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Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 100EG
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$22.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 20, 2017
I got this compact bag to hold my Canon SL-1 two-lens kit after becoming disenchanted with my previous purchase, the Canon 9320A023 100ES Shoulder Bag. I liked the previous bag but found the lack of a zippered secure compartment for small items such as SD-cards to be a problem (I lost two brand new SD cards within weeks of purchase when I carried them in the front storage flap. I decided that I could not afford to be worried about losing smaller items (even the batteries for the SL-1 are small) so I did some research and bought this bag and it has exceeded my expectations for a bag in this price point. I am able to stow and quickly access the camera with standard lens and hood attached, plus my 75-300 telephoto zoom in its own padded compartment and have an additional compartment for the battery charger, another lens like my nifty-fifty, or even a canon speedlight, although the 580-EX II is a tight fit. Since I often use the built-in flash I'll rarely carry the external flash anyway.

The main compartment can be zippered securely and there's a very easy to use buckle closure that would suffice for keeping things safe while working from the bag. If I were traveling I'd keep it zipped but if I'm wanting quick access to the camera or other lenses I'll use only the buckle.

There is a zipper compartment in the top flap perfect for the SD cards and remote control or microfiber cloth. The front zippered compartment has two pockets for the charger and extra batteries and there is another zippered compartment in the inside front that will also carry those small, thin, easy-to-lose items safely.

The shoulder strap is well made and padded and there is a hidden waist belt with clip closure stowed inside the back of the bag. Using the shoulder strap plus the waist strap I'd feel very safe bicycling with this bag, and the small size and weight of the kit means doing so would not be dangerous or tiring.

I'm not worried that it has the small Canon logo on it--it is obviously a camera bag--and it is quite attractive.
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VINE VOICEon December 10, 2011
I love this camera bag!!!! I mostly just take my camera to family gatherings and to cemeteries for photographing headstones (I am a F-A-G volunteer), but occasionally I go on nature walks and just out-and-about taking photos. This well-designed bag fits my every need. And it is small, very compact, extremely well made, and great looking. It feels extra secure because in addition to the shoulder strap I can strap the bag around my waist with the extra strap that when not in use can be hidden securely within a flat flap attached to the bag of the camera bag and fastened with snaps. Check out my photos to see how this waist strap works/looks. There are also ridged rubber runners on the bottom of the bag from prevent wear and to protect the bottom of the bag.

This unassuming looking bag will actually hold all I need for any of my outings. The following list of equipment fits fine in the bag.

In main body (very well separated with, and safely stored between, velco attachable, movable well-padded dividers):
Cannon Rebel EOS 500d 10.1 MP camera; with strap + Cannon 18-55mm lens (including lens cap and ultraviolet filter) + PUFFER flash diffuser, all attached to body.
Cannon 55-250 telephoto zoom lens with lens cap, ultraviolet filter, and lens end cap attached.
Cannon fixed 50 mm lens with lens cap, ultraviolet filter, and lens end cap attached.
Wall-Plug Cannon Battery Charger.
Wall-Plug Sony Battery Charger.
A small change-purse can also be tucked in for ladies who don't carry wallets in their pants pockets and don't want to tote a purese.

In Top pocket:
Camera instruction book (the inside zip mesh pocket will not zip, but book fits well within top of bag and is quite secure and accessible).

In Front pocket:
Sony CyberShot 7.2 pixel Digital Camera.
Extra battery for Cannon Camaera.
Extra battery for Sony Camera.
Extra Data Cards.
58mm Heavy Duty Rubber Lens Hood.
52mm Heavy Duty Rubber Lens Hood.
Small note pad.

While strong and well made with metal clasps for the shoulder strap and to safely fasten the top of the bag closed (top also closes with a zipper closure designed to allow extra room in the top of the camera bag), the bag itself is extremely lightweight. In fact, the bag with strap attached and all the above listed equipment weights only 5 pounds and 13 ounces. That is only a little more than the every-day purse I carry most all the time.

Of course, I don't need to carry all this camera equipment for every excursion. Granted it isn't easy to get everything out of the bag quickly when it has all the above listed items packed inside. However, once I am where I am headed I usually put my camera around my neck; that opens up a lot of space to be able to get to other items, get them out for switching lens and put them back in place in the bag much quicker with the camera body not in the bag.

If there are any cons worth mentioning about the Cannon Deluxe Gadget Bag 100EG, there are only two minor ones that come to mind:
1) The clasp on the strap that hold camera bag around your waist works like most clasps on fanny packs but with a stronger, heavier clasp than the fanny packs. In fact, this can make the clasp a little bit difficult to open. This of course makes it safer for your equipment. However, I have just a touch of arthritis in my fingers and for me it is a bit difficult to open. I have to concentrate and grasp it exactly in the correct spot on the clasp. But - it just takes a second longer.
2) I am too dense to understand the point of the 'curved' shoulder strap. The strap itself is well padded for comfort. But the reasoning for the curvature escapes me. I have to assume that it has something to do with comfort. However, you really couldn't get enough weight in this bag, due to its compact size, for it to be too uncomfortable on your shoulder even if it had just a straight style strap. To me this curved designed lessens how secure the strap feels on my shoulder. I don't think I have seen this mentioned in any other review, so I am guessing it must just be me on this one.

I checked this bag out at some local stores, at nearly twice the price I may add ($44.97 and $49.95 at discount stores).I wanted to get a visual feel for whether I could fit at least my camera body with attached lens, puffer, and strap and my telephoto lens both in the bag. Actually, I didn't feel after looking at the bag in person that I could get even those minimum pieces of equipment to fit. I am, obviously, not a very good judge of logistics. So I drew a diagram to scale and measured my pieces of equipment. The measurements didn't lie. When I received that bag and got everything inside, I found the bag had originally fooled me with its compact size. But I wasn't ever fooled about the price, which is why I bought it at Amazon's great and economical price and added a toy for my kitties in order to get free shipping to boot. Shipping was surprisingly fast. What an extraordinary deal!!! Now I can quit toting my camera in a hot pink six-pack cooler.

Believe the reviews when they tell you - you'll be pleasantly surprised if you have 2-3 lens and a body plus extras gadgets.
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Enthusiast: Petson October 20, 2017
Let me start by saying I'm just your run-of-the-mill regular photographer who sometimes takes pictures with something other than my cell phone. I'm not a pro and I'm not a camera snob. Which also means I have pretty normal expectations. I already have a camera bag that fits just my camera and lens, so I was looking for something a little bigger to hold the rest of my stuff. This has worked perfectly. It's large enough, but not so large it feels cumbersome to carry around. I have an Olympus micro 4/3 camera and I can fit the camera body, 3 lenses (prime, kit, and zoom), 2 batteries + charger, filters, lens hood, and cleaning kit in this case. As others have said, it would be nice if it had a couple smaller pockets on the side. But I suppose if it did, it would be this one: Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 10EG. For the price, this is an excellent option.
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on January 1, 2016
Yes, this is a pretty small bag. It's not going to hold a DSLR decked out with multiple lenses, flashes, and so on, but it's pretty good for the hobbyist photographer who likes to travel light. I usually carry around a small Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only), a much larger Tamron SP 24-70mm Di VC USD Canon Mount AFA007C-700 (Model A007E), and Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens - Fixed in the main compartment. The SL1 body with the Tamron lens takes up the whole compartment lengthwise, whereas I can fit the SL1 side by side with the Tamron if I've outfitted it with the 50mm. Either way, it's a snug fit, so don't expect to carry around more lenses.

It comes with two modular dividers which are a soft foam. The front has a smaller pocket that it perfect for a spare battery and charger, as well as any extra memory cards. This bag won't be able to hold all of your travel essentials, but it's compact and sturdy enough for you to reliably carry enough of your camera gear.
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on July 30, 2012
We originally bought this bag at Wal-Mart for my husband's Canon T3i camera, we hesitated on it because it was so expensive. However, we got it and were happy with the quality of the bag. We knew that if you were going to spend that much on a camera, you would absolutely need to get a durable bag to protect it.

Well, we love getting great deals and my husband, feeling as though he did not get a great deal, decided to check out the price on Amazon when we got home. Wouldn't you know it, it was more than $20 cheaper on Amazon! So we returned the one we got and ordered it here. If it could be possible, the bag that arrived from Amazon, seemed to be in better shape for some reason. Meaning that it didn't seem as beat up as the one we had just bought at the store!

Many have commented on the size of the bag being misleading. They aren't lying. We weren't disappointed because like I said, we had just got one at Wal-Mart. We only use one camera per case so we didn't need to put more than one camera in it. I really don't see how you could put more than one camera in it. My husband has one other lens that he puts in this bag and it does fit. We keep our extra batteries in here plus an extra card or two. We got the big grip that goes on the bottom of the camera and houses the two batteries. We don't take it off to put it in this bag and it still fits fine.

It also comes with a shoulder strap for those who want to sling it over your shoulder. I like the shoulder strap, but my husband doesn't so he took it off (it unclips).

The material for the bag is thick and sturdy. There is an extra little zipper in the bag itself as well as on the outside. There is all sorts of neat little compartments on this bag. Plus the front has a clip that keeps the front flap hooked down, so after you zip it up you can also clip it for extra security!

I love this bag and would recommend it to those who only want to take one camera and one lens at a time. If you need to take more than this, well, you might want to consider something else.
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on July 21, 2016
I am very happy with this camera bag and it perfectly suits my needs. I use it for carrying the camera Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with the smaller lens on it, the charger, the tiny manuals(in the chain pockets), the memory cards and a few more tiny things. Carrying the second bigger lens is possible but it becomes a lot cramped and I think the other lens can be damaged. I dont carry the second lens normally so this bag is good for me. If I have to carry the second lens then I will carry it in its original box. Compared to this the other canon bag(available on amazon) is really big. That looks like a bulky thing. This one is the perfect size. I dont know about how safe it is for camera in adverse conditions as I havent tried that, didnt dare to :).
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on January 21, 2017
Great bag for my needs. I couldn't really find a review that could really answer my questions as far as what I could fit in it. So I went out on a limb and purchased it and I'm glad I did. It's a great size bag for small travels or hikes, when you don't need to carry a lot with you. I don't own much gear, but I was able to fit my T3i with the 50mm lens attached, 18-55mm lens and my 75-300mm lens without it being crammed. Front pocket serves great for storage of the charger and an extra battery. The rubber pads on the bottom have great grip, so you don't have to worry about it sliding off whatever you put it on. I love the fact that they went with metal clips/D rings for the strap and the cover. I believe it said it was water resistant material, so I tested it with some water and it rolled right off the surface of the bag. It also has a hidden waist strap on the back in case you want to wear it as a fanny pack or if you just want to keep it from swinging while walking or hiking. Overall it a great small travel/hiking bag for a great price. But if you own more gear than me, I suggest taking a look at the canon gadget 10G or 1G. Hope this review helps.
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VINE VOICEon February 4, 2014
K. Larson's review covers it very well, but I'll add my two cents. For the 25 bucks currently asked, this is one of the best values in a camera bag I have seen. The quality level is exceptional. Extremely well designed, top notch materials, all the right 'extras' and a lot more than you would expect at this price. High quality rubber/plastic feet, super nice straps (two), easy to fasten, durable, and well machined metal clasps, a great pocket with interior storage on the front, nice padded dividers inside, and a very compact, yet highly usable size.

This is not big enough for a DSLR and 2 lenses, flash, and so on, this is more of a compact kit bag, think compact P&S or a mirror-less compact system like the Samsung line (NX300, EX2F, NX1100/1000, etc.) or Olympus E-PM2, or Panasonic LX7 and similar. I'm using mine with the Samsung NX300 and the 18-55mm Zoom. There's just enough room for the camera and kit lens, maybe an extra pancake lens, charger, batteries, cards, and cables. If you want a light, compact kit to go, this is your bag!

The bag is moisture resistant, has a nice pull-over top flap, great zippers with added "tags" to make them easy to find and grasp, very nice fabric, just an excellent bag in every way.

Highly recommended!
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on April 20, 2011
My wife and I were looking for a camera bag to hold our DSLR (Canon T2i) with prime lens, a spare kit zoom-lens, pocket video camera (Kodak Playsport ZX3), and associated cables/chargers. We needed the smallest bag possible which would fit all of our items.

Upon receiving this bag and zipping it open, I was concerned that the few things we DID have wouldn't fit. Thankfully, the bag includes pre-creased velcro separators to partition the inside and allow some organizational creativity. We ended up arranging the walls so we have a left, right, and center pocket. The walls fold down to cover up the left and right pockets (cables on the left, kit-zoom on the right), and the DSLR rests lens-down (holster-style) in the middle pocket. This gives us exactly enough room to fit everything inside the bag. The pocket video camera rides up front in the outer-zip pocket.

Other than being a tight fit, the quality and construction of the bag are very solid. The padding seems good for the price range and the bottom has four rubber feet to help it stay put. Let me put it this way: if this slid off my kitchen table and hit the floor, I wouldn't be worried about my gear. You may feel differently based on the weight/size of your gear. The inside includes some embroidered canon accents on the zipper/mesh area, giving it that extra polish which makes you feel like you bought a superior (aka name-brand) product. I expect this bag to last me well beyond my current camera.

So, who is this bag for? The person who needs the smallest possible carrying case to keep their small amount of gear safe. If you've already got a second bag, or have to lug around a diaper bag for your young ones, this comes along for the ride without hogging all your space or attention. Also, if you primarily shoot with a small prime lens, you can exploit the separators to create a center-holster and jam even more stuff in there.

On the other hand, I would avoid this bag if you are planning on toting more than 2 lenses. Also, if you are planning on using this to carry a long lens, I would recommend finding one of these in a brick-and-mortar store to test-fit your goodies.

No doubt, this is a tight bag which was probably created for camcorders, but it is perfect for us!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 24, 2015
I love this case. It is big enough to fit a Sony A6000, prime lens, camera cleaning kit, camcorder, all my cables, card reader and accessories. It is well built and has a nice feature of the clip in front. You can not see from the picture, however, the lid portion can zipper closed. I like to leave it open and just use the front clip for quick access. Zippers seem solid, nice sized are are easy to use.

Again, lots of room and seems to be a material that "should" repel some light rain or dirt should something get on it. Strap works well and it also has dividers with velcro that you can re position inside to customize the organization.

Price was nice and would recommend this to anyone looking. (I would definitively recommend going with a backpack or with a full size case if you are looking for a home to house a full DSLR camera setup. Might be too small with all the lenses, flashes and leave you short room to grow.)
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