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on June 26, 2012
This is a great product idea. The picture is very clear and has a wide angle. Unfortunately like another reviewer stated the product eats batteries constantly whether you use it or not. This is a major electrical flaw. The screen illuminates for ~ 3 seconds. I probably use 2-3 times a week, so ~ 9 seconds. You constantly have to change batteries constantly which is ridiculous The batteries should easily last for a year . To add insult you have to unscrew very small screws and take off the whole product to do so which is a pain. When you go to their website they have no customer service number or contact number.. I should have seen this before; I would have never bought it. Amazon only gives you 30 days. I am basically out $100
I would like to warn others.
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on August 28, 2016
We bought this and initially loved it. The concept is great. It's downfalls were finicky battery use & tricky battery's dead now. We went to replace the batteries; and, the device will no longer power on. I'm sure the company would argue that since we've had it 4.5 years, it did it's job. However, we can't seem to understand how this thing would break from use. It's not like it gets dropped, has water contamination issues, weather contamination issues or gets used too much. So, yes, we got 4.5 years out of it. But, I'm not happy that it broke for no reason. Cannon - if you do read these posts, and are really concerned with your products longevity, I'd like some sort of replacement deal on another one; otherwise, I will look for a better company that cares about BOTH their products and their consumers.
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on November 19, 2012
I've had this product for six months or so now. The product itself is as advertised. Great low-light resolution, terrific viewing angle, things in the distance are fairly clear, etc.

The one fatal flaw that this product has is that it chews through batteries at a ridiculous rate. This has been true since the day I installed it, but I thought maybe I was just using it more than average.

Recently I decided to test this. I changed batteries one month ago to the day. I installed regular Duracel AAs--not the fancy 'optimized for digital devices' ones, not the 'guaranteed to last longer than any other battery ones', just regular Duracel AAs. I verified the batteries were fully charged (they're brand new) and the unit was working. I then refrained from touching the viewer for one month. This morning I pushed the button on the front to activate the view screen, and...nothing. Removed batteries, tested them, they're dead.

31 days, I haven't even activated the device, and it ate four (4) AA batteries. This is consistent with my experiences during the entire time I've owned this device. I wondered if there was something wrong with the unit I received, but many other reviews have stated that it goes through batteries quickly. I wish I'd read a review that explained just how quickly it went through them, even when it's not doing anything. Could have saved myself $100. Now looking for a replacement unit.

Caveat emptor.
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on July 27, 2012
Installed a month ago then went on vacation for 3 weeks. When we came back the batteries were COMPLETELY DEAD! So we only used it for 1 week and then only 5 to 10 times to test and show people. Picture is good, but 4 batteries every 1 to 2 weeks is bad. Not only that replacing the batteries is really awkward. Two tiny scewrs under the unit that are deeply sunk so it is hard to get them out and the fall onto the floor - tiny tiny screws. Very poor design for replacing batteries. And too heavy user of batteries. BAD. I DO NOT reccomend.
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on February 28, 2017
Very very poor design. Eats batteries like candy. Must change batteries daily and thats half the problem. You must disassemble and reassemble the whole thing doing so!
Save your money and buy something else. Not worth $10
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on August 10, 2012
The view of the well lit hall outside my condo is bright and relatively sharp. Based on the image alone I would have probably given this device 4 stars. However, the battery life is unacceptable. In the four months I have had the viewer I needed to replace the batteries four times. With proper design the viewer should draw near zero current, accept when active after pushing the button. In addition there is no Low Battery indicator. You don't find out it is low, or dead, until you push the button and the power light just flickers or fails to light. As mentioned before the batteries are extremely difficult to change (considering they last for such a short period of time). If I could still return the viewer I would return the viewer.
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on April 3, 2012
Before I mention my slight warning, The nighttime viewing without my exterior wall-mounted front light on is dark. However, I would still have no issues distinguishing whether the person is non / invited guest. It works great with the light on, and I have yet to use it during the day, as I just got done with the install.

My image stays on for 9 seconds, and yes pressing it during that time while not shut it off like you would imagine. It takes 4 AA batteries that are included.

As another reviewer mentioned, the unit will not look right if used in the vertical orientation because of their logo and the power button "image". The power button should have been able to be rotated, but in my quick attempt, I could not make it happen. Also, the power button does not need the "image" on it because there is only ONE button on the whole unit; any guesses what it that ONE button may be for?!?! The fix to make everybody happy would be for them to construct it with a rotatable power button, and just put their logo on it. Or better yet, remove the logo entirely, and maybe just flash it on the screen before / after the camera's view is displayed.

I used a half inch drill bit, and then had to increase the diameter ever-so-slightly to get it to a true 14mm. I just used a regular (round) smaller drill bit, to shave out the cut-out. I just used it by applying even pressure for all 360 degrees, and pushed the drill back and forth in a sawing motion.

The "correct side up" red arrow was slightly off in my case. But easily resolved with repetitive test-fits while plugging in and checking out the display each time.

Finally, on to my main installation gripping, which is really more of a manufacturer's issue, but had I known I could have adjusted to resolve it, but maybe now you can pre-resolve it. I am just assuming this is true for all models, and mine is not a one-off / lemon. I drilled the hole perfectly centered where my vertical and horizontal stiles come together in the middle of my wooden door. The panels in between all the stiles are thinner and sculpted / ornamental. When I put it all together, I glanced at its final resting place, no do-overs, and I hoped what I saw was just my imagination or an illusion (since I mounted it lower than my eye level).

The MANUFACTURER did not place the drilled hole in the absolute center of the unit! WTH! The final dimensions from the top and bottom of the unit to the adjacent thinner panels are off by an 1/8th of an inch. I know its not much, but I notice it, and it is in a noticeable place, on a "nice" front entry wood door. But there is no excuse, they should have centered it; how hard could it be?

Well easy fix for you, not me. And please, carefully measure the unit and verify that yours is not centered as well and is off the same dimensions I mention before proceeding with this simple solution.

review image review image
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on May 30, 2012
The first Peephole viewer I bought was faulty so returned it to Amazon without any hassles at all and send me a replacement. This one worked initially for about a week when the batteries went dead so replaced them,and this time they lasted about 2 weeks, the viewer had only been used once during that period.Definitely don't recommend it.I don't really want to go through the ritual of returning it again so it is sitting is on my door, a useless item.Strangely enough the first peephole viewer I bought seems to be working OK so far.
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on July 22, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Cannon Security Products DDV-C-01 LCD Peephole Door Viewer, Champagne (Tools & Home Improvement)
hard to believe that the battery life is so short, installed 7-19-2012 had to replace batteries 7-21-2012 this is a nice unit, but batteries every 3 days is unacceptable, 99.00 unit should be designed to last a bit longer than that!! the camera is great,it gives a much more clear pic of whos at my door, installation is simple.
UPDATE INSTALLED Duracell batteries on 7-21-2012 today is 8-3-2012 and the unit is functioning just fine, so i up the star rating to 4, if it goes a month i will give it 5.

UPDATE-- Batteries lasted 1 month, still annoying, because the life goes out whether you use it or not, so on 4-16-2013 i added a switch between the battery box and unit, flip the switch and works just like the button, today 6-12-2013 it is still working fine, so far thats twice as long as normal. loving this thing now! its a 5

update 7-10-13 still same batteries 3 mos and still going
update 11-19-13, 7 months still working on same batteries
update 5-1-2014 over a year now, still working on same batteries, looks just as good now as when they were put in fresh.
update 5-10-2015 batteries finally died 2 years and 9 days, worked good right up until last day. this is a great product, even won the support of my wife, who at first thought it a waste of time, but has really grown to use it instead of revealing herself looking out the window next to the door.
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on December 19, 2011
I'm giving this four stars instead of five because I followed the directions in lining up the arrow on the lens straight up, but I still had to twist the lens in order for the picture to show right side up. Very easy to install. Please note that the adhesive strip is not the only way this will stay up. The back of the lens is held in the door by a screw-on bolt that attaches through the plate an onto the back on the lens. This will hold the plate firmly to the door and you don't have to worry about the viewer coming off when you slam the door. It took me more time to vacuum up the styrofoam filling from my door than it did to install this. But i read the directions and most importantly, I watched the video provided above next to all the pictures. I can see clear over to my neighbors house across the street. It has a very clear, wide angle view. I love it.
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