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Whenever I used to travel I once was able to take larger amounts of liquid or water with me on the plane. Because of TSA requirements, that's simply a thing of the past. I am however, able to carry a CamelBak and fill it once I get past security. It's fairly easy to fill it at a drinking fountain and definitely much easier than trying to carry several bottles of spring water, to say nothing of the cost savings. A few less bottles hitting the landfill is also a plus. Even fully filled I've worn it in a plane and it actually acts like a back cushion when filled. It's also small enough to put on top of my carry on and place underneath the seat in front of me.

My son has this exact same CamelBak and he mostly uses it while biking. It definitely can take a beating because he used it when he ran the Spartan Beast. No, not the sprint, but the Beast. I actually have a picture of him pushing the Camelback ahead of him as he went under the barbed wire. No holes, no tears, and it maintained its stability for those grueling fifteen miles. If you are going to hike or ride for an extended period of time I'd recommend the 2012 Rim Runner. The Camelback Classic 70 oz. Hydration Pack, although quite rugged is probably designed for shorter term use.


(These instructions are from the CamelBak site)

"The best way to care for your reservoir is to clean and dry it after every use, especially if you fill the reservoir with anything other than water. However, theoretically, if someone didn't clean it after every single use, and mold or discoloration happens to develop...

~ "Use hot water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda or bleach. Mix the solution inside your reservoir and hold it up above your head while you pinch the bite valve, allowing the bleached water to run through the tube. You can also use CamelBak Cleaning Tabs.

~ " Let the reservoir and cleaning solution sit for about 30 minutes.

~ " Wash the reservoir with hot water and mild soap. Be sure to completely rinse away any bleach or cleaning solution before using again. You can also use CamelBak brushes from our Cleaning Kit to scrub your reservoir and tube. Brushes are the best way to ensure you are scrubbing all of the areas of the reservoir clean.

~ Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to air dry the reservoir so no moisture is trapped inside, which can cause mold to grow.

"These steps will make your reservoir safe for use. If you have spots left from the mold, they will never come all the way out because the reservoir is permanently stained, but still safe and usable."

The CamelBak Classic is an excellent hydration pack for short-term use, especially walking. I've had this pack since last summer and am quite pleased with it. However, if you are a runner or want to use a hydration pack for extended periods or extreme circumstances, this might not be the pack for you. CamelBak does offer other types worth looking into. I primarily use this one for walking in warmer weather and travel. The external fill is easy, but unless there is some trick to it or I got the wrong pack, I've never quite gotten that 70 ounces in without a lot of spilling. All in all, I'm quite pleased with the pack and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a hydration pack. Yes, even if you're going to do the Spartan Beast.
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on July 11, 2012
I read some reviews of this thing leaking but I bought 2 and have absolutely no problems with either. I also read and heard people complaining about them being hot on your back. I rode near noon, in direct sunlight and in temps of about 95f (FL) and felt NO heat on my back from the pack. On the contrary, it felt cool.
They hold quite a bit and are very easy to use. With the first use I more than doubled my cycling distance and even increased my pace by about 4mph. Compared to using a standard water bottle I felt less fatigued and kept cooler the entire time as I filled it with about 75% ice.
Hydration as we all know is extremely important and I see no other way to carry this much fluid without it being cumbersome.

Small, light weight and easy to forget you're wearing it. Holds a lot and kept my back cool.
Easy to take apart and clean.

The pocket isn't large enough for standard smart phones or even an average wallet, but it will hold an ID, debit/credit card and some cash.
It does sweat. This, in my opinion is moreso a Pro but I understand there's quite a few people who wouldn't want their back to get wet. Also, if you could manage to get a phone in the pocket the high amounts of sweat might actually do some damage to the phone.

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on March 30, 2013
I have been using this product for 3 months now during my training for Indy mini marathon. For the 6-12 mile short runs that I do, the Camelbak has been a great help hydrating me. I do feel the sloshing a little during the runs, but no complains to be honest. It doesn't bother me personally. I have not tried any other product to make a comparison though.

I have not observed any slipping of any sort (at the shoulders). It stays put. Easily accommodates my keys, cell phone (where I can have my Endomondo on for tracking my speeds, elevation, maps, calories, etc :) ) and wallet. This bag is a perfect size for my use.

Overall, I would personally recommend it.
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on July 18, 2015
I can't say enough good things about this pack. It carries just enough water for a good bike ride, its good quality, and I've had no issues with it at all. Cleaning it is a pain but that comes with the territory of these type of hydration packs. The only thing I didn't like about it is it helps leave a giant sweat spot on your back. Storage is very minimal, but I only need it for a car key and my ID or a few dollar bills. Other than that, I highly recommend it!
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on August 15, 2011
After a few years of fun-running, I finally decided to step up and train the Baltimore marathon in October. So I needed a hydration pack; everybody recommended this brand.

The price for this pack can't be beat at Amazon, plus the free shipping, so that was great. The reflective strips, light weight, reservoir, and build quality are excellent. 70 ounces is sufficient for about 2 hours of hydration, give or take depending on the weather and the wearer. There are ample areas in the rigging to attach electronic devices. The rear webbing could probably hold a rolled-up shirt or light jacket. Design-wise, this is a great product. But, after a few weeks of testing, I realized that the Rogue has a few flaws. Nothing major, and maybe the problems are just due to my usage needs, but it's enough that I'm exchanging it.

a) It's just not well-suited for big tall guys with muscles. The sternum and shoulder straps slip loose when you are pouring summer sweat and need to be re-adjusted over and over again--this is a major pain. Cannot emphasize enough how annoying it is to have to constantly re-tighten when running. A few times would be fine, but when it's 30 times in a 10-mile run there is something amiss. The shoulder straps will also chafe your pecs if you don't apply anti-chafe cream.

b) Strap velcro to bundle the loose ends up? It is conspicuously absent here, meaning the loose strap ends either dangle and fly around or you bunch and twist them up somewhere in the rigging--which, if you need to constantly re-tighten and adjust, means you're digging in the straps all the time. Adding a velcro strap management system like other Camelbak models have would be great.

b) This is a TRUE compact, minimalist pack. The compartment will hold your phone and a card or a few bills, *OR* a few gels and keys--nothing more. I found myself bagging things and stuffing them into the reservoir (which I would slightly underfill to leave space). So if you're out running or biking for awhile, keep that in mind. The pack itself will end maybe a foot below your neck, so if you're a tall guy with a lot of back space, and the muscle to carry a heavier pack, consider going larger.

I'm exchanging my Classic for a Rouge, which is what my girlfriend uses. When I borrow her pack, it has minimal strap slippage, as well as storage that will accommodate a phone, keys, and gels, which are essential for rural running. I'm not disappointed in the Classic as a whole, but for my needs, it fell well below expectations. If you're thinking of this pack for distance running, definitely consider these factors. The Camelpak Rogue runs $10-15 higher, but it's a lot of bang for those bucks.
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on September 8, 2012
It's a Camelbak...highpriced - Costco has them for 17.95 NOT THIS BRAND. But a friend has the cheap one and is having problems with his mouth piece. I liked this enough to get the next larger model. I needed a bit more storage and passed this one to my son in law. MAKE SURE you don't need any storage! The new one is 70 ounce as well, that's goodo enough for me and works well for my 50mile bike rides. 3 hours. I do stress the next model has (no more weight) if empty... the pockets are really nice to have.
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on June 23, 2014
I am extremely happy with this purchase. I know there are a lot of knock offs but I wanted the real deal... so I bought the Camelbak. If you are going to buy this, then amazon does have the cheapest price that I could find for it. Saved at least 10+ dollars on it.

The backpack itself is very durable and the perfect size. I use it for skiing mostly. Gotta watch out for those chairlift backs though, caught me by surprise the first time and I found myself pushed more forward than I would have wanted on the lift =)

Good size for a full day of sports/activity in my opinion. My only complaint would be that they didn't make the pocket the full width of the pack... I can fit one powerbar in there and that is about it.
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on January 23, 2014
Excellent product and I recommend it. The only addition that I would've liked would be the magnetic spout/nipple that some of the Osprey models have. Luckily a buddy of mine had an old Osprey whose bladder had gone bad and so I was able to re-purpose the spout/nipple and holder from it. Fit without an issue.
Note that the bag is kinda small so if you're a large person it might not fit across your shoulders.
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on April 25, 2013
I had been warned by others on Amazon & by a friend who learned the hard way not to buy a hydration pack that was not a Camelbak.

I have never used one of these before & was tempted to get a Mule, the super-sized one. Someone talked me out of that also. Too much weight on one's back.

I concluded that the 70 ounce size was the one to get. Big enough to last a while but not enough to hurt my back. One of my riding buddies has a 30 ounce CamelBak and wants to carry more water than that.

For years I have used water bottles with cages on various bikes but one of my bikes that I want to use for long rides in south Texas, has no frame mounts for mounting cages. I don't much like the cages that mount on handlebars or seat posts.

I wanted a visible colour so I got this yellow one.

I'll write more when I've actually used this CamelBak.
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on June 4, 2013
I bought three of the Camelbak Classic 70oz packs for myself and my kids. This hydration pack is excellent if you are looking for something lightweight and easy-to-clean. I love the built-in hanger and arms to hang the reservoir to dry. I found that 70 oz of water is perfect for our typical 2-3 hour rides.

The zipper pocket was just a fraction too small. We planned on traveling light, but expected to be able to carry our cell phones. It could hold my iPhone 4 (which has a slim Otterbox cover on it), but nothing else. My son couldn't fit his phone in his bag.

My husband has the Camelbak Rogue. It is a little heavier, but has two great size pockets. Of course, this means he gets to carry anything else we might need on our ride. =)
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