Customer Reviews: Call of Duty: World at War - PC [Online Game Code]
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on September 8, 2013
I truly believe this to be the best Call of Duty title every released. The repetitiveness of the gameplay from newer COD titles make it harder to hold my attention during multiplayer, even for the time required to unlock all of the items. But even though there are much fewer guns to play with than the more recent titles, that stays consistent with the relevant armaments of that period of warfare. There is still a amazingly large multiplayer community, with over THREE HUNDRED dedicated servers still running. However, half of these are plagued by ridiculous rules, and the amount of "tactical" servers is disgusting. While my opinion is that those players should choose a more relevant game instead of imitating Red Orchestra, the normal servers for this game remain to be vibrant, fun, and paced at a blistering speed that left a mark on the market. And we can't forget the original Zombies game.
However, in my opinion, the true gem incased in this massive jewelry case is the campaign. Gritty, violent, shocking, and spectacular, the maps in this game beat the entire Modern Warfare series in size, and the campaign environment is as varied as it is immersive.
Back to the gritty aspect, this remains the only relevant Call of Duty game with enhanced gore. And gibs. As a longterm UT player, this doesn't quite measure up, but it is nowhere near as gorey. As a gamer, it is very sickeningly entertaining to watch my legs get ripped from my body by a grenade or stray tank shell. While this game does have tanks, the gameplay is rather unrewarding, which is echoed by the general lack of multiplayer servers supporting vehicles. Overall, a very fun game that is still widely played.
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on November 16, 2008
Great for single-user online, very fun, but......
Requires online profile authentication for every mode of gameplay. This has usually been left alone for local LAN. They have put a deathgrip on local lan multiplayer which for the first time makes me consider using a modded exe.
I have a 6 user lanparty room in my house where I play games with my kids and friends. COD4 was the greatest, The latest cod4 patch made you turn off punkbuster when hosting/playing with same key but still worked. this new game makes this sooo frustrating. I am certainly not a game pirate but disallowing local lan on same serial is a step too far to me. I will not buy six copies of a $50 dollar game, sorry activision. major fail.
Why will you allow 4 player split screen on console, but not 4 player lan with same disk??????????????
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on November 16, 2008
Despite the horror stories of people unable to install, I was able to install mine and the single player campaign works fine, however it bugs me that it requires you to create an online profile and install punkbuster.

Anyway, this `off shoot' COD by Treyarch does deliver some entertaining gaming, although it must be said that it doesn't match the works of Infinity Ward, certainly after COD4, CODWAW is a bit of a let down. One noticeable difference between COD4 and CODWAW is the sound. The sound effects of gunfire are a little disappointing with the latter especially with some weapons, although the explosions are ok, so too are the voices.

As for the gameplay, at moments it's pretty engaging; when you incinerate Japanese defenders in their trenches and pillboxes, it does give you an adrenaline rush. And it is huge fun to stop a Banzai attack in its track with your shotgun. As with COD4, you won't pass any level without dying at least 10 times from grenade explosions, there are attack dogs as well; on Pacific missions, crazy Japanese defenders will jump out of nowhere and bayonet you, so the game is quite thrilling.

There are issues with accuracy; many times I swear I've lined up the sights, fire one or a couple of rounds, and the Japanese or German is still standing and firing away. I'm unsure if this is a flaw or intended physics (perhaps developers felt that 30 cal or 7.92mm ammo and their recoil weren't as accurate as modern M4/5.56mm?) though I suspect the former.

Graphics-wise, some scenes will blow you away, like during the first mission, at night time and a flare goes up, as the flares back down, the way its light penetrates the jungle foliage and cast moving shadows on a river stream is just outstanding. Other levels, whether in the urban fighting of Stalingrad or Japanese island trenches, are well done. No complaints so far about the level design.

I'm about halfway through the game and I've had a pretty engrossing experience so far; as said, it doesn't reach the COD4 benchmark but nonetheless it's still a blast to play and I hope the single player campaign lasts longer than COD4.
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on March 4, 2013
If you were wondering if this works on windows 8 well it works perfect. I just need a better graphic card which I ordered a few days ago to arrive tmw. BUY IT. My favorite CoD.
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on November 12, 2008
I bought this on the suggestion of a employee at a video game store. He said he had the Xbox 360 version and it was one of the most entertaining games he has ever played. I wanted to purchase a new squad based first person shooter because I have gotten tired of Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. Well, there are several problems with this game.

1) It plays like a console game, not like a computer game. When you move around in the game, the movement feels rigid like a console game, not smooth.
2) The colors in the game are very monochromatic, like console games. You expect to see brighter colors in a computer game because a computer has more memory and better video cards. This game has very muted colors.
3) You have to install an update immediately.
4) The sounds are horrible for the game. All the guns sound the same.
5) The game is very linear. You have invisible walls to force you to go in 1 direction in single player. (I'm not sure if that is true of multiplayer)
6) You don't have the freedom to modify your controls, compared to other games. I can usually set each of my weapons to a different numeric key on my keyboard, in this game, you have to use the mouse wheel to scroll between weapons.
7) It may just be me, but I can't play any multiplayer internet games at all. The servers keep saying I have a different version of CoD WaW, even after I downloaded and installed the updated that is already out.

*** Finally, I tried to get on the CoD message board and write a message to try and figure out why I can't play multiplayer, and every time I try and write a message, it says I'm not authorized. Even though I authorized myself via email from their forums. It seems kind of stupid to me that if someone needs help with a recently purchased game, that they have to wait a certain amount of time, or wait for an admin to authorize them, to be able to get help with a game problem. :(

All in all, I'm sure the console game is fun. However the PC game feels like a port from a console game.
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on November 28, 2008
I've tried this game on 2 different PC's only 1 could run it and the other just locks up and blue screens, if it doesn't do that it will get a black screen and hangs.

On the system that it works on, I played through the single player and at first I was really disappointed, it got a little better in some missions but the whole campaign is disjointed and didn't flow at all. Most the time the enemies would popup and down like a duck hunt game. The final scene was good but the whole SP campaign was way too short.

Onto the multiplayer, could have been alright but most of the maps aren't that great, connectivity issues are huge and everyone I know can't get into a co-op match.

I ranked my way up and after a crash trying to quit the game I lost all my stats.

The sound is also messed up bad on Multiplayer (I have an XFI 7.1 sound card) you can't hear people around you and guns being shot 10 feet away sound like they are a mile away as do the grenades.

I have 2 9800's and the game won't run in SLI so my frame rates are 1/2 of what they should be.

Overall I wish I hadn't bought this game as it's like a beta that still needs fixing and for $50 + it shouldn't have all these problems.
I've been looking at other forums trying to fix all these issues and there are lot's of people having the same problems. My computers are way above the min spec and that isn't the reason why this game is so flaky.
They play Far Cry 2 and Left 4 Dead great as well as COD4 at max settings.

Issues aside I'd give the game a 2 out of 5 stars based on the SP campaign and the overall quality of the MP maps.

Counting in the flaky game play and no support from the game maker as of 11/28/08 3 weeks after release I give this 1 star. Also I'd like to add that up to now I've loved all the COD's that came before except COD 3 - also made by Trearch. If you like games not working right and trying everything under the sun to fix stuff you shouldn't have to even touch then you might have fun trying to fix stuff but it sucked what little fun there is in this game - out for me.

Update 12/30/2008 7 weeks after the game came out and no patches to fix the tons of issues people are reporting. This is the worst support I have ever seen in a COD game, the game's makers won't even respond to people's questions and users are left to search for help in the user forums that are filled with people that flame you when you post a legitimate question. The sound is so bad that I just quit playing, I have a XFI 5.1 sound system and the sound is not close to working right. I can't hear the other players movements and grenades and guns sound muffled and distant even when they are right next to me. The positional sound isn't right and makes for pure frustration.
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on February 28, 2013
Most sites and people say that you can't register World at War to use totally through Steam, but clearly that ONLY applies to CD versions of the game. I was skeptical at first, but this is legit, and you get the code to redeem through Steam immediately, it even tells you how to redeem it, and if you don't have Steam what all must be done to get a Steam account as well. Overall it's brilliant that Amazon offers deals like this. Seriously where else are you going to get a better price on a Steam game?
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on December 2, 2008
I love Call of Duty 4 so when Activision releases Call of Duty World at War I went out and bought it. I wish that I had read reviews about this game before purchasing this junk. The game install fine but when I tried to start the game in the solo mode, the game crash and even after I had followed Activision Tech support advice to disable my modem, reset my sound card to Basie mode, even editing my registry to set Directsound to Emulated and installing a 300 MB patch, my game still would not work. Activision also has some of the rudest tech support in the industry at least in my experience.

When a software company like Activision have to put out a 300+ MB patch just a week after this game was release you know their product is a piece of junk. If your idea of fun is to throw away $50 and spending hours troubleshooting a crappy game for Activision then this game is for you. If you are like most normal people who expect a product to work when you bought it then stay away from this piece of trash. It's fitting that this game is called World at War, you will be at war trying to get this buggy product to work.
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on February 10, 2012
I felt that most of the reviews on this one was on the money til I played it all the way in Single or Solo mode, which I am a fan of...Multi-Player is something that I will in the future try.... maybe...think old coot....ok boomer....anyway...
First off the "on a rail" feel of game play at first threw me off and I was thinking, ok they are running me down those paths and I have no tactical say so, but then it became apparent that the frenzy and frantic feel it had was actually more akin to real combat, where you really do not have much time to ponder your moves and plan accordingly...i.e. take cover make your shots count....yada yada..
Then I came across the sequence that you drive a tank...and after a few tries it came to me that this is a whole new feel on what it is to operate a vehicle...I found myself saying ''well I'll be d--ed'' actually felt like the way it should feel...the most natural movement in a game like this that I have ever want the tank to go right? just slide the mouse in that direction...spin the turrent? same thing just use the mouse...left click shoot the main gun right click fire the flame thrower....all you use on the keyboard is W and S, the usual, for Forward and Reverse....hold down W and slide the mouse to the right and the tank starts going right..stuck? hit S and slide the mouse the way you want to back other words you are the it would be if you were the player/shooter...the turrent is your head on a swivel but yet if you use it slowly it is the tracks for the direction you wish to oh man in a few moments there I was navigating through enemy territory taking out all before me...This my fellow gamers is the way it should be...a real joy instead of worrying if you are going to fly off the road or crash in flight like all the others only using W S A D as NAV aides.
Lastly this one covers the Call of Duty take on WWII that the earlier versions by passed...Stalingrad...South if you are a fan and if you are a big fan of singleplayer you owe it to yourself to add this one to your WWII library...its right in there with my Medal of Honor collection...and fellow gamers of this genre.. I'm stil trying to come to grips with Hidden&Dangerous2 with its UK keyboard me it's almost unplayable..the key strokes are all over the place...
So in all fairness, this game really should get the credit it deserves and true fans of first person singleplayer games owe it to themself to atleast give it a look see and the price now makes it feasible...and although it isn't up there with CoD 4 let's say in the Pantheon, it really does stand on its own two legs as a welcome addition to the very enjoyable series.
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on November 30, 2008
I have long enjoyed the Call of Duty series, though I missed COD3 since I'm not a console gamer. COD World at War looked to be the crescendo of the Call of Duty series: The gritty and brutal WW2 battlefield + the nifty and flexible COD4 perks system = should be great.

I bought my copy on release day with hardly a glance at the reviews. I was excited, and convinced that it would be another winner. I tried both single-player and multiplayer, and found myself making excuses for why it wasn't fun: I wasn't accustomed to its mechanics; I hadn't earned enough perks and weapons yet; I didn't know the maps well enough. So I kept playing despite the malaise.

I so *wanted* it to be a fun game that it took many hours of multiplayer before I admitted to myself that it was just bland. The weapons are dull and inaccurate. The tanks throw the balance way off. The maps are OK, but nothing special. The perks aren't that useful. The audio is lackluster (and impossible to echo-locate). Most importantly, it just isn't fun. I can have a great time on COD4 multiplayer, winning or losing. But even the best match on World at War... meh.

Now I'm playing Left4Dead (and of course still some COD4), and having a grand old time. I wish I had my $50 back that I spent on W@W. There are so many good games I could have bought.

I'm hoping COD6 will be good, but I'll be sure to read the reviews first.
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