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on January 27, 2016
I have played this COD over and over. Ironically, I've played the other COD titles mostly for the campaign, but Ghosts I only played about half the campaign because the online play and Squad play is so fun! I luvv being able to create my own squad, customize them, and take them into battle! All subsequent COD games must have this squad customization or they'll be a let down!

Some reviewers have whined about how you can camp out on the maps and they get killed. Boo hoo. How dare the creators of the game make you think, use tactics, and stealth instead of blindly just running and gunning like lunatics!

Maps are great, graphics are sharp, and the level of customization at the Squad level impressive. The only feature I would like added is the ability to control the Squad or maybe be able to switch between them at will.

Highly recommended. A
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on May 2, 2016
To start, my dad bought this for his XBONE and I played it a bit on there for a while. Recently I just bought Ghosts for my Ps3 and so I already had some prior experience with it. I'll be blunt, I have seen much of the campaign through my dad playing it and as such, I will personally be very unlikely to play through it myself. I bought this specifically for offline and online MP with my sister. When I first played Ghosts, it was offline as I didn't want to wait for a 533 MB update at the time. My sister and I played a few maps, decided on our loadouts and experimented around until we found a few guns we liked. It was easy to get a hang on the controls as it played similarly to UT3 and Borderlands, both of which we have played together. As it were, we were playing against bots. The bots are generally very well organized AI units, with a few issues. They tend to hoard you, the friendly ones that is, if you have an ammo crate in the area, this can make it hard to get around and hard to aim across a room, hall, etc. I can't explain the frustration I felt when I was trying to snipe down a long walkway on Strikezone only to see all of our AI team mates standing right in my sight, desperately shoving eachother for a new weapon at an ammo crate my sister tossed down. The enemy AI can be a little cheap and very unrealistic. One example I was sniping from a building on Warhawk and one notable AI, which hadn't "seen" me yet, turned 180 from behind a truck and shot several times from yards upon yards away into the wall I was standing behind. I watched the killcam and was shocked to see he was using an assault rifle with no scope, ADS, and could barely even see the window I was near. It was obviously very bizarre. Other times you will find that you go to walk around a corner to an AI that is shooting at you before you even finish going around it. Or you spawn back right next to an AI that is immediately aware of your presence. Sniping is also a chore as, even with a silencer and EVERY stealth related perk, I still seem to be found by the AI with relative ease. Moving on, the game modes are fantastic. Many, many modes to play, and great maps to choose from. The weapon selection and customization is also vast. And with the perks, you can really build a specific character. We only recently gained access to online MP, as the update was rather slow. I have played online MP before, but it was on my dad's XBONE, and he had already purchased many guns, attachments, etc. I was overall not thrilled by my initial choices of items. I disliked many of the default guns I was being forced to use, and I couldn't even enjoy any attachments. I know my sister will be very disappointed as well. The squad points are the reason I felt I needed to bump off a star on my review. I just don't like having to deal with default items and not have much choice in the matter as to what you can use. Especially playing online, I want to be at my best, and I cannot do that if I am given guns and items that I am either unfamiliar with, not good with, or simply do not like. It's a major fault that needed to be mentioned I think. We may skip out on online MP for now to try out extinction. Again, I have played extinction before, and so I know the gist of it. I must say, it is VERY fun. I love little horror-type elements being added and the feel of the mode is very intense and desperate. As it goes on it gets increasingly more intense and you have to work efficiently to survive and succeed. One addition of note is the Free Fall map, which I had prior experience playing. I was pleased that I was able to obtain it through the update and can't wait to enjoy it with my sister next time we play. Back to MP, I wanted to make light of a few of the many positive or negative effects of various elements we found while playing. One major positive is the killstreak system. The rewards can be immensely useful and can easily sway the match in your favor. Along with that goes the field orders you can complete for items that you may not have access to normally. There is one item that is particularly intense. The K.E.M Strike. It completely changed the way we fought on Strikezone, and forced us to change our playstyle to adapt to the new environment. It had both positive and negative effects. While I had several kills with it, I lost my sniping area and never really found another suitable area to replace it. My sister disliked it at first, as the map was totally different, and it was hard to adjust to the new areas that enemies could see you from that they couldn't have before. But as you adjust to it, you settle into a playstyle that suits the situation. I would also note that I have had absolutely zero experience with any other CoD game, so that could factor into my views on Ghosts. All that said, I would gladly give Ghosts a solid 4 stars overall.
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on July 30, 2014
I really enjoy playing this game. I saw a lot of negative reviews, but I figured since I have liked all of the other COD games, I would like this one too. Plus for $20, it seemed like a great deal. I bought 2 copies of the game, one for me and one for my boyfriend since we both like to play online with each other. I really like that there are so many options for customizing your character and all of the different weapons and attachments you can use and so many perks. I also like how large the maps are. I haven't tried all of them yet, but the ones I have tried are great. I typically play the Free for all mode and I think the bots are more difficult to beat in this game than before so it is definitely more of a challenge.

One thing that I don't like is that I can't connect to a LAN party like I could in the other games to play online. My boyfriend and I found a fix though and if you play online and set the game to private and invite other people, you can still do the LAN type game there.

My game has froze a few times, but I don't think it's the game. I think it is my PS3. I've had the same issue with every game i've played, so I can't blame the game for that.

Overall I really enjoy this game and I'm excited to buy the expansion packs once I've played the game for awhile!
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on May 22, 2014
Popped it into the PS3 the day it arrived and was completely blown away - by how bad the graphics displayed on my HD plasma screen TV. The graphics were absolutely horrible - it was like a 5 year step back in time. I couldn't believe a game this expensive in 2013 would be released with graphics quality this low.

We already had BF4 for a few days before this, and played about 10 minutes worth of this game when I asked my son which game he preferred. He said BF4. I promptly ejected the disk, put it back in the box it arrived in and shipped it back.

Understand that I had played every iteration of COD on PS3 since MW3 and LOVED it, though BLOPS2 was a real test in patience given network lag issues and how those with the best connections were penalized for it, while those using free wifi cheeseburger net were being rewarded by getting a network boost. By the time this game came out, I was looking for a reason to cut back on my FPS gaming time, and since we had BF4, this one gave me the excuse I needed to drop a title.

I realize now the code for this game is optimized for PS4 which I now have, and I do miss the ability to split screen with my son, but the value just wasn't there on opening day and I returned it. For the few minutes we played, it seemed like more of the same run and gun type of gameplay we are all used to seeing in this franchise, which can be fun. Compared to BF4, the COD series generally offer a faster pace of play, and with the exception of S&D, instant respawn.

Not bad, but not worth $60-70.
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on May 9, 2014
Call of Duty Ghosts is outstanding and a refreshment of creativity to the series! Now I have to admit at first I expected Ghosts to be redundant as its predecessors until I started playing the campaign. The campaign is really that good! I also want to note that I'm one of the few who plays Call of Duty for the campaign only and rarely play online. But here is my take on the pros and cons of the game:

-Refreshed and invigorating campaign
-Larger maps
-Destructive and interactive environments
-Outer space, land, and ocean combat
-User control of vehicles (tanks and planes)
-Newer guns
-In depth knowledge of war tactics (submarine sonar pulses that kill nearby divers)
-Squad Modes (instead of playing online you can generate a created team offline to battle another created team of your choice)

-Short campaign

-Lack of war wisdom quotes ("Friendly fire - isn't... I don't know with what weapons WWIII will be fought with but I know WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones... etc.)

-Small font and disabled subtitles

-Dorky/immature looking animations

-Some unrealistic physics (A helicopter swaying 2,000 feet side wards in less than a second to avoid missiles... a guard dog jumping 30 feet in the air, biting and killing the pilot, and then safely jumping out landing on all fours before the helicopter crashes... a marine falling through the roof of a building landing back first and walks away without any broken bones... space fighters slamming into debris and somehow surviving with open wounds and a cracked face shield in outer space)

-Lack of diversified explicit language (I'm sure "holy s word... holy s word... holy s word..." isn't the only strong language marines use in combat. Given the plethora of curse words in the ending song of Ghosts I'm surprised that they didn't add more realistic language in the game besides "s word, holy s word, and one scene of "you m.f.!" The language felt scripted and lacked emotional fluidity."

I feel at times that COD Ghosts caters a little too much to 8-13 year olds. It's hard to take the game serious at times when space fighters look like they're wearing diapers floating in space and over the top childish animations defy reality. With all of that being said the game is well balanced and a fun refreshment for the series! I personally would like to see the Ghosts franchise catered more to adults while other COD games cater to younger crowds.

I highly recommend you buy this game! This game is what it should be... fun.
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on July 8, 2014
Call of Duty Quality as expected... If you are looking for any sort of story obviously DO NOT buy this game! CoD has been lacking in writing more and more as the years go by, and this game is no exception. Ghosts is a very poor story behind the single player, and graphics are not as they should have been for their next release. True most people buy this for the online experience but that too comes up extremely short. The game play is obviously the same as the past 3 releases and they hardly gave any (if any at all) new weapons or modes. If you are looking for a FPS that is EXACTLY the same as the past CoD then yes Ghosts would be a good match for you, but if you want something with any sort of replay value or anything new stray from this title! I for one have had enough with all the teenagers and college drop outs that act as if they are in the military (from their parents house) barking commands and screaming online. As long as you have a group of friends you can create a private party with you should be A OK =)
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on August 1, 2016
I purchased this game in November 2015 along with other games and a PS4. I avoided playing any of the PS3 games until yesterday. Unfortunately for me this game continually freezes and there's nothing I can do to get a refund. What's worse is that there are hundreds of complaints about the freezing problem yet the mfgr continued to sell the game without fixing the problem or proving online updates. Piss poor company.
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on December 29, 2013
The reason I wanted to try this game was extinction. It sucks hard. So hard. In multiplayer, some of the maps are visually appealing, and others look tacky and thoughtless. Some of the maps feel fresh, and others are reminiscent of MW3 maps, like Dome. There are 12 player matches, instead of the usual 16 on PS4. The guns seem powerful, but they don't have alot of detail. There's a new weapon class, the long range rifle. It takes a while to unlock accessories, as you aren't given many unlock tokens, and they go fast. If you unlock a scope, killstreak or tactical that you don't like, you have to eat it while you wait for more tokens. The perk system is kinda cool, as you can have 3, 4 or 5. Each perk has a point value, 1, 2 or 3. You get a total of like 8 to spend. This is not a run and gun game, like BO2. You need alot of patience to play this game. If you play long enough to unlock everything, I can imagine it may be gratifying, but I don't think many people will be interested long enough to do so. You may have some fun playing this game at first, but unless you're a multiplayer beast, Ghosts will probably leave you feeling unfulfilled.
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on February 3, 2014
I've consistently enjoyed the COD games because they provide for a very engaging and sometimes intense gaming experience. Further, it does so without having to dedicate hours of your day in game play. Frankly, I don't have hours to dedicate to video games due to so many other priorities in life. But when time is available for game play I enjoy a game that allows you to squeeze in some fun and entertainment over a short period of time. COD Ghosts allows me to do just that. There is nothing dramatically new to the game. The underwater combat is a good addition, and the inclusion of "Riley" the K9 is also a neat feature. The graphics are solid and I have encountered no freeze-ups or problems with the disc.

But the best thing about COD Ghosts is the continuing tradition of being an intense and entertaining FPS. Easy to quickly get into a run and gun shootout, and then shut the game down and return to the other responsibilities of life. Hard to beat that!
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on March 17, 2014
To be honest, i was such a fan of the call of duty series until this game.
They have always been addicting and although every game had its cons like hacking or boring campaign, or unbalanced multiplayer.
This game takes the cake.
The main reason for the bad review is the spawn system, it is just beyond horrible. They spawn right in front of you sometimes!
I had such a hard time maintaining a streak on multiplayer due to this.
The playlists are sooo boring. even though this is the latest game, i sometimes have to wait for lobbies to fill the minimum amount of players.
Kill streaks are a huge fail, the attack dog is probably the best one of the entire game.
The campaign is better, just a little too short.

overall, i would recommend black ops 2 instead.
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