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on October 21, 2011
I purchased this camera as a replacement to my Canon SD870IS which I was very happy with. The features that really caught my eye in the 310 HS were the 1080p video, 12MP images (I print LARGE poster size images at time), the large LCD screen and the new flash technology. I didn't want a touch screen as my interface so I went with the 310 instead of the 510.

So far I've taken about 500 pictures and 20 videos (some 1080p others 720p) with the camera both inside and outside. Overall I'm impressed with the quality of the pictures and VERY impressed with the video quality.


When you set the camera to Auto is does a decent job at detecting the environment. It adjusts the focus/lighting accordingly and takes a decent pictures. However, there are times where I have been taking a wide angle scenic view and it decides to focus on the nearby post and adjust to macro. When it does that, the picture comes out a little grainy and some areas are out of focus. You can't see it on the LCD screen, but when you get it out of the camera and on a larger screen it really shows.

The Image Stabilization (IS) feature is really nice to have. You can watch the camera adjusting for your minor movements that you may have when holding the camera up.

The camera offers the ability to take pictures in numerous formats. The default is 4:3, but it also offers, 16:9, 3:2 and 1:1. The manual mode allows you the ability to changing lighting, ISO, scene, white balance and compression. There are way too many modes to go into each one (26 in total).

If you want to take excellent quality pictures you need to be aware that Auto isn't always what you want and if you move that switch to manual and adjust the settings the pictures will come out looking sharp and cleaner.


This is really where the camera shines. The videos are fantastic. You can shoot at 1080p and 720p or your standard 480i. The IS for the videos works flawlessly. My first "test" video was of my kids playing soccer and me purposely moving the camera to see how the IS works. After downloading it and viewing on a 60" TV there were times where we though the camera was placed on a tri-pod. The IS works that good. The video quality is top notch and most of the time I shoot at 720p.

The format of the videos are MOV. Previous Canon camera shot videos using AVI. This camera will not play back any AVI files (as I found out because I swapped memory sticks from my old to new).

Shooting a 1080p results in a video total bitrate of roughly 36K kbps at 23fps and audio bit rate of 1600kbps. Shooting at a 720p resulted in a video total bitrate of 25K kbps at 29fps and an audio of 1600kbps. Audio is 2 channel stereo at 48kHz for both.

However, there are two things that I wish this camera did different when it comes to video. The first is the size of the videos and it's compression. At 1080p a 1 minutes and 45 seconds the video is 460MB in size. Given this is a HD video, but other cameras and even some phones offer the same quality and time with less space. The second is the removal the "Time Lapse" feature of videos. With my SD870IS it had the ability to record a video as a time lapse that would allow it to take a pictures every 1 or 2 seconds and stitch it into a video. I utilized that feature on numerous occasions and it has been removed.


The battery claims to take 250 pictures on a single charge. However, I was only able to get about 180 (no flash) on the first charge before I had to insert a different fully charged battery. Perhaps it will increase overtime and as the battery becomes more used. I would recommend that you invest in an additional battery and carry that with you as well. From the time that the "low battery indicator" came on I was able to get about 15 more pictures before it shutdown.


I was hoping that they would offer the Red of the 510HS on the 310HS but I can't fault them for that. The case is nice and well put together. It's very functional and the buttons are intuitive and properly placed. I have not had an incident where I pushed the wrong button.

Overall I'm really impressed with the camera and it's feature set. It will take some adjusting to make sure that Auto is taking the pictures that I want it to take, but overall it's a great camera.
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on October 20, 2011
First, let me say this camera does take some great pictures and it is very easy to use. My complaint comes in by how plastic it feels. It just doesn't feel solid like all the other Canon cameras we have purchased in the past. I love my husband's Canon Powershot 300HS, but I wanted a bit higher zoom. So, I purchased this one. I also purchased the Powershot 510 as well to see which one I would like better. I must say, I am swaying towards returning both of them. This camera feels flimsy compared to the other Canon Powershot cameras. I prefer the non-touch screen of this one vs. the Powershot 510, but overall, the 510 just feels a lot more solid for only around $75 more. The touchscreen on the 510 drains the battery too fast, but this one just doesn't seem to be that durable. As for the zoom comparisons, on the 510 it zooms to 12x, but it is extremely difficult to keep it steady. On this one, the 8x seems about right. So, I am not quite sure which one to keep. I love the new settings for vivid, foliage, miniature, fireworks, fisheye, etc. If it weren't for all these new settings and a higher power zoom, I wouldn't even consider trading up from the 300HS for this one. So, I am torn as to what to do.

UPDATE 10/30/2011 - So, I decided to keep this one instead of the 510. It still feels kind of plastic to me compared to older models we have. However, I have been thoroughly impressed with the video, picture and color quality. The battery longevity helped to make this decision as well.
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on November 14, 2011
I just ordered mine and I hav enothingbut good thinsg to say about it! The large screen makes reviewing photos a pleasure. Colours are crisp and clear. I went out with a few friends to have dinner the night that I took it out of the box and it was a hit with them as well. They noticed the crisp colours and took note of the model - they were that impressed. It works well in low lighting - the flash is very bright so pictures may look overexposed , but hey - at least you get to see everything and too much light is better than not enough of it.

I spent a looooong time checking out reviews and if you are in my old shoes, I suggest that you get the leather case made by Canon sold on for 12$. It fits perfectly and make a stylish addition to any outing. Secondly, get a screen guard - the clear adhesive that you get to protect your phone. I put on mine the day after I used it which meant cleaning it carefully with babywipess, cotton and the cloth that comes with th ephone screen protector.I will also warn you that you will need at least a class 10 16GB SD card to go with this camera since the pixels take up space and the SD card influences shutter speed since it affects processing time internally.

The menu is loaded with lots of great features. Make sure that you read the manual that comes with the CD so that you can access those features.

Additionally, I have to give Amazon props for super speedy shipping. I ordered it Wednesday night and it was in my hands by Saturday evening.

This camera is an excellent investment for anyone who is picky about features and pictures. The extra pixels dont mean much. Camera features matter much more and thsi Canon baby is it!

Finally, go to youtube and check out the reviews of the camera. One of the first reviews you will find is by a photography editor who explains the DIFFERENCES between this model and ELPH 300. This will help you to make a decision in the event that you don't know if you want to put out the extra fifty bucks for the ELPH 310. His video review was actually the most helpful review I found - the video means you get to see pictures that he's taken.

Having owned a camera I disliked for two years, this camera is a welcome change. I promise you that you will not regret your investment.
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on November 8, 2011
Canon PowerShot ELPH 310 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 8x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and Full 1080p HD Video (Silver)

I was so looking forward to getting this camera. I have the 300 hs and thought the 310 hs would offer a few upgraded features. It arrived about two hours ago and couldn't wait to try it out. I already had a charged battery so I was good to go. I love the added zoom and the pictures are detailed and had plenty of color. I ordered this camera because of the good reviews and didn't pay much attention to a comment about motor noise. Boy, was I wrong. I took several videos inside and out, with very little noise and in a noisy background. Every single video I took had a loud motor noise when zooming. I only heard the noise when the video was played back on my computer. I was also using a class 10, 16g Sandisk card. I didn't expect this because my 300 hs has no added noise when zooming. I guess if you don't zoom while trying to video it would work but that really defeats the whole purpose. I am very disappointed so packed it up and asked for a refund due to being defective. I still might try another 310 hs in the future because it meets all of my requirements and would be great on vacation. I hope this helps someone.

Update! Well, I decided to give it another try and purchased another 310hs. The motor noise is still there but have made peace with it because the quality of the pictures are so good. I changed my review from 3 stars to 4 and will make sure I have zoomed
before I video. All things considered this is a great little camera and am very happy with it.
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on November 3, 2011
I am a camera fiend. I honestly researched cameras for a year before making my investment and I PROMISE YOU this camera was worth every single penny spent. The pictures are absolutely precisely clear and the video is amazing. I love how the auto feature is able to detect the type of picture you are taking and automatically switches the camera setting to that feature (i.e when you go to take a picture of a person, it will automatically switch to portrait mode). The 1080p video is easy to use and is awesome. The low light feature is the best out of any camera I have ever used and it is just awesome. The optical zoom is 8x but what is great is that you can go up to 32x zoom and the pictures are definitely not blurry. AMAZING!!!! My friends are completely jealous ;)
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on September 27, 2012
I am Zona
from ..... "Zona Films" ....... ( my channel on YouTube )
I make a lot of vidoes on YouTube
so what camera i use to shoot my videos is very important

I LOVED my old Canon ELPH 780IS. The only reason I got this one was because of the NEW 1080 HD video. My old Canon 780 IS only had 720 HD and I wanted to have the best video I could get in a little pocket camera.

WELL ........

So far I HATE this camera!
The sound is WAY TOO LOW and very muffled.
I never had this problem with my old Canon ELPH 780IS.
The other problem i have with this camera is the sound has a loud CLICKING & TAPPING NOISE that I am getting when I shoot videos!!!
The noise is so bad that it makes it of NO use to me!


(The full length video about this camera is posted on my YouTube channel .... "Zona Films"

The only plus for this camera is that it does take wonderful still PHOTOS and the video LOOKS great
... but the SOUND is no good at all for videos!

I am a YouTube Partner and this is how I make money.
I do a lot of tech stuff and reviews and unboxings.
It is VERY important that the sound is decent for my videos.

So far I hear that that I am NOT alone with this 310 HS noise problem.
which makes me think that this may be a design
flaw maybe??
I hope not.
I will find out soon.

I have contacted Canon and I am sending my camera back to be fixed or replaced
as it is still under warranty.

I will leave updates on what happens next with this camera and how Canon treats
their customers.


GO CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL FOR MORE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Zona Films



-------- UPDATE !!!! --------

Oct 7, 2012

canon quickly sent me a replacement of the same camera ...
another 310
and that was good of them to do this

I did sound tests on it and still AGAIN
the clicking noise is till there
and the audio is way too weak & muffled ....
it is terrible


if good sound in your videos matters to you ... then DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL.

I went today and sold this camera Canon just sent me
and I will use that money toward getting some other camera

end of story for me with this camera
I was glad to see it go
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on March 20, 2014
I bought this because of the great price (being refurbished) but I'm so very happy with the quality, the size and the abilities of this camera. Small package but great product.
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on November 16, 2011
I really liked the size of the 300 but didn't like the screen resolution and it's smaller size screen. When I saw the improvements made on the 310 I jumped on it when it was released after researching many cameras. After a trip to Disney World I can say this is a great camera. Good 8x zoom, great in low light, great video. I own a Nikon SLR and was happy that I wasn't one of those other people that was lugging theirs around all day like others were doing. This camera is good enough where you won't feel guilty leaving the SLR at home and get good shots. Point and shoots are coming a long way to being great cameras if you use the right the settings. But you will need an extra battery for sure! I barely made it each day without it going dead as I was leaving the exit door after taking about 200 shots and lots of video. I wish I bought an extra battery at purchase and not have to resort to battery ration. Plus the battery is small enough to not be a big deal to carry an extra one.
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on February 7, 2012
I ordered 2 of these, 1 in Sept 2011, 1 in Dec 2011. Both cameras had the lens fail to open after a week of use. Returned both and ordered a different camera. I'm not the first to get 'Lens Error' but for me it was 2 for 2. Glad I ordered from Amazon.
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on December 1, 2011
As many other reviews note in great detail, this camera has a fantastic set of features, combined with a good zoom range and compact size, and can take some very nice photos. And, I experienced that on the first 3 days of my vacation.

But then after just 5 days of use (2 days of learning the camera, then 3 days on vacation), perhaps 200 photos (max) and 5 minutes of video, the camera completely stopped working. The lens is fully extended and the camera says "Lens Error. Will shut down automatically. Restart camera." That's all it does. It will not take pictures, and it will not review pictures on the card. I've removed the battery & SD card, tried powering it up dozens of times, recharged the battery, etc. It is completely stuck, broken with the lens protruding over 2 inches out front. The camera was kept in a padded case and was not dropped. Physically, it is still in pristine condition.

Imagine the fun of your new compact camera purchased specifically for a vacation quadrupling in size with the lens fully extended, and then freezing halfway through your vacation! Not only does that mean no more photos, but then you get to enjoy a carrying around a stupidly-sized piece of electronics in order to return it once you get home. That is disappointing and frustrating, to say the least.

At that time I bought the camera, I was not aware of the history of the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS, the older model of this camera. If you read reviews and forums on the 300HS, you will find many that discuss the difference in quality (and problems) between those made in Japan, and those made in China. I didn't realize that there were different countries of manufacture for the same models. The item I was shipped from Amazon was made in China, though many people report having bought models made in Japan. I am not judging this camera by the simple fact that it was made in China. Rather, my interim conclusion here, which is the result of research I have done after having bought this "made in China" unit, and having the camera promptly break, suggests that that may be a problem.

Combing the reviews on this 310 HS and the 300 HS also reveals a complaint from some owners that while zooming the lens while taking a video results in a lot of loud lens noise captured on the video; again, those with units from Canon's China plant complain about very loud noise when operating the zoom during a video. Those with units from Canon's Japan plant do not have such a problem. I didn't learn about this until after my camera broke, so I can't test that on mine. I shot some brief videos, but did not zoom during the video.

Sadly, while some people are having this discussion, comparing notes about problems, in an effort to try to find a common denominator, the discussions often devolved into name-calling between brand loyalists and dissatisfied consumers. I wish to ensure Canon enthusiasts out there that this is my 6th Canon digital camera since 2003, not including the 4 that I bought for my parents over the years. Prior to that, I used Canon 35mm SLRs exclusively. I was most definitely loyal to Canons and believed that they made the best digital cameras, from the ELPHs to DSLRs. This is the first one that broke, it broke very quickly (5 days of use), and it is the first of the above-referenced 10 Canons that was made in China. The old Canons I have still work perfectly, they are just outdated in terms of technology. This experience with the 310 HS could simply be bad luck. It could be a coincidence that my first "made in China" camera broke in less than one week. But, after reading the discussions on the 300 HS, I am doubting that it's a coincidence. Further, why risk it? People with both this 310 HS model and the 300 HS model made in Japan unambiguously love their cameras. The problems encountered by people are extremely highly correlated with units made in China.

I think that the lesson here, after reading about all the 300 HS problems, other reviews here, and my experience is that the Canon cameras made in China have a higher failure rate than those units made in Japan. Unfortunately, this probably means brick-and-mortar shopping so you can read the box "Made in ___" before checking out. I bought a silver one from Amazon on November 21. It says "Made in China" on the box and on the camera. I specify this because in other reviews people are asking the reviewer those very questions: what color did you buy, where and when did you buy it, and where was it made.

Amazon is going to replace my camera, but it will be over a month before it is back in stock. I plan to test it thoroughly and use it daily while I can still send it back.
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