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on November 5, 2013
Before you read a dozen or so false reviews, I beg the fans to read only people who have played the game. Wait for verified customers. Anyhoo. Before anyone jumps me for not playing this game. I ONLY played the 360 version. Not the PS3 version. Historically I usually have played both versions and I can tell with confidence that both games will be very similar and the differences will only be subtle. I prefer the 360 controller, but the game should be identical. Will depend on your game preference.

The people trolling these sites are amazing. I assume 75% are Disgruntled Battlefield fans who will do anything to talk this best selling franchise down and the rest are simply people who just haven't played the game. Anyway, for someone who actually played the game. Here ya go. The single player campaign is very good and I was entertained the moment I started up. I found it just as enjoyable as BLOPS 2 was. I think I like the storyline a bit more in this one than I did in Blops 2. If you liked the SP in that, you'll be right at home with Ghosts. And if you need to compare it to BF go ahead. There is no comparison. COD's campaign is light years better than battlefields which never had a good campaign IMO. The multiplayer is great too. Got a ton of new tweaks and new game modes to have it feel fresh and exciting. New maps galore and some new weapons I came across. Graphics are what you expect, from good to very good. But the engine is feeling dated.

One mode I need to mention. Do you like killing Aliens? Than rejoice! Squads and Extinction is probably my favorite mode in Ghosts, and even better, you get to deal with Aliens. I would give this a perfect score if I could score the game separate from the campaign. If you like multiplayer its even more fun. Squads is a new and innovating feature in multiplayer which allows you to create your own team and play against another player's team. You can also play with your team against another team of bots and it also allows you to play survival mode with your team or with another batch of players. If you're familiar with Zombies in Blops, you will be right at home with Aliens. Beware, this is a lot more challenging than Zombie mode is! So that said, if you're also a fan of Zombies, you'll be very very pleased with this new addition to the franchise

Activision is promising lots of future DLC. So hopefully will last us till next year. That said...

I will say that this is the best COD I've played yet. Time will tell when I get my Ps4 or XBOX1 version. :)
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on November 6, 2013
I was worried that I had made a mistake in pre-ordering this game as there were over 40 comments posted before I had even received it and those comments were mostly negative. I am 40+ gamer who has played all of the CODs and BFs. While I play every night I am not an elite player and typically get killed more than I kill. I am used to horrible spawn points, camping, quick-knife kills etc. as I am usually on the receiving end of those.

So, with low (and almost nervous) expectations, I throw in the disc and install the game to the hard-drive. The installation process was fine and the game loads and plays with no lag at all for me. Once that was done installing, I immediately jumped into multi-player (skipping the squad stuff-- more on that later in this review).

The maps are larger than COD BOII but I like that. The combat and gun feel felt the same to me as BOII as did the leveling up and weapon attachments. Honestly I think they could have just sold us more maps for BOII and we wouldn't have really been able to tell the difference (and I wish they would just keep doing that-- every season issue a new set of map packs but keep the core game alone).

Despite the fact that the game-play appears to be the same, I am enjoying myself with Ghosts and am getting roughly the same stats for a match that I would get on BOII (I usually get around 10 kills and am killed between 10-20 times--- like I said, I'm not an elite player) so for me I don't feel that game play is all that different from BOII.

Finding and joining a match is fast (much faster than BF4).

Graphics are fine...I'm not hung up on graphics but I think the maps look great. The maps seem to have more paths and doors, which provides for fewer bottle necks and lots of ways to approach enemies-- I like that. Again, with larger maps, players like me that are not great actually can survive longer because the enemies are more spread-out... to me this is a plus. From time to time there are blue briefcases hovering about the ground over a dead body. At first, when I picked these up I thought it was like capturing your dog-tags back (like in kill confirmed) but last night I discovered those are mini-quests that earn kill streak rewards. So one might be "get a kill with your secondary weapon to earn 1 kill streak". I didn't attempt to meet the conditions but tonight I will.

I don't have real complaints, but there a couple of things (one minor and one major) I don't like about this game (which keep it from getting 5 stars from me):

--menus (I like the BOII menu skins more-- I wish they were here) (MINOR)
--knife attacks-- too deadly--- I wish there was a better way to do melee. It seems that you are always killed with one knife strike regardless of how far or near the person is. I think there should be a mini-game of some kind (pound X and B faster or in some rythmic pattern --like the pinning mechanics in the WWE2k14 game) to simulate the struggle with the knife. I am fine with instant kills from behind, but not when you are facing the person. (MAJOR)
--Leveling is too fast. I think BF4 does a better job of slowing down the leveling and having levels for kits, weapons and vehicles. I wish COD were slower paced XP so not everyone would be level 60 within a week (minor).

I always wished that skill-streak rewards were attainable by the average player (I never can get above 5 kills before I die and have to start over). I would like to see some "banking" or something that would allow me to have kills accumulate during a match regardless of whether you die for the non-support load outs (play with "support" killstreak package does allow banking but the rewards are less exotic and fun, in my opinion).

UPDATE: November 7, 2013

SQUAD REVIEW: So last night I tried "squad" mode for the first time and I really like it. Basically, from the matches that I played you (plus 5 of your computer controlled squad members) square off against another player and his squad. So while it "looks" like a multi-player match it really is more like one on one with some BOTS (like Red Faction PVP, if you remember that game). I had a blast playing this mode -- its hard to put my finger on it but perhaps its because I am better than the AI controlled players so it gives me (a very average player at best) the feeling of being a more elite trooper (aka, a UBER ELITE MULTI-PLAYER, hehehe) who rang up about double the number of kills that I typically get in a regular multi-player game (e.g., I was getting about 20 kills in squad mode when I normally get between 10-13 kills in a multi-player game). To my relief, the computer AI squad members do not hop around like rabbits (which is common in multi-player games) so to me it seems, I don't know, more "real". You gain XP and coins from this mode that allow you to upgrade your squad. I can see the deeper RPG element of this and the long-replay value of trying to level up each squad member-- which is a big PLUS in my book. All in all, I like this mode.

BUG REPORT: November 20, 2013

I have leveled up 5 squad members to between level 5 and 10, rotating between to try to keep them all the same level. Well last night, when I was leveling up one of my level 6 squad members, a level 60 joins the match. Suddenly on the screen in GREEN text is the following message "LEVEL 60 PLAYER LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL LOSE RANK." I ignore the message as I am only level 6. Once the match was over, I was shocked to see that my level 6 squad member was now level 60! Even more interesting and puzzling is the fact that prior to that I might earn a squad point or two per match but now I am earning 10-25 squad points per match regardless of which character I am using. I have a feeling that there was a major bug that infect my profile following that match with the warning. Honestly, this has stolen some of the excitement of the game because I like the process of leveling and with one of my characters unnaturally level 60 and squad points coming in at a much faster rate than expected, I have most of the equipment unlocked already. Anyone else have this bug or seen it?
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on November 15, 2013
Ugh, I really don't know what they were trying to do with this game. First they've nixed all the game modes I loved playing (Search & Destroy, Capture the Flag, Demolition, Headquarters, and Hardpoint are all gone). The new game modes like crank, blitz, and search and rescue really fall flat, like stupid flat. Why would I wanna play a game where i'm penalized for making kills (you blow up 30 seconds after making a kill in crank if you can't find one of the 99% of people camping to kill before the time runs out)? These modes should have been relegated to the party games menu found on Black Ops II, not in the core games mode.

Killstreaks are pointless. Your UAV is now a sat com which sits on the ground where any enemy can give a quick stab of their knife to disable it easily. Also, unless there are multiple sat coms on the map, its effectiveness is limited. The higher killstreaks, like choppers, also seem relatively ineffective. If I chain 9 kills together, I expect that killstreak to at least get me a few kills, not 1 or nothing at all. Carepackages are gone and replaced by field orders. So now to get a carepackage you need to capture a briefcase on the map and then go hump a guy you just killed. I'm serious. WTF? Carepackages, I feel, were the great equalizer for killstreaks. When I first started playing I was horrible, the chance of getting any of the top killstreaks was nill. So to be able to get a chopper or attack dogs or whatever was kind of a big deal. It gives bad players a chance to experience a part of the game they otherwise would be unable to. Now granted, killstreaks don't really matter in this game, so whatever, but humping guys for carepackages not what I was expecting.

Leveling up doesn't seem to matter. In previous versions you unlocked perks, equipment, killstreaks, etc. as you leveled up. In Ghosts, you get a couple tokens, which you seem to get after every game anyway. WTF? You can unlock different squad members and choose a default loadout for them, but you can't switch between them during games, again making it pointless.

OMG the hit markers. EVERY GAME you need to hit someone it seems 7 times while they only need to hit you once. How can it be standard for me and hardcore for them? This isn't a problem isolated to me as every friend I've talked to has experienced the same thing and you'll find the same issue in many other reviews. Another thing which constantly happens is you'll die and watch your opponent's killcam afterwards only to find you died a second or two earlier on their feed than you did on yours. The amount of times I've ducked behind buildings for cover only to miraculously keel over is insane, and again, you watch their killcam and you never even made it to the building.

Spawning is another thing you'll find mentioned everywhere as something that couldn't be worse. The amount of times I've spawned and been killed within 2 seconds is mind blowing. Spawn, sprint for a literal second, get stabbed in the back, repeat.

There are other things I could harp on, but these come down to stylized differences that are more subjective opinions rather than facts (how horrible the target finder looks, for one). The fact is this is just a really bad game made by a company that had 2 years to put it together since their last release in the franchise. Given these games make a billion dollars in a week or two following release, the effort here is just unacceptable. Black Ops II was a great game, brought down only by the lack of great maps. Ghosts is the exact opposite, solid maps outdone by horrible gameplay.
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on November 6, 2013
I was so excited to get this, and was there at the midnight launch eagerly awaiting my copy. Rushed home and popped the game in, and immediately went into Multiplayer, which is all I play. After 3 rounds, I was already disappointed and aggravated, and put it away for the night, thinking my tune would change after some sleep. Not so.
The maps are much too big, more like Battlefield. Which would be fine, if this played like Battlefield. But it doesn't. Maps this large basically promote running around in search of someone, then getting sniped from afar, or killed in one shot because someone else spots you first. I can detect no difference in the damage done by different guns, as everything seems to kill in one or two shots. Not that it really matters, since every other player is a sniper, camping and picking off anyone who wanders into the open or a lower level. So even though death comes very quickly once you're found, (or you're lucky enough to spot someone else first) the gameplay seems slow to me because of the amount of camping and the size of the maps. The only matches I sort of enjoyed were on maps like Free Fall, which are much smaller in size and therefore faster paced. But even then, the ease of killing someone (or being killed) because of the guns being so overpowered still doesn't satisfy. If you're spotted, you're basically dead. Rinse and repeat.
The maps are all in the same gray tone with not much color contrast, which makes it that much easier for campers. Everything blends into everything, and makes it not only frustrating to play, but boring to look at as well. They're all a rehash of everything we've played before, as well. Everything feels like a bigger, darker, more boring version of everything from Black Ops 2.
The character creation, which could have been a fun way to make a unique character, is filled with so many similar and yes, boring (that word comes to mind a lot when describing the different areas of the game) options that it would have been better to just leave it out altogether and focus on improving other areas of the game, especially since the only sort of bad ass looking uniforms (of which I think there are two) have to be unlocked by doing tasks that would take the average casual gamer quite a long time to accomplish.

So to sum it up, after two days of playing every spare minute, thinking I just didn't give it a proper chance, I'm putting it away and popping BO2 back in. This game just isn't much fun to me, and isn't that the point?
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on November 5, 2013
This is, as per usual, a great game. I'd like to point out why it's fantastic, and in the process share why some people just have a terrible opinion on why they don't like it. First off, someone gave it 1 star because they don't like the team colors. A) You're dumb. B) Turn on color blind settings. Also, people cannot make up their minds. in BO2, everyone was complaining it wasn't realistic enough because the running felt like you were running on air, and that being shot did nothing and it should mean more. So guess what Infinity Ward did? They listened to their fans! They made it more realistic! And now, everyone's b***hing at them yet again. 'It feels like Battlefield when you run, it's too heavy and realistic'.'If you get shots you might as well respawn right at that moment, because you're not going to be able to live it out'. Make up your bloody minds people, because I've made mine up. This game is amazing, as is every Call of Duty (for the most part). Graphics are wonderful, the new variety of map sizes adds in new strategies rather than run forward and drop shot, the guns actually shoot realistically with varying levels of recoil, which goes in multiple directions, etc. I'm also not a Call of Duty fanboy, personally I like Battlefield more. My point is, this game is great and 99% of the reviews that give this game less than 4 stars are people who don't know what they're talking about. This game is absolutely worth the $60, just like all Call Of Duty's are.

Final Verdict? People who don't know what they're talking about need to stop talking, and Ghosts is amazing.
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on November 5, 2013
Don't even waste your money on this game. The maps are terrible, and you die in one or two bullets. They took the skill out of it by having such low health, wtf? Thats what hardcore is for, there is no gun battle anymore. The maps are terrible, the spawns are terrible, the guns are terrible, this is the WORST Cod yet. Black ops 2 was a much better game, it actual took more than one bullet to win your gun battle and the maps were structured much more symmetrically and better. The league system was a fantastic place for competitive people to play, now they took all the things that made COD better in black ops 2 and took them out again. This feels like a bad map pack for MW3, which this game now replaces as the worst cod ever. So dissapointed, i had my doubts about this game but my worst nightmare came true. Dont be like me, save your money and be happy to know that you didnt fall for the money trap like me. Its no longer about making a good game anymore, its just about milking the call of duty name. Im done.

P.S I'd also like to add that the 29 5 star reviews are probably fake. There is nobody on earth in their right mind that could think this game deserves five stars. Obviously bot accounts to help bring the fake rating up so people can justify making the purchase. Don't be fooled. The best I could ever imagine someone giving this game is three stars, and thats only because they enjoy the skill-less, health deficient nature of it (I couldn't imagine why).
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on November 5, 2013
UPS delivered this item late, as usual. This will be the absolute last time I order any new video game releases from Amazon ever again. Same day of release is useless if the item doesn't arrive until past 8:00 p.m. I will switch to my local Gamestop for all of my video game purchases in the future. Or until Amazon no longer uses UPS for delivering games on their release dates.
Other than the usual late delivery, the game itself is great. You even have your own canine in the campaign. I'm certain COD fans will be pleased. I still have much to play, but so far a real enjoyable game.
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on November 5, 2013
It beckoned me to play this game.

So I poped the disc in. And turned it on.

My fingers started to ache.

My eyes started to water.

My head started to throb....

And my stomach churned and I felt yesterday's nachos are gushing to my throat.

I looked to the side... the case is green.

It was the XBOX 360 version!!!!
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on November 13, 2013
The online part of this game has so many things not going for it as I have listed below:
Random spawn will put you right in front of the enemy.
Lag is seriously a problem, you can be facing a window and the enemy crawls through that window while you are shooting at him and he shoots one shot and you are dead. The instant replay never shows you shooting a shot.
Sniper rifles do not need to have crosshairs anywhere near your body for you to die. (Snipers rule in this game!!)
Host migration happens at least every other game.
Maps are too large.

I have played COD for the last 4 years and honestly wish I had stopped at Black Ops II. I will never buy a game made by Infinity Ward again.

I will be trading this game in for something that doesnt suck.
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on November 5, 2013
Between Ghosts and BF4, get BF4! No question about it, now maybe we will see better scores for the Battlefield title. Battlefield 4 came out a week ahead, and many were upset with crappy single player mode and early multiplayer glitches.
But now those of us that got to play both games on xbox, are giving COD Ghosts one star , because what happened to the game. The graphics suck, I mean really suck. What happened, really, what happened.

Maybe they put the good developers on the xbox ONE and PS4 group and gave the "retards" , the new and unexperienced developers the old gen version to put together.

Look at even the 5 star reviews, READ them, one also said game sucks and someone commented why he give it 5 stars, and some person gave 5 star review and talks about war game and giving ideas to kids to kill people.

At this point, nobody "really" gave 5 stars to this game.

Many of us liked the earlier versions of this game, so , we are just wondering, "what happened?".

Again, if you have choice get Battlefield 4 over this COD Ghost trash. I own battlefield 3 and black ops 2, so I generally like both series, so this is BIG disappointment for many of us that are not FANBOYS , but just usually like both series.

Unbelievably bad. Only thing I can think of is, developers are done with older gen consoles. And I wouldn't count of NEW gen version, because it takes time to understand and program for the consoles that are not even out at this point. It might be a lot better, but I would wait for reviews, first.

Update: ONE. :) Sorry guys, I did just play it about 3 or 4 hours and it just bummed me out. I updated it to 2 stars instead of 1 star. I may update it again, as the "shock" wears off. What can I say. :)
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