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on September 20, 2013
This was ordered from a company called USAAM - This charger is a piece of garbage!! You plug it in and the green light will come on and then it goes off!! I had also ordered the battery with the charger - how stupid of me. The batteries do the same when you put them in the charger - it blinks red, green off! I also tried the batteries in my canon charger (from canon) and they did not work!!! The worst part is that when I tried to return it amazon told me I had to wait for the seller to OK the return, in a foreign country! I never thought I would have to deal with an overseas company. I ordered from Amazon not someone I would have to deal with in China!@! Amazon said I had to wait 48 hours before they could look into it. That time has come and gone. Amazon now says that they will try to contact the seller and work this problem out!!! This could take 2- 3 weeks!! Why did I order from amazon? Because I have never had a problem when I needed to return something. How would you know that this is a foreign company you will be dealing with?
I have purchase many third party items and it is still handled that same great way that I know amazon can do. This is just insulting - the item is garbage and I can't even get an OK to return it. I think that there should be a notice when the company is shipping from overseas. I will certainly be more careful in the future. I am disappointed in the product but more so in Amazon for not taking care of this ASAP
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on February 2, 2014
After reading some of the reviews I thought I'd buy this battery. I missed the reviews on people saying it's a counterfeit battery.

Once it was received I was immediately suspicious as the quality of the print on the battery is nowhere near the original battery. The font is not clear nor crisp, the battery does not have the voltage or mA rating anywhere on it, and it states "made in China", while the original is "made in Japan". Not wanting to jump to conclusions I decided to check with Canon.

After taking several pictures of the battery from all angles, as well as the packaging and hologram and sending them to Canon they confirmed the battery is counterfeit. I then ordered the 'eal Canon battery from B+H and after having both side by side it's completely obvious the battery, package, printing and even hologram is completely different.

The only difference between this battery and the $5 ones you see on Amazon is the name "Canon" illegally printed on the battery, and the $20 price difference you're paying! It is NOT a Canon battery. If you want the original CANON battery, DO NOT buy this!

If you want a cheap replacement, buy one of the $5 ones. You'll probably be getting the exact same battery, only without someone trying to take more of your money selling you something under false (and illegal) pretense. This battery may last a long time, I don't know. But if I pay for a Canon battery, and this battery is much more than most of the 3rd party replacements, I want an actual Canon battery, not a cheap fake with Canon printed on it.

I'm giving it a 1 star only because I cannot give a zero star.

Now to give the whole story, I did contact the seller after determining the battery to be counterfeit and he did agree to a refund of my money. But the point is this is not a Canon original battery, confirmed by Canon. I would not recommend this battery at all. Either buy a Canon-original elsewhere or buy one of the $5-10 "legitimate" 3rd party ones, get the same thing and save some money, and don't support someone selling a counterfeit product.
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on June 25, 2013
Purchased this as a spare battery for my S100 camera and disappointed in the product. It was inauthentic and did not contain the Canon hologram. The print on the backside of this battery was also different from my original, authentic one. When it was fully charged the battery only lasted for, a generous, 100 photos. Very disappointed that I received a knock-off product and glad I was able to return it for a full refund.
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on June 14, 2012
Original review [June 12, 2012]: I bought this battery in November 2011 as a backup battery to go with the Canon PowerShot S100 that we had just purchased.

It arrived new, in it's original Canon packaging. It charges in a few hours and works well.

Sometimes, I wish I had three of these as the S100 can go through battery juice like a camel in a desert, especially if you take any video and have the image stabilization turned on.

If you have a Canon PowerShot S100, I highly recommend getting (at least) one of these as a backup.

Edit [Jan 13, 2014]: As others have mentioned, buyer beware. Although fulfilled by Amazon, the battery I purchased here from "Steve Borders Store" turned out to be counterfeit. This battery never had quite as good of a charge as the battery that came with the camera. Over time, the battery I purchased on Amazon as deteriorated to the point where if it lasts for a few minutes shooting video, I'm lucky. Usually, it'll die within seconds.

Although the packaging appeared genuine when it arrived, there are small, subtle differences in what's printed on this counterfeit battery versus the battery that came with the camera. For example, the Canon logo on the counterfeit has a less rounded, more angular capital C. There are a number of other printing issues that give it away upon close inspection.

I took pictures of both batteries (the one that came with the camera & the one I purchased on Amazon) and sent them to Canon's anti-counterfeiting team. They confirmed that this one is counterfeit. Here are two images showing the front and back of both real Canon battery (at top) and the battery I purchased on Amazon:

front: h[...]
back: [...]
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on February 5, 2014
I am not sure if it is an original Canon product. The picture presented by seller is from an original Canon Battery, like the original that came with camera. However, the seller sent to me one that is different of this picture. The battery was shipped inside a transparent plastic bag. BTW, I have to use this stuff to verify the quality of this 'copy'. I will not buy anything else from this seller.
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on June 24, 2014
I purchased this battery for a long backpacking trip to have a spare in addition to my original battery. After a full charge, my camera (PowerShot SD850 IS) alerts me to change the battery pack after 5 shots. The original battery I purchased 7 years ago still holds a charge and lasts up to 400-500 shots. I ended up only having one battery for my whole trip requiring me to charge it every other day or so.

Bottom line is do NOT waste your money on this fake product. Please look elsewhere for a replacement battery.
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on October 21, 2011
One Star Rating: I purchased this battery because the item depicted was a Canon battery in Canon packaging and it was on sale. Description also stated "by Canon". What I received was a cheap no name battery that I could have purchased elsewhere for much less! There is NO WAY this generic battery originally sold for $59.99. The vendor who sold this was OnSale. I DO NOT recommend purchasing this battery from them. I have contacted them to ask them to send me the item that was pictured, that is, the CANON brand battery. I will update this report when I hear from them.

After a couple of emails and about 1/2 hour on the phone, I discovered that I will not be receiving a Canon battery because I was told they are "out of stock." However, the problem has been resolved satisfactorily in another way. I have increased the rating from one star to three stars only because of OnSale's customer representative, Mark, who was very helpful in resolving the problem. (He actually gets five stars.) Had I received a Canon battery, the rating as a whole would be five stars.
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on December 4, 2012
While conducting dissertation research, at times, I take well over 600 photos a day. Therefore, it's necessary that I have more than one camera battery on hand at a time so I can continue to take photographs without interruption. The Canon NB-5L Battery Pack is an excellent battery- I get about 500 high quality photographs per battery pack (which usually is around 4 or 5 hours of continual use). Additionally, these batteries, when used with the Canon CB-2LX Battery Charger for Canon NB-5L Li-Ion Batteries, charge quickly (within about an hour or two hours). I love being able to simply switch out my battery and charge the spare while still taking other pictures. I previously used an off brand battery pack and I noticed a considerable difference in quality between the brand and the off brand. The off brand didn't last nearly as long and took about three times as long to charge. I highly recommend paying the slightly higher price for the brand battery pack as it works longer and charges faster.
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on August 8, 2010
After running my original Canon NB-5L camera battery down twice on my last major trip, both at critical times after a long day of taking hundreds of pictures causing me to miss some great, once in a lifetime shots, I knew I had to get a good spare before my next trip. I had purchased a cheap, non-Canon replacement, but it didn't last very long at all, so this time I was determined to get an original Canon battery. I just got back from another trip, and the new battery I purchased performed perfectly, lasting me all day as I switched between the two as needed over my 10 day trip - no missed pictures at all. If you need a replacement or a spare battery, I highly recommend buying the original manufacturer's product even though it's usually more expensive (sometimes much more expensive) than a 'fake'. Although it did take a little longer to get than I had planned (it came just in time before I was to leave on my trip, but that was probably just bad planning on my part), I am completely satisfied with this purchase.
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on July 27, 2013
I believe this battery is a counterfeit. I purchased this as a backup to the one that came with my new Canon camera. The visual differences raised red flags for me and then upon closer examination I noticed spelling errors in the text.
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