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on May 14, 2015
I normally just review the games I play. This was bought for our son. I know it's a mature rated game and he's only 10, but he understands the differences in real-life and video games. That's also why I'm reviewing this a 4 star. I have tried it a few times with him and his friends and personally don't like the game at all. However, him and his friends play it online and they love the online multiplayer part. I've yet to evolve to multiplayer online games. He did play the one player part and said it was okay. So if you're like me and are under a rock when it comes to multiplayer games you can take my advice on this one. It's an average at best one player game and an above-average multiplayer game.

For what it's worth I do like the Black Ops versions of this game series.
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on January 4, 2016
This is coming from the perspective of someone who has not bought any of the previous COD games until this one. I know other reviewers who are experienced COD players have criticized the game for various reasons such as familiarity between concepts used in previous games. Whether they are right or wrong, I do not know, but I will say for the first time COD player, this game is a great experience! I played the single player campaign mode under the easiest setting since it was my first time. I can say for the most part that I really enjoyed the campaign experience. The story flows like an actual movie. at times it almost feels like you are actually in the game, and some of the levels are suspenseful and challenging, which is what I enjoy about it. I won't spoil the ending of the story but I do wish it had a different ending. I would've liked to have had a few more challenges added in there to make it feel more like an adventure. I enjoy the various environments that you travel through during the campaign. The audio is great, and the visuals are pretty good too. All around a good experience!
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on February 16, 2016
Husband has not stopped playing it since i ordered it. It's a hit. And I suck badly at it. But that is not what matters. He told me, after hours of play, that he dreamed of where he left off, and the men popping out of nowhere as he runs while shooting. I like the use of the dog for attacks and spying. It is cool. He beat the world of war version in one night. So this was one of several games I purchased for Valentines day. No better gift for a brilliant minded man. Who 'over thinks' with everything. And is always right!! I chose this game over other call of duty games because of the reviews. Thank you. Hope this helps the next person.
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on January 21, 2014
First off I will say this is probably the worst COD that has ever been released. You can read all the other reviews why, the 2 stars are the rating of the overall game. However my review will go into depth more about the 360 V.s Xbox One version

I purchased an XBOX One on day one. This was the game I purchased to show off the system. I was completely disappointed in the graphics for a next gen system. I literally saw next to no difference between this and the 360 version. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt since I did not own the 360 version or play it yet. Needless to say I ended up returning the Xbox one and getting my money back. Also owned Forza 5, BF4,Assasins Creed 4... I think its a good system however it needs about a year or two to get the games coming out for it. The graphics difference at the moment between the 2 systems is the worst step up I have seen for a next gen jump.Xbox to 360 was a big jump. Ps1 to Ps2 was a big jump, and so on. The difference between the 360 and One are marginal at best. If I showed both games running next to each other, it would be hard to pick out which one was on what system. For the next year I see all the same games coming out for the 360 that I am interested in that are also coming to the XBONE.

Anyways long story short. After about a month of being game less. I decided into getting another 360, I came across a great deal at a local store on a brand new slim Xbox for $118. I couldn't pass it up so I purchased that and picked up Cod Ghosts again. I popped it in today and played it. I saw no noticeable graphics difference between this and the Xbox one version. I actually thought the 360 looked better. I know that does not make sense, but probably the 400 dollars I saved made me feel better about it. I would
recommend holding off on the Xbox one for a little bit. I think they are going to release a version without Kinect for sub 400 this year.
At that point if better games are out it may be worth it then.
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on June 27, 2014
Initially I ordered this game because it was backed by a lot of hype and it was assumingly "well received" by the gaming community and trust me, I can certainly see why. when you boot up this game and enter story mode you will be greeted with a crazily happy "outing" with dad but believe me this is about the only time the game has a happy tone to it... or light. Like seriously this game desperately lacks adequate lighting which makes it very difficult to aim and shoot.... which it sort of the point of the game. During your initial game play you will notice how superbly crisp the HD models look and how gorgeous the game looks overall but quite quickly you will realize that the Super HD game is just to make up for the Super Sucky gameplay. The story line is filled with poorly transitioned flashbacks/flashfowards along with plenty of times where you switch POV for no apparent reason. Also, the lack of 3rd Person narration or guidance makes the overall plot hard to follow.

In The End this game has some awesome graphics and an uber fun multiplayer mode but if you are buying this for the story mode, I'd suggest you look elsewhere
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on March 8, 2014
There were a lot of bad reviews about this game and I was skeptical about buying it,but I was wrong. Cod isn't really known for good campaigns,their multiplayer is what is good. I really like the changes they made,and when I say changes I mean lots,they were all for the better. The game is well balanced,and addicting when playing online. If you are getting this game just for single player only don't buy it,multiplayer is where it's at.
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on February 3, 2015
Everyone rips on Ghosts being a terrible game. I find it pretty enjoyable even if the TTK is a little fast. I normally claim to be an MW2 guy, but after playing Ghosts, even MW2 hit detection seems a little off, so good job on that. There are a handful of good multiplayer maps and of course the bad ones everyone votes against.
People have complained about the maps being too big. I don't really see this being an issue. Sounds like a lot of people don't know how to move across a map without running directly through the middle of open areas. Depending what gamemode you play, spawns are meh. If you have a team that knows what they're doing, you can spawn people where you want - which is how it's supposed to be. If you're playing with people that just run and spread out the map, it leaves the game no choice but to offer bad spawns. Sometimes spawns are questionable, but that's usually the players' lack of understanding of spacing.
I dislike the lack of connection bars CoD usually shows in multiplayer games so you can check your connection to the host. Odd that they take it out. I've got good internet so it's fine for me but I have heard many lag complaints.
Haven't played single player but the roommate said it was pretty good.
Overall I enjoy the game - definitely more so than AW. I think a lot of people gave into the hivemind that this game is terrible and don't really form their own opinions. It's $10. I've gotten my monies worth and then some.
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on January 18, 2017
We bought the game and it didn't read the disc, so it was broken when we got it. We never recieved a refund or a new game either.
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on January 4, 2014
Every new edition of COD makes me Enjoy the series less and less. While some aspects of this game are enjoyable I feel there are more negative aspects.

Pro: You can have 10 different squad members w/ 10 different load outs
You can just buy what you want to use instead of waiting to unlock
All new maps plus a few new game modes
Decent graphics and knife animation
Semi customizable characters.
Large Maps

Con: Storyline gives very little explanation for why or how things happen
Online you die after 3 or less bullets (takes away from skill of acquiring targets fast instead of Spray & Pray tactic)
Large maps (makes short range weapons almost useless)
Cheap players- Spawn camping, quick scoping, hacked lobbies, potential aim bots (typical online problems)
Lots of weapons and perks but very few are good and some are over powered

I have enjoyed previous COD and could over look some of the flaws and cheap tactics previously but they are too prevalent in this rendition. I doubt I will purchase the next in the series as they are being pumped out too fast now, diluting the market place and the makers care little about consumer complaints because they could either fix the current one or just release the next which every one will flock too to get away from the previous cheap/broken game.
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on August 23, 2016
This game is freaking awesome!!! i love it so much and i play it all the time. It arrived so very fast and everything got here in perfect order without any problems. the packaging was great! The main story of the game is awesome and i love it so much. the muiltiplayer is way cool and it lets me play with all my friends as well as other people bindi around the world. its so freaking fun. the maps are awesome and there are so many of them. there are so many ways to custumize your game like swtiching the sights on the guns and the paint jobs. its such a cool game. i feel like this game has really changed my life for ever and ever. thank you so much seller! i will for sure do business with you guys in the future!!!!!!!!
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