Customer Reviews: Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 100EG
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on June 20, 2009
Alright, this is hands down the best bag of it's size and function I have ever seen. I had bought this bag, and after my longtime camera broke, I gave it to a friend of mine. When I got a new camera, I figured I'd get another bag. When I went shopping again for a bag, I realized what a treasure this Canon bag was, and I had a hard time tracking it back down!

First off, I want to start with this brought forward, "for it's size and function." This bag is not big enough for all your toys. I chose it from the shelf of a camera store because I wanted a bag as small as possible that would hold my limited camera setup, so I could bring everything with me without having to "pack", but small enough to actually carry around all day and not have it be in the way all the time. It's roughly the same size as a woman's purse (though a little squarer in shape). That said, I currently carry in it:

Nikon D200 body (with protective rubber body, which makes it a little bulkier)
Attached 18-200mm lens with hood
SB-600 speedlight
2 extra batteries
battery charger and cord
usb cord and card reader
video cord for plugging into RCA input
remote trigger and reciever
extra memory card
lens cleaning cloths and a tiny LED flashlight (about 3" long)
a pez dispenser for plugging into the hotshoe (makes the kiddies smile) and extra pez

This makes it crowded enough to make it hard to get the camera in/out quickly, but fits everything for quick pick-up and carry. That said, taking the cords, pez, batteries, charger and extra CF card and putting them in a small pouch that hangs on the strap makes sufficient room to easily access everything else very easily. To me, the size is just right, but size is not why this bag rocks!

I ride offroad motorcycles and frequently take the camera with me. Off course, I'm concerned about it banging around or crashing and getting broken. This bag relieves this concern in several fundemental ways that I have yet to see on another bag.

First, look at the hardware. IT'S MADE OF METAL. the clips, zipper, hooks, NO PLASTIC. The hook at each end of the strap is a rotating clip. The way it's designed makes it so that you cannot apply stress to the clips just by twisting, so they last a lot longer. Plus, the spring loaded clip is shaped such that it's nearly impossible to accidentally unclip them, but very easy if you want to.

Second, look at the stitching. The solid metal ring on the bag that the strap clips to is inserted into nylon that is stitched all the way down the side of the bag and into the bottom. There six inches of stitching holding the strap on, and it's all visible. Even the top handle is totally solid, I never worry about the strap coming loose, or breaking suddenly. The ones I was seeing in the store, were plastic clips, attached to 1/4" wide strap
that had 1/2" of stitching holding it in. On other bags, in an environment where the bag is undergoing some motion, those clips could break, the stitching could come out, or the strap that the clip is attached to could break - all in an instant without any sign of wear. With this bag, I can see how close anything is to breaking.

Third, and I can't believe this is not touted in the item description, there is another strap on this bag! You can fold it back, tuck it inside a pouch in the back so that most of the time, the bag is just a regular shoulder strap orientation, but you can pull out this second strap that goes around your waist. Once again, the hardware on the second strap is high quality. On the motorcycle, this relieves most pressure from the shoulder strap, since it's really strapped tightly around my waist. No bouncing around at all. However, extreme environments aside, when I'm just walking around town shooting, I take out the second strap, tie the bag to my back essentially, and it's not constantly in the way swinging around, I don't even notice it. In addition, with the extra strap, my shoulders don't get as tired walking around with a heavy camera for a long time from a single shoulder strap.

Finally, and no one got a picture of this, there are plastic runners on the bottom of the bag, so as it's used, picked up, put down, dragged around, whatever, it's not wearing a hole in the bottom of the bag.

All in all, I was impressed at the quality in this bag when I first got it. When I start looking at other name brand bags that are supposed to do the same thing, I am amazed at the lack of quality in some of the most fundamental areas. If this bag ever wears out, I will seek out another one just like it again and again until someone else starts meeting some of the basic needs of an outdoor photographer.
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on January 8, 2010
Some of the earliest reviews (back from 2003, 2004) gave this bag 1, 2 or 3 stars because the measurements were very misleading. OK well it's 2010 now. Everyone who researches this bag knows it won't hold 2 bodies and 4 lenses lol Why Canon never updated the product tag, I have no idea! But whatever, it's a known typo. So I wanted to move on from that and write a review for what this bag is: Small in size, BIG in quality.

For such a diminutive bag, it packs a big punch. Internal dimensions are (W * H * D): 9 * 6 1/2 * 5 1/4 inches. The main compartment holds my Canon 50D with a short prime attached (35mm, 50mm, etc.). Rebels are smaller so it can hold one with the kit lens. With my 50D there is space leftover in the main compartment for an additional lens (up to 6" in length), or other similar sized item(s). Outside there is a small front zippered pocket, the inside of which is further divided into several more small pockets. It more than big enough to hold my Canon TC80N3 Timer Remote Control for EOS D30, D60, D10, 1D, 1V & 20D SLR Cameras. It's also perfect for filters, lends caps, cloths, pens, etc. The top flap also has a zippered pocket but since this pocket comes down on top of your camera you won't want to put anything large or jagged in it. It's wide enough to hold the 50's user manual but it's not deep enough to zip shut with the manual inside.

The case comes with two straps, a removable shoulder strap and a built-in waist strap. The waist strap tucks away into the bach of the bag so if you never use it, you never see it. And if you don't like straps, the top of the case has a nice padded carrying handle. The hardware is all metal, very high quality. The zippers, pulls and clips are all sturdy brushed metal. It's really a handsome looking bag, more masculine than some of the others I looked at.

I've uploaded some photos here in case that helps.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on November 25, 2003
A well made bag, but the description is misleading....It reads "Waterproof bag holds 1-2 cameras and 3-4 lenses with room for accessories". You could possibly hold four small or medium lenses, without anything else and NO accessories. You could carry two camera bodies and some film but NO lenses. But there is no way to put two bodies, and 3-4 of the smallest lenses without removing all the padding and dividers - Then you'd might as well throw them all in a plastic sack and save your money.

I bought this for a Digital Rebel and regular lens - a flash and one telephoto lens and two batteries. It is busting at the seams, and I have ordered the battery pack/grip to go onto the bottom of the camera so I'll probably have to reorder a larger one.

If you want a good looking canon bag that is small and compact, you'll like it, and it is well made and worth the current cost, just remember it is smaller than the description would lead you to believe.....
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on August 15, 2005
I love the bag for all the reasons others did not like it. The product is listed as a gadget bag and that is what it is good at. The S2 IS is a large camera for a point and shoot and it fits in very few bags. This bag fit the camera easily and had space for all types of extras including batteries, chargers and extra media cards. There is also enough room for another small digital camera or a film point and shoot.

The correct way to advertise this case would have been for up to two bodies or four small lens. Given that limitation, this is a great bag.

The bag is very well made and holds my Canon Powershot S2 IS very securely. I lay the camera on it's back and that means that even if I accidently power it on the lens opens harmlessly. The material is great and the waist belt is very practical. The strap is well padded and after a day of use I believe it is one of the most comfortable straps I have used.

Buy this bag for the correct camera and you will be very happy with it.
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on May 19, 2004
I bought the 100EG for my Canon EOS-10D with a Canon 28-135mm IS lens and a Canon 420EX flash. My camera with the lens attached BARELY fits in the bag, and only after all the dividers are removed. A longer zoom wouldn't have fitted, period. Very dissapointed with the "1-2 camera bodies, 3-4 lensees, "AND" accessories" claim. Sure, if you own toy cameras. What's the point of removing the dividers? As far my setup, this bag is only good for 1 body and 1 small/medium lens, NOTHING else (as far as camera components), not even my Canon 420EX flash. Also, the waist strap is annoying since it pretty much useless and CAN'T be removed. I do, however, like the build quality and looks. I am going to gamble on the 10EG and HOPE to get ONE camera body, TWO lenses, and ONE flash in it. You'd think Canon would know how many of their OWN components could fit in their own bag!!! It's too bad Canon doesn't post more views of this bag with an example camera and lenses inside.
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on October 20, 2001
I'm the amateur photographer, and for my needs, this camera bag is perfect! It securely holds my Canon Rebel 2000, and has room for two lenses. The dividers in the main compartment are well padded, and they fold over, I suppose for extra padding, or for protection on top. The bag also has a zipper pouch in each of its front and top compartments, for holding little extras like film, wallet, etc. Being an amateur, film, my camera, and a lens or two is all I need to take pictures, a professional might desire a larger bag that can hold more items.
The bag is good looking, and has a nice solid construction, the material feels as if it will hold up to years of use. The details in this bag really impressed me. It has two plastic feet on the bottom for added stability, the clips and rings are all made of black metal, rather than plastic, it has a nicely hidden strap to convert it into a waist pack (though I find it a bit bulky to wear that way), the bottom padding is removable and is hard sided for extra protection. Altogether, this is a great bag for the cost, and I'm sure it'll come in handy for carrying things besides my camera.
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on January 24, 2012
I recently received the Canon EOS T2i for Christmas and the bundle came with a full-size Rebel Gear Bag. Although the bag that came with my bundle is large enough to hold everything I need and more it is not practicable for small family events and outings. I am an amateur photographer and the Canon T2i is my first DSLR camera. I wanted something that would hold my camera, the 18-55mm kit lens, the 55-250mm kit lens, battery charger, spare battery, Lenspen lens cleaner, and extra memory cards. The 100EG Deluxe Gadget Bag fits the bill perfectly holding everything I just described safely snugged inside. If I lay the additional second divider pad that came with the bag across the top, over the camera, I'll even have room left if at some point I want to add an external Speedlite camera flash. The quality of the bag and strap is exactly what I expected and the price was right through Amazon. Local retailers wanted almost twice as much for this bag. Anyone looking for a quality compact DSLR camera bag for regular use look no further. It is great for taking along to birthday parties and family events. I am certain you will like it as much as I do.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on July 9, 2006
This bag easily accomodates my new Canon S3 IS, along with the lens adapter and hood, with room to spare. Recently, during a trip to Europe, I was also able to fit several other items into the bag: a rechargeable battery charger, AC adapter, and outlet adapter, along with two sets of rechargeable batteries, as well as a UV filter, and I still had room for more. I've no doubt the wide- and tele-converters for this camera would also have fit, with room to spare.
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on April 1, 2004
I was looking at all of the other reviews before deciding to purchase this bag for myself. When the bag arrived I found that it fit my Canon Digital Rebel w/ battery grip, my 50mm EFS lens, and all the cables that came with the rebel as well as the battery charger. I have used this bag for a month or so now and it has held up well. After purchasing a 75-300mm lens I had to upgrade my bag as the 100EG would not hold everything anymore. If you are looking for a starter bag to hold a camera body, a lens maybe two, and a flash then this bag is perfect. Anything more than this I would recommend something a little bigger like the 10EG or 1EG from Canon.
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on December 17, 2002
The Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag is a really nice, functional camera bag and its size is just right. It is not too large and bulky yet holds my EOS Rebel Ti and my Powershot Digital Camera with room to spare. There are pockets that allow you to carry extra rolls of film, lens filters and any of your accessories. Unfortunately, the bag is not large enough to carry a mini tripod but if you are looking for a bag to simply carry your camera and few accessories, this bag is a nice choice.
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