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on February 10, 2014
If you are on a budget and on the consumer end of the prosumer spectrum, like me... and, like me, you still want a good, cheap zoom lens. This is it. (Save extra buying the bulk packaging version)
Now, if you are more on the pro end of the prosumer spectrum, you probably know to look for a lens with USM and IS.
If you buy this lens, be aware that you'll have to use your tripod in low light situations... there's no IS on this lens.
It's a lens best used outside with plenty of day light, hey... it's an f/4-5.6, so no surprise there.
Good glass though, I've achieved better pictures with this lens than the with the 35-80 which is also f/4-5.6
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on April 7, 2014
This is a cheap lens and it does a good job for the price. The autofocus is noisy and when zoomed in really far it shakes the lens quite a bit. Because the aperture only opens to 4.0/f you need really good light or you'll get a lot of noise in your photos. Honestly, though, I like this lens a lot. I use it to take photos of the moon and it is fantastic.
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on March 29, 2012
I am not a professional. I am just a mom. 99% of the photos I take are of my children. Before purchasing this lens, I only had the kit lens and one prime lens. I wanted a lens that would allow me to zoom in a bit so that I could snap photos of my children playing without having to be right up on them. This is the perfect lens for that. I shot my son's first Little League game this past weekend while I was in the stands and he was in the outfield. I got some of the most excellent shots showing his true emotions, because he wasn't posing. he didn't see me right up on him taking photos. I can't afford a $1,000-2,000 lens so this was the perfect price and I have gotten tons of compliments on the shots. I even shot most of them on manual using the sports setting (I have a Canon Rebel). A lot of them were taken through a little hole in the fence.
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on June 18, 2014
First off I'm going to say that I bought this lens used for $100. I read plenty of reviews and most of them talked about how the amount of sharpness gets really low when you get around 300mm. This is true. From my testing, 75-200mm seems to be the sweet spots for this lens. I shot a few pictures out in the woods at 75mm f/4 of my Dad and the bokeh was pretty awesome. I also shot some pictures of birds at 300mm and it's just very unsharp the second you crop. The only way I've found to get good bird shots is to be really close to them. This is very difficult unless you're at a popular park where the birds are fairly used to humans. Here is a picture I took at 300mm and is only very slightly cropped [...] I was only a few feet from this bird. As you can see it's a sharp image due to VERY minimal cropping. It is difficult to fill the frame with these little birds let alone get close to them. Here is another bird at the same exact place [...] This was shot at 155mm, it was at Clingman's Dome in Gatlinburg which is a very popular place which makes these birds fairly used to humans. I put down some nuts right next to myself and it walked right up and took them and that's how I got this picture.

Pros and Cons

Takes great portraits at 75mm
Very inexpensive for what it is
Fairly well built for the price

You lose almost all sharpness once you crop above 250mm
The zooming is not very smooth

Overall, who would I recommend this to?

I would recommend this to any beginner photographer who wants to take pictures of their family or friends that may also enjoying wildlife photography. This would also be a great lens for someone who doesn't really care much about photography but wants a nice zoom lens to sit on their porch and take pictures of wildlife from far away (birds, deer, etc)

TL;DR: Overall great value, absolutely worth the buy.
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on November 1, 2011
I'm relatively new to DSLR photography, and this is my first non-kit lens (though I have tired other lenses in the store, I don't think that really counts).

So far, I'm very pleased with this lens. The zoom is very satisfying...buildings a mile away become a useable size. I'll just break it down into pros and cons.

PRO- Smooth focus and zoom irises.
PRO- Good image quality for most of the lens' range.
PRO- Affordable
PRO- Provides great zoom ability (75-300), "completes" the kit lens (18-55).

CON- Autofocus is kinda slow
CON- F-stop requires a lot of light when zoomed in around 300mm. This would be true of any lens, though.
CON- Images might not be that clean when zoomed in around 300mm. This could be due to the increased gain or shutter speed, but in general I found I had to work a lot harder to get a crisp, sharp image when I zoomed in at 300mm (again, could be true of any lens, but this is the only one I know).

Ultimately, I'm really glad I got it. I'm guessing other lenses are better because they cost more, but I can't comment on those.
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on December 23, 2010
I own several top quality Canon 'L' Lenses, so I am used to using the very best lenses.
The instructions for this lens state: 'Do not focus in MF [Manual Focusing] when the focus mode is set to AF [Auto Focus].'
The top of the line Canon Lenses allow you to tweak the focus Manually after the Auto Focus has done the best it can.
The Auto Focus is slower than that of 'L' lenses.

I captured a shot of the moon and the color aberrations on the on the edges of the moon were quite visible when the images where viewed at 100%.
This is not a professional quality lens which costs $1,000 more than this lens.
The lens at 300 mm f/5.6 is 6 stops slower than the f/2.8 lens, meaning the exposure time must be 6 times longer than the f/2.8 'L' lens.
This is not a lens to shoot Weddings in a dark Church where flash is not permitted. This is not a lens to capture car races.

Used outdoors in sunlight, this lens is quite acceptable. Do you want to take a photo of your child at bat in a day baseball game?
This lens will meet your needs at $1,000 less than an 'L' quality lens.
If you didn't understand what I mentioned about color aberration, and you don't use manual focus tweaking, and you don't want to 'freeze frame' fast motion, and you don't have a creative effect in mind that requires the lens open more than f5.6, this lens is a very cost effective lens.

As a final note, while I own other Canon lenses that cost about 10 times as much as this lens, I am keeping this lens with a complete understanding of the limits of when I may use the lens effectively.
It is a great value for the money!
review image
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on March 27, 2009
This is a "cheap" telephoto lens for a "cheap" camera but both are excellent if you remember not to expect too much - it works great for what I need it for but have to remember I'm not going to get wonderful shots with movement, especially sports and other action shots - for the price of the camera and the lens I'm very satisfied - in fact, very, VERY satisfied - if I want something professional I'll have to spend a lot more money - would recommend the Canon Rebel EOS and this zoom lens to anyone, novice or pro - just don't expect to have Sports Illustrated quality photos . . . and remember to hold it as steady as you can!
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on September 22, 2015
I'll try to be as objective as possible, being as this lens is entirely an entry level lens. Though I also feel I should outline my disappointment with this lens, as someone who's trying to take the step up from "entry level photographer".

Build quality is about par for the course, what you'd expect for an entry level lens. Zoom ring has a bit of play that makes it feel flimsy, but not enough to really bother you. Focus ring is a bit more on tact. Though the front element extending and rotating like crazy during focusing or zooming is a bit annoying when using a polarizer. Granted, who uses a polarizer on a Tele?

Auto focus is also about par, it'll do the job in decent enough lighting. Though the further you get from 75mm the worse it seems to do (in many more ways than one) with focus being rather slow, and somewhat inaccurate.

Picture quality is actually pretty commendable at 75mm (ideal portrait focal length) straight from f/4, though that quality disappears as you turn the zoom ring. At 300mm it's a pretty sad performance for sharpness and chromatic aberrations, even when stopped down to f/8.

Final thoughts on this lens would be that if you're a grandma looking to shoot little Jimmy's soccer game, then by all means get it. You won't find a better lens for the price point. Though if you're looking into getting serious about photography, this lens will only wet your palette and invoke a thirst for more.

I actually wanted to only give it a 3.5 star rating. The only reason I stuck with 4 is because it pairs surprisingly well with a raynox 250 for macro.
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on May 19, 2010
Bought my husband a Canon DSLR for Christmas and added on this lens for his birthday. He loves both! The lens is easier to use than he was given to understand by various reviews. He found it to be very stable. He had used a telephoto lens with his old Canon (non-digital). In fact, I didn't think he would ever switch from film to digital. But, he loves it! Wonderful camera - he's a big Canon fan. Wonderful telephoto lens. Would recommend highly.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon January 24, 2016
I bought this used, in the $40-50 price range and it was in excellent shape, still in original box with the original protective packaging. It is auto focus but isn't the IS (image stabilizer) anti-shake type, but I knew that. I've taken several pictures with it and they came out great. I already had two Anti-shake type lenses including a really nice 250 which I bought used about a year ago, and the one that came with the camera. I also recently bought a brand new version of the "nifty fifty" which is fantastic, but what I was missing was a nice 300. I didn't want to invest a lot, I keep telling myself not to get carried away with this hobby, I'm not a pro, just somebody who likes taking quality pictures. I bought that 250 used and I was quite pleased with the condition it was in, (photographers take good care of their toys), so I thought I would take a chance on this one and I'm glad I did, great shots for the price I paid.
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