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on April 16, 2012
This is really 3.5 stars, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

I don't play the online multiplayer mode, so if you're like me and want the game to stand on its own, it does deliver in some respects.

I initially played the campaign and some of the survival maps but that really didn't do anything for me. It's a decent game, but MW2 it's definitely not. The Spec Ops in MW2 were awesome and I was hoping that they'd recaptured that same type of gameplay in MW3.

Turns out the global missions are similar. They're definitely not as creative or fun as the Spec Ops from MW2, but they are fun nonetheless. I've recently gone back and played some of the Spec Ops from MW2 to give myself a refresher and then tried MW3 again. While MW2 really stands out as a much better game, I did have fun playing MW3 and I'm continuing to play the global missions to complete all on veteran.

So, while the campaign wasn't great and the survivor missions are somewhat fun, the global missions are really the only thing that makes the game worth buying... and if you can get it for a good price and are missing the action that MW2 had to offer, MW3 is worth a play.

Oh, I also went back and tried Black Ops again... buying that game has to be the worst decision I ever made. There's nothing fun in the single player about that game and I couldn't even finish the campaign it was so bad.
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If you already have the first modern warfare game the you know the basic story of the series ,this will finally give us the confrontation between the two characters that we've been waiting for. The graphics and gameplay are phenomenal and the audio quality is great as you hear explosions and gunfire that actually make you believe you're in an actual warzone though without the threat of actually being in danger.The online gameplay is pretty much the same as with the previous games though with some added bonuses and levels obviously. So for fans of the series or just fans of FPS here's a great choice to add to your gaming library.
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on September 23, 2016
Bought this expecting the English version, but received it in French. Luckily I can read French and play the game and get the gist of everything but I found this out too late to return the product.
review image
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on July 13, 2012
Just to begin I've been playing the Modern Warfare series since COD 4 Modern Warfare(2007) i highly recommend you try the first 2 Modern Warfare's before buying this one.

Infinity Ward did a great job with the campaign once again, IW doesent mess around when it comes to the campaign. You start out basically with an Ambush and the action just comes right at you, the sound and feeling of the game is marvelous. 60 Frames per second surely makes the game a master piece, and brings the location and firefights to life. As old as the IW Engine is it still does a pretty good job producing amazing graphics and details, the characters are of course amazing and you follow them and their stories until the end. I'm not going to spoil anything.

Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer dissapointed me, the hype for the game overwhelmed me once again and i bought the game thinking IW is going to make a new MP experience. I was wrong, being a veteran of COD everything about the MW3 online experience was horrible. Guns unevenly powered, connection problems, and it seems like i was just playing MW2 with new maps and weapons. Now if you're new to the COD series you will enjoy the multiplayer but from a veterans point of view i cant stand this game. IW cant keep on releasing the same thing every year MP wise and expect people to continue buying it, i hope in the next COD IW does they change the MP in some way. Though Treyarch does a great job with multiplayer in Black Ops and World at War.

So overall Campaign gets a 5/5 from me almost felt like a Micheal Bay Movie
Multiplayer Gets a 2/5 from me cause I'm really tired of playing the same thing every year.
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on December 23, 2011
The Visual aspect of COD excels in every category and I doubt one could ask for anything more. Activision did give more to the visual experience with their Color Blind Assist mode. Truly remarkable!

There isn't much more you could ask for in COD except ... and I realize I'll most likely suffer the wrath of the COD rabid here but, the only complaint I could see or in this case, hear was; nearly every weapon report is so poorly reflected in the audio that it takes away from what would otherwise be a phenomenal experience. I do not mean the volume of shooting, the amount of rounds you have or the number of explosions that you can cause, I am referring to the very weak audio realism of any given weapons' report.

The Audio experience is just simply weak in COD! The audio realism for every weapons' report is so poor that after a while of playing COD, I find myself ejecting it in and inserting Battlefield three just to get a more realistic sound. I can only imagine the weapon reports' realism in COD must have been curtailed by the games complexity or perhaps due to some political causation, who knows. If you want to hear a night and day difference between weapon report realism, one need not look any further than the superb audio realism from Battlefield three. On a scale of 1-10 for Weapon's report Audio realism; COD vs Battlefield would be; Cod=3 vs. Battlefield=10

The audio experience is equally important as the video experience and while the video in COD excels, the audio lacks severely.
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on November 25, 2011
***Edit 4.7.2013 - Online review***

This ended up being a rant, so I ultimately kept it very short, since I kept finding myself really laying into the people who do "remarkably well" at this game - quickscopers, youtubers, etc.:

After playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 online and surprisingly ENJOYING it, I finally decided, for the first time since I bought COD: MW3 when it first came out, to play online a bit. My experience with online play with COD: MW3 is EXACTLY why I can't stand online gaming. It's impossible. Not fun. I'm sure I could play and play and play and eventually become to the point of being competitive, but any game you ever try to play where you last about 20 seconds, average MAYBE one kill to your 10 or 15 getting killed, and that is a game not worth supporting with your time or money.

Bottom-line with online gaming on this game: If you want to actually enjoy yourself and are not some person who has 100-200 extra hours a month to spend on online gaming, then there are better/easier/more fun games out there then this one. It has made me change my higher-star review to three-star.

***Original OFFline-only review:***

I am no more or less of a fan of the COD series then any others, I just like a good FPS game, so I'm just writing this from that mindset.

This game is fun, though I found it's another one of these where it seems like you're hiding from being completely killed as much as you are actually progressing forward. Also, there were too many parts where basically you could just make the game progress forward by running through a section rather than shooting guys. The storyline was epic as in the last one, though this time it seemed somehow less focused on the depth of things.

The single player campaign was interesting, but it felt like it was somehow more frantic then in the last game. Not faster-paced particularly, but where you didn't get very many chances to just look at the scenery (or maybe there just wasn't as much scenery this time). And it felt like you didn't really get into enough the overall over-arching storyline. A country's president gets kidnapped as well as someone close to them, but the reasoning is very cliche and you barely care. World War 3 is supposedly occurring due to a series of events, but they don't really truly delve into the full extent of what's happening around the globe.

BUT ultimately you are kept in the game by simply partaking in the action. And while parts of the storyline do feel a bit shallow, I think this game is much more about the characters I guess of Soap, Price, and Yuri, so that is I think more of what you're following. Basically it's like there's a chess game going on but while occasionally getting glimpses of the entire board you're mainly just looking at about three or four pieces.

The single player campaign is somewhat short, but longer then the shortest games out there. Definitely longer then Homefront or Medal of Honor.

The offline co-op missions are becoming frustratingly rare these days, so getting to play any type of game where you can actually have a buddy sitting next to you and play is great. There were two different types of these co-op games available - one where it was basically a survive against waves of different types of baddies who got progressively harder, and the other was a similar thing to COD:MW2 where you had set missions you needed to complete. And you can also do these as a single player, which I enjoyed doing on the survival missions.

Bottom-line: if you're a huge fan of COD games you've probably already bought this one. If you're like me and you're just a fan of well-made FPS regardless of the brand/series, this is still a fun one. I would simply say it's not as good as Modern Warfare 2, but I would also say it is worth getting.
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on November 25, 2011
I decided to purchase this because I remember playing MW2 and had a lot of fun with it.

Looking back, I probably should of waited till the game went down in price before buying.

Some highlights of both campaign mode and Multi-player (Special ops not included)

-Continues the storyline from MW2.
-Lasts only about 6-8 hours of total time-spent as with the previous title.
-Take on the perspective of different story characters as you beat the game.

- Elite service which adds a free and paid subscription service to show stats, player made movies and the ability to pick up DLC maps
- New play style options such as kill confirmed (requires picking up dog tags after killing an opponent)makes for more compelling game play
- New Perk system with kill streaks and death streaks.

Unfortunately, I didn't play special ops before writing this review and I might not even try it out as it doesn't seem to affect multi-play or the campaign mode at all.

The reason I only gave this game a 3 star review was despite the hype surrounding this new title, the game doesn't give a lot of replay value if you don't like to play multi-player. The first person shooter fanatics will love it, along with the prestige and other unlockables the game brings. (Despite it being exactly the same as with previous CoD titles); if you're only in for the story line, you'll be disappointed how fast you burn through the game and better off saving your money.

Even if you love the multi-player aspect of the game, the prestige system feels overused and tiresome as the only thing it gives you is a "shiny emblem" that shows not how much skill you have, but rather how much time you invested as any player who puts in enough effort cant reach level 10 prestige even if they are not good. It feels like a gimmick to prolong the life of the game as it gives players enough time to hit level 10 while they churn out the next 60 dollar game in a years time and you do the same exact thing all over again.

Lag also affects my enjoyability of the game for Multi-player, it's not constant but rather random and annoying, especially when you miss a kill cause the game decides to freeze on me during the spikes...causing either my death or a missed opportunity.

If they can bring something fresh and different to the series in both campaign and multi-player mode then it might get a higher review from me, but as it currently stands it feels like the same game with a different name.
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on June 10, 2012
Fans will feel right at home. And when I say right at home, I don't mean that the fan or fans in question will be overtaken by a wave of nostalgia. I mean that the fan or fans will feel like a college graduate upon sauntering home, after four years of partying and plagiarism, to cross- armed parents who are constantly charged with chagrin every time their basement- dwelling graduate is mentioned in friendly conversations. What I mean is that the fan of the COD franchise will be making a return to the same old thing with much disappointment. But it's also comforting to know that a great game hasn't been tampered with. Whatever. Plus, This game is absolutely frustrating to play if your connection is sub- par. Yes, the online gameplay is predictable, but semi- refreshing. Yes, the shotguns aren't as powerful and yes, the maps are cramped with buildings that dampen the potency of airborne kill-streaks. And yes, it feels like Modern Warfare 2 without "stopping power." So on and so on. Blah, blah, blah. It's COD. What you've seen is what you get. Whatever. But I am giving this 5 stars because I personally enjoy this game. Don't let this review be the defining factor in whether or not you decide to spend forty bucks (or however much you're going to pay). If you want a more in- depth analysis, go ahead and type "Call of Duty" into Youtube.Com's search bar. I mean, it's fun to rack up kills, but it isn't fun to be killed ten times in a row. I've only played the campaign a bit, so I can't offer any opinions on it. Though, it looks really cool so far. I love that it starts in New York. Anyway. The game is fun (far better than Black Ops in my opinion).

Final thoughts:

If you've played MW2, you will love this game (more or less).

If you played Black Ops, the learning curve will be steeper (since Black Ops is vastly different from the COD franchise, in terms of how it handles and how it looks).

5 stars for me, personally.
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on January 5, 2012
Best CoD since 2008

Campaign - 10/10
The campaign has an amazing experience and concludes the MW series very well I enjoy it so more than the direct competition, Battlefield 3 who has a short campaign and was boring at least this game has a short campaign but a epic one.

Survival Mode 9/10
The replacement of the famous Zombie mode performs pretty well and is an excellent choice for company in your house and is kinda cool knowing that you only have your teammate watching your back and makes it more interesting. However, is easier than zombies and are only 2 players so that means that you have 3 friends in your house the only thing that you can play is split screen.

Multiplayer 8,8/10
Now the multiplayer, the MP is really fast paced and the maps aren't like other previous titles, they are small and anti-camping oriented so it takes time to adapt BUT after that you'll enjoy the MP full time.
Now Kill streaks needs team work because now they're three packs of kill streaks: Assault, Support and specialist.
Assault is the normally kill streaks that we know from previous titles in the classic kill way (predator missiles, AC-130, Choppers, etc.) we all know how it works.
Support is more for new players they are more team oriented points streaks and they don't reset when you die. The points streaks are NOT based on killing they are more based on helping you and your crew. This Strike package is nice in partys because while your team mates probably need a UAV, etc you can give it to them and help them to reach their goal.
Specialist is completely different because you don't get kill streaks at all you get perks and the more people you kill you get more perks until you get 8 kills and then you will have all perks in your hand.
Until now the MP seems to be great for me and they got close to COD4 and that's all I wanted.
Now the BAD of the MP...
Spawn system is very broken right now, an enemy could easily spawn behind you and kill you and gay players are trying to spawn trap with tactical insertions byut its not that often and they get kill pretty fast. `'Fourzerotwo'' confirmed in his twitter that they fix the spawn and will be apply today at 2 in the morning.
They really tried hard to make anti-camp maps but at the same time they turned kind of boring a mean maps are the same size and the aspect isn't sooo amazing I mean where is terminal? Where is favela? Where is the fun in the maps? I hope they fix that in the next DLC.
LAG Yeah I SAID IT! The problem with the lag is a really touchable theme because its not they fault or the system fault is that there is more than 20 million people playing that game (sorry if I'm wrong) a mean I could go to mw3 and my NAT type is strict or moderate BUT I could go to MW2 and black ops and my NAT type would be Open so I thing is that. We need dedicated servers!
And Yeah If you buy it? 100% game is amazing and enjoyable
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on October 4, 2012
MW3 is awesome, despite what other people say. My wife and I love the COD series and just recently bought this one. We played online together one night and loved it. It's easier for less experienced players to play, and that's why I love it(I have a beyond terrible time aiming). I love the weapon selection and the perks you start out with. The only reason I haven't mentioned the campaign is just because we just started playing it so I will most likely update or create another review about the campaign. My wife's song's dad played the survival mode with me and that was awesome and I'm glad he showed it to me. I definitely recommend this game to lovers of war and combat games. The COD series may be a bit repetitive, but to me, it's completely worth it. When Block Ops II comes out, we plan to get it and we will officially own every COD game for PS3.

Now that we have two player online, I can say I'd rather play this game than Black Ops simply because in Black Ops, the second player does not get to keep their weapons. It goes back to the default and you have to redo everything, every time. In MW3, you keep everything, and you don't have to buy anything with points, you just simply unlock stuff. I really wish Black Ops did that, it would the playing so much more fun.
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