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on January 4, 2016
This is coming from the perspective of someone who has not bought any of the previous COD games until this one. I know other reviewers who are experienced COD players have criticized the game for various reasons such as familiarity between concepts used in previous games. Whether they are right or wrong, I do not know, but I will say for the first time COD player, this game is a great experience! I played the single player campaign mode under the easiest setting since it was my first time. I can say for the most part that I really enjoyed the campaign experience. The story flows like an actual movie. at times it almost feels like you are actually in the game, and some of the levels are suspenseful and challenging, which is what I enjoy about it. I won't spoil the ending of the story but I do wish it had a different ending. I would've liked to have had a few more challenges added in there to make it feel more like an adventure. I enjoy the various environments that you travel through during the campaign. The audio is great, and the visuals are pretty good too. All around a good experience!
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on March 12, 2014
I keep Waiting for a COD game that doesn't feel like they borrowed parts of maps from the past and just reskinned them, that feels a little different in the game play and some other things. I wish they would have every game option available without partys (still include private chat) - i get why people like this, but having been on both sides of really good teams that either slaughter the opponants or get slaughtered, it just isn't fun. I prefer balanced teams where it comes down to the end or there is a real chance for both sides. It's like the kid in my dorm in college that would play NBA games on the easiest level with 12 minute quarters and beat the computer 140-33. Why is that fun....

My other complaint of the newest changes is the clan tags. Now people can own tags, which sounds great in theory but if i have used a specific clan tag for the last 8 years and someone else grabs it first I am SOL. They need to open these up again, given that there are millions of people playing all around the world and you don't have many options for tags. At the very least, area codes, Country and State names, etc. should not be able to be claimed by a gate keaper.

As for game play, it feels like all the rest, fluid for the most part, glitchy too often, slightly better but not in an impressive way. If you throw all of that out and play at the right times this is still a ton of fun though. Having played the last 2 battlefield games for a couple months after each release i can say there seams to be more depth in BF. If you want more fast paced action and don't care about more interesting board, strategy dynamics then stick with COD. I also really wish COD would bring back tanks in a few games options. Those were fun because they didn't allow you to dominate but added a different aspect to the game everyone had access to.

Even though i've still logged a ton of hours on this game, every release I get closer to not buying - and I think I sell earlier in the year than the previous one. Hoping for more next time.
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on January 13, 2014
Normally I tend to skew negative in a lot of game reviews, but I thought Call of Duty: Ghosts was better than a lot of the reviews here made it out to be. Part of that might be due to slightly different interests. First, I don't play the campaigns for this kind of first-person shooter, as I'm in it entirely for the on-line multi-player, so take that into account when reading this.

The Good: The maps and graphics are really cool and I like the addition (albeit limited) ability to interact with certain pieces of the terrain and environment. Also, the map size didn't bother me the way that it did other reviewers. I liked actually having to think about the terrain and use it to my advantage. Also, there was only one map that I thought was just too convoluted, but every game has at least one map that wasn't thought out as well as the others. And I liked that there weren't as many choke points on the map, because it discourages people from sitting there with an LMG or the like and just spraying bullets into a particular area all game long. I liked the number of options for customizing characters, including the new perk system (for the most part), customization of your avatar, and fine-tuning your weapons. I liked that the use of C4 as an overpowered grenade has been seriously curtailed, and quick-scoping (while not gone) is not nearly as prevalent as it is in the last several COD games. (Seriously, try playing COD: Black Ops 2 . . . the game is more than 50% quickscopers now.) And while they still have killstreaks, they don't seem quite as ridiculously unbalanced as they have in previous games. Oh, and I like having the in-game orders that let you get a special care package for accomplishing mini-objectives in the game, and I like the return of Assault vs. support objectives, and that can be customized per weapon combination.

The Bad: While the map interaction has improved, it really didn't improve as much as the creators claimed it would. I would have liked to see more weapons per category, and would like for them to just get rid of the stupid riot shield. I'm still not sure why they decided to have multiple squadmates that you can get new custom weapons slots. Each squadmate had to earn experience independently (to get access to perks), but there is a pool of money for all your characters to buy equipment, and all characters are working toward the same overall objectives (so if you accomplish objective "A" for squadmate 1, you can't get bonuses for that objective to help squadmate 2). Overall, it just seems like a clunky way of doing things. The biggest issue I have with this game is that it seems to have made spawn camping a little too easy. I've played games where I was gunned down within a couple of seconds of coming alive for more than half my death count. From an initial cursory look at the challenges, it doesn't seem like there are as many of them in Ghosts as in previous game, which makes me wonder how much fun the game will be down the road.

Still, I actually breathed a sigh of relief after playing Ghosts for a while because I was so sick of the quick-scoping and C4 tossing in Black Ops II. Ghosts may eventually reveal its own ridiculously overindulgent cheats, but right now its not so bad. So in closing, Ghosts isn't nearly as horrible as a lot of reviews make it out to be, but there is plenty of room for improvement.
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I normally just review the games I play. This was bought for our son. I know it's a mature rated game and he's only 10, but he understands the differences in real-life and video games. That's also why I'm reviewing this a 4 star. I have tried it a few times with him and his friends and personally don't like the game at all. However, him and his friends play it online and they love the online multiplayer part. I've yet to evolve to multiplayer online games. He did play the one player part and said it was okay. So if you're like me and are under a rock when it comes to multiplayer games you can take my advice on this one. It's an average at best one player game and an above-average multiplayer game.

For what it's worth I do like the Black Ops versions of this game series.
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on February 11, 2014
I almost always play Multiplayer on the XBox and have always loved this game. This is so bad I already have it up for sale on Craigslist. Until I read other reviews I didn't notice that there wasn't a way to see your connection speed. Other mentioned lag, and I see that too even though I have a rather fast internet speed (10 Mbit).

I don't see a prestige mode is this version (something I liked), the only thing I see is the option to 'buy' other squad members to load out. I liked the ability to 'max out' the weapon attachments and see my progress on weapons. Nothing here but the ability to change the camo color of your weapon for a certain number of kills. My biggest complaint is how an attachment on my gun flips out of use in the middle of gun fire. I've been using the Holographic Sight and find it always flips out of view in the middle of shooting at someone, thus shots go off target. While I like being able to get this sight when I first start using a weapon, it was nice to have to use other attachments to a certain point before you can move on to others.
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It is flawed, yes; but it is far from deserving the monicker of "failure." Bottom line, if you enjoy playing any of the COD games, this game is going to be a fun and different addition to your FPS library.

The maps are much larger. This makes play a lot more fun because 1) there are more sniping spots, 2) there are more routes to one place, 3) every corner, turn, hill, wall could be harboring an enemy (scary), and 4) nowhere is safe and impenetrable.

The downside to this is the developers' foolish decision to limit the number of players! What a dumb thing to do! I am praying they fix this. The only reason the larger maps are not blowing everyone's minds is that there are too few players. This results in some boring running around which makes you uncareful which often gets your head blown off by a sniper or camper.

The customization options are myriad and a lot of fun. The graphics and sound effects are excellent. The maps are creative. There are a lot of realistic places to cover or even hide in plain sight, if you are good enough. The new armored guard dogs/wolves are a lot of fun--they follow you around and rip out the throats of campers, or at least give up their positions.

There is a lot of good in this game, but the developers are erasing the game's full potential by limiting the number of players allowed in a game. There are a ton of weapons. The damage has been adjusted to reflect a more accurate result of being shot by each weapon. Their are a lot of unlockable perks and gadgets.

Buy this game if you are a COD fan who wants a little bit more space and variety.


After having played for quite a while, I have to say that there are more flaws than I originally posted.

1) Extinction Mode is horrible. Nothing like Zombies. It is boring. The aliens are not scary. Remember how you had to shoot at a bunch of dogs when someone earned that care package in past COD games? Well, this is like hours of shooting at dogs. Boring.

2) Fewer people play. If you are not online at rush hour, you might end up with fewer games in session.

3) Ranking up takes forever. I do not like easy games, but I also do not like having to play everyday to get anywhere! I can't do that, because of this thing called "life." So this is a drawback. I love all of the options, but I may never see all of them. LOL.

So keep these things in mind before buying. I bumped it down a star because it is definitely less fun now.
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on November 6, 2013
The review I posted on the 6th was with only 1 day of experience (obviously) now that it has been out 1 week My opinion has changed. Again, I played purely domination as that is my favorite game mode and I really can't be asked to play any other modes.

The good:

- Bigger maps, makes domination flow better.

- Create a class system like BO2, just a little worse.

- Feels like there is more variation than BO2 had.

- MW3 feel.

- A bit different than the previous CoD games.

The down-right bad:

- Damage model, it's absolute garbage. You'll die before you even get to react.

- the weapons are unbalanced, it's like they didn't even try.

- Squad point system. I'd prefer a level based system, yes the quad point system makes it a more even playing field but not if you have over powered weapons and a bad damage model, so this is bad only because of the previous 2 issues.

- Spawn system, not a surprise since I experienced this in MW3 which was my 1st CoD game, they just don't take a hit.

- Match making system, again not a surprise...It's a great idea to put idiots with people who know what their doing, that's truly "balanced".

- The maps have quite similar themes compared to BO2 and MW3, not sure if intended or not...but going to say it's not for the moment.

The absolutely ugly:

- Mechanics, this may not be a problem for everyone as they may not understand this issue fully...but trust me when I say this is bad. It's not nearly as bad as BO2's mechanics but when I throw a grenade and someone walks right on it I expect it to at least hit, instead I could have teammates around me and have a grenade land behind me and I'd be the only one to die. Also, I just unlocked the MSBS (the best assault weapon in the game) and of course as always it works better for anyone else but me, 1-2 bursts for everyone else...and 2-5 bursts for me...if it hits.

- one should be able to jump over a wall or obstacle and kill me while doing it. Let alone have the ability to move around and hit me with a sniper while my bullets don't exist at all. This was also always an issue for me.

The bad and the ugly are still the same from even MW3, this game has not improved AT ALL at this point. I shall await a patch and update. I would not recommend purchasing this game at this moment as it's MW3 with slightly updated maps. I give it a 2 star because it's refreshing and I know it has potential, that's it.
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on December 20, 2015
I love this game. I'm not a big gamer. I get bored with most games and I do not play online. I like to play this game on local splitscreen vs. bots sometimes alone or with my wife or my brother when he comes to town. A lot more fun to play this way than in the first black ops because the bots are more like real players. I like to put it on recruit and disable all explosives and just dominate and see how many kills I can rack up. A lot of fun. The guns are better than black ops and the graphics better too. My only complaint is the maps are terrible. Very hard to find a place to sit without someone coming from behind and shooting you in the back. Would like someday to be able to create your own maps (or atleast customize them or move stuff around) someday on a future version of call of duty.
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I paid $10.00 for this and I feel ripped off. It took me about six hours to work through the campaign ( I'm not here for the multi player so take that into account) and some of that was MASH THE X BUTTON OVER AND OVER!!!!!! , and PRESS X SO YOUR CHARACTER, THE freaking DOG CAN EXECUTE A CANNED PROGRAM!

Six hours. Of gameplay you will never be inspired to play again.

I've played every Halo, especially ODST, countless times (Bungie Halo. Not that crap 343 Halo 4 Dreck) and will as long as I can hold a controller. I've played Marathon, every version including the excellent third party games all more than once. Ghost recon. Rainbow Six.

This COD offering is a ripoff if you're expecting in an immersive and challenging single player game.
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on May 28, 2014
I usually prefer to play games at my speed alone.

Forget that idea unless you're really desperate and don't mind very narrow lanes of attack/defense even against very predictable opponents. They can be tough because they know exactly where you are at all times.

Multiplayer is ok; definitely lowercase unenthused ok.

Though controls to report players of unethical play have been removed from a players during gameplay; so to report people requires remembering the name and then seeking them immediately after play. Serial abusers of, say, modified controllers have figured this out and leave the lobby immediately after the conflict which means it is very tough to click through a users card to report them.


When engaged against players/teams of near equal abilities the play can be good; though I'm writing this review because the 'CallofDuty' server is down for maintenance or so MSFT tells me.
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