Customer Reviews: Campbell Hausfeld Welder - FLX CORE85,115V,70A,DC,CH (WF215001AV)
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on October 24, 2012
My only hesitation in giving this item a rating of 5 stars is that I am such a novice at arc welding that I may not be qualified to give such a high rating to any welder.

Prior to purchasing this welder my only experience with arc welding was a brief introduction to stick welding I got as part of a Junior High School shop class back in the late 1950s. I still have vivid memories of how hard it was to try to start an arc and keep it going while also having to flip the helmet down at the same time. Those memories were enough to keep me from even considering the purchase of an arc welder until the morning I got the wild idea to order this welder and an auto darkening helmet.

WOW, what a difference using this is from memories of trying to learn to stick weld in Junior High School! After only a few practice welds I was able to create functional welds for use in various projects around my home. The welds I am getting are anything but "text book quality" in appearance. However an experienced welder has looked at some of them and assures me that they are strong and will hold. He also said that my welds will get better as I get more experience. Another experienced welder has told me that it is nearly impossible to get "good welds" with a "cheap welder". That may well be true, but at this point I am sure I would not be getting "good welds" no matter how expensive a welder I had purchased. One reviewer here commented that the trigger seemed to be a bit touchy. Occasionally when I think I have pressed the trigger on my unit nothing happens, however I am more inclined to believe it is due to something I am not doing quite correctly, rather than anything wrong with the trigger itself. This has never seriously hindered my ability to create the welds I want.

I am not planning to be using the welder for any large projects, but for a variety of small projects where having the ability to weld will save me from trying to figure out how to bolt together "whatever I can find at the hardware store" to create something I am trying to kluge together. Over the last year I have spent a small fortune on pre-drilled steel, bolts, and miscellaneous hardware to modify commercial scaffolding and build additional scaffold railings so I could work on a part of my home that is nearly impossible to reach. If I had had this welder when I was doing that, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a "low end" welder like this! I have found that it does all that I expected and more. One of my first projects involved welding 2" x 3/16" angle iron, and I very happy to find that it handles this material with no problems. (It should be noted that I am using the welder on a dedicated 20 amp circuit as is recommended when using the highest power setting.)

While no "low end" welder will meet the needs of everyone looking to purchase a welder, this welder definitely meets my needs extremely well.
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on February 11, 2012
I bought this as a complement to my large AC/DC stick welder and have been very impressed with it. Since I got this I haven't used the stick welder at all since I haven't had to weld anything heavier than 1/4". So far I've gone through a couple of pounds of wire.

With all of these small machines, cut off the cheap, almost useless ground clamp and install a proper welding clamp (they're not expensive).

Also, make SURE to not run over heat #3 unless you KNOW you have a 20 Amp outlet on a 20 Amp circuit. Any extension cord should be #10 or #12, I wouldn't use anything as small as the #14 listed in the manual.

Ran mine on a 15A outlet with a 25 foot #12 extension cord yesterday for quite a bit of welding on heat #3 and the cord and plug didn't even get warm.

This is a true DC welder unlike the $99 ones you will find. Between that and the quality of the parts used it's well worth the extra money.
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on January 26, 2011
I purchased a Speedway welder earlier and it turned out to be lousy - perhaps a good boat anchor but not much else. The CH 2150 worked perfectly out of the box. I did a good bit of reading up front and took the advice in the guide to first practice on some scrap pieces. I found the wire feed and trigger to be "touchy" and it took a bit of work to get anywhere near consistent running a bead but after about 30 minutes my confidence grew and I leaped into my project. My chore was the re-attachment of a wheel on my portable generator. Let's say my work will not win a prize at the fare for overall appearance but the wheel is re-attached and is not likely to be come dislodged at least not at the weld site. I may eventually trade up but for now the 2150 is all I need. From a novice to a novice invest in a helmet with a self darkening lens - it will make life a bit easier and may prevent you from getting an arc burn in your eyes.
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on October 3, 2013
Amazon rocks!! I ordered this welder and chose standard shipping. It was shipped immediately by UPS and was in my garage in less that 24 hours. Prior to purchasing the Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 I borrowed a Chicago Equipment unit from my nephew that he purchased from Harbor Freight. Yes the Chicago Equipment unit was less money. I learned to weld in my grandfather's machine shop some 50+ years ago. I have not done much since. I fired up the Campbell Hausfeld shortly after it arrived. (I had to read the instructions first) It out performed the Chicago Equipment unit. The Campbell Hausfeld has 4 heat settings unlike the Chicago Equipment that only has 2. This is definitely a plus and worth the extra couple of bucks. I read other reviews one that complained about the touchy trigger. I did not experience any difficulty using this unit. Not having welded for a number of years I find this unit very easy to use. I had it plugged into a 20 amp receptacle with the #4 heat setting and the wire feed about 4.5. Very good penetration on 3/16" steel. I only had this unit for a short time, but if it holds up I would recommend this unit for anyone wanting to do small jobs. It's great for a home work shop.
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on June 7, 2014
I have always had a stick welder and wanted to upgrade to wire feed and since I don't weld very often this machine fit the bill for me. So far i'm very pleased with the welder seems easier to use then a stick one for sure so I look forward to doing some more welding projects in the future.
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on March 24, 2016
Let me preface this by saying I am NOT a welder. I have zero experience welding. I have been a weld inspector for many, many years, but I've never laid a bead, myself. I bought this for around the house projects. The first of which is building a new expanded metal/square tubing shelf for my BBQ smoker. I bought some bar stock and 13 ga, 3/4" expanded metal to practice on. Today, I fired this thing up, and set it according to the inside door panel. The first "welds" I made were ugly as homemade sin. My lack of experience was shining through. I burned right through the expanded metal and couldn't get a good tack for anything. I played around with the settings and eventually set the voltage at 2 and the wire speed at about 4. Next thing I know, this thing is humming along, tack after tack, spot weld after spot weld. I must have kept going for about three hours, total, and the unit never kicked into protect mode once. By the time I was done, I had a decent little table top to work on. I have the steel for the BBQ pit shelf coming in tomorrow some time, so I think I'm ready to tackle it now. I took the dinky ground clamp that came on the unit off and added a more robust clamp. Also, I have the unit plugged in to a dedicated 30 amp circuit.

Update 3/25/16: As of this afternoon, I have used up the entire 2# spool of wire that comes with this machine and started on another. The machine still hasn't quit on me. Never even asked for a break. I built a new shelf for my BBQ pit today, and built a new log rack for my brother's pit. I used 13 gauge expanded metal for my shelf, with .065" wall square tubing for the frame. I was halfway expecting it to be warped and off-center, but it came out great! I set the machine down to #1 for voltage, and just past 3 on wire speed.... it didn't burn through, and made good, solid welds. Keep in mind, this is my second day welding..... ever! I even beat the crap out of one side of the frame with a hammer to get it back square, and the tack welds held great. I cleaned it all up with a flapper wheel on my grinder, and painted it with high heat paint. See the attached picture. The new shelf I built today is sitting on top of the shelf that came with the pit for size comparison. I would still recommend this welder to a backyard warrior.

I can't speak to how it performs on big jobs, but if you're just looking for a welder to keep around for household projects, then I would recommend this unit.
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on December 12, 2015
This is a fantastic little welder ! I haven't welded for many years and only a few times "back in the day". This was purchased to weld mostly angle iron (bed frames) to build a pedicab trailer. I watched Youtube videos while I was waiting on the welder to arrive, that was pretty much my education. Unit arrived on time and with great instructions. I dove right into the fire and was laying down some nice beads in no time. The best settings for what I was doing was 3 on the heat and 1 on the feed speed. Make sure your metal is very clean and maybe it's just me, but I keep the ground clamp pretty close to the lead. My first project was a welding cart for the welder. It was the perfect project to learn on. Two days after the cart was finished, our basement was flooded by a bad rain storm. I waded into the waist deep basement (basement in Florida ?) and quickly put everything I could on higher shelves. The welder was in about two inches of water before I could grab it (a minute or two). The flood quickly receded and the next day was bright and sunny (this is Florida). I lifted the cover and let it dry out thoroughly for a few days before even attempting to fire it up. I couldn't see any signs of water inside the unit. I've run 4 spools of wire through it since then and it's always run perfect. Since this is my first welder, I can't compare it to the red or other blue brand. For what I'm doing this welder is EXCELLENT !!!
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on October 13, 2014
My old welder died so I bought this for a replacement. It works much better than the old one. I have used it a couple of times with great results. A professional welder friend of mine was at my shop and used it to do some quick welding. He said it was impressive for a small welder. Great for the do-it-yourselfer.
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on December 21, 2014
I ordered this welder because it has a greater field of adjustment for the current output than most other welders had. The current output adjustments work great, yet the wire speed always seems to overfeed the welding current. Even on the slowest setting the wire feed speed seems too fast. Other than that the welder seems to perform perfectly.
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on July 3, 2016
Second, the replacement worked for a week and the feed stopped. It has been returned and I have purchased a Hobart welder from Amazon. Hope this will do the trick. New model has a cast metal feed and has good reviews. We will see!
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