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on July 26, 2015
My friend had this bottle and really liked it, but I really wasn't willing to part with my Nano Bottle. But at his word I gave it a shot. In the end though, I just couldn't get behind the bite valve. As one of the other reviewers said, it's certainly not for everywhere and can be pretty annoying. I like the nano where you can just squirt the water in your mouth plus I feel pretty cool having a rather unique bottle haha. I have to admit though, I did really like the larger top on this where I could fit much more ice.
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on November 25, 2017
I love this water bottle. I love the color, I love that it carries over 20 oz. It’s comfortable and the little handle is perfect. It’s quite literally my favorite. BUT! It’s been 2 and the better part of another year(s) and it’s done with.

It’s always had the condensation on the outside which puddles. But now the top leaks even when I’m drinking it upright. There’s places in the mouthpiece I just can’t clean and the warranty covers about nothing. They would consider these issues normal wear and tear which isn’t covered. This was a big reason I purchased it and I’m disappointed it’s not as it appears.

But here I am about to buy a new one. Eye roll. The first two years were TOPS. Perfect. I’ve dropped it a few times and it was fine. It started leaking during a year of a lot of 500 sq ft. So I haven’t been dropping or misusing it at all. If only they had a discount to buy them in bulk! I could have a lifetime supply of my favorite water bottle! We all make concessions and for this bottle, a 2 year expiration isn’t a deal breaker for me. I’m just so comfortable with it. I have at least a dozen other different kinds of water bottles. I can’t imagine using anything else.
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Sheesh, these things are built like a tank. Over the last few years mine has been banged, dropped, hit, swung against things, and drank from thousands of times. I have had to replace the top once (thanks to Camelbak for their excellent warranty) and replaced the straw and mouthpiece a few times. You do have to keep them clean if you use any water additives but they clean up nicely with a brush and a little vinegar and baking soda.
I just can't say enough about this water bottle model. Even after years of use it still serves me well - there may be a few scratches and marring but wow, these things are worth the money that they are.
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on January 24, 2015
I bought this water bottle after seeing how popular it was. Being an avid water drinker, I decided to get this Camelbak in blue.
First off, this is a very high quality bottle. I love how there is a straw so there is no need to tip the bottle. You can open the bite valve with just one finger, although it may be a bit tough when you first use it, but eventually it will loosen up. There is also a small handle, so you can hook your finger around it and easily carry it.
Being the clumsy person, I am, while opening the package for the Camelbak, I dropped it and thought "oh no, here we go." But this had no nick, scratch or crack in it whatsoever, so I feel confident that this is a durable plastic.
Moving onto the "bite valve", it is a rubber material that you bite and suck to drink water. There is a small slit in the plastic that opens up when you bite it. I find this personally kind of annoying, but it you don't mind it then go for it. I suppose this helps to keep it leak-free, which it is, so that's a plus. I will keep using this and see how I adjust.

Overall, this is a great water bottle for sports, on the go, or just about anywhere.
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on September 4, 2014
This was my first Camelbak Eddy and wasnt familiar with how it works. For those that are as ignorant as I was, you have to bite down on it to create an opening and then drink out like a regular straw. I am not complaining, I actually think its a great concept but was taken aback when I first got it. The reason why its a great concept because I think it prevents water from shooting out at you when you prop it open like other water bottles I was reading.

The reason I was even looking at this water bottle was that I wanted a water bottle with a straw to use for my bike portion of the triathlon as it would be easier to ride and drink. This really did the trick! It was a little big on my bike cage but since the cage was metal I was able to bend it to help it fit. I did find it hard prop the straw up from close position with one hand, even with two it took more effort than I would have liked. But since the bite concept keeps the straw sealed when not being bitten onto, I was able to just keep the straw up during the race and there was no spillage.
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on October 24, 2014
I like the color. I like pretty much everything about it. Although, this is not the fault of this bottle, it's just a core design fault…
You do have to take the rubber bite piece out to wash it pretty much every time you use it or it's just yucky. It will grow mold or whatever it is if you don't. So, I do take it apart and it's kind of a hassle. So, I don't even use the straw or the bite piece at all anymore. I just unscrew the top and drink out of the bottle. This way I don't have to tug on the bite thing and wash it. So much easier but, I realize it defeats the whole purpose of what it was designed to do. Oh well. I like the size and it seems that it will last a while so, I'm happy.
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on July 12, 2016
When I purchased this water bottle it was about $12 so it looks like the price has increased. I would still purchase it for that price since it was a really great water bottle.

The bottle is great especially for when you don't/can't move at all. I often lay in bed hungover in college with this bottle next to my face. It was perfect since it required such little movement to drink water. I suppose it was also very useful for running when you didn't want to tilt your head back in the middle of your stride.

I tried to keep this as clean as I could but it was very difficult to keep the nozzle clean. Eventually the inside started to obtain a yellowish color and I couldn't clean it out so I stopped using it since I was afraid it was some sort of bacteria or mold. Until then this was my favorite water bottle ever. I probably got 1.5 years of use from it before I deemed it too dirty. I think they sell cleaning kits for this bottle but I didn't want to purchase something else from Camelbak just to clean my bottle.
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on May 4, 2016
These are our families favorite bottles. From the 1 year old up to the adults. They are pretty easy to clean and if they do get too gross you can buy extra parts. I did find one part, that is not easily removable at first, that needs to be cleaned if anything other than water is used but once we figured it out it was pretty simple. We have many of these and several of them for quite a few years so they are durable.
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on July 20, 2015
Okay, I have owned five of these bottles over the course of about 4 years. I can tell you that they ALL LEAK. No matter what you do. Some leak worse than others. Yes, they seem great for a few weeks but eventually you will notice water rings around the bottom of your bottle. Then one day you will notice a puddle of water under the bottle in your car cup holder. Then it gets worse from there, spilling all over your face, down your arms, etc.. Camelbak had sent me a couple of new tops and straws after complaining to them online and again, they work for a few weeks, but that's it. I have $0.25 bottles that have never leaked like these do. I love the size and I love the straw. I so wish these would work but they just don't. We are switching brands. I just threw away my last bottle today. Never again.
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on September 8, 2014
Here is a little background information-
I have used Camelbak water bottles for over 6 years now. I use them predominantly for water and take them everywhere I go. They have proven to be practically indestructible with countless, often forceful drops on concrete pavement. The no-tilt, spill-proof design has made drinking water effortless and convenient. Needless to say, they pay for themselves in a matter of weeks. Every friend or family member that has tried a Camelbak bottle has also fallen in love. And they are 100% BPA-free!

This is to address the other negative reviews-
When you first get the bottle, opening and closing the bite valve may feel stiff and require a little more force. However, it loosens up after you break it in with use the first few times. Now, I can easily open it with one hand, one finger. Also, when you first get the bottle, make sure the slit in the bite valve is open - a gentle squeeze will do the trick if it is not already open. Biting the valve to drink may initially feel awkward, but you will soon realize it is more efficient and encourages you to drink more water.
As for your fingers touching the bite valve, it does so ever so slightly depending on how you open the bite valve and only touches the very bottom of the bite valve where your mouth does not normally touch.
The mold issue within the bite valve may happen if you neglect to clean your water bottle for long periods of time, but the straw and rubber bite valve do both snap off for easier cleaning. The top or bottom dishwasher rack is fine for the bottle itself, but I do recommend hand cleaning the cap and bite valve whenever possible. If the bite valve develops mold, I have found that cotton q-tips or mini-cleaning brushes used for baby bottles work well. Make sure not to push the cleaning tool through the bite valve slit, as this can loosen it and result in leaks. Soaking the bite valve in warm water and bleach or baking soda and vinegar also helps eliminate any mold issues. This also works well for cleaning the bottle and straw itself.

Please note that the bottle may be larger than many cup holders. Per my measurements, the bottom of the 0.75 liter bottle is 3 inches (7.6cm) wide and the bottom of the 1 liter bottle is 3.375 inches (8.6cm) wide. I don't own the 0.6 liter bottle. The overall shape of both bottles is sleek and easy to grasp with one hand or conveniently carry with a finger through the loop in the cap. Also, both bottles can be comfortably held and flipped open with one hand, although those with smaller hands may prefer the 0.75 liter bottle, which is also more likely to fit into car cup holders.

I rarely write reviews for products, but Camelbak water bottles are one of the best purchases I have ever made. If you are looking for a new water bottle, want to drink more water, or just want to be more environmentally conscious, I highly recommend you try this bottle. You will certainly not be disappointed with the high quality, practically indestructible construction. Plus, the sizes and color options on Amazon cannot be beat. I now have 3 of these Eddy bottles and will update the review over time after I see how they hold up.

12 Month UPDATE:
I have now used the Eddy bottles for 12 months. They have gone everywhere with me and been dropped countless times but still look and work great. One note is that putting the cap and bite valve in the dishwasher may loosen the the flip mechanism, although it still snaps in place and is still 100% functional - I recommend hand washing these parts if you think this may bother you. When reassembling, push the straw all the way into the cap, or it may touch the bottom of the bottle and limit flow. Leaving the bottle out in hot temperatures will increase pressure and may cause a little water to come out the top of the bite valve. However, this has not been a major issue for me.

36 Month UPDATE:
After 3 years, I am still very happy with my purchase. If you do need to replace the bite valve, Amazon conveniently sells 2 Eddy bite valves and straw for $6 or 4 Eddy bite valves for $10 with free shipping. If there is something wrong, it is also easy to replace it through Camelbak for free by simply filling out an online request form on their website. They have a lifetime guarantee and will promptly replace any parts or the entire bottle without questions asked- their customer service is awesome in my opinion!
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