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on March 21, 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE this lens. I received this lens when I purchased the Canon T4i (from Amazon) and have since upgraded to a Canon T6i and KEPT the 55-250 lens as my only lens! Although the naysayers will say that this is a AMATEUR lens or that it is not "good glass",I am in approximately 20 magazines a year and I have had centerfolds upon centerfolds printed in national magazines, so don't let the cheap price fool you....This is an excellent lens and it really boils down to what my mentor told me years ago- "If you have the "eye" for photography, you will make great photos"
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It's great for the price

Relatively cheap and very good addition to the standard 18-55mm. I bought it when I only had my 18-55mm (without IS) with my Xti.

Meanwhile I bought the 15-85mm which has lowered my need for this one a bit and the larger overlap makes the 40-60 range less awkward.
Even portraits with this lens look better than the original 18-55mm (mk I)
250mm requires steady hand or tripod but I've been able to make handheld shots throughout the range.

It's a bit slow for indoors but great for outdoors and candid shots. It's not super-heavy either.

The lens got stuck once but Canon repaired it free of charge (just shipping cost).

Own: Xti/T3i/18-55mm mk I, mk II, 15-85mm, 55-250mm, 50mm f1.8
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on March 8, 2017
I bought this for my wife for Christmas and she loves it. It is a good quality lens especially for the price. We had been priced out of a long lens for years, despite wanting one. This is one nice thing about having an older camera (Digital Rebel XT, purchased in 2007), the accessories come down in price along with the camera. While this lens may not be top of the line, professional grade, it works well for us taking nice crisp photos with that beautiful look you can only get from a long lens, especially good for portrait photography.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 22, 2012
I'm very pleased with this lens given the price. Although it won't give a Canon L lens a run for its money, it's reasonable fast and has a nice range. The build quality is very good for this price point. Both the zoom movement and focusing are smooth. The zoom marking are well-marked. While the mount is plastic rather than metal, this keeps the lens weight down, which is always something that I appreciate. Despite being plastic the mount and housing are more than sturdy enough for even the most avid amateur photographer.

The image stabilization works very well and is an essential feature to have unless you have rock-steady hands.

I find the image quality to be excellent at all zoom ranges except for when it's at its max range, but even then it's more than acceptable.

It's certainly not the best lens that Canon makes, but I don't think there's another zoom out there that can match this performance at this price. It's a great second lens if you have a crop sensor body (such as the Rebel series) and the 18-55mm zoom (which is a common kit lens). The pair provides a wide range of shooting opportunities at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend.
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on September 17, 2016
This is a well made Canon lens, but since purchasing this I have purchased a used Canon EOS M1 for $179.00 less the lens, with a $40.00 Fotodiox adapter which this lens can fit on. Then I purchased an EOS EF-M 18-55mm lens which fills in the gap. I love the M and will probably sell my t3i.
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on September 22, 2017
For the money, this is a great lens. I'm an amateur nature photographer and this lens came in handy when I was whale watching this summer. Went with this lens over the 300 mm because of the image stabilization, which my shaky hands definitely need.
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on November 10, 2010
I purchased this lens primarily for the price. I was looking for a telephoto zoom lens that would give me decent image quality, be an all-around telephoto, and be affordable enough that I would not mind taking it on treks or travel.

Overall, this lens surprised me. Even some of the technical reviews on the photo sites rate the image quality for this lens as "impressively sharp" for such an entry level lens. It has a very useful range (but do remember that with Canon crop-sensor cameras you have 1.6x factor, thus the 55-250mm range is really comparable to a 88-400mm range).

The image stabilization works well, and it does help get sharp images.

My 2 negative comments are:
1. construction: it is not very sturdy, mostly plastic (although strong plastic)
2. the barrel rotates when focusing so it is a pain when you are using a polarizer filter -- you will have to adjust every time you focus

If you can afford it, get an L lens which will give you better construction quality, better image quality, weather-sealing, and no issues with polarizers. If you can't afford the L lens, or if you want a cheaper lens that you won't feel terrible if something happens, this is a very good choice overall.

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on July 5, 2011
This is my first telephoto zoom lens, and I have been having so much fun experimenting with the new abilities it gives me. It does a wonderful job at doing what it was designed for: taking quality pictures at a distance. So far, I have used it to take pictures of wildlife and pictures at a concert, and I've been quite happy with the results. Previously, my concert photos always had to be cropped way down, and the image quality was therefore not great; but with this lens, I finally have some true-to-life pictures. The same goes for pictures of wildlife (I've snapped shots of beaver, deer, muskrats, squirrels, chipmunks etc). With my 58mm lens, I could take pictures, but it was difficult (if not impossible) to get close enough for a high quality image. This lens gives me a much more crisp, clear image that I don't need to crop much.

As someone who only takes pictures as a hobby and for memory-keeping, I like that the zoom mechanism is plastic and lightweight. I want to be able to carry my camera on walks and not feel too weighed down.

The limitations of this lens are that you must be standing at several feet distance from the subject to focus: so if you want to catch a dragonfly on a flower, you have to back up a few feet and then zoom in for a close-up shot. I learned this the hard way! It is also slower to focus than the 58mm lens that came with my Canon Rebel T2i, especially in lower light. However, for me, it was most important to be able to take quality shots at a distance at a relatively reasonable price and this lens performs very well.
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I bought this lens at same time as the Canon T2i to pick up where the 18-55 kit lens leaves off, and have taken some very good photos with it.

However, I learned taking photos at the Patriots vs Rams pre-season game that I will never get "pro" quality photos at night, not even at professional football games where the lighting is very good to ensure tv viewers get good visibility. Even with ISO at 1600 I was able to manage a shutter speed of only 400 at f5.6, not enough to get crisp shots of moving players. Shots taken when there was a slow down or pause in the action were very good, even at the above mentioned settings, but when the players were moving rapidly, the shots were a little soft. Post processing made them very satisfactory for personal enjoyment, but not for more more ambitious use.

Earlier I might have given the lens a 4, maybe even a 3, because of my game experience, but since the game I have learned a lot about lenses and I now know that the relatively low-light photos I got were the best I could expect from this f4.0-5.6 lens. If I were going to shoot a lot of night sports, I would be saving for a 2.8 zoom lens, but they are very, very expensive for a good one. An f2.8 lens is a much faster lens than a 4-5.6

In day time settings, I have consistently gotten clear, sharp shots but have not yet tried shooting kiteboarders, something I enjoy doing. However, my expectation is that I will get good shots because I'll be shooting during the day and able to shoot at 800 at a minimum, more likely 1000.

I have been practicing taking sports photos by photographing the batters in action for several local teams. Two of these games were in the late afternoon and I was shooting at 5 pm or later in October, meaning that light was becoming low. For these shots I put the camera in Tv mode and set the shutter speed at 1000. ISO was on auto and the camera was allowed to select the best ISO up to a maximum of 1600. At this time of day, even in the autumn light, I got very crisp shots. Many required some processing to improve exposure, but the results were very satisfactory because the subjects were sharp. People to whom I have shown the photos said they were "great".

In summary, for what I do most of the time, this lens is excellent. And I really appreciate the image stabilizer. I can't imagine buying a lens without it since 98% of the shooting I do is hand held.
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on August 18, 2017
Nice lens in good condition. I recently took a trip to Colorado and needed a better super zoom lens. This one does
a good job. Gets quite far, but sometimes I need a little more. Those lenses are however quite expensive. For everyday
use this one is quite good. Makes me realize I needed to replace my Canon Rebel camera as for close up photos my
cell phone does better.
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