiplayer...I'm a battlefield guy myself, but I found myself able to play this one. But my most favorite part about this game are the BOTS! BOTS! BOTS! BOTS!

Couple that with the ability to use any item in the game and you got a recipe for a really good CoD. This is easily the best CoD released, but Ghosts is pretty close with its alien horde mode. Story good, guns cool, and zombies!

Play this game.
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on February 9, 2013
Tight controls, 60 FPS, and frenetic online multiplayer matches. I wasn't crazy about the idea of a COD based in the future, thinking it would suck out the believability of the weapons and maps that have become a hallmark of the series, but I've been happy with everything I've seen so far. The weapons are varied and some like the bouncing betty are instant favorites. Sure, some of the maps are meh, and I'm not too sure about the token/pointstreak system being an improvement over the old system, but it's a interesting change and certainly manageable. The lag compensation/enemy respawn issues can rear their heads from time to time and give you some grief, but there are more than enough opportunities to turn the tables. Overall it's an enjoyable and worthwhile purchase.
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on December 15, 2012
Campaign is just absolutely good i think they did a really good job with it. Now for the online part. Zombies are ok if you are a die hard zombie fan then i would definitely buy the game the only thing i hate so far about zombies is that there is a lot of fire and it really annoys the hell out of you. Anyways next is the multiplayer i think its ok definitely better than mw3. I always see people getting mad online but hey thats normal everyone gets mad when they get killed over and over again sometimes you just cant do better than the other person. All guns seem pretty balanced i cant really say if its good or not you will just have to play the multiplayer for yourself everyone had their different opinions on it.
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on July 1, 2014
Campaign: Didnt quite finish it, i give it a 6/10 lol

Multi-player?: Other than the fact i need gold to play online (only enjoyed 1 month of gold and was worth it) multiplayer online was very fun and i enjoyed it much. I give online 9/10 and Local i give 9/10. I love playing with my bro so have controllers for others. Overall 9/10?

ZOMBIESSSS: My favorite part of the game (also best at). I love playing this and always will, it takes time getting used to and how to play, but again my favorite part of the game. 10/10 for me.

Bought it used with no problem, minor scratches, and super fast shipping. I only dislike campaign. Overall rating from me is 9/10

*UPDATE* 6/19/2015 I have gold yet once again and enjoy Multiplayer now more than ever an am rank 42. This game is my favorite and now since it is among the top 10 votes for Xbox One backwards compatibility I will get an Xbox One with more dlc.
I would definitely buy it again if I had to, and now Black Ops 3 is coming out so I just HOPE it's as good as Black Ops 2. Right now Call Of Duty is dying keeping up the the stupid futuristic storyline. Lets hope things get better! (Im just a kid so dont mind my opinions)
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on December 7, 2013
Black Ops 2 is a hit for someone who usually hates the COD line of games. The usual things gets thrown up and added with new graphics. Activision hits a homerun with this game. I usually hate the layout of the COD games. It look bland is very slow placed. Beyond that it is very boring to play. B OPS II is fun to play because they have some aspects of Battlefield 3 in this game. Everytime I get a kill I'm happy because of the bright blue bar that says so. I hated the past bars that were so bland and practically couldn't be seen because they were yellow or blended into with the map colors. I'm glad the maps have been better than past COD's. The past COD's were usually old maps with new graphics. They added better maps and thank god they have maps that aren't warzones. I get it's a FPS but does every map have to be in the middle of Iraq? Most maps are fun like the map on the boat and they added little to no maps from the past (excluding Nuketown).

Overall I really enjoy this game. The guns are amazing and the snipers are more powerful then ever. I know most people hate snipers but at least one COD game had to have snipers that were OP. I love the new guns and I don't mind the new killstreak rewards. The dogs are fun to get and it always cheers me up when someone rages that they were "SO CLOOOSEEE TO A SWARM!!!!". COD is well known for the rage. This is no exception and it is fun as freak.

Go buy COD and you won't want to put the game down until you prestige on 10 accounts to 10th prestige. Get the game it's really fun. Most people are familiar with COD games and this would be fun to play with friends.
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