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on May 9, 2014
Call of Duty Ghosts is outstanding and a refreshment of creativity to the series! Now I have to admit at first I expected Ghosts to be redundant as its predecessors until I started playing the campaign. The campaign is really that good! I also want to note that I'm one of the few who plays Call of Duty for the campaign only and rarely play online. But here is my take on the pros and cons of the game:

-Refreshed and invigorating campaign
-Larger maps
-Destructive and interactive environments
-Outer space, land, and ocean combat
-User control of vehicles (tanks and planes)
-Newer guns
-In depth knowledge of war tactics (submarine sonar pulses that kill nearby divers)
-Squad Modes (instead of playing online you can generate a created team offline to battle another created team of your choice)

-Short campaign

-Lack of war wisdom quotes ("Friendly fire - isn't... I don't know with what weapons WWIII will be fought with but I know WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones... etc.)

-Small font and disabled subtitles

-Dorky/immature looking animations

-Some unrealistic physics (A helicopter swaying 2,000 feet side wards in less than a second to avoid missiles... a guard dog jumping 30 feet in the air, biting and killing the pilot, and then safely jumping out landing on all fours before the helicopter crashes... a marine falling through the roof of a building landing back first and walks away without any broken bones... space fighters slamming into debris and somehow surviving with open wounds and a cracked face shield in outer space)

-Lack of diversified explicit language (I'm sure "holy s word... holy s word... holy s word..." isn't the only strong language marines use in combat. Given the plethora of curse words in the ending song of Ghosts I'm surprised that they didn't add more realistic language in the game besides "s word, holy s word, and one scene of "you m.f.!" The language felt scripted and lacked emotional fluidity."

I feel at times that COD Ghosts caters a little too much to 8-13 year olds. It's hard to take the game serious at times when space fighters look like they're wearing diapers floating in space and over the top childish animations defy reality. With all of that being said the game is well balanced and a fun refreshment for the series! I personally would like to see the Ghosts franchise catered more to adults while other COD games cater to younger crowds.

I highly recommend you buy this game! This game is what it should be... fun.
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on December 16, 2013
While Call of Duty is often regarded as the epitome of the annualized, cynically produced, lazily constructed videogame franchise, I've always maintained that both Infinity Ward and Treyarch expended much more effort than they were ever given credit for.

Whether it's the underestimated storytelling prowess of Modern Warfare or the noble efforts to revitalize the COD formula with Black Ops, the overwhelmingly popular series is far more cognizant of its own criticisms than many like to believe.

My defense of the consistent quality of Call of Duty has certainly caught criticism of its own. Indeed, I am lauded as a hypocrite for daring to suggest that Modern Warfare 3 was not objectively, factually, a mediocre game. I still believe that, and I still have respect for Call of Duty as a series. However, I've always been mindful that the gravy train cannot last forever, and as "military shooters" are in 2013 what World War II shooters were in 2008, it's high time Call of Duty underwent another dramatic transformation, the likes of which gave us the original Modern Warfare.

Black Ops II was a step forward in this regard, an earnest attempt to inject fresh life into a flagging idea. By comparison, Ghosts is not only a failure to capitalize on the goodwill Black Ops II earned, it's a disappointing step backward.

While most fans consider their Call of Duty campaigns to be little more than additional fluff, tacked onto the multiplayer, I've always found them a compelling draw. The stories aren't the most engrossing, nor are they particularly deep, but they are at least energetic, explosive, and highly effective at drawing a reaction from the player, even if a few cheap tricks are employed the get it. Ghosts, by contrast, offers a startlingly lethargic solo experience, with a story lacking in character -- or indeed, characters -- and going through the expected motions with little evidenced enthusiasm.

The campaign isn't exactly bad, but it is a banal shooting gallery without the remarkable setpieces or memorable moments to carry it. Very much a COD-by-numbers affair, players quickly blitz through the usual tasks with dutiful obligation. Indeed, "obligation" is a fitting word to use when talking about Ghosts' solo missions -- the obligatory bit where a temporary player character dies, the obligatory aircraft sequence, the obligatory escape while shooting things from the back of a vehicle, the obligatory sniping part, the obligatory chapter where you're walking quietly in grass. More than any other Call of Duty, there is an overwhelming sense of having been there many times, and having done that more than you can count.

The combat is solid, but its solidarity is matched only by its tepidness. You move from small wall to small wall, shooting the enemies ducking behind their own walls, and avoiding their endless grenades. After the mission variety and unique optional objectives found in Black Ops II, it's difficult to go back to "normal" Call of Duty, which feels comparatively dry and plodding. Without an interesting story (the American invasion plot feels like a rehash of Modern Warfare 2), and without the usual explosive pace I've come to expect, there's really very little worth experiencing here.

Ghosts' one big attempt to stand out is the inclusion of Riley, a dog. It's a dog. That's what it is. In missions where Riley accompanies you, you can press a button to make the dog attack an enemy. Every now and then, you might get to control the dog and let it sneak around in grass to attack people. That's about it. There's something about the game industry that compels it to market dogs as massive, game changing inclusions in games. They never have been, and if Ghosts is a continuation of a trend, they probably never will.

Without a campaign of note, Call of Duty hinges on multiplayer more than ever and ... it's okay. As always, various tweaks and refinements have been added, but Ghosts' online efforts suffer in the same way its campaign has -- the previous installment added too much, and did too many things better, for this to be considered a worthy successor. While there are some new toys to play with, and you can even customize the look of your character (as well as play as a woman, finally), the core experience feels like business as usual, moreso since we've lost the near-future gadgets found in 2012's installment.

A new mode, Squads, allows you to command your own team of characters in a multiplayer scenario, cooperating with friends and challenging others with AI-controlled teammates. I'll be honest, I don't really get the point. You're not commanding anybody, or doing much more than experiencing an official simulation of a multiplayer match with half a lobby full. Its presence isn't offensive, and it may be of use to total newcomers who aren't ready to jump into full competition, but it failed to really excite me.

If one is to be diplomatic, one can say Ghosts is still better than a lot of cornball military shooter knock-offs, but formula and familiarity have won the day, as Infinity Ward finds itself too afraid to shake anything up in too dramatic a fashion. As with the campaign, a checklist of obligatory elements appears to have been steadily worked through, as the usual format of ranking, unlocking, and customization trundles along with methodical reliability.

And don't get me wrong, it's as reliable as it's always been -- if all you've ever really wanted is the same Call of Duty every single year, then you're going to love this, because it's as Call of Duty as Call of Duty gets. A few cute modes help break up the usual stable of gametypes, such as Infected (one player slowly turns the others into zombie-like creatures) and Cranked (chaining kills makes you tougher, faster, and able to score more points). These modes can make things less monotonous, but they riff on ideas seen in many other shooters, and really aren't worth the buying the whole game for.

Except players can also have dogs now. Dogs make everything good.

While Treyarch has steadily gotten better and braver with each new game, Ghosts sees Infinity Ward step into the role of pretender, of flagging inferior, one that doesn't seem to care much about improving its status, not when it could churn out any old guff at this point and come out on top of the sales charts.

To that end, Infinity Ward takes a page directly of Treyarch's book with Extinction, a wave-based cooperative mode that performs functionally similar to the ever popular Zombies mode. However, while Zombies always had a unique sense of humor and an amusing arcade quality, Extermination is a fairly bland slice of chaos, in which fairly uninteresting aliens are mowed through across blasted cities littered with quivering pustules.

As aliens are killed, one earns cash, which can be spent on new weapons, while skill points unlock temporary items that support the team. As with everything else in Ghosts, it performs its job adequately, and is not a terrible experience. It's just not very exciting either, and yet again plays catch up to things done far better in previous installments.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record at this point, everything I've said can be said about the visuals as well -- they're not the worst, they're far from the best, and yet again they feel highly lacking off the back of Black Ops II, which at least had cool futuristic designs to play around with. Ghosts' vision of a not-quite-post-apocalyptic America is bourgeois at best, an unremarkable representation that could have been eerie and unsettling, if it were presented with anything more than sociopathic carelessness. Audio is the same way -- uninspired music, and the usual shooting noises, alongside bored voice actors.

A few buggy elements rear their heads too, such the audio frequently cutting out during campaign loading screens, and guns failing to switch properly when they run out of ammo. I also had to restart a checkpoint due to an event not triggering as it should. Nothing game breaking, but at this point, one doesn't expect to see such silly little glitches in a game that's not done a whole lot to reinvent itself.

Call of Duty may have picked up a reputation as one of the laziest, most callously developed cash cows in the business, but I've always believed that reputation was undeserved. Call of Duty: Ghosts, however, with its slapdash campaign and unambitious multiplayer, contains enough factory-standard cynicism to earn itself plenty of scorn. Nothing Ghosts does is especially bad, but nothing Ghosts does is worth paying any attention to. It exists to exist, a stopgap bit of filler spat out as the industry transitions from one generation of consoles to another.
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on March 16, 2017
The game has a very dynamic campaign, the story is up to whoever likes it on how it goes, the extinction mode is entertaining and surprisingly the game still have some players for multiple game modes online, more advanced in characters features like sliding, wall vault animation and also dynamic maps, The cons relies on multiplayer users due to the tedious camping by most players and the reason of a quick characters death and some confusing and bigger maps than the usual, pointstreaks aren't as spectacular as others of previous titles, but still good.
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on September 7, 2014
I'm not a tech geek or a game geek, but I do enjoy playing the online war games, despite my ripe old age of 51. LOL
I love all of the Call of Duty games and it is pretty much the only game I play lately.

Sure, it's different than the others. They are always a bit different each time a new one comes out and it takes some getting used to. The frustration of trying to figure out the new platforms can cause many people to rush in and place a negative review before they take the time to work out all of the new changes to the game. I've felt the same way each time, but then I eventually get used to it and like it until the next version comes out. Ha!

Now if I could only get a Playstation 4! :)
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on July 29, 2015
What can I say that hasn't been said in the 1,800 reviews here already? I don't think anything really, I don't really know I'm wasting my time reviewing this other than the fact that I want to urge people to forget this game.

I ultimately bought this game because this summer I have been an incredibly broke student so I wanted something to keep me busy since I can't afford to go out and spend money. I have been playing a lot of my backlogged games and this was one I never got around to playing. I've played all of the CODs, World at War being my favorite, so I just wanted to give this a try just to say I've played all of them.

Well... it's a COD game alright. My brother's friend told me he enjoyed CD:G's story and I trust his opinion so I took a chance and unfortunately this game is pretty boring. The only good thing about this game is the perk system in multiplayer. Each perk has a point value associated with it (1, 2, or 3 points per perk) and you have like a minimum of points in your perk inventory. So you can do like 6 or 7 1pt perks that are mediocre or do 3 3pt perks that are strong and you can mix and match. The underwater level was kind of interesting, I don't think COD has done an entire level underwater before.

By the second or third level, I was just questioning why I was wasting my time with the game. I hate that there's something that keeps bringing me back to these games. I think it's because I want to just see if they've changed anything or improved. I loved early CODs and I want them to be good again, but until they completely reboot the series, it's not gonna happen. Everything just gets recycled. The animations are the same, the gameplay (breach and clear, shoot, plant explosives, etc), the guns, nothing is ever new. The script is pretty much a carbon copy from MW2 minus the Russian antagonist.

Even used for 8 bucks, this game isn't worth it. I feel sorry for those who played full price when it came out.
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on September 4, 2016
It's mediocre at best. It's unbalanced trash at worst. The color scheme is bland and the guns, maps, and so on are pretty unremarkable and unbalanced. It's surprisingly simple to be cheap in this game and nearly impossible to be prepared for every type of cheap or try hard player.

But it's the the most recent boots on the ground COD, has very interesting and creative DLC, and it's the last cod that had a proper port for previous Gen that wasn't sent to another studio to be butchered and cut for time. I joke about what it says about the game that some people sell it used for 35 cents, but real talk if you can't put down 10-15 bucks for bo2, this is probably the best cod to buy right now. Mw3 and the games before that are better, but have bad servers and are riddled with hackers.

Tldr. If you want boots on the ground cod but can't afford or already have bo2 buy this game.
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on July 30, 2014
I really enjoy playing this game. I saw a lot of negative reviews, but I figured since I have liked all of the other COD games, I would like this one too. Plus for $20, it seemed like a great deal. I bought 2 copies of the game, one for me and one for my boyfriend since we both like to play online with each other. I really like that there are so many options for customizing your character and all of the different weapons and attachments you can use and so many perks. I also like how large the maps are. I haven't tried all of them yet, but the ones I have tried are great. I typically play the Free for all mode and I think the bots are more difficult to beat in this game than before so it is definitely more of a challenge.

One thing that I don't like is that I can't connect to a LAN party like I could in the other games to play online. My boyfriend and I found a fix though and if you play online and set the game to private and invite other people, you can still do the LAN type game there.

My game has froze a few times, but I don't think it's the game. I think it is my PS3. I've had the same issue with every game i've played, so I can't blame the game for that.

Overall I really enjoy this game and I'm excited to buy the expansion packs once I've played the game for awhile!
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on January 14, 2015
This game is really good game, the only thing that is bad about it is the marksman class. What was great about it was all the different types of perks and barrel attachments.

The campaign has great graphics and good game play, although I do wish they would have kept the pick what you want to use before each mission.

The MP is awesome, thanks to gun game. It also has a great selection of weapons, of course the sub machine guns still did rule this game. This game does still include 2 player offline, if that is what you do.

Here is the rating for each weapons class:

Assault rifles: All of the assault rifles are good, and you can change them to burst, semi, or fully automatic. For some odd reason when you change an assault rifle to semi auto it becomes a two to three shot kill.

Sub machine guns: You can't go wrong with any of them except the CBJ-MS, which absolutely sucks. The vector for this games has less fire rate than the BO2 one, which makes it more accurate and easier to control. They also switched the Mtar-X to the sub machine gun class, it fire rate is also slow but can be fixed with rapid fire. Best attachment for the smg class: foregrip

Sniper Rifles: All of the bolt-action snipers are great, but the semi-auto are terrible. There is an extra attachment that only the snipers have available: the chrome lined barrel. The chrome lined barrel increases damage and kick. So with the combo of FMJ and the chrome barrel, both bolt action snipers become one-shot kill machines. The Lynx is absolutely the worst sniper ever! Supposedly it some type of huge caliber, so it has a lot of kick but any sort of damage compared to the kick. The other semi-auto is almost better because it already comes with a silencer.
Best attachment for the sniper class: FMJ or the Thermal site

Light Machine Guns: The LSAT is absolutely the best LMG in this game, on the other side is the chain saw. I have no idea why they included it in this game, it is completely worthless. The m27 is not a bad LMG, but you have to have rapid fire to go with, since it fires super slow for an LMG.
Same with the Ameli, which goes crazy when you fire it, it is definitely not useful in longer range fights.
The best attachment for the LMG class: Fore grip

Shotguns: This class I can't choose between the FP6 and the Tac12 both are pump. The bulldog is a very wimpy and not worth using. The MTS-225 has a lot of kick and still does not have that much damage. One thing that separates the Tac 12 from the FP6 is that it has a smart choke which means that when you ADS you get a tighter spread. All of the shotguns can come with a slug attachment, which is not very useful. Best attachment for shoguns: Fore grip

I am not going over the marksman class because I didn't mess with it that much.

Pistols: The Gold PDW is the best but you have to prestige or something like that to get it. But the P226 is the best pistol that does not require anything but levels. The regular PDW is really bad mainly because it is burst fire, and a has a pause between each burst, and reloading takes a long time. The M9A1 is just a bb gun same with the Grach but the Grach is a little better. The 44 Magnum is fine with iron sites, but with an ACOG it literately cannot shoot straight.
Best attachment for pistols: Extended mags(not available on the 44)

I did enjoy the Extinction once, but didn't want to play it again.

Overall this game is a step in the right direction and is better than BO2
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on January 16, 2016
Too much like an interactive movie. I just bought this game 2 days ago so I would have liked to play it more but I got stuck on some balcony scene where it forces you to do everything in the exact way the game wants you to do it at every step (common in this game) but after stabbing the the guy it does not guide you nor does it free up the controls so you are stuck being killed at every attempt to continue.
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on April 6, 2014
COD Ghost is weak, either people want to camp with their Ghillie suit hiding in bushes because there is no need to move in Ghost as you can equip anti com sat and oracle (seeing enemies through walls). The other weak part of this game unlike MW3 is that there are once again fake attachments to your weapons and fake scorestreaks that are not even fun. There is no such thing as a weapon that outlines an enemies body, much like the target finder in BO2. If you like Black ops or MW style play this is not it you will be disappointed. Also the maps are hella weak and either huge with barely any players to find or there is just crap everywhere in the map making any sprint open to multiple windows, doorways, or paths to get killed as you run by and someone is hiding in there favorite corners haha. The game is boring and if you like HC then you will hate it more as the games are limited to 4 unlike Core where their are like 10 game plays. All in all the game is weak and boring for Multi player get Battle Field 4 if you want a game that is actually fun and sticks to the game style of its prior games. Ghost ruined the fast paced game play your used to in Black ops and Modern Warefare. Ghost is WEAK!
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