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on January 30, 2010
Purchased this grip for my new Canon EOS 7D. It has always been a challenge to hold the camera in portrait mode. Flipping it 90 degrees and then placing your hand in a contorted fashion over the top of the camera is tricky in the best of circumstances and can contribute to having photos out of focus from camera shake. This grip solves that problem easily, and makes taking a portrait framed photo a breeze. The shutter release is duplicated on the battery grip so when you rotate the camera, the shutter release and main controls are right where your fingers need them to be. It does add size and heft to the overall camera, but I find the user interface to actually be improved no matter which way you wont to hold the camera in spite of the additional weight. Another way to think about adding this to your camera is that it turns an EOS 7D into a Mark !, for a lot less money (albeit it is still not full frame, and a few other features are not up to the hefty price tag either).

I strongly recommend considering this add-on. As a side benefit, you place two batteries in the compartment, so it effectively doubles the amount of shooting you can do at one sitting. If I were to suggest any further changes for Canon to make, it would be to allow the grip to be plugged in to re-charge the batteries without the necessity of removing them from the grip. All-in-all a very worthy addition to my EOS 7D.
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on July 27, 2011
I can't help but laugh inside when I read the reviews of people who insist on going with a knock off brand or complain about spending the 150 or so bucks for this item.... when they own a very expensive 7D camera body and/or an assortment of costly lenses to begin with. Sure, we all want to save a little money, but I'm of the school that you get what you pay for, and this grip certainly is no exception to that rule. First of all, I don't have to worry about the unit not being completely compatible, features that do not work, damaged electronics in my camera, or having to turn my camera off every single time as to not burn up my batteries.... it's a Canon brand grip, and was made by the manufacturer for THEIR camera... and that alone is worth the extra money to me. The quality of the grip is outstanding and has same materials as the 7D, and upon first installing it, I noticed that it completely changed the feel of holding the 7D. That being said, I understand everyone has different sized hands, but this grip fits my hand like a glove, and it makes holding my camera in both horizontal and portrait aspect a complete joy. The buttons are well positioned, and the shutter button on my grip feels and operates very similar to the one on my 7D. Yes, the grip adds a little weight to the camera, but the gain you get in comfort, vertical shooting, and battery life more than justifies this purchase. I highly recommend this grip.
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on April 14, 2011
This is the second grip I own. The first one I bought was for my primary camera, the 5D MK II. Because the batteries are the same for the two cameras, I first thought I would be able to interchange the battery grip. However I wanted one for each camera so I wouldn't have to constantly switch it over to the one I was using at that particular time. Fortunately I didn't just get online and order the grip for the 5D because, though it may or may not be compatible, it would lack the M. Fn. button that is unique to that of the 7D, allowing you to quickly and easily change autofocus modes as well as any other functions that I haven't explored yet on the 7D.

I was pleased with the price of the grip. I seem to remember the 5D grip costing more at the time of its purchase. The benefits of the grip go beyong the initial capability to house two batteries (or a battery cartridge containing 6 AA batteries!). I enjoy having something substantial to hold onto while handling my camera, and it provides somewhat of a shelf for your small finger to rest on. Additionally, it offers you the same controls as the camera has on the top right edge: the shutter button, the previously mentioned M Fn. button, the dial for changing shutter speed, etc., the AF-On button, the AF selection button, and the exposure lock * button, eliminating the need to awkwardly reach over the camera in a vertical shooting scenario.

As I read on the review for the 5D MK II grip prior to purchasing it, the grip facilitates vertical shooting in such a way that users are more likely to take these shots and get that portrait composition that works better for some subjects and gives a unique perspective on some as well. If it's easier to shoot landscape style shots, that's what the majority of a person's pictures will be. With this grip providing you the same access to controls as a horizontal shot, you can just as easily add vertical shots to your portfolio. The grip also conveniently allows you to store the original battery compartment door inside the original battery compartment, so it will be there (not at home in a box) should you decide to remove the grip and pack light.

I tend to agree with those who say that once you get a grip for one of your cameras, it'll be hard to be without one for the rest of the cameras you purchase. I have no experience with off-brand products, and I know that people say you're paying for the name on this, but I come from the school that you get what you pay for, even if that means you have to pay for the name on top of the quality. These are electronics and it is rather difficult to get your money back out of them, so I would recommend getting what you want the first time instead of coming to realize that the "just as good for less" product doesn't cut it and then paying for this name brand and using the off-brand for a paper weight. Just my two cents though, and its your money so spend it how you like!
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on February 8, 2013
Most of these reviews already cover the Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip's best and worst traits. I thought I would just reiterate what I have found to be the most pleasing aspects the unit.

First, I bought the grip for use when recording digital video. I appreciate that the BG-E7 Battery Grip can accept the Canon batteries or AA batteries. That leaves a nice safety net when doing long complicated projects like shooting digital video.

Second, it adds quite a bit of size and mass, which makes the Canon 7D setup look very professional and intimidating. So if you were using the camera for press related events, you look like you belong with a massive monster of a camera setup.

Third, the BG-E7 Battery Grip is very easy to use and attaches easily. It isn't perfect, as I use a silicon protective body skin and the BG-E7 Battery Grip doesn't work with it (I have to just remove the skin), but it is an adequate unit.

I also like buying Canon peripheral products for Canon units. I have found Canon to cost a little more, but Canon tends to be a bit sturdier and work seamlessly.

Those are the things that I find pleasing about the BG-E7 Battery Grip. Just an opinion, but I would
recommend the BG-E7 Battery Grip to anyone interested in a backup battery unit for his or her Canon 7D.
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on July 8, 2012
In terms of design, function, and aesthetics, the BG-E7 grip is a must have for any serious DSLR photog. The most obvious benefit is the extra battery life you get when you add an extra battery pack to the two battery bay. This is my second Canon battery grip and I've never run out of battery power while shooting...and I often go weeks between battery charges. I also really like the ergonomic feel of the gives me much more flexibily when handling my 7D. In addition to the extra shutter button located on the grip which makes horizontal shots much easier, there are several other useful function buttons that increase the versatility of this unit. On the down side I'm not crazy about the extra weight the BG-E7 contributes to the 7D...this is particularly obvious when out doing day-long location shots...though I think in the long run, this is a minor inconvenience when compared to the benefits this grip provides. The other complaint I have is the fact that Canon forced me to buy new batteries for the BG-E7...I have another battery grip that I used on my old 20D and 40D, but to my surprise and dissapointment the old grip doesn't work with the 7D. I wondered why I had to buy a new grip for my 7D and discovered when I tried to insert one of my old Canon batteries into the BG-E7 that they don't fit...not cool...particularly considering I have 4 batteries for the old grip system...and the new batteries ain't cheap. Overall I do recommend this product, but wish that Canon had allowed me to use the old grip system...I'm not sure why they did this unless the 7D requires more power that couldn't be satisfied with the old battery system. Having a grip makes shooting easier and significantly increases control when handling my 7D. A great product.
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on March 2, 2013
I ordered this the same day I did my camera - a Canon 7D. I shoot alot of basketball, and having the shutter release and other controls available in the traditional spot while holding the camera in vertical (portrait) mode is very valuable to me. The extra batter life is helpful. It has an extra mounting point for a handstrap, which is useful, and I have adapted a handstrap for use in portrait mode. A couple of cautions: 1) this grip is fairly wide at the base, as the batteries go in horizontally. This is no issue for me, in fact I appreciate having something to get a hold of. If you have small hands, this might be difficult or uncomfortable for you. 2), with the grip, the 7d is a beefy camera, and quite a handful. Again, not so much of an issue for m. It tends to balance out long lenses. You might not like it. Great quality. Been using this heavily for 18 months and still going strong.
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on January 18, 2012
If you shoot a lot of shots portrait style then this thing is a must have! It just makes it so much easier and comfortable. It takes a little getting used to switching your hand position, but ultimately is so worth it! It even helps just the normal landscape position because it gives you a little more room to hold onto.

Also if you shoot a lot and/ or shoot video you know that batteries can drain faster then you would like. This grip can hold two batteries so that can give you about 2000 shots! It can also hold 6 AA batteries in the included battery magazine. That can be very useful if you are away from a charger, but have AA's around. The problem with AA's is that you only get about 600 shots and you cannot know how much battery life you still have left because they are not chipped.

One con about this grip is that the shutter button is more sensitive then the one on the body. I often find myself "double tapping" and taking two pictures, but that is not that big of a problem. Some people may actually prefer it that way.

Overall the build quality is great! It is weather sealed and has a magnesium alloy frame, just like the 7D body. Very rugged. I would easily recommend this grip over any other third party manufacturer. You will not be disappointed by this grip. If you got a cheaper one you will always be wishing you had just saved a little more and got this one.
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VINE VOICEon April 20, 2012
I have average sized hands for a male (I can't palm a basketball) but most DSLRs feel small when I use them - especially with a pro telephoto lens or zoom attached. With my 50D's, I purchased them with a grip so I never used them without one. I didn't realize that having it attached (with 2 batteries) gave me better control, incredible battery life and better overall balance. With the 7D grip comes added heft too but I found that if I use lithium AA batteries, it seems a little lighter. I think the difference in weight is not worth the cost (lithium AA's cost about $2.50 each) but you may not so that's my weight saving tip.

There is also a second shutter release for "portrait" shooting - I'm not sure I will use it since I like holding the camera by the sides and using the standard shutter button (hey, gimmie a break - I've been shooting like this since my college daze).

Despite the fact that the grip isn't actually made in Japan, it's still well made and has that typical Canon quality.

If you shoot a lot with a long telephoto/zoom and want the benefit of really long battery life, get the BG-E7 and a spare battery. You won't be disappointed.
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on May 2, 2014
This battery grip is solid, and you can't go wrong with a genuine Canon product. This battery grip allows me to extend my picture taking so I don't have to miss any good shots - I just bring along a few extra batteries for extended shoots. I used the last battery grip on another Canon camera for over 10 years before I upgraded my system, and that was reason enough to purchase this one for my new 7D. This grip is easy to use, and I like that it has its own shutter release, which makes it easier to shoot at different angles. This is one great product!
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on December 7, 2011
I got this grip for my 7D - loved it. it feels sturdy and well built. I recently bought a 70-200 and that big lens on my 7D would have been making me unbalanced. luckily, the battery grip offsets the grip to my hand. i feel more confident in holding my camera. it does add A LITTLE bit of weight, but thats what you expected with two batteries inside. I like the material, it doesn't feel like cheap plastic. Buttons are great, wheel is solid, i love this equipment. i bought a 3rd party grip first a few months back but immediately returned it. this grip is NOTHING like the 3rd party sellers. You cannot compare this to the real thing. yes they might LOOK alike, but just the feel of them makes me proud to own one.

my one complaint is that the wheel that you spin to screw onto the camera stays a bit lose even after you fasten the grip to the camera. it tends to spin freely about 1/8 of the way. isn't a big compliant, something very minor, but its there nonetheless.
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