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VINE VOICEon February 7, 2014
Canon EF-S 55-250mm Zoom Lens  was attempted with Canon EOS 60D  This camera originally came with Kit lens 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS UD Standard Zoom Lens. While this Kit lens was good enough for most needs it would fall short whenever you need better zoom. EF-S 55-250mm Zoom lens is little bit better than the kit lens. The construction is all plastic when compared to the kit lens which has a very good solid metal ring which attaches to the camera body. This Canon EF-S 55-250mm Zoom Lens on the other hand is lightweight and performs well.

The image stabilizer feature in Canon EF-S 55-250mm Zoom Lens does work relatively well to minimize blurred photos but also introduces slight IS noise when recording movie. I do not recommend anyone using 'Movie mode' using this Canon EF-S 55-250mm Zoom Lens. For good movie recording experience I feel that you are better off using a Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens BTW, this pancake lens is also very fast in Auto-focus as per users of the product. This would be my next purchase for sure.

Coming to the review of Canon EF-S 55-250mm Zoom Lens, This is decent lens for the price but not excellent enough to drool about especially if you already have Kit lens 18-135mm that Canon offers for 60D. For the price you get a better zoom capability but Auto-focus is painfully slow. If you use a tripod (Highly recommended) and use manual focus you can get fairly nice photos. Image is not that sharp and there is some 'purple fringing' in the photos that I have taken so far. Having said, Center of the lens performance is best at the wide end and slowly degrades as you go to the long end with some barrel distortion then leading to some pincushion distortions.

Bottom-line: If you already have kit 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Standard Zoom Lens this is not going to give you anything spectacular other than some better zoom. If you have a different EF mount lens that came with your Canon camera that lacks Zoom then this is an good choice without breaking the bank.

Hope this review proves useful to you. Cheers!
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on March 21, 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE this lens. I received this lens when I purchased the Canon T4i (from Amazon) and have since upgraded to a Canon T6i and KEPT the 55-250 lens as my only lens! Although the naysayers will say that this is a AMATEUR lens or that it is not "good glass",I am in approximately 20 magazines a year and I have had centerfolds upon centerfolds printed in national magazines, so don't let the cheap price fool you....This is an excellent lens and it really boils down to what my mentor told me years ago- "If you have the "eye" for photography, you will make great photos"
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on June 8, 2014
I got this lens for its zoom capabilities and it accomplishes the task much better than the kit lens. Of course it's more expensive, but it is categorized as a dedicated zoom lens, rather than the kit's categorization as a general lens. Because it zooms in so much, the image stabilization (makes a slight noise) on the lens that mechanically realigns your image is very helpful. This, in combination with post production stabilization, might make handheld video work okay. I got the 55-250 based on the Amazon ratings for zoom lenses and I'm glad I went with this one.

If you plan on doing and video or even some photography, you'll definitely want a tripod or monopod to help stabilize the camera and remove blur. Another thing to note is that many lenses that don't cost a fortune are slow, meaning that the aperture doesn't open as wide as some other (mostly prime) lenses and inadvertently must slow down the shutter speed to let in the same amount of light. This is true for this lens; don't expect to zoom in and have a properly exposed image at night or in dark areas.

Overall, I'm very happy with the performance of this lens. The image stabilization helps when zoomed in, but makes a tiny bit of noise. The autofocus works okay, but I wouldn't rely on it. While it's a relatively cheap lens, it is capable of performing at a high level (not so much under low lighting conditions). Consider the sheer amount of positive ratings on Amazon and give it a shot!
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on January 16, 2014
I bought this lens to use as a 'walk-around' lens -- one that's capable of most any shot most of the time. It does that pretty well, but bear in mind that there is no magic bullet for this sort of thing. Any time you're using a lens with this range, it's gonna have some trade-offs. For daylight, it's hard to beat. Quick to focus and lots of aperture room to play around with your shot. At lower light, it's a little slower to focus, but at f5.6, it's remarkably faster than my Tamron 18-200 at f6.3. That lens drove me crazy trying to focus in lower light conditions.

The Image Stabilizer works well. Most of my shots are casual, family photos, but I do like to try to get some bird shots now and again. At 250mm, there is a marked difference with the IS on. I've read here and there that the IS gives you three or four more stops in lower light. Not sure I can confirm that, but I won't disagree, either. I'm glad I chose a lens with this feature.

Weight is decent.
Relatively quick to focus.
IS works well.
Zoom is very smooth and I've not noticed any zoom creep.
For a lower-end lens, bokeh is really nice.

55mm can be a little tight for some shots. I'd prefer if the lens were ~25 to ~250, but then the cost skyrockets if you want anything faster than f6 or so.
Bear in mind that like all superzooms, there are compromises. Fast, big zoom, or affordable. Pick two.

Bottom line: a great all-purpose lens provided you understand the limitations.
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on December 5, 2016
I purchased this lens specifically for the image stability option. I love this and being able to take distance photos without needing to set up a tri-pod. I am just a beginner photographer, but for my purposes, this lens in great! I like to take photos of morning sky colors just before the sun comes up and this has allowed me to capture some great ones. I definitely recommend this lens for people just starting out.

This lens also has auto focus. I have played with this a little bit and sometimes I use that option too, but more often I use the manual focus option. I just like being able to control it.
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on April 22, 2013
It is a cheap but great telephoto lens. Great for anything in less than 100 ft vicinity. I took fantastic pictures of my daughter playing soccer, birds on trees, squirrels etc..This lens does its job very well. IS-II means you do not have to carry your tripod everywhere with you. Most of my pictures were crisp, no blur. You will see some blur creeping in after 200 mm focal length.

I have also used it for Macro shots by zooming in on an object from 10 ft distance. You can get really close and get beautiful bokeh in the background. This is a must have lens for any DSLR starter. The only thing it won't let you to stand very close to object. You need to be at least 3-4 feet away to get a focus. For indoor close up shots 18-55 mm Kit lens works quite well.
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on November 29, 2015
After looking through my old memory cards I realized that I have better pictures with my 55-250 than my 75-300. The 75-300 is very slow with my Canon Rebel T3 and the 250 is very fast. I use this lens to take hiking with me instead of my 18-55 or 300m. I compromise on landscape photos but will sacrifice that for telephoto capability in the event I see a mammal or hawk that I can capture much better with a 250
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on May 15, 2012
I bought this lens because I wanted a single walk-around lens that would cover a broad zoom range, and in that capacity it performs well. I knew I would sacrifice some quality for the sake of versatility, which is certainly true, but the lens is still able to produce good quality images.

The obvious: This is not an L series lens, so build quality is noticeably cheaper. Image quality is not as great as an L series or as a Primal lens.

Pros: A very light lens, easy to carry around. The zoom range is pretty nice, and if you have a 18-55 kit lens, it complements pretty well, on a crop frame the long end of the zoom is pretty long (around 400mm equivalent on full frame) which probably suits most tele-photo needs, and the shorter-mid zooms are great for portrait work. This is a very affordable lens, if you take its versatility into account, that's pretty great bang for your buck.

Cons: Autozoom seems to have trouble locking on under less than ideal lighting conditions, especially at the longer end of the zoom. The lens extends quite a bit (about double length, or almost) with zoom and focus, which can be impractical in some situations. Lens does not include a hood, so you might want to add that to the price. There's no FTM (Full Time Manual) which means you have to flip a switch to go into manual focus mode, instead of just moving the focus ring with your hand. As all EF-S models, it won't work on a full frame camera, so if you're planning to upgrade, this lens is probably not a good choice.

Conclusion: if you want a versatile and affordable lens, and you're willing to live without the build and image quality of higher end lenses, this is a good choice, you will be able to get very nice shoots in portrait and tele-photo ranges. If you really want high end image/build quality, and you are willing to pay for it, you should go for the L Series 70-200, that's a great lens and the non-IS version is quite affordable. This is my go-to lens for carrying around when traveling, and I really appreciate the benefit of not having to switch lenses ever 5 minutes.
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on September 11, 2013
This great lens arrived quickly and just as described by seller. It was new, in original packing and box, with both lens covers. I had been shopping for a zoom lens for quite some time, but just couldn't allow myself to part with enough of my money to pay the high prices I'd seen advertised in stores. I'd received a new Canon camera last Christmas, had been enjoying my standard lens, but knew I was missing lots of great shots without a zoom (I love bird- and wildlife-watching, as well as gardening). I didn't really need a lens that was going to get me close-ups of Mars (not yet, anyway), and was somewhat overwhelmed by all the zoom lens options out there. My son also did some research of lens options for me (he is well-versed in the camera world), and put me onto some listings in Amazon. I checked out several of the sellers of this product, and am very happy with this seller's quality and integrity. Seller's listed price was also extremely competitive. That was nice. Am I ever having a thrill getting those close-up shots you just can't get without the zoom lens! My hummingbird "cities" are none the wiser as I zoom in to catch them in so many glorious moments of grace! All my blooming and happy gardens have no idea how I stalk their delicate flowers and leaves from behind my zoom lens! I have even "out-foxed" the dens of foxes in my neighborhood by catching their antics from the "blind" of my front porch! The butterflies are clueless as to the super clear shots I can get of them now. I can't wait to play super-sleuth on the bald eagle nests we have just a few miles from our home. Farewell, blurry pictures of eaglets, vying for a snack from Mom or Dad. This year will be so wonderful catching brilliant and clear shots of those nests. The lens is just what I wanted and suits my needs perfectly.
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on October 27, 2012
I have just started to take photographing little seriously. And got my self a t3i with 18-55 IS II lens. However, taking pictures of animals and birds are not that easy with 18-55 for it's limited range, so I bought this one after a little research on other cheaper alternative, and I am glad that I went with this one. I am still experimenting with it as it's been only two weeks so far. Without tripod I was able to frame a few good good pictures as the built in stabilizer did a very good job. I will keep you updated as I get more time with it. Please buy this item from a reputed seller, I will recommend to get it from instead of market place seller, even though you will be paying a little extra but, I can guarantee that worth it as I heard many measurable stories of getting counterfeit lens and used one from the marketplace sellers.
Update:(01/03/2013) It's been little more than two months since I bought the camera and the lens, because of the cold weather haven't got much chances to shoot outside. However while shooting a few indoor photo found out the auto-focus was taking little time, same thing happened to the other lens too(18-55mm), therefore, I think it's not the lens but the camera. I don't like to use auto focus feature as it doesn't give me the confident that I need. Over all I am still happy with the both camera and lens. I only regret that a few of my friends were able to buy the camera packaged with both lens only a month after I bought and saved more than 150 dollars. Well am still happy for them :P
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