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on March 18, 2014
This is a quality piece of metal. I especially like the screw clamp on the cold shoes. It's faster to tighten and faster to release than the shoe mount screw.
review image
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on September 16, 2013
I read several reviews on this item and the item turned out to be just Perfect There are many products out there that say they can This one I call the sleeper no big boast no clamber no hoopla I guess like most things that really work Just don't have to HAY IM HERE
Built of metal with a very good coating will last a very long time . Only one thing Concerns Me Would I Place this onto My camera hot shoe with all the attachments Probably not. The hot shoe of my camera wasn't built for this in my Humble opinion. The triple hot shoe Bracket is much stronger. AHH But would it work Yes of Course it would. Then the question becomes why did you buy the thing? That's easy to use it with my camera of course but not on the hot shoe. Then how? on a secure bracket that will hold my camera and the triple hot shoe on top . C B Brackets has flash brackets without Flip feature or if you have the flip put an angle wedge securely to the flip part of your bracket. not to mention a tripod but this is fairly stationary without a dolly. Use your Imagination and you will be surprised with what presents itself. The bracket is made to last so make it work for you
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on April 6, 2017
Works as intended, though not completely satisfactory. I find it difficult to secure the position of the hot shoe mount at the bottom of this bracket where you would mount it on the camera. It would come loose rather easily. You could probably tighten it better with some sort of tool, but that shouldn't be necessary for this kind of product. It can hold the other items I'd like to attach to it well like the mic, camera, light, remote, etc. I also noticed that the black paint would chip off or scrape off easily. Other than that I'm ok with it and I can work with the issues.
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on May 22, 2017
Needed this to run an Atomos Ninja star and a monitor off my Nikon D750. Works great...doesnt add any weight really and makes it easy to attch more than one shoe device...note is is NOT a hot shoe meaning it will not power devices that draw power from the shoe.
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on June 9, 2014
The Campro Low Profile Triple Hot Shoe bracket is a great little device. It is surprisingly solidly built, but not heavy. The all-metal construction gives it the "built -to-last" feel. I wouldn't worry about this bracket buckling even with the weight of a 7 inch LCD monitor attached to it, (although I haven't tested that arrangement myself yet). I would worry more about the camera's hot shoe getting stripped from an overloaded bracket. I plan to use mine connected to both the camera's hot shoe as well as the upper rods of my rig so that the camera is anchored above and below. This should help eliminate the wobble that I get sometimes and make the rig feel a little more solid.The cold shoe clamps are spring loaded to provide resistance and insure a solid grasp on your mounted devices. There is a hole dead-center in the frame for attaching an umbrella or umbrella-type softbox if you plan to use the bracket to combine multiple flash units with the bracket mounted to a light stand. This is one of those little things in your kit that you just love because it's so darn useful and well built.
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on August 31, 2017
The good: This thing seems to be extremely sturdy. I like the way the shoes are adjustable with a nob to tighten and loosen. I think it will be meeting my needs.

The semi-bad: I'm almost 100% sure that this product was used before. The baggy it came in had holes in it, and there are scuffs all over this thing. Nonetheless, there is nothing preventing it from doing it's job.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon January 11, 2014
I just gave a review for the 7" articulating arm, and this part of the equation is an absolute must for any good video light, mic, and monitor set-up.

When using three accessories, it is a challenge to attach them in a usable way without a bracket like this one. It's really that simple.
There are other configurations that one can use with Y brackets, but those brackets tend to not be that large, and they don't allow a lot of space between devices. If someone is just using a mic and a light, then the larger Y is usually ok.

But if you want to get your accessories away from your camera as to not record artifacts from the lens, and to get your light off- camera for a better effect, AND use a monitor -- then you need THIS bracket to do it. The reason I say that is because the core of the bracket it close to the camera, and provides far more stability than a Y bracket configuration. That articulating arm is not super light-weight and it needs something strong to attach to. This setup is the best that I have used in this class, hands down.

That being said, I am not talking about a camera bracket with rods and a follow-focus and matt box set-up. That's a completely different class of product, and not really necessary for the more casual shooter. This set-up is good for "run and gun" video where you are on the go and out of a studio or home environment and where you aren't on a tripod (although this does work just fine on a tripod set-up in a home studio-like setting).

I gave this item a 5-star rating because of it's application to video capture, it's design and its construction. This thing is SOLID. It is something that you will likely not regret getting, and it won't sit in your gear bag/closet unused if you are shooting any amount of video with accessories.

This is a good, decently-priced alternative to far more expensive solutions to the problem of how to add accessories to your set-up in a reliable way, and where you don't have to worry about them falling off providing that you make sure that your connections are tight. That's the bottom line with all of these brackets -- how tight you make your connections. Put some muscle into it.

Have fun. Brackets like these can make video shooting a lot more fulfilling because they allow you to use the necessary tools to capture good pictures -- moving or otherwise.
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on March 1, 2013
Purchased this item in order to be able to attach a michrophone, light and external monitor to my Canon 5D MkII ( as shown in the photograph). The unit is made of a very thick aluminum with three hotshoes with an adjustment screw (for securing items inserted into the shoes) and a foot with a a tightening wheel that secures the mount to the top of the camera. As an interesting aside, the mount also has a center hole with a set screw that will hold an umbrella shaft that converts the the brackel into an attachment to mount a portable flash onto a light stand. All in all the bracket is very well made and I will order several more to use in various configurations.
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on July 31, 2014
For my small camera Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, this is a great addition.
Does it look almost comical on such a small camera?
Well, does.
But does it serve its purpose wonderfully?

Currently I have a Rode Videomic Pro attached to the top, and have used a speed light on one side. I don't currently have a field monitor, but could really see myself utilizing one on this, since the screen on the actual camera can be difficult to see under certain conditions & angles. As pictured in the item, the great part is that using an arm can let you angle things in any way needed.

I really do view this as a minimal investment, while still adding a huge amount of benefit to a camera you've likely already invested a good deal of money in. It attached to both the camera and the 'additions' very snugly, so you don't have to fear of anything coming loose.
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on May 26, 2017
this works well. make sure your tripod is a good quality!
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