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Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag for EOS SLR Cameras
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$23.87+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 12, 2015
I got my camera bag loaded up with all my stuff and I still have so much room! I'm so glad I went with this bag. The first one I looked at was smaller and cost more. I ended up only paying $35 for this bag and it was worth every penny. The dividers are removable and the whole inside of the body of the bag is the soft side of Velcro so you can arrange the compartments the way you want. And the net pocket on the inside of the lid zips up. I just love that it zips up! A lot of bags I looked at had a net pocket on the lid but they didn't zip. They just had a piece of tight elastic.
I am absolutely in love with this bag! I rearranged the dividers as soon as I got the bag out of the box. In this bag I currently have my Canon T5 camera body, a 18-55mm lends, my T5 battery charger, two T5 batteries, my Canon A2300 PowerShot Point-and-Shoot camera in a case, the PowerShot's battery charger, and one PowerShot battery in the body and in the top net pocket I have my 12 slot SD card holder, the T5 manual, and two lens cloths. I still haven't put anything in the side or front pockets. And I still have one compartment left in the body of the bag. If I put the PowerShot, all three batteries, and the two chargers in the side and front pockets I can fit 3 more lens, or 2 lens more and a flash, in the body of the bag. The side pockets are bigger than I thought. They could fit a battery charger and a battery or two easily. This bag is bigger than I thought it was going to be and I love it!
It is really well made too. All the grey parts are that water resistant fabric, the Velcro is super strong, and the outside is made with the fabric most electronic bags are made from. The shoulder strap on the bag (which I forgot to get a photo of) is really nice. The shoulder pad is a little stiff at first but if you bend it around for a few minutes it loosens up. I love this bag. This bag fits so much stuff! And it's only $35! There are also straps on the bottom front of the bag for small tripods.
I just love how much this bag can hold! In the body of the bag you can fit one camera body and four lens, or two camera bodies and two lens, or a body, or one camera body, 3 lens and a flash. I'm sure you could play around with the dividers and get all different types of combos. The side, front, and lid pockets are big enough to fit all of your batteries, chargers, SD cards, and other little things. This bag is amazing!
I included a lot of photos of the bag. For anyone wondering what the white thing is on the body of my camera, it's the slip the camera came it when you take it out of the box. I put my camera in it when it's in the camera bag or when it's just sitting on my desk to protect my screen. And the DS case has my point-and-shoot camera in it, a Canon A2300 PowerShot. It fit really well in my old DS case so I figured I'd use it instead of buying a new case. I keep my PowerShot in the case while it's in the bag for a snugger fit and for an extra layer of protection.
The bag was bigger than I expected so I included a photo with a water bottle next to the bag to show how big it is. I was very happy when I learned it was bigger. I absolutely love it. The price for this bag is amazing! Most bags from Canon are crazy expensive. There was a bag at Wal-mart that was in between 1/3 and 1/2 the size of this bag and they wanted $50. Sometimes you really just cant beat amazon's prices.
I would recommend this bag to anyone with a camera that is more than a point-and-shoot. I am in love with this bag! It is great for anyone, whether you are just starting out or you have a ton of equipment. This bag is huge and spacious. It is big but you can rearrange the dividers to fit your needs and change them as you collection grows. I love this bag all the more for that reason. You can use it if you have just started and once you build up your equipment you won't need to buy another bag. If you are considering this bag I say get it. It is totally worth the price and if you don't like it you can always return it. This bag is seriously amazing!!
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on September 7, 2017
A bit of a snug fit for my T7i, 18-135mm EF-S lens, and 70-300mm EF lens. I ended up storing the zoom vertically, mounting the 18-135mm on the body, and storing it lens face down in the bag. The height is sufficient for the zoom lens and the assembled body and lens. Storing them individually would be quite cramped in the provided bag width. The bottom is re-enforced with hard rubber feet, so a drop wouldn't necessarily cause damage.

This has plastic clasps for the top and shoulder strap, leaving the zipper pulls as the only metal. The more expensive Canon bags have all metal. However, the plastic may make entry to airports and sporting events easier.
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on March 12, 2017
I forgot when I ordered this bag but the bag is great. I needed something bigger than the lowepro bag I bought before it. I had to buy it at least 4 years ago but I still have it even though it doesn't get much use these days. It's still in great shape, these days just I like to carry the least amount of equipment as possible. I can fit my Rebel T2i, 85mm 1.8, 35mm F2, 50mm 1.4, and 430EXII in the bag.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on January 22, 2014
I bought this bag, hoping that it would be the perfect bag to carry my camera, a few lenses, and some accessories, comfortably for day shoots, or when heading out and about to places like museums. Unfortunately, it lacks a certain sense of comfort/portability that prevents it from being a good bag for these purposes.

In a lot of respects, it's a good bag. It carries multiple lenses (my 35 and 50 primes, and my zoom lens), several extra batteries, chargers, cards, etc... The internal storage system allows you to adjust the main compartment to your liking lets you safely carry your equipment. It's well padded, and definitely feels like it would protect against falls (though I haven't been brave enough to test it).

Where it loses points for me is the comfort and portability level. It doesn't hold enough accessories to be an all purpose bag to tote your gear in the car, but it's too cumbersome, bulky and uncomfortable for a field bag. When carrying it over the shoulder, it doesn't sit well against the body, and the shoulder strap is uncomfortable.

You can access your gear while it's slung over your shoulder, but it opens toward your body as opposed to away from it. This means you're constantly looking over the opening to find your equipment, which can be frustrating.

Ultimately, the bag promotes itself as a good gadget bag. Its size is limited, so you can really only carry equipment for a quick field shoot, or to take with you on hikes/day trips. The problem is that it's not comfortably designed to accommodate you for those purposes. Other than that, it's well built and seems to offer adequate protection.
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on July 7, 2011
This is a great bag and will be replacing the Canon holster bag I bought just last week.

Some of the reviews are all over the place regarding size, but for me it's perfect. I can fit my T3i WITH the kit lens attached, a 300mm zoom lens, a prime lens, the charger, the user's manual, and a host of smaller items in the bag (including a little point and shoot). I had to reconfigure the hook and loop dividers, but everything now has a home, with the lenses and the point and shoot each residing within their own padded cubicles and I don't have to jam anything in there to get things to fit.

There's one issue I think is kind of serious though and it's been brought up in many other reviews. The top flap of the bag is secured with the two clips, and that's it. You had better be mindful of the state of those clips when you grab the top handle because if they're undone, the body of the bag will swivel out from underneath you, and there goes $1000+ worth of equipment spilling onto the floor. It happened to me while I was initially packing it, but luckily just the charger and a couple cleaning pens were in there at the time. Yikes. I'll be sewing some velcro up in there and I will be double checking that the clips are secure from now on.

Aside from that, the bag is just perfect for me and my (limited) equipment. I'll use the holster bag I just bought every now and then but this will be the go-to bag for most occasions.
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on October 2, 2013
This is a VERY well-made, cleaverly arranged bag, obviously designed by those who are used to photography needs. It's light and has every conceivable storage option.

Neither too big or small, my cleaning gear fits in the left-side pocket. There are internal pockets for alternate filters. There's even an extra compartment for me to fit my pocket camera (a Sony RX100), as well as the main Canon Rebel SL1. There's an additional compartment, I use for the 'long' lens and its caps etc.

With so many pockets and compartments I haven't even found a need for the right-side zip compartment, yet; no doubt, I'll 'grow into it'.

I don't use the shoulder strap (well made, btw). I find it easier to just grab the handle and be off with it. Actually, I use it more to gather the camera gear together in the car than for trekking off distances, which would utilise the shoulder strap.

I found EVERY thing to be NICE about this bag. I'm impressed, LOVE it and have no hesitation in recommending it. I WOULD buy it, again in a heartbeat.
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on April 2, 2016
I was buying this camera bag as a "bigger" replacement for my current bag, which has served me very well but had become too small. I just received the bag and was very disappointed to find it to be rather small or medium in size. In fact, it is exactly the same size as my old camera bag. I was a bit skeptical when the sales page did not show further photos and none of the interior.
The description read "Holds 1 SLR camera body with 3 to 5 lenses, flash and small accessories", so I certainly expected it to be bigger than my current one. Well, you can put 1 camera body with 1 lens and then 2 more (short or medium length) lenses into the main compartment. That's it.
The zipper pockets on each side are practical and hold quite a bit of smaller items, as does the larger front zipper pocket. There is also a transparent zipper pocket on the inside of the cover, which comes in handy for items you want to be able to identify quickly.
I would have liked to have flat pockets inside the cover and on the backside of it as well as the top of the cover for non-bulky items like memory cards or similar things that one could easily stick in there and open space up elsewhere.
The interior finish could be a bit more refined, like in my old bag (which did not cost more), but hey...maybe I got really lucky with that one.
Since I have not tested its sturdiness and how well it will hold up overall, I am giving this camera bag only 3 stars at this point, because I found the size description to be misleading. I will update once I have used it for a while, and if it makes up in usability and sturdiness for the lack of size, I will gladly give it more stars.
There is nothing wrong with this bag and I would recommend it to others if you are not looking to carry much with you.
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on January 10, 2015
As newbs to the DSLR world I got this bag to go along with our new T5i (basic kit). Everything fits nicely with TONS of room to spare for the addition of more accessories/ lenses that I'm sure are to come as we figure out what we need and what best suits our needs and purposes. I cannot say enough about the quality of the bag, it seems very durable and really well made, I expect it will last for a really long time. I love the fact that the interior dividers can be adjusted and moved to accommodate and secure anything and everything you may want to put in here. The tripod straps are an awesome feature enabling us to keep all of our stuff together and orderly. I have a suspicion that the price is a steal too. I looked on the Canon site and unfortunately this is the only bag they didn't have a price listed for. But the others were $50.00 and up. Absolutely LOVE it so far!
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on December 15, 2014
This is an ok bag if it fits what you have. The actual dimensions of the bag is 9.5"(W)x6.75"(H)x6"(D). This height is wrongly stated even on the label attached to the bag. Most websites listed much bigger dimensions (even Amazon) that were misleading. It will fit 2 DSLRs OR 3-5 lenses ONLY if you dedicate it for DSLRs OR Lenses (assuming no big lenses). I bought this bag because of the false impression I got about its size so I am returning it. Returning it cost me ~$7 which is the amount I had to pay to find its real size. Check this video review about its actual size and dimensions and get a feel of what will fit in it before spending the money.

It is great for quick daily use and travel. However, it will not be enough to fit all your accessories if you want to have it all stored in one place (even if you have very few accessories).
- Light Weight
- Good protection
- Easy to use
- Good value for price (@ ~$28).

- Small volume but bulky
- Not enough pockets
- Plastic Hooks (squeak & easily break)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 13, 2010
This bag is perfect for my present needs, and even has room for another lens in the future. In the main compartment I have, assembled and ready to be used, the Canon T2i with battery pack and 18-55 kit lens with lens hood. I put the camera in its place holding the hand grip, which makes it easy to put the camera in the bag and pull it out. Because the camera is fully assembled, all I need to do is turn it on and remove the lens cover and it is ready for use.

Also in the main compartment is the Canon 55-250 lens with lens hood attached. The lens is positioned with the lens hood up. The lens with hood is a fraction of an inch taller than the side of the bag, but this does not interfere with the closing of the bag or the use of the side pockets. When the bag is closed, there is no way to tell that with the lens hood attached the 55-250 lens stands a little taller than the side of the main compartment.

There is space left over in the main compartment for another lens, which because I have no other lens at present, I am using to hold a pair of glasses in a case.

The 2 large, zippered storage compartments on the outside of the bag, plus the storage in the lid and on the front of the bag, give me all the room that I need for SD cards, a reserve battery pack for the battery pack, cleaning supplies, a camera manual,

Attached to the bottom of the bag are straps intended to attach a tripod to bottom of bag. Initially I was put off by those straps and had scissors in hand to cut them off. However, remembering that I have a cheap, light weight tripod in addition to my larger, heavier one, and also realizing that this would be a good place to carry an umbrella when out of days when weather is questionable, I let the straps alone. Now that I realize that they can at least occasionally be of benefit to me, they no longer bother me.

The bag is well made and attractive and the padding and weather protection are satisfactory.
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