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on November 21, 2015
I read many reviews and specs for quite a few different types of propane stoves, and purchased the Camp Chef Everest as a result. I was going to be making a one-time purchase of a brand new propane stove which would hopefully last me the rest of my camping lifetime, and I was willing to pay a bit more - yet not an exorbitant amount - for the right stove.

I can sometimes have a large group to cook for, and having something large enough to use 2 full-size pots or pans simultaneously was important. This stove is wider (just under 24") than previous stoves I have used, yet it is pretty lightweight (12 lbs.) and is the same size depth-wise as other stoves - it sits just fine on the camp kitchen. I boil large pots of water for bathing or cooking, and a higher BTU was a feature I especially searched for. I am really happy with how quickly I can heat water now, though the higher BTUs, the more propane you will use. It is so great to percolate coffee and cooking time for almost everything is reduced. Normal amount of propane is used when cooking at lower temperatures.

It would be cool if the burner knobs had some sort of reference point for low or medium, but you figure out what works for you quickly. I am a fan of self ignition, and the igniter button has always fired on the first strike. The button is located on the face of the stove, near the burner knobs, and I find that I must have a grip on the stove when pushing the igniter button because it tends to slide the stove back. The stove is a bit more stable during ignition on a non- slippery surface like a wooden picnic table. I would have liked to have the button located somehow on the surface of the stove that could be pushed directly downward. There are wind guards are on sides of the stove, a strong wire cooking rack which is as well built as my home oven racks, and the burners are recessed under the wire rack and are situated so that clean up is not a hassle at all. We mountain camp and wind can sometimes really be a problem, but I have never had a burner blow out.

I wanted to hook the stove up to a propane tree and bought an expensive extension hose, but the hose fittings did not match my stove and I have not yet attempted to locate the proper adapter - I used the small propane bottles that you can purchase in a four-pack all this season, but normally I would just use the smaller bottles when I do not have a larger propane tank with me. The stove comes with the adapter for those smaller bottles. The stove has a metal latch for closing and transporting, and a wire handle which seems strong but is kind of uncomfortable. I like to keep my equipment nice, and will next purchase a good padded bag to transport and store this stove in. I have now used this stove over a 5-month camping season and I am really happy with the quality, features, and price.

I have given the Camp Chef Everest Propane Stove 5 stars for the following reasons:
Higher BTUs have really improved cooking experience, greatly reduces time for boiling water
Extra width provides adequate space for two full size pots/pans used simultaneously
Good dial control
Igniter lights on first strike, every time
Strong cooking rack
Easy to keep clean
Lightweight, can transport and set up myself
Flame has good wind shelter
I would have liked to have clear information regarding the correct extension hose and adapter to use
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Update 8/21/17 - Just returned from a 5 day camping trip where I used this stove every meal and I have to drop my rating from 3 stars down to 1. Here are the reasons why I don't like this stove:
1. Extremely poor flame control. It's impossible to get and keep a low flame. If you manage to get it low enough, the slightest breeze will blow it out. Had numerous boil-overs and burnt food from the high heat.
2. No handle, or easy places to grab. This issue went from a nuisance to a real PITA the more I had to move it around.
3. No protection for the knobs/piezo lighter. They will eventually get damaged without protection.
4. Nowhere to easily hold the stove while depressing the piezo lighter with one hand. Again, a seeminly minor nuisance that turned into a real PITA - especially when the stove it hot from the left burner and trying to light the right burner.
5. No type of anti-skid on the bottom of the stove. If you're using any kind of slick surface, like a camp kitchen, it will slide all over the place especially when trying to light the burners.

I’ll jump to the bottom line first – if you’re looking for a high quality, durable camp stove that will last for decades – they don’t seem to exist anymore. Like so many of today’s products, they are manufactured to last a season or two and then replaced with the next great thing. To be fair, I’m comparing it to what it’s replacing: my 50+ year old Coleman dual fuel. But, the more I look at these new stoves, the more I think I’ll just stick with my old one. It still works great, I just wanted a new and shiny two-burner and the convenience of propane.

Here’s the highlights:

Lightweight (can also be a con)

Fit and finish
Shoddy workmanship
Cheap rivets
Poor temperature control on low
Plastic lid latches
Poor two-burner flame on a small bottle
No handle

I did a lot of research and really wanted to love this stove (still do). My current camp kitchen consists of a Coleman 413E gas stove and a Coleman 5418 single burner propane stove. Little did I know that I’ve been cooking on vintage stoves for many years! I recently added a Camp Chef EX60 two burner Explorer with a large steel griddle. Yes, this was a MAJOR upgrade. It’s a beast and requires a big propane bottle. Don’t know what I was thinking, but I love it.

After the disappointment of this Camp Chef Everest, I did a lot more research and went out and actually touchy/feely’d all the other comparable stoves I could find at REI, Walmart, Target, etc. I’ll just say that I think all of these stoves, regardless of brand name, come from the same completely unsupervised and un-credentialed factory in China. There may be minor differences, but there are too many similarities to be coincidence.

So here’s the details on the Pros: It looks pretty. Sitting in your campsite it will be the envy of the campground. And when you splatter grease all over it when cooking, at least it wipes down fairly easily. It can fit a 12” and 10.5” skillet at the same time centered over the burners with the windscreens up. That’s nice. And it’s light - because it’s made out of thin stamped metal and lightweight pop-rivets.

Now for the Cons. I figured almost nothing else mattered if it performed. But it doesn’t, and so everything else does matter. Ask yourself why you think you need a “high output/high BTU” stove. Presumably to boil water faster. It’s certainly not for cooking because you’ll never use high output for regular cooking. And high output does not equate to better performance. I’ll bet there are 11,000 BTU burners that will boil water just as fast as these. Frankly, these burners just don’t perform very well at low, medium, or high settings. At the very lowest setting there is a huge yellow flame that just won’t go away. Same on high. Only somewhere in the middle do you find a sweet spot for the flame, but it’s too hot for normal cooking. With two burners going, the small propane bottle just can’t keep up and both flames become unmanageable. I didn’t try using the bigger bottle lacking a hose. Which brings me to the regulator. It’s garbage, I don’t trust it, and I’m sure it will fail in short order. Both of the points where the tube joins the connectors shows very poor quality control. Not to mention it’s crooked when hooked up to the stove – meaning the connector part of the stove is not centered in the hole.

All of the bad reviews you read about poor fit and finish are true. There are sharp edges where the drip pan meets the body. The wind screens don’t line up without actually bending the pieces to achieve a “custom fit”, but that’s easy because the metal is flimsy and they used cheap pop-rivets which insures everything is loosely attached. The hinges that attach the top to the bottom are a joke – stamped aluminum and poorly attached with pop-rivets. There is no way the plastic lid latches are going to last – I’m surprised they survived shipping. I can’t stress enough how un-durable this stove is. But, it’s exactly the same as all the others.

To test out the cooking ability, I’ve cooked 3 things: pan roasted potatoes, pan roasted cross-cut ribs – both in cast iron skillets, and scrambled eggs in a non-stick pan. All 3 of these require good temperature control at low to medium-low setting. Note: I can do all of these perfectly on my Coleman 513E. On the lowest setting, my potatoes were over-crisped before cooking completely through. The cross-cut ribs probably would have been ok, but I missed the sweet spot for a second and they over-cooked. The scrambled eggs actually turned out ok, but I was very careful and moved the pan on and off the flame as needed while cooking. All in all, I think you can turn out good food on this stove, but for me it’s going to take way too much attention and fussing. I think I want something with lower BTU burners that perform and adjust better.
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on December 14, 2011
I'd recommend this stove.

We use it in our Scout Troop. We are phasing out our Coleman® PerfectFlow InstaStart(tm) Two-Burner Propane Stove in favor of these.

This stove does put out some heat (and does use more propane). Marked difference from our old stoves though. Downside is the Scouts have burned a few items as they learn to manage the heat. That's good though, because the modus operandi is traditionally - "throw it on... cook it at high heat to reduce cooking time, and gnaw through the carbonized crust"!

Another BIG plus is that this stove has a REAL latch. The Coleman stoves have a plastic button-latch that, over time, does not hold the stove together when carrying. This resulted in stoves opening apart while being carried, and parts falling out. Unfortunately, the result of that appears to have been that the Scout crams the brass propane arm in - sometimes against the burners - which has ruined 2 Coleman stoves.

Burner knobs feel more sturdy.

Also, stove is slightly wider than the Coleman, which will help with the larger pots and frying pans. It seems shorter top-to-bottom as well, but not significantly so.

Cost was more than the Colemans (and many others we researched), but the quality seems to be there.

I rated this a 4 since our first two stoves came with manufacturer damage (not shipping damage). One lid was so bent that we couldn't open the stove. The other had a dent, but in a non-critical place. We returned the first (no hassles). The second we kept since the dent was cosmetic. replacement stove was in perfect condition.

We'll be replacing more stoves as the Colemans break, and we plan to order more of these Camp Chef stoves.

Hope that helps...
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on August 8, 2015
I picked up this stove last year and have had the chance to take it out and use it with the family several times since then. The fit and finish of the stove is very nice. Some people that complain about the lines not matching up should exchange out their unit for one that it put together better.
This stove puts out a lot of heat and I had no problem using several large pots/pans. If you're going to use a griddle for pancakes or other griddle cooking, you should look for a larger griddle. I have one of the smaller ones for use on standard camp stoves and it's not quite big enough to line up with the burners on this stove, but this is not a bad problem to have (too much cooking surface). It was nice to not have pans half hanging off the side of the stove because they're too big to fit the cooking surface properly.
I opted to connect this to a bulk propane tank rather then mess with the one pound tanks so gas usage was not really noticed as much. It can really pump out the BTUs when it's turned up all the way when you're boiling water or trying to sear meat. I was impressed with how controllable the flame was. I was able to easily bring it down to a simmer without the flame wanting to go out.
I'm very happy with my purchase and would definitely suggest this to anyone that likes to do gourmet cooking while out camping.
Another purchase that would go very well with this is the Camp Chef Oven. It gives you two smaller burners for doing smaller sides/sauces and gives you an awesome oven for baking fresh bread or biscuits while you cook. The cook top on the oven is smaller like a standard camp stove so you can use a standard griddle on it.
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on October 2, 2017
I waited a full month to post this review, in order to let my husband (whom is a Chef De Cuisine) put this stove through its paces. We are full time RV'ers now, so our stove is used on a daily basis. I have to say first off, the build and performance is top notch! The cooking surface is a few inches wider than our old Coleman two burner camp stove, nice! You can fit, two 10 inch skillets on there easily (I just measured). The second day we had this, hubby decided on Fried Chicken cooked in a cast iron skillet. Turned out beautifully! No scorch marks on anything, impressive! Since then it's turned out everything from low and slow braising to high heat, fried rice to perfection. This thing even makes grilled cheese better than my home stove top, absolutely beautifully! We've had no issues with low even cooking, the only thing is, the flame is "not" under pressure. It's more like cooking over a camp fire. So you've got to be aware of wind sources to cook low, otherwise you're going to have the flame blow sideways and not directly under your pan, pot, griddle, etc.. It's 20,000 BTU's puts out a tremendous amount of heat, that's what it's meant to do, and why we bought it in the first place! I agree, that for normal cooking situations a quarter turn is all that's needed at most.
Needless to say, my husband is quite satisfied with the purchase and we love it for our purposes!
Happy Cooking!
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on October 14, 2017
Fantastic purchase. I read WAY too many reviews and ended up buying this stove.

Pros: - Wide base capable of two cast iron pans
- wide burner distributes heat for less hot spots
- quality gnurling texture on brass gas pipe for easy install and removal into stove
- burners look easily maintainable, philips head to remove what appears to be a series of layered flat and wavy set of metal doughnuts. all in all I anticipate this to be easily maintainable after inevitably being plugged with pancake batter.
- buttery silk smooth flame adjustment down to the perfect simmer or up to "is this going to melt my stove in half hot" we plan on deep frying a turkey this thanksgiving on ONE of the burners.
- ceramic sparker insulation is well recessed to prevent breaking easily
- sparker works first time almost every time,

Mixed Bag: cook surface has six points of contact, ours came a little warped so it rocks back a forth a little. but I will fix it somehow.
- Sparker button is a strait cylinder about a 1/4" diameter that sticks out 3/4" (dims are guesses) and seems to be asking to be sheered off. I'm considering screwing an almost roll cage around the edge of the button assembly (we camp a lot and I don't have the time (patience) to baby my toys
- gas hose assembly rolls around freely inside the closure, wish there was some kind of clip or attachment method to prevent that from happening..? maybe a indent in the cook surface where it could lay and the closed lid would hold it in place (Camp chef design team nudge nudge, wink, please)
- plastic exterior clips work fine, I was bummed to miss the metal clip version, but these seem to do ok. when (if) they break (winter camping) I will probably just screw a metal replacement latch on. I like the snap on design rather than a latch but I wish the clips were metal.

Con: so pretty and wonderful and nice I'm afraid I'll scratch it or spill food on it or ruin it's gleaming aura of inspiration.. seriously though, I'm not worthy.
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on March 8, 2017
Overall I'm happy with this purchase. The large cooking surface will accommodate large cookware, and the burners definitely put out a lot of heat which should work well even in windy outdoor conditions. Additionally the burners heat output can be finely adjusted. My one disappointment is the built in carry handle. It's a clever design where the stove's metal body has been die cut and a flap folded in to create a recess for your hand. The problem is that the edges of the recess are very sharp so carrying the stove is very uncomfortable. It is sharp enough that cutting your hand is even a possibility. The problem could easily be fixed by simply rolling the internal sharp edge or at least filing it smooth. Come on Camp Chef you've got a good product here; how hard would it be to fix this flaw?
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Arrived pretty scratched and dented. The edges are sharp. The cover latch and clips for the wind flaps don't line up. I'm not sure how well it performs because I've yet to fire it up and I'm thinking about returning it.

Update: I decided to keep it because 1) it would likely pick up a few dings in time anyway and 2) my camping trip was just around the corner and I didn't want to risk not getting a replacement in time.

So -- I am upgrading my original 1-star rating (which was entirely based on the condition the stove arrived in) to 4-stars due to it's functionality and Amazon's great customer service, which I am guessing is also reflected by the agreement the seller made with Amazon to provide. I was offered a discount to keep the item rather than returning it and I can now say I am glad I did. Aside from the cosmetic blemishes and the fact that the wind flaps don't lock in (but do stay up) this stove is a beast.

It handles low setting great, the ignition has never misfired and it gets HOT. I've never actually turned the dial more than half open. The fact that you can cook on low is really helpful considering my wife likes to eat pretty 'gourmet' camp meals - think jambalaya, paella, beef stroganoff... so being able to sweat the onions is glamping at it's finest.
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on April 30, 2016
I bought two of these and one usually has a double burner griddle on it for main course and the other stove usually has two pots for side dishes. They put out so much flame that I didn't have a need to ever use it at full blast - though i like to know they "go to 11" if i want it.
People who see my set up tell me they think I'm a total pro! It's all in the equipment :)
Note: I use All-Clad griddles on the stove and they fit perfectly - see attached pictures.
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on July 5, 2017
I bought this stove 3 years ago. I've spent just over 100 days out in the wilderness since this purchase using this stove every one of those days. I used it every morning, for lunch and dinner. It served me well. I detected a leak internally, so I replaced it. Paid $99.99 for it this time. I like the metal latch. I understand the new ones have a plastic latch. I hate placement of the gas arm. They can do better for sure. Overall, I bought it again, so that tells you a lot.
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