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on November 6, 2013
UPDATED - 12-10-13

So, I've played mass hours on this game so far, and it really just keeps getting better and better! Now with the introduction of CLAN WARS it totally takes this game to the next multiplayer level. FINALLY an app for your phone that works perfectly (so far) to so your progress in the Clan Wars. Each time you team up with three or more of your clan members, you work towards conquering "nodes". Each "node" is a gameplay mode (TDM, HCTDM, Kill Confirmed, S&D, etc...). Each node has a set number of "wins" you need to accumulate in order to take the node. For example the Team Deathmatch node was 80 wins - but before you freak out, listen! If you have 3 in the party and you win a game, that's THREE wins that get credited to your clan count....have SIX in your party? Yep, that's SIX wins every time you win ONE game - rewards you playing with your clan. Have more than six clan members online playing at once? Have two groups of 6 play the same mode and earn TWELVE wins per ONE game win, or even split off into multiple groups playing different modes to tackle multiple nodes at once! Division for the Wars are the normal bronze, silver, gold, and platinum - all being selected based on how good your clan is, how often you play, and I'm sure a bunch of other things I'm unaware of. Each Clan Wars group has 10 clans in it - so that's all you'll have to beat to take down the #1 spot! You unlock things you can use in regular multiplayer by doing good in Clan Wars. WE ARE ADDICTED TO THIS!!

OK, first let's be frank - everybody has their opinion on which shooter game is better, and which CoD series they like better - so I wouldn't take to heart the bad ratings for this game. I can tell you that I was not a fan of any of the Battlefields (I've been a long time CoD fan, and just can't break away from that type of gameplay for some reason), nor was I a big fan of any of the Treyarch CoD games. It's BEYOND me that anybody can say any Black Ops game is better than the Modern Warfare series - I personally find the Black Ops "lag" when you're shooting something to be a complete dealbreaker.....with that said, now you somewhat know where I'm coming from.

I have yet to play any of the campaign yet, so I cannot review that. I did try the Extinction mode (I think that's what it was called) which I thought was very innovative and fresh. It was a nice change of pace from the typical zombies-style game from Treyarch. Unfortunately, there is only one map to play of this game mode, and so far I've found it's on the tougher side - especially if you doing a random map with some not-so-good players!

The multiplayer itself I really enjoyed. When you shoot someone, they die - plain and simple. There isn't the typical Black Ops "thought I made it around the corner by a mile, but still ended up getting shot". I love the customization of your player and how precise you can fine tune the perks to get exactly what you want. I haven't really noticed any perks giving players an obscene advantage, but rather endless combinations for you to mess with! The "pick 10" system from Black Ops 2 has been implemented for the perks only, which is a very nice add!

As for all the complaints that I've been reading, I think that you're NEVER going to have 100% of the people 100% happy....it's impossible. I myself LIKE the large maps, it encourages you to stick with your team, spawn by your team, and play the game like it should be played....it is MULTI-player afterall, not SOLO-player running around with a SMG or knife, miles away from the rest of your team. If you DO choose to go solo, you'll be in for some long runs, only to get killed and have to start the running all over again. I absolutely love all the "little" additions to the game as well - bonus points for killing the 1st place or 2nd place person, "Field Orders", kneel-slides to get to cover, etc.

Unfortunately, with the addition of Field Orders, they took out care packages as killstreaks. Instead, you have to kill the enemy holding the "field orders" (a blue folder that appears) pick up the orders and they will give you a "mission" like kill 2 enemies while prone before dying, kill 1 enemy while croutching, humiliate the next enemy you kill, etc. If you complete this before dying, you will get a care package immediately. I think this is an awesome addition, as nobody can no longer complain about a great match being lost to a lucky care package pickup. The only downside is that there is still a good chance you can wind up with just a UAV still....after going through all that to get the package you should at least be spared the dreaded UAV.

I played through all the game modes at least once, and I can say that I love the new additions. Search and Destroy is now Search and Rescue where your teammates can pick up your dog tag after being killed to revive you - which in turns makes you grab the tags of the enemies you kill to ensure they stay dead. I thought it was a great way "infuse" the opportunity to score more points during a round, even though it seems crappy to have an enemy you kill in S&D (S&R) to come back and kill you lol Cranked was very fun and different as well - once you kill someone you have 30 seconds to kill someone else before you die. Getting another kill (or assist) will reset that clock. During that time, you get increased stats and speed (unlimited sprint) to help you get your next kill.

I have had no problems getting into any game, no laggy games, no glitches just yet - overall I'm very happy with the game so far (only about 10 hours of playtime so far). After reading all the negative reviews, I started to get a little worried! Can't believe people are complaining about the quality of the graphics too - do you honestly care if you can see the freckles on the multiplayer character you are playing with?! Remember, the more detail in an online mode the longer load times, slower gameplay on slower internets, and overall a worse experience.

If I were to gripe about anything, I would have to say it's tough to earn the "squad points" needed to unlock guns and attachments. This might turn out to be a good thing though, as it could pose a good challenge. I think there is a BUNCH to do in this game, and I've very exciting to keep playing and check it all out! The only thing keeping me from playing now is this stupid thing called a job HAHA
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on November 12, 2013
**Final update - early Feb 2014**

I was curious after having happily sold this game a couple months ago to see what people are saying about it, so I decided to look at current reviews on here to see if any of the issues that made me hate the game and get rid of it were fixed. All of the recent reviews on Amazon pretty much have the same short, vague, generic script. They appear to me to be fake. If you look at the profiles of the people, you can see they either copy-and-paste the same brief language on multiple products (ie, "Bought this [insert type of product] for my son and he loves it..." etc), or they only posted the one review for this game. I have no idea how to report this to Amazon since I don't know if it violates any sort of terms of service or could even be remedied, but it is pretty messed-up since it defeats the entire purpose of allowing comments on a product.

SO... all I can say is read the slightly longer reviews if you are interested in this game. Maybe not mine because it is now novel-length, but basically I would suggest taking a random sampling of reviews for the game by looking at reviews with SPECIFICS as to why people liked or hated the game. The game still sounds like it is not worth paying the price for. I will not be buying any further Call of Duty games unless I try it out first at a friend's.

**End of final update, 1st update below***

**1st Update 11/29/13**

I sold Ghosts last week and it is gone from my home, for which I am happy, and I have deleted the information from my PS3 so zero space, physical or data, would be taken up further by this game. Do not buy this game for $60. I tried and tried to find a way to make this game fun, and just could not. I changed this game to 1-star overall too, since it is simply not a well-made (solid) game in terms of its basic game play.

People can keep whacking my review here, but not even a "COD fanboy" should be supportive of this product, if anything they should be even more disappointed. Perhaps IW have since released enough patches for the game to make it is more fun then it was last week before I got rid of the game, but releasing an unprepared game itself is enough reason to not support a series further.

Campaign mode was terrible for reasons I mentioned below (I did not bother finishing it), Extinction was immediately boring and made me miss the offline challenge modes from MW2 & MW3 even more, the free DLC map that came with ordering through Amazon did not work for online multiplayer with the main rotation, the online maps are at PS1 levels in terms of load times, even the bots which I thought MIGHT be the saving grace for a few more weeks of this game were difficult to kill since once again the screen just seems SO zoomed-out and hard to see guys.

It is truly a remarkably crappy game considering it is a billion-dollar game, I think. And I am SURE they are well aware of it, and maybe like the big banks they just don't care since people will still buy it and sing the praises.

This and Homefront are the two biggest wastes of money I feel I have ever spent on a major brand video game (or game with major advertising blitz) (since the PS1/N64 days). I have been playing FPS games since "the old days" (Wolfenstein on the computer, then Medal of Honor on PS1), so 20 years or so now, and I realized the same thing as with Homefront: this was not fun. It was not a fun game. And a game that is not fun is not a game worth paying hard-earned money for.

**End 1st Update, original review below**

Original review:

After having played a bit since its release date both offline campaign mode and online mode, I'm just already tired of this game and wish SINCERELY I had not spent $60 on it. It MIGHT be a fun-enough $20, I guess, but unless you are a diehard fan of the series, this is definitely not worth paying $60 for new, particularly if you are more of a casual gamer.

My pros are: 1. the multiplayer maps look pretty and the height & added interactive map features of many of the levels are cool, 2. the player customization is cool. That pretty much concludes my positive thoughts, unfortunately.


Call of Duty: Ghosts gets pretty much the same review as Homefront, which was the previous biggest video game ripoff I've played. It's generic now. It's been done.

The offline campaign mode is all about its own premise, and that's it. It feels like you're battling against some ridiculous grouping of bad guys in a ridiculous way (oh no, a random South American allied group, because... N. Korea was already taken previously by Homefront as a good new enemy...?) and you're basically playing every level from every other game you've ever played in any other FPS game.

It feels like these games are becoming more and more you are just a spectator, playing an interactive movie. That was my problem with COD MW3 - you just back off and let your squad do all the work, and it's not as though you have much of a choice. You get hit once by some random bullet you don't know where it came from, and you have to hide so you don't die, and then either it happens again once "blood vision" goes away, or your squad has all the fun for you and kills everyone. AND YOU GET HIT BY RANDOM BULLETS OFTEN, so you are thus having to HIDE often to keep from dying.

And the amount of times my squad would get in my line of fire drove me CRAZY. When I wanted to, you know, play the game, like, shoot the bad guys with my guns, my squad would run in front of me a lot of times, making me shoot them as well as the enemy. More then a couple times did I get whatever the "friendly fire will not be tolerated" is screen. That felt like Homefront-levels of AI poorness of quality.

Getting repeatedly killed by sharks was both an extremely random addition to the game (though not as random as controlling Lassie) and really really irritating. The prerequisite chopper and tank levels are also irritating and you can't wait until they're over.

There are so many levels where they just kind of throw you at them, throw you into them, they last a few minutes, then they are over as quickly as they started, leaving you going, "...ohhhhkayyy...that level happened and is now over..." You never fully get immersed into the game, and you end up feeling like you just want to play it to beat it so it's done and so you are then one thankful step closer to chalking the game up as a financial loss and pawning it/trading it in.

Ultimately, like Homefront, the campaign mode is hard enough in the wrong ways that it is tedious and simply unsatisfactory. The high point for me was probably the semi-stealth jungle portion, which lasted about ten minutes, but they were somewhat enjoyable ten minutes. I just killed everybody. It made it fun, I was in control of the game for that period without my AI fellas taking over and doing everything, and the enemy didn't automatically see me because I was, well, in the jungle. But then I remember the shark part and go back to shaking my head and thinking about the $60+ I spent on this game again.

Multiplayer (Online, ugh):

The way they did the maps in multiplayer, it is like Battlefield in that... you cannot see your enemies. This game is far worse than any other I've played online in how you die extremely quickly. Half the time you never see the person who shoots you. It seems like it is full of either snipers or stabbers. I doubt it would be very hard for a first-time player to get 100 deaths in their first 8 times trying.

The people who enjoy sprinting through levels stabbing are as always incredibly annoying - that is about as cocky as you can get, and seems like either a twisted way to approach a video game, or perhaps desperate I suppose if you're sick of getting quick-scoped. And Quickscopers in this game... ugh. You just see a person and you die. It's just not that fun. It is WAY too easy to die in this game (that goes for campaign mode too). "Realism" should always be balanced with FUN in video games, with fun always being the key goal. And frankly many of the kills I have gotten have been by me spawning behind someone who obviously has no idea I am suddenly there. It's not a satisfactory way of killing someone, but then you figure it happens to you every other time so whatever. Ugh.

I find myself "rage-quitting" often, because this is a VIDEO GAME and I bought it TO HAVE FUN, not to constantly get screwed. They MUST make these games for people who are more CASUAL gamers too, besides people who apparently have the time to just do nothing but play these video games online for hours and days at a time. Seeing some of the score and point skews of the winners is pretty pathetic. I'm sure people cheat with this game, but who knows how, and who has the time or energy to really investigate much further, other than to just report sociopathic people (why else cheat, and then try to justify it and make it the problem of those who play honestly, as all cheaters do?) who are clearly too good, of cheating.

If you are a casual gamer, like you just like to play every few evenings a week for a couple hours, you will not enjoy this game for its multiplayer - do not spend $60 on this game. It's been literally just one week since the game was released and there are already players at the very least at Level 58 that I have seen.

Multiplayer (split screen, boo!):

One of the biggest disappointments of all to me personally, is that they got rid of the offline multiplayer challenge modes that made COD MW2 and 3 so fun and re-playable for those of us with actual friends in the real world we like to hang out with and play these games with. Instead they brought in some zombie-like alien mode that I have not yet tried because what is the point. Playing next to a friend the screen feels like it's zoomed-out somehow, maybe because it's more stretched wide, where it is just more difficult to see.

Further thoughts/rants:

I don't know if it's the developers or who, but this game is another over-priced disappointment, for me the biggest one since Homefront. The graphics do not seem that impressive, everything else is pretty unoriginal, and online play is pretty bad unless you have some mega-100" giant screen or I guess are a person who gets to just play all day and is on high volumes of caffeine or something.

Angry review. I won't give this one star, because it has enough different things that you can play through and it is a way to spend time, though not perhaps the best way to spend time. And for those people who may read this review and say the game is NOT for "casual gamers," so why I am knocking it so much, I paid the $60 for it like you did, so the game is just as much for me as it is for you.


Not worth the money at $60. I would not be happy with having spent anything more than $20 on this game. It's fun in that: it's a new COD game. That is all. Nothing more. At all. This was not a step in the right direction, other than the size of the maps online and the player customization. The size of the maps online are great. Except you can't see who is killing you.

As always, I don't care what series a game is, I have pretty much tried them all, owned a few, and I only have loyalty to whether a game is fun or not, and worth spending the cost at the time. I realize I pretty much just make fun of this game a lot here and do knock it heavily, but it is with disappointment and frustration that I do so. I would have much preferred the game being fun, re-playable, and worth having dropped $60+, and it was just not much of any of those things. This game is pretty bad. And that is pretty disappointing. It feels like a prettier version of Homefront, with some elements (and levels) "borrowed" from GoldenEye Reloaded. It will, once again, make me think twice about purchasing games brand new.
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on November 5, 2013
Before you read a dozen or so false reviews, I beg the fans to read only people who have played the game. Wait for verified customers. Anyhoo. Before anyone jumps me for not playing this game. I did play the 360 version. Not the PS3 version. Historically I usually have played both versions and I can tell with confidence that both games will be very similar and the differences will only be subtle. I prefer the 360 controller, but the game should be identical. Will depend on your game preference.

The people trolling these sites are amazing. I assume 75% are Disgruntled Battlefield fans who will do anything to talk this best selling franchise down and the rest are simply people who just haven't played the game. Anyway, for someone who actually played the game. Here ya go. The single player campaign is very good and I was entertained the moment I started up. I found it just as enjoyable as BLOPS 2 was. I think I like the storyline a bit more in this one than I did in Blops 2. If you liked the SP in that, you'll be right at home with Ghosts. And if you need to compare it to BF go ahead. There is no comparison. COD's campaign is light years better than battlefields which never had a good campaign IMO. The multiplayer is great too. Got a ton of new tweaks and new game modes to have it feel fresh and exciting. New maps galore and some new weapons I came across. Graphics are what you expect, from good to very good. But the engine is feeling dated.

One mode I need to mention. Do you like killing Aliens? Than rejoice! Squads and Extinction is probably my favorite mode in Ghosts, and even better, you get to deal with Aliens. I would give this a perfect score if I could score the game separate from the campaign. If you like multiplayer its even more fun. Squads is a new and innovating feature in multiplayer which allows you to create your own team and play against another player's team. You can also play with your team against another team of bots and it also allows you to play survival mode with your team or with another batch of players. If you're familiar with Zombies in Blops, you will be right at home with Aliens. Beware, this is a lot more challenging than Zombie mode is! So that said, if you're also a fan of Zombies, you'll be very very pleased with this new addition to the franchise

Activision is promising lots of future DLC. So hopefully will last us till next year. That said...

I will say that this is the best COD I've played yet. Time will tell when I get my Ps4 or XBOX1 version. :)

Here's what the overpaid cynics are saying...

IGN - 8.8
GameSpot - 8/10
Game Informer - 8/10
Eurogamer - 7/10
Multiplayer.it - 7/10
Edge - 7/10
VideoGamer - 7/10
GameTrailers - 7/10
Playstation Official Magazine UK - 8/10
Metro GameCentral - 8/10
NZGamer - 87/100
Joystiq - 7/10
The Escapist - 8/10
Telegraph - 8/10
Push Square - 6/10
Giant Bomb - 3/5
God is a Geek - 100/100
NowGamer - 75/100
Lazygamer - 83/100
LaPS3 - 78/100
Destructoid - 5/10
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on November 14, 2013
Sorry I don't play games 24 7 this game is not as bad as they say it is seems fun to me
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on November 13, 2013
As a loyal PS3 user, I am again disappointed by Activision's output this year with COD Ghosts.

Below are my reasons:

(1) Multiplayer maps are too big. Since current gen systems only support 6v6 game play, the majority of the maps are too large. They are perfect for Ground War, but that was stripped away from current gen systems, due to system resource requirement. In addition, these maps promote heavy camping because of their size.

(2) Insta-kill. Simply put, whoever shoots first, wins the gun fight.

(3) Graphics stutter. Every 5-7 seconds, the screen actually stutters, because it cant handle the 60FPS framerate. I can't believe they know about this issue and still released the game (with no warning to the public!). In addition, the media should have caught this and blew the whistle.

(4) Still no dedicated servers! Actvision has had years upon years to implement dedicated servers and they still haven't done it. I know they said that the dedicated servers will be rolled out soon, but they should have had them ready for the game launch. How many billions of dollars do they need before they accomplish this!

(5) Not enough game modes. For some reason, they removed a lot of popular game modes from this version of COD. For example, headquarters, Ground War, original S&D, and Hardpoint.

(6) Too many perks! There are about 30 different perks to choose from. Way to many in my opinion. This just over complicates the game.

(7) Everything is so small. The in-game font size is somewhere between 8-10pt font. I don't understand why. For people who play at night or don't have 20/20 eye sight, this sucks. At least give me an option to increase the font size.

(8) Lag, Lag, Lag. Not as bad as BOII (when it first came out), but it is still alive and kicking.

(9) Weak and not enough killstreaks. There are only 12 options for killstreaks. I would have liked to have seen at least 15. If you chain together 5 kills, the only thing worth calling in is Riley the dog and sadly he is usually not very effective. The only other choice you have at 5 is the IMS system.

(10) Not enough player backgrounds. I always thought one of the coolest features of the COD games were the personal backgrounds you could get. It seems like there aren't very many backgrounds. In addition, they aren't anything special. Weak effort from the graphic designers.

(11) Still have not implemented the "MUTE ALL" button in the game lobby. Why is this so difficult for them to put in. All I can think of is bad management at Activision/IW.

Overall, like always, the game was released way too early. It needed another few months of development and testing. Shame on Activision for this.

I don't fully regret buying Ghosts, but I am just disappointed in the lack of respect Activision has for its PS3 users and their management ignoring the big problems with the game.

They should just contract the game out to Google. They would do a much better job.
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on December 4, 2013
I really wanted to like this game - and I have the entire collection for Call of Duty games - I just don't like the maps. I am not a sniper, and in my opinion, the maps are mostly set up for snipers. I spawn and get shot by a sniper before I can even move - over and over and over and over. Now, to the great part. Forget the Team Deathmatch. Finish the Campaign mode and play Extinction. You have to rank up ... way up ... in order to complete the challenge. Once you are ranked up and find 3 other ranked up players, you can complete the challenge (takea about an hour) by wearing a riot shield on your back, by picking the Sentry Gun option, by building up the Sentry Gun option to the point where you can have two at a time, and by meeting all of the challenges along the way - e.g. knife all the aliens, use only shotguns, shoot while prone, etc. Each challenge allows you to improve your resistance to alien attack. Be sure and call in the helicopter (second story building after killing the first main hive) - we try to call it in twice. You have to totally play as a team. Don't forget someone will need ranked up Feral Instincts after starting the nuke countdown and everyone will need it to run all the way back to the extraction point. Best way to play is if you are all a different role: medic, mechanic, tank, etc. and all have Sentry Guns. Also, at the end, place Sentry Guns and/or mines all along the path back to the extraction point. Good luck. I cannot wait until there is another Extinction Map Pack. Don't forget to buy the gun "chain saw" for 3,000.00 before starting the nuke countdown - you are going to need it, along with ranked up ammo.
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on May 2, 2016
To start, my dad bought this for his XBONE and I played it a bit on there for a while. Recently I just bought Ghosts for my Ps3 and so I already had some prior experience with it. I'll be blunt, I have seen much of the campaign through my dad playing it and as such, I will personally be very unlikely to play through it myself. I bought this specifically for offline and online MP with my sister. When I first played Ghosts, it was offline as I didn't want to wait for a 533 MB update at the time. My sister and I played a few maps, decided on our loadouts and experimented around until we found a few guns we liked. It was easy to get a hang on the controls as it played similarly to UT3 and Borderlands, both of which we have played together. As it were, we were playing against bots. The bots are generally very well organized AI units, with a few issues. They tend to hoard you, the friendly ones that is, if you have an ammo crate in the area, this can make it hard to get around and hard to aim across a room, hall, etc. I can't explain the frustration I felt when I was trying to snipe down a long walkway on Strikezone only to see all of our AI team mates standing right in my sight, desperately shoving eachother for a new weapon at an ammo crate my sister tossed down. The enemy AI can be a little cheap and very unrealistic. One example I was sniping from a building on Warhawk and one notable AI, which hadn't "seen" me yet, turned 180 from behind a truck and shot several times from yards upon yards away into the wall I was standing behind. I watched the killcam and was shocked to see he was using an assault rifle with no scope, ADS, and could barely even see the window I was near. It was obviously very bizarre. Other times you will find that you go to walk around a corner to an AI that is shooting at you before you even finish going around it. Or you spawn back right next to an AI that is immediately aware of your presence. Sniping is also a chore as, even with a silencer and EVERY stealth related perk, I still seem to be found by the AI with relative ease. Moving on, the game modes are fantastic. Many, many modes to play, and great maps to choose from. The weapon selection and customization is also vast. And with the perks, you can really build a specific character. We only recently gained access to online MP, as the update was rather slow. I have played online MP before, but it was on my dad's XBONE, and he had already purchased many guns, attachments, etc. I was overall not thrilled by my initial choices of items. I disliked many of the default guns I was being forced to use, and I couldn't even enjoy any attachments. I know my sister will be very disappointed as well. The squad points are the reason I felt I needed to bump off a star on my review. I just don't like having to deal with default items and not have much choice in the matter as to what you can use. Especially playing online, I want to be at my best, and I cannot do that if I am given guns and items that I am either unfamiliar with, not good with, or simply do not like. It's a major fault that needed to be mentioned I think. We may skip out on online MP for now to try out extinction. Again, I have played extinction before, and so I know the gist of it. I must say, it is VERY fun. I love little horror-type elements being added and the feel of the mode is very intense and desperate. As it goes on it gets increasingly more intense and you have to work efficiently to survive and succeed. One addition of note is the Free Fall map, which I had prior experience playing. I was pleased that I was able to obtain it through the update and can't wait to enjoy it with my sister next time we play. Back to MP, I wanted to make light of a few of the many positive or negative effects of various elements we found while playing. One major positive is the killstreak system. The rewards can be immensely useful and can easily sway the match in your favor. Along with that goes the field orders you can complete for items that you may not have access to normally. There is one item that is particularly intense. The K.E.M Strike. It completely changed the way we fought on Strikezone, and forced us to change our playstyle to adapt to the new environment. It had both positive and negative effects. While I had several kills with it, I lost my sniping area and never really found another suitable area to replace it. My sister disliked it at first, as the map was totally different, and it was hard to adjust to the new areas that enemies could see you from that they couldn't have before. But as you adjust to it, you settle into a playstyle that suits the situation. I would also note that I have had absolutely zero experience with any other CoD game, so that could factor into my views on Ghosts. All that said, I would gladly give Ghosts a solid 4 stars overall.
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on November 5, 2013
Don't play call of duty it stinks!! It's just a stupid online game that no one gives a crap about its crappy story!

But don't worry, Halo 5 is gonna rock this game. So there is no need to cry all you butthurt COD fans!
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This was, at the time of this review, the most intense Call of Duty I have ever played. I don't get some of the hate this game seems to receive. It's part usual COD, part Space Opera. Think of it as Call of Duty meets the Tom Hanks movie Apollo 13 (1995), with violence.

Set in an alternate timeline that follows the nuclear destruction of the Middle East. The oil-producing nations of South America, led by Venezuela, form "the Federation" in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly grow into a global superpower, swiftly invading and conquering Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

- Solid graphics
- Solid voice cast, including Brandon Routh and Stephen Lang
- Fast paced action and combat
- Interesting, and somewhat, original story.
- It feels more like this game is likely set in an Alternate Continuity from the rest of most of the Call of Duty games set in the same canon.
- Extinction Mode. Anything better than the Zombies. This ain't the Walking Dead!
- Great selections of DLCs to purchase.

- Same repetitiveness of everything: mostly multiplayer.

Although I have bought my own copy of the game 2 years ago (my brother got his as soon as it came out), this was the only non-Black Ops (or Modern Warfare) Call of Duty title I enjoyed playing, mostly for the Campaign/Story mode. Even new title, its basically the same old, same old as most Call of Duty titles. They say the games seem new once executed on paper but once you start playing it, you get the exact same thing over and over again and I get that. This is legitimately the final Call of Duty game I will ever put my hands on playing. I'm not interested in playing what installments that have come out after it. I moved on to Battlefield.

Who you gonna call? Call of Duty! I mean, Military Ghosts!
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on December 1, 2013
I have never reviewed any product before, but COD Ghosts has prompted me to do so. This is the worst game I've ever played. Everything about this game is horrible. The campaign is boring and predictable. You're character gets stabbed by the bad guy, and you have to kill him before he kills your partner (how original, they've only done that on every other COD MW game). I enjoyed the campaigns for the MW series, but this one was just boring. It seems the whole premise is to catch some guy named Rourke. You catch him numerous times, but he is always able to easily escape impossible odds without breaking a sweat (like surviving a plane crash. Or was it a helicopter? Oh well, who cares....).

Multiplayer is even worse. The worst online game I've ever played. Like others have already stated, the maps are too big, allowing people to camp. After the 20th time of getting shot in the back 3 seconds after spawning, it gets pretty old. I have also encountered several episodes where I enter a building and am shot in the back by another player kneeling against a wall that was not there just one second earlier (I am literally facing that wall with no one there, and as soon as I turn, someone miraculously appears and shoots me from behind). There have been numerous times where I have shot another player at least 5 times (playing hardcore mode) before they shoot me once, and I'm the one that dies. I play video games to unwind after a hard day, but playing this game just makes me want to throw the remote through the television.

It seems the makers of COD have completely stopped trying to produce a quality product, knowing people will buy this crappy product based on past performance. I will never purchase purchase another COD game again, and will place this turd in the only place it belongs: the garbage can.
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