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on January 9, 2017
So first of I want to say that I've been playing call of duty games for a couple of years now. The game that made me fall in love with the franchise was Modern Warfare 3, and ever since then I've been playing each new release. I was never a really huge fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and by that I mean that I never really played it much. In comparison to that game I can't really say just how much better Black Ops II is, but what I will say is that this is a great game. The campaign isn't something to get overly excited for, just like most call of duty games (in my opinion). But unlike other games, with BO2 I feel like I can play the game for hours on end and still have fun. Of course there will always those campers, tryhards, and occasional whiny kid, but the game is still refreshing to play. A lot of the weapons in the game are fun/challenging to use and not completely overpowered. The overall feel of the game is a great experience, and would recommend it.
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on December 15, 2012
Campaign is just absolutely good i think they did a really good job with it. Now for the online part. Zombies are ok if you are a die hard zombie fan then i would definitely buy the game the only thing i hate so far about zombies is that there is a lot of fire and it really annoys the hell out of you. Anyways next is the multiplayer i think its ok definitely better than mw3. I always see people getting mad online but hey thats normal everyone gets mad when they get killed over and over again sometimes you just cant do better than the other person. All guns seem pretty balanced i cant really say if its good or not you will just have to play the multiplayer for yourself everyone had their different opinions on it.
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on February 23, 2016
This is one of the best Call of Duty's produced to date in my opinion.

The maps are great and nuketown is the best map for horrible shooters like myself to just lob grenades and kill people randomly
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on April 10, 2017
You woukd think that a 53 yr old wouldn't like to play these games well be surprised cause I love to play this with my grandson. Slthough he wins all the time its the fun time spent together that counts and this is bonding.
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on January 16, 2013
If the laughter and yells of victory as he plays online with his friends are any indication....I did good. I've watched him play and the graphics are amazing on both the house 60" or his own 12" TV. Personally have tried it, but my twitch game days are over...long over. Back to X-Com for me. ; )

Caution Editorial to Follow:
Lots of concerns about violent video games are floating around yet again.
I thought Tipper Gore and her geriatric crew handled that a while ago.
Hard to believe we are back to that.
Thing is - in a free society there are choices to be made.

We can create a draconian Federal Department of Censorship
(Like the TSA we'll give is a friendly name that sounds nothing like what it really does - i.e. sexually assault children and grandma's while stealing cool things from travelers - yeah I'm talking about my MP3 lifted from my carry-on in Orlando...but I digress....)

Lets call it :
"The Department of Child Safety" - I mean, who could object to keeping children safe??!?
You do?
You bastard!

Who decides what will set off a mentally ill person who has spent a life-time telegraphing his psychopathic tendencies. (manipulative, lacks empathy or sincerity, no impulse control, egocentricity, deceptive and a complete lack of remorse or ability to perceive others as anything other than objects to be manipulated for their own self-pleasure)?!?!?

A bunch of incredibly ignorant septuagenarian+ politicians who are border-line sociopaths themselves - so ancient and out of touch with the rest of us they have an assistant do their texting for them and could not pick out a PS3 from a line-up of Sega Genesis machines...let alone know what the word "PWN" means?!?!

Wait. We did that.
How has that worked out?

Or how about we make it easier for parents (or friends) with troubled loved-one to get them in an institution to contain and treat them? Remember all those mental institutions that both sides of the political aisle closed for their own reasons? (Save money, Civil Rights). The people that used to go there have no place to go they get frustrated on the outside and slip into a fantasy world where the rest of us are cast as NPCs.

Until our leaders actually decide to help us the best we can do is be honest in our evaluation of our children's maturity. If we recognize some troubling issues with our children - perhaps a disconnect with reality - we have the good sense to take away games and movies that might confuse them. And get them treated. Love and understanding are great - but it won't cure diabetes any more than it will cure mental health issues.

And until they decide to do something to actually help us, politicians need to quick talking about things they know nothing about.
It just makes them look like a bunch of n00bs!
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on November 16, 2012
'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare' is one of my all-time favorite video games. Never before had a shooter taken such a serious look at war in a modern world while still delivering an exciting gaming experience. Sadly I was left wanting with it's sequels and while the first 'COD: Black Ops' delivered an interesting (if brutal) story, it's pacing and level design was an inconsistant mess. Now 'Black Ops 2' is out and while I don't think it's quite in the same league as 'COD4' (nor does it change much of the COD formula) it has a few unique elements that make it stand-out.

One big reason I enjoyed 'Black Ops 2' over it's immediate predecessors is it's more focused story-telling. The narrative is a bit sloppy at first as a story with original 'Black Ops' characters Frank Woods, Alex Mason and Jason Hudson during the 1980's is intercutted with the futuristic 2025 conflict involving Mason's son David. But once these different threads come together, focusing on the pursuit of villain Raul Menendez the plot really hits it's stride. The stakes are heavy for 'Black Ops 2's characters this time around and their personal stories (even Raul's) are just as compelling as the over-arching "stop-the-bad-guy-save-the-world" conflict. There are even multiple endings and branchings as your decisions during gameplay can really effect the outcome of the plot: Some choices are binary (do you save your friend or keep your cover?) but others are more directly worked into your actions during a mission (do you save enough intel before the enemy burns it all? Do you follow your objective closely or explore the level to see if there's anything you missed?). None of this is unique to video gaming but 'Black Ops 2' does show how good writing can really draw you into an experience.

While the writing is a standout in 'Black Ops 2' the gameplay is still very much the usual COD running and gunning but has a few new features to mix things up. You can now customize your loadout at the beginning of each mission as well as break into hidden cache's spread throughout the levels (giving you different weapons and gadgets to play with). Missions do still play out in a very linear manner but you're given a bit more freedom to get to your objective with characters reacting to the different routes you take ("I'll take the left","You take the high-road", "I'll stay on the ground"). Vehicle moments are also a bit more dynamic as you can drive down different roads in a military truck or fly with a bit more freedom in a fighter-jet (though the mission will still end if you go too far off path). While the combat can still get a bit crazy at points I never found myself as overwhelmed as the original 'Black Ops' and the pacing allows for some slower, stealthier moments in some levels.

Another new feature in 'Black Ops 2's campaign are what's called "Strike Force" missions. These strategy moments usually involve you to ordering groups of soldiers and combat bots to protect assets for a certain amount of time (or until they reach certain objectives). You can take direct control of any unit at any time (even the bots) and the combat units are constantly being refreshed. Unfortunately the A.I. is pretty dumb for both enemy and friendly units and I pretty much got by just overpowering individual targets. It's an interesting idea and certainly changes things up as failing these missions can supposedly impact the overall story (you can't replay them if you fail) but I found them pretty easy and not worth worrying about.

I usually don't pay much attention to the multiplayer features in FPS games but 'Black Ops 2' has some great additions that might bring some more fans to the fold. Instead of just jumping into a match with other players, 'Black Ops 2' allows you to set up your own private session playing with and against A.I.-controlled bots (Unreal Tournament-style). You can still level-up during these matches (up to lvl 10 with half-exp being earned after) and it gives newer gamers a chance to get a feel for multiplayer before joining with live-gamers. Zombie-mode is back with more freedom but less focus as different modes like "tranzit" allow you and your co-op partners to travel to different maps and slowly unlock more areas as you progress. I wish there was more depth to zombie-mode as it's being pushed as a selling point on the box but it's still fun if you want to kill some time (and if 'Left 4 Dead 2' isn't readily available).

'Black Ops 2' may not revolutionize it's genre and I think everyone can agree the Call Of Duty engine has worn out it's welcome. But with the story-branchings, (some) player-freedoms and accessible multiplayer options I'm still getting a lot out of this game. 'Black Ops 2' a great FPS experience and one I recommend to people still interested in what this series can achieve.
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on March 28, 2013
This game took a hit for some of their bad distribution/pricing ideas in the beginning and it led me almost to not buy it. I'm glad I made my own decision. The campaign is the most interesting since since Modern Warfare 2 (Blacks Ops 1 seemed trite). And the zombies are the best yet (which are what keep me coming back). I haven't done too much yet of the multi-player, but I came in getting shot to death less than in Black Ops 1. I have been playing this game for a month and I'm still enjoying it immensely.
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on March 21, 2013
FIrst off I've played enough of this to be knowledgeable. I'm a Prestige 10 and now with the recent patch I refuse to play anymore.


Everything is buttery smooth, from the (xbox 360) textures to the lighting to the movement it all makes the Modern Warfare titles look and feel like a jagged and jittery mess.

SPAWNING is a lot more predicable than MW3....yes it means you can be spawn camped easily, but you most of the time you will spawn safley away from the action in a safe pocket of the enviroment and there's only a few select spots instead of all over the map. Often in MW3 you spawn a few yards away from who just killed you.


HIT DETECTION is terrible, along with the lag compensation. If you have a fast internet connection you will lose every draw down because you are shooting where someone WAS, not where they ARE.

TERRIBLE WEAPON BALANCING, damage ratios and flinch. People are constantly sniping you with SMG's because even if you see them with your long range weapon, they are already spamming you with bullets and the flinching patterns make it impossible to fire back before you're dead. If you are lucky enough to fire back, good luck because where your bullets land is not going to be where you're aiming.

SNIPING was the last straw for me, I have a combined 7000+ kills with sniper rifles and have all unlocks/camos/prestiges/challenges/ect. for them and after a certain point I just couldn't take it anymore. The lag/hit detection is feels like it's 50/50 at best and SO MANY TIMES will I see the bullet trail literally center mass through an enemy and not even a hit marker. I trained myself to shoot a few inches away from the target and that was a pretty good way to get kills but it was really annoying.

NOW, WITH THE RECENT MATCHMAKING UPDATE, team death match is completely borked. The teams are always 1 sided. I just played for a few hours with my search preferences set to normal and a good internet connection. EVERY SINGLE GAME was decided by a %50 margin with me always on the losing side because apparently my level and 1.41 KD ratio would "balance" out my team. But every match had the opposite team with twice as many kills after about 2 minutes. This was true with both games I was placed in before they started and while they were in progress.

I WENT BACK and played MW3 for a few hours and dominated like never before because all the sudden my gun did what I told it to and hit where it was supposed to. Tomorrow I'm probably going to trade in Black Ops and continue to play MW3 until the next IW game comes out.

TD:LR - This is a great LOOKING game that's ruined by balancing issues, server issues, lag issues, hit detection issues, and matchmaking issues. It was fun for a few months but after the recent update it's completely unplayable. The top reviews are all true, do yourself a favor and get/stick with MW3 instead.
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on January 24, 2013
Don't get me wrong zombies with friends or even random people on the internet is fun. It will start to get repetitve and boring until the map packs come out but the main reason I purchase COD games every year is to play multiplayer.

In MW3 I had a 2+ K/D ratio and the game was entertaining, was MW3 perfect no way ( lag comp issues, etc) but I feel like this game shouldn't even be called COD until it's fixed. In my opinion multiplayer suffers from a few problems that make it unplayable and unenjoyable.

1. Lag comp is crazy in this game, sometimes I die so fast and then look at the replay and i didn't even shoot on the replay.
2. AR weapons are pointless compared to the SMGs, they shoot slower, and the SMGS seem to have just as much power.
3. No one gun is better than the rest, they all feel the same they just have a different look to them.
4. Expensive turtle beaches are pretty much worthless.

I can keep going on, but I was never a fan of the treyarch made COD games. I feel like it takes half a magazine just to kill one person. As soon as I went back to MW3 the game just seem to flow better and no matter what gun I used felt more realistic. And don't get me started on the sounds in the game, just like black ops I feel the gun sounds are too small.

That's all, i'm done with this game, i'm going to play mw3 until i can no longer find people online to play with or the servers get disabled.
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on December 19, 2012
For reference, I only play Multi-player and MWIII was my first FPS since CS-Source (KD 0.9). So I will compare to MW3 (TDM KD 1.6)

Things I love in a FPS multiplayer:
1. crisp, decisive interactions
2. dynamic multiplayer scenarios/maps that allow for complex team tactics
3. Steep learning curve on good weapons

Things I care little about:
1. cool graphics
2. smooth feeling gameplay
3. futuristic looking weapons

Crispness - Game feels crisp and smooth until you realize your bullets are not doing any damage, then you die, watch from the other players POV and see that you really didn't get a single bullet off. Only really tried TDM but so far BOII fails in all three of my top reqs. Interactions are laggy, feels inconsistent every time i'm shooting at someone. Can't ever get a headshot, even when aiming at unmoving target in the face. Problem I find is I walk into a room with 2 enemies. I have to shoot the first enemy and wait to make sure he is really dead before targeting the 2nd. By then you are dead. You should be able to know that you've made a kill based on your instincts before the game tells you, and you just can't do this in BOII. Until this is fixed, you will never be able to take this game to the next level like you can in MWIII (or CS-Source for that matter). Because of this, even when I'm doing well (avg about 1.2 KD so far) it still doesn't feel satisfying.

Scenarios - In maps I've played it feels more like old Unreal Tournament, where there are no secure positions, enemies are spawning from all directions, and there are so much open space you basically are always vulnerable from multiple blind spots. I think this was done to discourage camping, but what it has done is make it impossible to be a hunter (aka moving cautiously but consistently from position to position) because inevitably someone will spawn in 1 of your 3 blindspots and waste you.

Learning curve on weapons - Seems like this game has gone to lowest common denominator and is all about the SMG's. Tried using the semi-auto rifles, but got tired of getting pwned by SMG's from across the map and up close. How does it take 3-4 shots from either semi-auto assault rifle to kill and enemy from range? Makes these assault rifles pointless. SMGs will dominate this game because they are easy for anyone to use, no recoil, powerful, and so far I haven't seen a gun that has potential to be better. Would like to see some versatile guns that take more skill to master, but just not seeing it.

On the plus side, Graphics are truly amazing. Went back to MWIII and BOII blows it away in this aspect. System for picking guns is cool, I never wanted a secondary gun anyways. Gameplay feels smooth, but overall these things are not why I play FPS. Futuristic looking guns made me wonder if I accidentally bought halo and didn't realize it.

In conclusion, I would have been much happier with a new map pack for MW3. I would gladly sacrifice graphics and cool guns for an experience that felt crisper and decisive. Looking forward to MW4 or whatever its going to be called.
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