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on December 1, 2011
Modern Warfare 2 took a huge step forward in the Call of Duty franchise. From improved graphics, more content, and a completely redesigned multiplayer experience, to beautiful maps, replayability, and a great campaign.

Great Story
Plenty of Action
AI's responde to your actions, and the difficulty's work very well.
New Experiences (riding snowmobiles, slaughtering an air port, climbing a mountain etc.)
Rewarding - when you finish this game you will feel accomplished, and you will have fun the entire way through.
Replayability - I've played through the campaign at least 3 times to either beat it on a harder difficulty or get a certain achievement. Each time was very fun.

Large Selection of Guns
Many Maps to play on
Killsteaks add an entirely new fun rewarding factor to the game
New Perks which allow for many new ways to play the game
Instant Matchmaking
6FPS gameplay with little lag (with a good host)

The biggest complaint is that explosives are overpowered. Noob Tubes (grenade launchers), RPG's, and Semtex's combined with Danger Close Perk, and Scavanger allow players to constantly shoot explosives across the map and kill you instantly.

Another complaint is that killstreaks are a bit too easy to get, and they are too powerful. When you get 5kills you call in a predator missile which instantly bumps you up to a harrier, and that harrier can get you a chopper gunner which means the other team is just getting spawn killed. This is fun for an experienced player, but for someone on the other team it's a living nightmare!

~Final Review
A must have for any FPS fan, and even if you dislike first person shooters you should give this game a shot. Will always be one of my all time favorites.
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on December 4, 2012
I love these MW games. You can go through so many different scenarios, from controlling drone aircraft, to firing Javelin, RPG and Stinger missiles, to whitewater river rafting in Afghanistan. You even fly around in helicopters firing heavy machine fire at the bad guys. The dialogue is great (I actually recognized several of the voices, they are regular hollywood actors). The amount of weapons available at your disposal is awesome, going from double barrel shotguns to mini Uzis and futuristic looking P90's. The graphics are great (although there's a lot of somewhat dull brown colors schemes in some scenes). Background scenery of mountains and sky is beautiful and almost breathtaking. The fast play, explosions and non stop bullet flying action is addictive. I also like that there are many checkpoints which make saving your hard earned progress very easy. I am a casual gamer, play only a couple times per week, so I hate when checkpoints are hard to reach and progress can't be saved. The interaction with the other characters during battle scenes is flawless and realistic. A great game!
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on February 23, 2010
My Modern Warfare Game stopped working on my 6 month old Xbox 360 it had an error message that read "Disk Unable To Read" so I called Activision & they told me it was my Xbox 360 that was the problem though the ONLY game that would not work on my Xbox was their game Modern Warfare 2, any how I sent the game back to them, 1 week later I called & they told me the game replacement had been sent out & they would email me the tracking # which they never did & when I called them back they told me they never said that & they don't know why anybody at Activision would have told me that in the mean time I'm getting emails telling me because they have not heard back from me in 96 hours they assume now that the problem has been solved, which is crazy & flat out B.S. NOTHING had been SOLVED!

So some words of the wise ACTIVISIONS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE they lie & give you the run around when you have to deal with them & if your thinking about purchasing Modern Warfare 2 my advise is DON'T BUY IT UNTIL THEY FIX THE PROBLEMS WITH THIS GAME, if you go to Youtube you will find it seems everybody is starting to have the SAME PROBLEM I have had with Modern Warefare 2 which is the " Unable to read disk" error & now their having the SAME PROBLEMS with the HORRIBLE ACTIVISION Customer Support, bottom line is Activision sells you a flawed product gets your money & then they sign off on ever wanting to be their for REAL Customer Service or Support if your game goes down & my game was EVEN WITHIN THIR 3 MONTH WARRANTY, so Activision I will NEVER have to put up with your HORRIBLE Customer Service again because I will NEVER EVER BUY A PRODUCT THAT USES YOU FOR DISTRIBUTION OR CUSTOMER SERVICE BECAUSE YOUR COMPANY'S GARBAGE!
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on March 23, 2010
This game is GREAT. That's all you need to know.
....ok, I'll explain. Amazing graphics, tight controls, solid matchmaking/online lobbies, fantastic weapons, and a deep class system make this game easily worth the $40 you'll chock up. I'll address the 3 main gameplay modes:

Single Player Campaign: What the title says, it's you playing by your lonesome, shooting lots of guys and running through a story line that mainly serves to show you the ropes of the game. All the various weapons and specials (assault rifles, hand guns, grenade launchers, machine guns) are here so you get a feel of what you'll like to use in multiplayer. Great voice acting and some nice set pieces make this a fun way to spend a saturday. (but weakest of the 3 modes)

Online Special Ops: You can play these specially designed scenario maps with one player or 2, but I'll save you the time and say that it's not even worth mentioning unless you play with another person. It's Co-Op, so it's you and a buddy taking on hoards of computer controlled enemies. Great challenges and some fine action make it a good alternative to multiplayer.

Online Multi-player: Tons of modes, including death match, capture the flag, bomb detonation, domination, etc. All these modes have you play other players online, so you'll need an xbox live account and some friends. Unless you plan on playing with strangers, which can make this experience hit or miss. If you have a few friends to play with, this is THE way to play MW2. The weapons and perks (special abilities you can use) are unlocked through an rpg-like experience system. so the more players you kill and matches you win, the more experience points you get. Every few thousand points, you gain a level, and every few levels, you unlock new items/weapons/perks. SUPER addictive.
By far the best (and worst) part of the multi-player is every player has inherent vulnerability. Meaning, no matter how good you are, if a player gets the drop on you he can kill you in 3-4 shots. Anyone can die on any given map, so you will die, A LOT. the better players know how to maximize their perks/cover, and will certainly die less, but for the most part it's very easy to die, especially if you're the type to run around and shoot randomly.

Overall, it's a fantastic experience and much better than the first modern warfare. Get it. done.
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on March 8, 2010
They did it again!! Once again Infinity Ward has created a highly enjoyable multiplayer experience. The game itself offers three different modes: Campaign, multiplayer, and spec-ops. The Campaign mode is enjoyable, but brief. I finished the campaign on Hardened in about 5 hours. Its a short ride, but what a ride it is! My only complaint would be the manner in which the story is presented. It is told inbetween missions through a muffled conversation that is hard to understand, luckily there are subtitles, but the text goes way too fast and I usually missed about half of their conversations. Luckily the missions are challenging, engaging, and well done. The spec-ops mode is new to modern warfare, it gives you specific missions to complete solo or with a partner, in which you do everything from eliminate waves of enemies, snipe juggernauts, and defend objectives. The missions can be played on three difficulties, and by completing them on multiple difficulties allows you to earn more stars for completing such missions. The missions are quite challenging, and offer sum replayability, but once completed on all three difficulties there isn't much sense in playing them again. This mode is definetly much more enjoyable when played with a friend in a local match or online, especially an experienced player since these challenges are anything but easy. But the real 'Heart' of this game is its online multiplayer!

The Multiplayer mode is highly addictive and offers near limiless replayablity. The Maps in multiplayer are pretty varied, and each one has its own uniqueness. Modern Warfare 2 has upgraded the 'perks' in the game, giving you new options to create classes, and mix up different combinations of perks, and each perk can be upgraded, ultimately creating two perks for one. i.e. the 'commando' perk allows greater distance of melee atack, and the upgrade allows you to suffer no falling damage, so by equiping an upgraded perk you get a two for one! The weapons in this game are more accurate than in COD4, and they look better, and even the camos look nicer. Multiplayer has multiple modes to play in, from team deathmatch to capture the flag, giving you a different experience depending on your objectives. In MW2 they have added callsigns and emblems to unlock that you can assign to your profile to show off how 'cool' you are. You unlock them by completeing challenges, and gives you more desire to complete challenges, since now you are getting more than just XP. Again you can prestige, while I deem it pointless to prestige more than once ( by prestiging once you are able to unlock more challenges and ultimately get more callsigns and emblems)you can again prestige to level 10. The only thing you get by doing this is more create a class slots, I got one extra by prestiging once, and I think you can have 10 classes once you prestige 10 times, and unlike me, some people have way too much time on their hands and actually do. By prestiging you get your guns, cammos, and perks taken away, basically everything except your callsigns and emblems get reset after your prestige, and you get to start all over again! Yay! Me personally, would much rather keep killing a bunch of level 3's on their 8th prestige with my AK47, It makes me smile :) The best part is customizable killstreaks. As you level up, you are able to unlock killstreaks, and choose any three you wish. The killstreaks range from 3 kills, to 11 kills, to 25 kills for a tac nuke (which wins the game automatically), depending on your skill level you might want to have killstreaks that require less kills, since if you are unable to get an 11 killstreak, you will never get that chopper gunner you so badly want, and you are essentially wasting killstreak slots. Care packages and emergency airdrops provide players that are unable to get those higher killstreaks a chance to get an AC130 or an EMP, they offer everything from ammo, to all the killstreaks except the tac nuke. When I started I used killstreaks of 4, 5, and 6; and the better I got I now use 7, 11, and 25; so every now and then I am lucky enough to drop a nuke, which is pretty satisfying. All in all, the multiplayer is something you need to experience. Any FPS fan will love it. That said, here are my grievances with it: Noob tubers are ruining the enjoyability of online play. with a grenade launcher (AKA Noob Tuber) attatchment to an assult riffle you can be unstopable. With just about every aspect in the multiplayer you can counter by using a different class, there is nothing to counter a noob tuber. They have incredible splash damage, and when being used with the scavenger perk and damage close perk, an experienced player can be unstopable given the increased explosive damage and infinite resupply of grenades, and jus ruin your online game. The other problem I have with the game, is that no matter what mode you play on multiplayer, unless your playing with a group of your friends, don't count on much teamwork, everyone is out for themselves, trying to get killstreaks or level up, or complete challenges, even in team based modes, almost no one works together, and there isn't any incentive for people to work as a team, so it can get frustrating when your entire 'Team' is a lone wolf. Most of my other complaints have been resolved with Infinity Wards last few updates on Xbox live (suckers that own a PS3 are still waiting for the care package marker glitch and infinte care package glitch), but I really wish they would do something about the noob tubers, seems to be getting more and more of those cheap S.O.B.'s online, and in my opinion thats just not what the game is about. All that said, its still not enough to keep me from coming back for more, for another chance to take revenge on a cheap noob tuber, or repeatedlly headshot a level 3 8th prestige. This is definetely one of the best multiplayer online games out there, so if you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for, go get it!! And all you wii owners, don't expect to see the game on your platform until they release the next installment, weak I know, but thats how it is.
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on April 16, 2012
One of the best first person shooters out there. I first played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 on my brother's ps3. I loved it. The multiplayer was just so huge and well done. You get the classics team deathmatch and free for all, but they added many more methods.

The single player story in the modern warfare series is very short in my opinion probably around 6 hrs. However, it is well done. You feel like your character(whoever you are playing at that time) is immersed in the action. On the other hand, the multiplayer is massive. You will definitely have countless of hours of fun. I actually enjoy that they combined the assault and support killstreaks together instead of separating them like they did in Modern Warfare 3. But MW3 is pretty good as well. Two has to be my favorite, however.

Overall, it was a great buy!
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"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" was the must have game for my son this year. The Xbox 360 is in our family room so we have seen him play this game just about everyday for the past month. None of us are hard core gamers and we have not played the earlier versions or competing games, so this review is from the perspective of mostly casual players.

The game has several single player modes, including the main story line campaign (very involved) and "Special Ops", but most enjoyable is the on-line multi-player (Xbox Live) game play. It is hard to get bored with this one.

Here are my observations:

+ Graphics - Simply Outstanding! Very detailed and realistic looking in most scenes - looks great on our 46" HD-TV
+ Controls - The game controls are fairly intuitive in the default mode, but can be customized to suite your preferences
+ Difficulty - There are four levels of game difficulty, from "Recruit" (fairly easy) to "Veteran" (which so far is impossible for anyone in my house)
+ Replay Value - The combination of difficulty settings and large number of "Special Ops" missions makes the this a fun game to replay, even after completing all of the missions
+ On-Line Play - There are a lot of options for multi-player gaming, including "Capture the Flag", "Team Death Match", "HQ Pro", and our favorite "Free for All"

As you would expect, this is a very violent game and can be somewhat disturbing since non-combatants (humans and animals) can be targeted. There is also the slightly gross blood splatter that shows up on the screen when you are injured.

Overall, this is one of the best games for any system I have ever seen. The many missions and on-line play make this a great value since it possible to play a different game every time you turn the game on.

Highly Recommended!

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on December 12, 2009
I am a Call of Duty Xbox live junkie. I was totally hooked on COD4 on-line. I thought I would really enjoy World at War but could not stand the on-line play (too dark and more a pro-sniper game than anything). Then all the hype started up about Modern Warfare 2 and I was a bit apprehensive due to my disappointment in the World at War game. Then this game came out in November. I watched my mailbox with anticipation...then the game arrived. Giddy as a kid at Christmas time, I tore open the package, screamed with delight as I ran to insert the game and hook up to Xbox live. I am completely hooked! This was the best sequel to COD4. What I really enjoy most about the game is the weapons with their upgrades----so much to choose from with their variations! The boards are extensive, but not too long; so "run and gunners" can still do their thing. Sure you can be a sniper (there are not as many as was on COD4), but you miss the gaming fun. Ground fighting and fighting from the buildings are equally as fun and rewarding. I played COD4 the other night and found myself missing this stupid game so had to switch back over.

On the down side. Having played COD4 and my favorite boards on that game were Shipment, China Town, Vacant, Back Lot, Wet Works (the shorter boards), I have not found a board on this game that can rival the absolute insanity of Shipment. I miss the all out craziness of that board with grenades flying everywhere with 30 kills and 1000 deaths at the end!! Maybe they will have a map download in the future with some boards similar to that.
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on January 30, 2014
The action is great. Their are tons of terrorists to kill, and plenty of realistic and fun military weapons and gear to use. I thought it was a blast to play around with Predators, and order an APC to attack a certain area. I really appreciate the time and effort Infinity Ward puts into the weapons and gear because I am a nerd for military video games, and I have actually seen many of the weapons in the game.

+You visit plenty of real-world locations throughout the campaign. This makes for a lot of diversity in the missions and environments. Many shooters tack on repetitive hallways and areas just to say their games takes X hours to beat, but Infinity Ward obviously puts some tender loving care into their mission design.
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on February 11, 2010
I can't add much that hasn't already been written but holy cow...

I've infrequently played video games over the past 15-20 years -- mostly of the sporting variety. Suffice it to say, I was blown away with how far video games have come in such a short time. This is a long ways from Pick Axe Pete. If you understand that reference, you understand how infrequently I play video games.

I bought this one because I'm a former soldier and still love all things military. I was also intrigued by the advertising, whether it was the TV spots over Christmas or the various trailers on the web. This game does not disappoint. Good choice of weapons without anything particularly ridiculous which overwhelmingly tips the hand in your favor -- I hate when they do that. It's very hard to stay alive if you aren't real careful -- as it should be. The graphics, sound, supporting voices and background music all make this the best game I have ever seen or played. It truly is amazing.

On a side note for parents, I allowed my 12 year old son to play this game with my immediate supervision. It's really a borderline decision for me despite the fact that my son is mature (relative to his age), thoughtful and very passive. I wouldn't recommend this for most kids under 16 due to the graphic nature and inherent aggressiveness of the storyline but ultimately it depends on your kid's disposition.
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