Customer Reviews: Leegoal(TM) 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit Designed for Apple iPhone 4 4S iPad (Fish Eye Lens, Wide Angle + Micro Lens)
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on April 22, 2012
The lenses are very good - it made a very good macro picture, keeping a lot of the details that the iPhone can't make it by itself. The down side is how you attach this to your phone: the lenses are magnetic, but it requires a metallic surface to attach, obviously. The problem is that the iPhone finish is not metallic.

This is why they include metallic rings with a sticker on it. The sticker will attach pretty well to anything - minus the iphone glass finish, where it keeps sliding around.

It can still be used if you are home or in your studio doing the photos, but I wouldn't advise using it outside, as the lens my detach and fall.
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on March 11, 2014
I just received these yesterday and am very happy with them. I was thinking of purchasing the lenses on ($20-$30 per lens), but came across these and am glad I saved the money. My $5 set came with three lenses (fish eye, macro, and wide angle), two lens caps, two keychain loops w/bottom lens covers, and several attachment rings (including two with cutouts for the flash). Shipping was slow, but what do you expect when you pay $5 for the item and shipping from China. The lenses arrived in a soft padded envelope, with the lenses, rings, and instructions (with some rough English translation) in plastic bags. Don't worry about the instructions, installation is self explanatory--clean your phone, remove paper backing and attach an adhesion ring, put some pressure on it, attach the lens.

As a note, many people have complained of receiving only two lenses. While I suppose it's possible that they didn't get all of the lenses they ordered, it seems more likely to me that they simply haven't noticed that two of the lenses are attached. The fish eye lens is a separate lens, but the macro lens and wide angle lenses are combined into one. I.e., if the macro/wide angle lens was a bottle of water, the macro lens would be the bottle and the wide angle lens would be the cap. Unscrew the two and you'll find your third (macro) lens.

In terms of performance, photo quality for the lenses is generally good. The fish eye lens works particularly well. As an FYI, the fish eye lens will leave a black circle around your photo (the same as the photojojo lenses) because of the extreme way that it distorts the image. Frankly, I think it makes the image look much nicer that way, but that's my personal preference. Overall, this lens is fantastic and probably my favorite of the three.

The wide angle lens has some black at the very corners, but the effect is far less noticeable. However, because the black isn't uniform with this lens, it is a bit more distracting. As for the lens effect, the wide angle seems relatively insignificant at first. That is, until you pull the lens off while looking at the screen. You'll see that the lens gives you a fair amount of additional horizontal coverage with some distortion (curvature) around the edges. Of the three, this is my least favorite lens, but it does its job.

Finally, the macro lens (again, attached to the wide angle lens until unscrewed) is excellent. You can take photos from extremely close to an object and get a remarkably clear image. As a camera would, the phone (and your head/hands) can create some shadows, but if the item your photographing is well lit, the effect is outstanding. This lens is a close second for me in terms of being fun to use.

Build quality for all three lenses seems sound. The lenses feel sturdy enough and the lens caps (for the top and bottom) are secure. I don't know how tough they are and/or resistant to scratching, but I don't plan on banging them around too much, so hopefully that won't be an issue. I haven't encountered any of the adhesion issues that others have mentioned for the attachment rings, but I'll update this review if I do have any issues.

Overall, considering the price and quality of the purchase, I'd definitely recommend these lenses.
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on February 16, 2014
I honestly didn't know what to expect from these, being only $5, but they actually take really detailed images. I come from a photo background and usually shoot with a dslr and a macro lens, I've been experimenting more with my iphone camera and these are so great. The kit comes with 6 washers each with a sticky back. You pull off the paper and place the sticky side down on your phone around the camera and hold it for a few seconds. The lenses then magnetically stick to the washer. Unscrew the top of the smaller lens to separate it into 2- the macro and the wide angle. Use the keychains with the metal plates as the backings for your lenses to keep the glass safe. You can see a couple images I took with these lenses here [...]
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on August 16, 2013
my gf loved this gift. she uses them all of the time and the use is so simple with just the magnetic clip on it. deffinately worth the buy
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on February 1, 2013
It took over 3 weeks for the package to be delivered, and when I finally received my package it wasn't even with everything that I ordered. And the lenses I did receive were dirty and had loose plastic fittings in and around the lenses.
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on March 22, 2015
Pretty great item for the price. Unfortunately you do have to put a metal ring on your phone to attach these onto it. Another downside is that you cannot use a case and these together because they would not fit.
Overall it's a decent product for a cheap price and it does its job. I love the fisheye lens and the macro lens is pretty awesome. I would recommend these to anyone looking to get some cool photos with a low budget.
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on June 27, 2014
It's cheap, most people complain about only getting two lenses, which is what you get. 1 Fish eye lens (barely any good) and 1 Wide angle kinda macro lens. The magnetic ring is ok, disappointed that I had to attach it to the phone but I can take it off if I decide the lenses don't add anything extra. Surprised at the bad and confusing description of what you get (including the image of three lenses associated with this product (only two lenses). If you want good add on lenses for your phone, look at spending some real money on a set of good lenses.

TLDR: Cheap lenses, bad product description (only two lenses not three).

EDIT: I was wrong about only two lenses. The wide angle + macro is one lens on top of the other, they screw together. Unscrew and you have the macro lens by itself. Still confusing people though.
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on July 20, 2014
The lenses would not stay on my phone at all. I also couldn't even hold it on myself to try to use it that way. I tried them every way possible, but just couldn't make it work. The instructions were poorly translated as well, so at first it was a little confusing. It was basically a waste of money, but at the time when I bought them I had a lot going on and they were so inexpensive, so I didn't even bother trying to return them.
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on April 10, 2016
Awkward lenses and the magnet that sticks to the phone isn't the best design. If you're really that interested in photography then get a real camera. If you can't then I guess these will at least give you the ability to mix it up a little. There are probably apps that do the same thing though and don't make your phone look ridiculous.
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on December 28, 2014
I purchased this kit for the macro lens. I take photos of plants and fungi for the purpose of identification and this little lens is working perfectly so far. I have a defenders series case on my iPad mini so I did have to attach three of the adhesive rings together before the lens would attach with the case still on. With that minor alteration it now fits snugly. It really does a great job at getting that extra bit of magnification.
The first photo included is without the macro lens and the second is with the lens.
Shipping did take awhile, but for $4 that should be expected.
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