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on June 9, 2015
I have been burned by purchasing off-brand items so I went with the canon brand battery grip even though it was quite a bit more expensive than the knockoffs.

What I liked about it: It fits well and looks good on my t5i. It stores the battery compartment door so you don't lose it, offers pinkie support for larger hands, comes with 2 cradles: one which holds up to 2 rechargeable camera batteries; the other will hold 6 standard AA batteries (which helps in a pinch), makes portrait orientation shots easier with the standard controls handy (the controls can be turned off if desired to avoid accidental bumps), makes the camera look a little beefier than it really is..

What I didn't like about it: The cost is higher than it needs to be for what it is, it adds a little weight to the rig, the unit stopped powering the camera after about 4 months..

Overall: It was helpful while it lasted but I am disappointed at how quickly it stopped working. I don't even feel as though I have used it all that much and I try to baby my equipment to maximize the lifespan. I would recommend caution when considering a purchase of this item.

Amazon tells me I am too late to return it for warranty so I plan to take it apart and try to figure out what made it stop working.
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on September 11, 2014
I love it. I did not expect all that is contained in the grip itself. First and foremost, Canon's battery for the EOS cameras is phenomenal. It is so dependable as a singular unit. Then to have a duplicate is a real confidence builder. As I have written previously about the Canon battery, it is just amazing how long it retains battery life. On a two week safari, taking over 400 shots, I kept watching for the battery to give out on me. It never did. I however did charge it once due to my insecurity.
Now to have a duplicate I am looking forward to my next extended photo trip. I will take my charger just in case. :-)
I also love the vertical grip operation. This keeps you from becoming a contortionist when taking shots with the camera in a vertical position.
The downside is, the grip does add additional weight to the camera. One of the reasons I chose the t5i is because of the light weight. Meaning lighter than the full frame Canon's. The battery grip pushes my t5i to the full frame level minus the grip on the full frame.
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on December 10, 2015
I like these grips. They add a nice weight to the camera and provide some nice contours that make handling the camera easier. It fits in my hand better as well. I like the comfort of knowing that I have two batteries at the ready so I don't have to switch as much. I'm not sure if the Canon brand is any better then the generic but I bit the bullet and bought the name brand. Call me a sucker. If you know someone with a generic version check with them before you buy the expensive one. But the grip itself is solid quality.
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on March 25, 2012
If camera manufacturers would make SLR/DSLR cameras just a little taller and more comfortable I probably wouldn't use a battery grip. But the simple fact that a grip does just that...allows you to grip the camera much more reliably makes them worth using in my opinion. This includes both horizontal and vertical orientations. And, with the added button controls for shooting vertically, it's also pretty convenient.

Using two rechargeable batteries, I've been able to shoot well over 800 pictures before the battery indicator moved one notch. And, the brilliant ability to load six, standard, double `A' batteries if needed has saved me once already. In fact, the charge provided by the double `A' battery solution proved to last a very long time as well.

I have never tried using a third party grip and have been more than happy with this genuine, Canon brand, of grips. The mating to the camera is an extremely strong connection that has never loosened on me yet is very simple and quick to remove if needed.

Pros: Seamless integration with the camera, extremely long lasting battery life, provides outstanding gripping ability on the camera, adds extended button controls for shooting vertically, quick and easy changing of the batteries.

Cons: Slightly heavy with double `A' batteries, adds a little more overall height than desired to the camera.
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on January 28, 2013
I won't name the manufacturer, but I originally bought a version of this Canon accessory at about a third the cost. Well, sometimes you get what you pay for. After using the 'knockoff' battery grip for about a month I gave up. It worked okay on occasion, but was functionally limited and developed a crack in it's housing. Not from a drop, mind you, but from normal use alone. I decided to bite the bullet and pony up for the Canon battery grip. In short...a very good decision. Not only does the BG-E8 grip exhibit the same quality and feel of the camera (t2i) body, but it fits the camera perfectly and carries many of the camera's functions to buttons on the grip. I particularly like the 'portrait' shutter button on the grip and the ability to hold the camera in portrait position with a firm and hand-friendly grip. And of no small importance, I am really smitten by the fact that I now have two battery packs powering things. I shot hundreds of exposures last weekend and barely put a dent in reserves. I don't doubt that I could shoot for hours without having to install fresh batteries. I'm really happy with my purchase.
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on March 24, 2011
I always thought a grip like this would be nice with all my previous Canons, but I finally scraped together enough to splurge on one. It IS pricey, but, now that I have it, I wish I had one sooner!!!
I am not a photographer...I take pictures. I have lots of dogs and I LOVE taking photos as they all play together. I set the camera on continuous shooting and in an average session I may take 500+ photos, but only keep 5 or so. I use the camera vertically often but always feel like I am about to drop it.
The grip came yesterday and I am absolutely wishing I had one long, long ago! The camera feels secure and is easy to grip vertically, and those extra buttons are perfect!!!
I think it looks a bit clunky, but I am sure I will get used to that and I was pleasantly surprised that alot of weight wasn't added.
The only problem I have, albeit minor, is re-learning were the viewfinder is as it is now about an inch higher when the camera is used vertically. Not a big deal.
The extra battery power is nice, I guess... I have NEVER come up short on battery life before, but it's always good to have extra!!!
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on February 7, 2014
I was hesitant about getting a battery grip for my T5i for fear of having a noticeable increase in weight of the camera; however, upon installation, the overall balance and feel of the camera was amazing and greatly improved! I am now looking forward to being able to take 2,500 to over 3,000 pictures before having to charge the batteries. Also, it will obviously increase the length of video time available before having to change/charge the batteries. The great feature with a battery grip is that you don't have to remove it from a tripod in order to change the batteries. This alone is worth investment, that is, if you use a tripod a lot for photos and/or videos. I did, however, need to get a different camera bag, and the Tamrac 5603 System 3 Camera Bag works perfectly and is big enough to fit the camera with battery grip, an additional lens, and small flash.
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on September 29, 2012
First off let me say, I love this grip, though it is not perfect. (Review based on experience with this product used on Canon T3i)

The added ergonomics, stability, and functions are nothing compared to the sheer longevity you get when doubling up your batteries. The stock Canon LP-E8 battery leaves something to be desired when it comes to battery life but when paired the heavens open up and miracles happen. Well, maybe not miracles, but 8 hours with the camera on and sleep mode disabled is something of a godsend.

Just a quick feature overview: This grip is built fairly solid, the texture on the rubberized parts matches that of the T3i body, and it doesn't feel like a cheap chunk of plastic. (Which it probably is) The battery tray (both AA and LP-E8) look cheesy, like shiny brittle plastic. <- That really has nothing to do with anything, with the tray in the grip it won't be subjected to even the mildest abuse. The exposure buttons feel a bit "poppier" than the buttons on the camera itself, not as solid so to speak. The shutter button itself is a direct 1 to 1 with the button on the camera itself, which is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Believe you me, the feel of the shutter button is very important from my experience, having one button have one "feel" and the other a different "feel" is a bad thing, it can throw your whole shot off. Canon did it right and made it identical in all ways to the button on the body which is simply amazing.

Instead of Pros and Cons, lets make this a bit more personal as I am by no means a professional reviewist!

Things I like!

- Double the battery life
- Vertical AV, AE Lock, Focus Zone, Scroll Wheel, and Shutter Button
- That little bit extra weight and size
- The "Battery Door" compartment so you don't lose your stock body door!

Things I Dislike!

- Something goes clunk from time to time, I have no idea what it is (I assume it has something to do with how the grip locks into the camera body)
- When shooting horizontal my pinky finger finds itself a little pressed to find a place on the grip.

To sum it up, if you desire extended battery life, this is a must. All the other features boil down to bells and whistles in my opinion.

Consider your needs as a photographer before purchasing. What do you need?

If you're a casual shooter, do you want the extra weight? Do you need the vertical buttons? Will your large hands make using this grip uncomfortable? Will it fit in your current camera bag when attached to your camera? (Which is something I never considered until I had to do it)

This product is very sturdy, reliable, and makes a long day of shooting a lot less stressful. If this is something you want then buy with confidence! If you are unsure whether you need it or not, stew on it, it's a great product, but it also serves a particular market. Just don't buy it to make your rig look cool.
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on November 16, 2015
I purchased this battery grip 9 months ago and it works great. My photo shoots will last up to three hours, and having the extra battery has been a game changer. Plus having the controls available on the grip when I turn the camera vertical makes it so convenient. Yes it is a little more expensive than the cheap after market versions, but I have had no problems with the Canon version. So make the investment.
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on March 15, 2014
After reading the reviews of some third-party battery grips and some of the difficulties others had with them, I decided to go with the official Canon grip. I'm glad I did! It's comfortable, adds some extra heft to my camera, and makes taking portrait orientation shots much easier. It's a perfect fit on the camera and is very sturdy.

What really sold me on this was the AA battery cartridge included. Granted, it's unlikely I'll ever need that as two of the rechargeable Canon batteries in the grip will last quite a while, but it's a nice option to have just in case. While AA batteries won't provide full power to the camera, (the instructions state it won't shoot as fast in continuous shooting mode, for example) it's still good to have a backup option.
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