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on November 6, 2013
The review I posted on the 6th was with only 1 day of experience (obviously) now that it has been out 1 week My opinion has changed. Again, I played purely domination as that is my favorite game mode and I really can't be asked to play any other modes.

The good:

- Bigger maps, makes domination flow better.

- Create a class system like BO2, just a little worse.

- Feels like there is more variation than BO2 had.

- MW3 feel.

- A bit different than the previous CoD games.

The down-right bad:

- Damage model, it's absolute garbage. You'll die before you even get to react.

- the weapons are unbalanced, it's like they didn't even try.

- Squad point system. I'd prefer a level based system, yes the quad point system makes it a more even playing field but not if you have over powered weapons and a bad damage model, so this is bad only because of the previous 2 issues.

- Spawn system, not a surprise since I experienced this in MW3 which was my 1st CoD game, they just don't take a hit.

- Match making system, again not a surprise...It's a great idea to put idiots with people who know what their doing, that's truly "balanced".

- The maps have quite similar themes compared to BO2 and MW3, not sure if intended or not...but going to say it's not for the moment.

The absolutely ugly:

- Mechanics, this may not be a problem for everyone as they may not understand this issue fully...but trust me when I say this is bad. It's not nearly as bad as BO2's mechanics but when I throw a grenade and someone walks right on it I expect it to at least hit, instead I could have teammates around me and have a grenade land behind me and I'd be the only one to die. Also, I just unlocked the MSBS (the best assault weapon in the game) and of course as always it works better for anyone else but me, 1-2 bursts for everyone else...and 2-5 bursts for me...if it hits.

- one should be able to jump over a wall or obstacle and kill me while doing it. Let alone have the ability to move around and hit me with a sniper while my bullets don't exist at all. This was also always an issue for me.

The bad and the ugly are still the same from even MW3, this game has not improved AT ALL at this point. I shall await a patch and update. I would not recommend purchasing this game at this moment as it's MW3 with slightly updated maps. I give it a 2 star because it's refreshing and I know it has potential, that's it.
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on January 9, 2014
It is flawed, yes; but it is far from deserving the monicker of "failure." Bottom line, if you enjoy playing any of the COD games, this game is going to be a fun and different addition to your FPS library.

The maps are much larger. This makes play a lot more fun because 1) there are more sniping spots, 2) there are more routes to one place, 3) every corner, turn, hill, wall could be harboring an enemy (scary), and 4) nowhere is safe and impenetrable.

The downside to this is the developers' foolish decision to limit the number of players! What a dumb thing to do! I am praying they fix this. The only reason the larger maps are not blowing everyone's minds is that there are too few players. This results in some boring running around which makes you uncareful which often gets your head blown off by a sniper or camper.

The customization options are myriad and a lot of fun. The graphics and sound effects are excellent. The maps are creative. There are a lot of realistic places to cover or even hide in plain sight, if you are good enough. The new armored guard dogs/wolves are a lot of fun--they follow you around and rip out the throats of campers, or at least give up their positions.

There is a lot of good in this game, but the developers are erasing the game's full potential by limiting the number of players allowed in a game. There are a ton of weapons. The damage has been adjusted to reflect a more accurate result of being shot by each weapon. Their are a lot of unlockable perks and gadgets.

Buy this game if you are a COD fan who wants a little bit more space and variety.


After having played for quite a while, I have to say that there are more flaws than I originally posted.

1) Extinction Mode is horrible. Nothing like Zombies. It is boring. The aliens are not scary. Remember how you had to shoot at a bunch of dogs when someone earned that care package in past COD games? Well, this is like hours of shooting at dogs. Boring.

2) Fewer people play. If you are not online at rush hour, you might end up with fewer games in session.

3) Ranking up takes forever. I do not like easy games, but I also do not like having to play everyday to get anywhere! I can't do that, because of this thing called "life." So this is a drawback. I love all of the options, but I may never see all of them. LOL.

So keep these things in mind before buying. I bumped it down a star because it is definitely less fun now.
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I normally just review the games I play. This was bought for our son. I know it's a mature rated game and he's only 10, but he understands the differences in real-life and video games. That's also why I'm reviewing this a 4 star. I have tried it a few times with him and his friends and personally don't like the game at all. However, him and his friends play it online and they love the online multiplayer part. I've yet to evolve to multiplayer online games. He did play the one player part and said it was okay. So if you're like me and are under a rock when it comes to multiplayer games you can take my advice on this one. It's an average at best one player game and an above-average multiplayer game.

For what it's worth I do like the Black Ops versions of this game series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 11, 2015
This is one of my least of the COD games!!!! Why would you mess with something so good and make it so bad!!

I can not comment on the campaign so sorry I did not and usually do not play campaigns but I’m all about the multiplayer and this one sucked!

Too many places and things to camp behind and just wait like a little B! And the spawn are also horrible! You get a spot and you suddenly get people behind you and shoot you in the back!! This also has a stupid amount of lagging!

Their game play is very inconsistent too!
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on February 19, 2014
OK - use my review and apply it to your own thoughts - I will tell you I just play the campaign - don't play online. But I will say this...I am disappointed in this game - the story is VERY disjointed, the controls aren't good - I just feel like I am moving through the game and not really playing - really - like I am not accomplishing anything - you just follow these guys - they tell you where to go, press X, blah blah blah. The shooting in the game is bad - you shoot and then it pulls up and you can't aim....the controls are just bad.

The best part of the game is the graphics - they do look good. But I just played 007 Legends and LOVE that game - and I played Bloodstone and loved it, and Quantum of Solace is maybe the best game I ever played. When you play COD Ghosts? Meh. It is kind of boring and seriously, I want to play through it once, but I hope it ends soon and I get it over with and move on to something better. When that happens, you know it's not good.

I'd rather have more of the game that I am by myself and can do things and actually think and figure things out - this game you can sleepwalk through - and believe me, I was excited about this game. This sums it up best. if you are on the fence about getting this game, and you don't get it, BELIEVE ME you won't be missing anything. VERY average shooter. You have played FAR better games than this, and there are far better games out there. Thanks.
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on March 14, 2014
Par for the course, I would say.

I wasn't enthralled with the campaign mode, but then I never am; it's always so clear in call of duty where the "triggers" are in a level. You can sit in one place all day and fire rounds to your heart's content, but the enemy will keep respawning until you move up 5 feet behind that other jeep. It ends up feeling like a really cheap experience that encourages you to just run and gun. It is what it is, I guess.

Multiplayer is obviously the biggest draw for this one. Although there are many more options and perks, I find it less enjoyable than the past versions. It's far too easy for someone to kill you--you seem to take about half the damage as in previous games, which makes for very quick turnover and some rapid score upsets. I could easily get 8-10 kill streaks in MW3, but in this game, you're lucky if you get 5 unless the matchmaking happened to be really unbalanced.
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on January 7, 2014
The online multiplayer is fun, but it usually is. The story leaves something to be desired and Squads was flat out horrible. The story begins with the promise of stealth (a refreshing idea compared to the last COD games), but alas, Activision s***ts itself and each mission is running through an area trying to gun down the enemies in the open before they gun you down. I mean sure, there is a stealth mission with the dog, but that does not last too long and you only have one of that type of mission.
They left out the Zombies mini game, but added in a difficult game called Extinction. That is very fun and I usually try to play a few matches a day. Though they can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the skill of the team. The issue with Extinction is the same, I have found, with Zombies. Trying to find a reliable team to play is nearly impossible and getting everyone on board with the challenges makes it difficult to level up quickly. But when you do find a solid team, the game runs smoothly.
Overall, good multiplayer features (I enjoy the revamped perk system). Not a good story line.
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on January 4, 2014
Every new edition of COD makes me Enjoy the series less and less. While some aspects of this game are enjoyable I feel there are more negative aspects.

Pro: You can have 10 different squad members w/ 10 different load outs
You can just buy what you want to use instead of waiting to unlock
All new maps plus a few new game modes
Decent graphics and knife animation
Semi customizable characters.
Large Maps

Con: Storyline gives very little explanation for why or how things happen
Online you die after 3 or less bullets (takes away from skill of acquiring targets fast instead of Spray & Pray tactic)
Large maps (makes short range weapons almost useless)
Cheap players- Spawn camping, quick scoping, hacked lobbies, potential aim bots (typical online problems)
Lots of weapons and perks but very few are good and some are over powered

I have enjoyed previous COD and could over look some of the flaws and cheap tactics previously but they are too prevalent in this rendition. I doubt I will purchase the next in the series as they are being pumped out too fast now, diluting the market place and the makers care little about consumer complaints because they could either fix the current one or just release the next which every one will flock too to get away from the previous cheap/broken game.
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on September 13, 2017
When this game first came out, I got it for my husband. After he retired, he played it until the disc stopped working. I found this on Amazon and ordered it the same day. You have no idea how overjoyed he was when this arrived. Thanks, Amazon!
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on June 27, 2014
Initially I ordered this game because it was backed by a lot of hype and it was assumingly "well received" by the gaming community and trust me, I can certainly see why. when you boot up this game and enter story mode you will be greeted with a crazily happy "outing" with dad but believe me this is about the only time the game has a happy tone to it... or light. Like seriously this game desperately lacks adequate lighting which makes it very difficult to aim and shoot.... which it sort of the point of the game. During your initial game play you will notice how superbly crisp the HD models look and how gorgeous the game looks overall but quite quickly you will realize that the Super HD game is just to make up for the Super Sucky gameplay. The story line is filled with poorly transitioned flashbacks/flashfowards along with plenty of times where you switch POV for no apparent reason. Also, the lack of 3rd Person narration or guidance makes the overall plot hard to follow.

In The End this game has some awesome graphics and an uber fun multiplayer mode but if you are buying this for the story mode, I'd suggest you look elsewhere
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