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Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 100EG
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Price:$22.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

I got this compact bag to hold my Canon SL-1 two-lens kit after becoming disenchanted with my previous purchase, the Canon 9320A023 100ES Shoulder Bag. I liked the previous bag but found the lack of a zippered secure compartment for small items such as SD-cards to be a problem (I lost two brand new SD cards within weeks of purchase when I carried them in the front storage flap. I decided that I could not afford to be worried about losing smaller items (even the batteries for the SL-1 are small) so I did some research and bought this bag and it has exceeded my expectations for a bag in this price point. I am able to stow and quickly access the camera with standard lens and hood attached, plus my 75-300 telephoto zoom in its own padded compartment and have an additional compartment for the battery charger, another lens like my nifty-fifty, or even a canon speedlight, although the 580-EX II is a tight fit. Since I often use the built-in flash I'll rarely carry the external flash anyway.

The main compartment can be zippered securely and there's a very easy to use buckle closure that would suffice for keeping things safe while working from the bag. If I were traveling I'd keep it zipped but if I'm wanting quick access to the camera or other lenses I'll use only the buckle.

There is a zipper compartment in the top flap perfect for the SD cards and remote control or microfiber cloth. The front zippered compartment has two pockets for the charger and extra batteries and there is another zippered compartment in the inside front that will also carry those small, thin, easy-to-lose items safely.

The shoulder strap is well made and padded and there is a hidden waist belt with clip closure stowed inside the back of the bag. Using the shoulder strap plus the waist strap I'd feel very safe bicycling with this bag, and the small size and weight of the kit means doing so would not be dangerous or tiring.

I'm not worried that it has the small Canon logo on it--it is obviously a camera bag--and it is quite attractive.
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Top Contributor: Petson October 20, 2017
Let me start by saying I'm just your run-of-the-mill regular photographer who sometimes takes pictures with something other than my cell phone. I'm not a pro and I'm not a camera snob. Which also means I have pretty normal expectations. I already have a camera bag that fits just my camera and lens, so I was looking for something a little bigger to hold the rest of my stuff. This has worked perfectly. It's large enough, but not so large it feels cumbersome to carry around. I have an Olympus micro 4/3 camera and I can fit the camera body, 3 lenses (prime, kit, and zoom), 2 batteries + charger, filters, lens hood, and cleaning kit in this case. As others have said, it would be nice if it had a couple smaller pockets on the side. But I suppose if it did, it would be this one: Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 10EG. For the price, this is an excellent option.
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on June 20, 2009
Alright, this is hands down the best bag of it's size and function I have ever seen. I had bought this bag, and after my longtime camera broke, I gave it to a friend of mine. When I got a new camera, I figured I'd get another bag. When I went shopping again for a bag, I realized what a treasure this Canon bag was, and I had a hard time tracking it back down!

First off, I want to start with this brought forward, "for it's size and function." This bag is not big enough for all your toys. I chose it from the shelf of a camera store because I wanted a bag as small as possible that would hold my limited camera setup, so I could bring everything with me without having to "pack", but small enough to actually carry around all day and not have it be in the way all the time. It's roughly the same size as a woman's purse (though a little squarer in shape). That said, I currently carry in it:

Nikon D200 body (with protective rubber body, which makes it a little bulkier)
Attached 18-200mm lens with hood
SB-600 speedlight
2 extra batteries
battery charger and cord
usb cord and card reader
video cord for plugging into RCA input
remote trigger and reciever
extra memory card
lens cleaning cloths and a tiny LED flashlight (about 3" long)
a pez dispenser for plugging into the hotshoe (makes the kiddies smile) and extra pez

This makes it crowded enough to make it hard to get the camera in/out quickly, but fits everything for quick pick-up and carry. That said, taking the cords, pez, batteries, charger and extra CF card and putting them in a small pouch that hangs on the strap makes sufficient room to easily access everything else very easily. To me, the size is just right, but size is not why this bag rocks!

I ride offroad motorcycles and frequently take the camera with me. Off course, I'm concerned about it banging around or crashing and getting broken. This bag relieves this concern in several fundemental ways that I have yet to see on another bag.

First, look at the hardware. IT'S MADE OF METAL. the clips, zipper, hooks, NO PLASTIC. The hook at each end of the strap is a rotating clip. The way it's designed makes it so that you cannot apply stress to the clips just by twisting, so they last a lot longer. Plus, the spring loaded clip is shaped such that it's nearly impossible to accidentally unclip them, but very easy if you want to.

Second, look at the stitching. The solid metal ring on the bag that the strap clips to is inserted into nylon that is stitched all the way down the side of the bag and into the bottom. There six inches of stitching holding the strap on, and it's all visible. Even the top handle is totally solid, I never worry about the strap coming loose, or breaking suddenly. The ones I was seeing in the store, were plastic clips, attached to 1/4" wide strap
that had 1/2" of stitching holding it in. On other bags, in an environment where the bag is undergoing some motion, those clips could break, the stitching could come out, or the strap that the clip is attached to could break - all in an instant without any sign of wear. With this bag, I can see how close anything is to breaking.

Third, and I can't believe this is not touted in the item description, there is another strap on this bag! You can fold it back, tuck it inside a pouch in the back so that most of the time, the bag is just a regular shoulder strap orientation, but you can pull out this second strap that goes around your waist. Once again, the hardware on the second strap is high quality. On the motorcycle, this relieves most pressure from the shoulder strap, since it's really strapped tightly around my waist. No bouncing around at all. However, extreme environments aside, when I'm just walking around town shooting, I take out the second strap, tie the bag to my back essentially, and it's not constantly in the way swinging around, I don't even notice it. In addition, with the extra strap, my shoulders don't get as tired walking around with a heavy camera for a long time from a single shoulder strap.

Finally, and no one got a picture of this, there are plastic runners on the bottom of the bag, so as it's used, picked up, put down, dragged around, whatever, it's not wearing a hole in the bottom of the bag.

All in all, I was impressed at the quality in this bag when I first got it. When I start looking at other name brand bags that are supposed to do the same thing, I am amazed at the lack of quality in some of the most fundamental areas. If this bag ever wears out, I will seek out another one just like it again and again until someone else starts meeting some of the basic needs of an outdoor photographer.
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on March 28, 2017
So the bag is quite fine,i can even say i like it.
The problem is that when i actually got it i knew on the spot that i would need to buy a new bag in the future.
The bag itself makes great use of its small size in terms of space,i was expecting it to be bigger.
And that is the main problem with it,it just dosent have enough space in my opinion.
Even if you dont have a lot of gear.
I have my canon 700d,battery charger,i have one lens on my camera(50mm 1.8 stm) when i put it in the bag and another lens(18-55 kit lens). and i need to really push the camera in so i could close the bag properly.
Although this bag has a great build quality,with excellent materials used.
I would still recommend getting a bigger bag,it will save you the headache of selling this bag when you buy a new one.
So if you are planing on using a crop sensor camera and maybe one kit lens and maybe another really small prime lens then you would fit your gear in it,and be happy with the great value for your money.
But if you know you will have more lenses or a big camera,or you are planing on getting more gear in the future. i would suggest getting a different bag.
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on August 23, 2013
First, the quality is outstanding. I expect this bag to last practically forever. Not a big deal, but I prefer bags with one buckle rather than two.

Second, as several have mentioned, the bag appears smaller than I thought it would be. I consider it to be the minimum size I could accept for my Canon 60D. The main compartment barely holds my camera with the attached Canon EF 24-105 mm lens. It's a tight fit at 7 1/2" long, and this is with both Velcro partitions removed. The camera width of 6" is also maxed out. With the camera and lens installed there is little room in that compartment for anything else except the carrying strap. I suppose I could stack small extras on top of the lens, but that would interfere with the removal of the camera from the bag. Although my big Canon lens hood, model EW-83H, could rest on top of the lens, I'll probably leave it home unless I plan on using it constantly. Otherwise it would be a hindrance. Extra lenses? Forget it!

However I am able to carry a 77mm filter and a 60D Pocket Guide in the mesh pocket under the cover. I store a small Canon flash, model 270EX, in the front compartment. I am also able to squeeze a battery charger with the flash there together. My charger is the STK LP-E6 (optional) which is smaller than the 60D OEM Canon charger with its charging lights. And a DC adaptable cable is included. I wouldn't be able to install together the stock Canon charger with the flash there.

In summary, this bag is the minimum size I would accept for my camera and accessories. I have yet to decide whether to move up to a slightly larger bag or not. In any event the quality and design of this bag are excellent. It deserves 5 stars. If you carry only one lens which, when mounted to the camera, measures no more than 7 1/2"L x 6"W, and compactness is important to you, you should consider this bag.

I've found another way to insert the camera and lens into the case that may be more convenient than the previously listed method (above). Instead of inserting the camera into the case- bottom first, I put one side of the camera down first onto the case base. By doing this the pressure of the 6" wide camera pushing against the sides of the case is eliminated. The width is now situated vertically instead of horizontally, resulting in less effort required to remove the camera from the case than previously. There is even extra room to add a Velcro partition under and in front of the lens to protect it and help keep it level.
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on April 9, 2015
I was considering going with the Amazon Basics bag which is larger and has a really nice organization system, but I like to be as minimal as possible, and I liked that this bag appeared well-made, compact, and durable. I definitely am happy with the purchase. I can fit my Canon T3i with my Canon 50mm (1.8 II), Canon 40mm (pancake), and Canon 24mm (pancake) lenses all in separate thick lens bags as well as other goodies in the front and top storage areas. I believe I could also fit my T3i, 55-250mm, 24mm, and 50mm all in the bag with goodies.

It does feel well-made, protective, and compact. The only thing I could wish for is that it be waterproof. That said, you can always waterproof the thing yourself, and it believe it would deter a good amount of water naturally.
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on July 31, 2012
The Canon camera bag would have received 5 stars if it was just a bit larger. I bought the bag to house my Canon Rebel SLR, zoom lens and the option to tag along the battery charger plug in while on vacation. When I placed the camera and zoom in the bag, it was snug...fit, but snug. Instead of placing the camera on the base, it had to rest on the back of the camera with the lens portion sticking out of the bag just a bit. NOTE: Bag was able to zip closed without a problem, but you could feel the camera lens at the top of the bag if you pressed down. The bag was able to close, but was not able to put anything with size in the zipper part in the top of the bag. There was another zipper part in the front of the bag that provided more storage for extra card, battery and wire to the charger. However, the charger itself did not fit in this area of the bag and it had to rest on top of my zoom lens. Even taking out the padding didn't give me extra room since the problem was more with the height of the bag, not the width.

NOTE: On a regular photo shoot, I most likely would leave the battery charger at home which would give me some extra room to throw my keys and phone in the storage section in the front.

The price was amazing as I saw the exact bag in WalMart for $53.

Would still recommend this product: good quality, padded & adjustable strap, handle on top and 2 removable velcro padding (2).
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on September 27, 2011
I bought this gear bag based on reviews I read and most said this bag was huge so I was a bit surprised at how small it is. My fault for not double checking the dimensions. I guess if you're using a point and shoot, then it is huge. A bit small for a DSLR though. The tag claims it will hold 2 bodies and 3-4 lenses but I don't know how this is possible. It barely holds my EOS XS with two zoom lenses and Albinar 90 MDT-Z strobe in the main compartment. Neither lens is really very big. I'm not sure how it would hold 2 bodies and 3-4 lenses but it does what I need it to do and that's really all that matters.

The build quality is superb and I expect this to last a long time. The strap clips and attachments are metal, not plastic, and the zippers are large and heavy duty. Though they are made of nylon, they appear very robust. The main compartment layout is adjustable with very nice padded detachable dividers and the gear is very well protected. The dividers fold over on the top for a layered effect which is how my strobe fits over the lenses and body. Overall, I am very satisfied with this bag. For the money, it really can't be beat. Just make sure you check the dimensions and match them to your gear and needs.
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on August 14, 2012
We have been looking for a travel compact bag for our Nikon D80 with our 18-200 lense. Our current Nikon bag is too bulky (it does hold at least 2-3 lenses, the camera body and all the accessories though).

We found this one on promo and gave it a try. We took it to the beach side last wkend. It worked beautifully. the size is right, the weight is right and we even have room for batteries and power chargers. it does not have room for more lenses (with the current 18-200 lense attached to the camera), but we do not care.

one more we like this bag is it is kinda of "water and dust resistant". The day we went to the seashort, it was very windy and we could see a lot of sand in the wind. there was no sand in the bag whatsoever at the time we returned from the beach.

Overall, great product to fit your Nikon in, if you are like us not caring much about the match btwn the camera and the bag.
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on November 24, 2010
My Canon Vixia HD came with a free case, until last week I thought it was sufficient. I took it to an event and in the minor hustle and bustle, the zipper tore off, and the seams busted, leaving my expensive equipment exposed to loss and damage.

I was looking for a reasonably-priced alternative, preferably something with a name-brand, and found this one from Canon.
With Amazon Prime (Student) I received it for free in 2 days and I can't say enough good things about the product.
The zippers are thick, heavy, and the seams are strong. The vinyl is thick, the case has great external support so it can handle weight and even pointed-pressure coming at it.
The name logo isn't over-stated, the internal padding is flexible, and there are 3 adjustable internal sections and several web-pockets as shown.
Despite all this, the case isn't too heavy and the strap is padded, coated in non-slip rubber of some sort, and has two separate length adjustments.
The pictures don't highlight the waist-strap that is tucked away and buttoned in place behind the unit for extra security & stability.

This bag will most certainly holdup for years to come.

All of this, for $30.
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