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Absolutely love this camera. It had been many years since I had a really nice camera - actually my last one was a film camera. I was looking for a solid and somewhat budget-friendly DSLR that would handle photos and video. Heard so many good things about this, I took a chance and must say it has really paid off. It's really a fairly easy camera to learn. If you're a total photog novice, it might take some playing with but there are tons of YouTube and other videos out there that help. Not too heavy. Comes with a great lens. Feels good and works great.

What I like:
Easy of use.
Easy to learn
Lots of extras
Video quality is excellent.
Feels good

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on April 6, 2011
This is a fantastic camera, and a great first DSLR. I say that because if it is your first, you will not be comparing the control layout with your old XXD or XXXD, and that seems to be an issue with some.

Most of my shooting is in M or Av mode. I find the controls easy to work with, and use the top LED and control buttons almost exclusively, but now and then I'll use the q-menu. Over all, I find the controls easy to use.

The 18-200 kit lens is useful for outdoor shooting, but for indoor stuff you will want a better prime. I went with an older version of the "nifty fifty" with the metal mount and range meter. Since this is a crop sensor camera, a 50mm lens behaves like an 80mm, so I find myself needing to back away from my subject often. I think a prime in the 20-30mm range and f/1.4 would be useful in a lot of situations. In general, you should determine why you are buying the camera. If you want to take lots of outdoor shots (birds, wildlife etc) get the body only and buy a nice 300M zoom. If you are going to take lots of indoor shots (family gatherings, baby etc) get the body only and a wide aperture prime in the 20-50MM range (a wide aperture lets more light in so you don't need a flash as often, and yields that nice soft focus "bokeh" effect). If you want to be ready to shoot a variety of situations right out of the box and don't mind using the flash indoors, then pick a kit lens and go with it. I would not recommend the 18-55 kit lens will bump against its limitations very quickly, even if you are a beginner like me.

Video on this thing is amazing, and I didn't even consider that when I bought the camera! Beware file size though. 2 minutes of 1080 @ 30FPS left me with an 800+meg .mov file. I think there is a 4 GB limit on video file size, so figure you will get 5 minutes of continuous shooting at that definition and frame rate. That will be enough for most applications, unless you are filming a wedding or childbirth and don't want to stop shooting, in which case you could film at 720p or standard definition.

Playback through the included cable is so so, so get yourself a mini HDMI to HDMI cable on Amazon or Monoprice (should cost $5-$10) and prepare yourself to be amazed by the resolution and image quality. I would also recommend a program called Any Video Converter, which enables you to change the resolution and format of your video to suit different hardware (iphones, droids, youtube etc). Imagine uploading a 4GB file to YouTube, for example. You can download the program for free, and then pay $40 bucks to be able to use the full menu set.

The only negative about this camera is that the auto focus in video mode and live view mode is borderline useless. In live view mode, it is so slow that everyone else would have got the shot with their point and shoot cameras before the 60D settles down and takes the picture. As for Video, I don't think AF works once you start shooting, so if you zoom or your subject moves, you have to stay on top of it. I don't shoot in live view mode and I am getting the hang of manual focus during Video (it is actually a creative outlet) so I'm fine with these shortcomings. From what I can tell, they are software based and related to the video it is possible that a firmware upgrade will address these issues.
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I think the Canon 60d is a magnificent camera. It takes great images in even the most difficult settings. It has a wonderful grip which makes it very comfortable and secure to hold. It does not weigh too much with the basic 18-55 kit lens but with longer zooms it is a handful. It focuses very quickly, stores the image quickly on a high speed SD card (you buy) The high speed capture allows 5 shots per second. The many options available make even the most difficult to take images, possible. I rated this camera 5 stars because it is a true 5 star super Rebel camera that has everything any non pro could ever want. It is missing some of the great new features that have been added to the Canon T4i and newer Canon T5i like the fabulous touch screen LCD.

You do get a full user manual unlike the standard rebels. This is very helpful and it is small enough to carry in a dSLR bag. Right now, Amazon is selling the body for almost half the price I paid for my original Rebel and it is an good bargain. Many will be tempted to buy the newer T4i model which now is about the same price. The t4i may have some newer features and better video performance so it may be a very difficult decision for some to choose which way to go. If you are a beginner looking at this camera for your first purchase of a dSLR, may not a good choice. I would stick with an entry level Canon or Nikon dSLR camera because it will take just as good images and be much easier to learn the basics. I think you can learn faster with a more simplified interface and lighter camera. If you find you really love photography, it will be much easier the second time around to choose a more competent camera which will have more features and will probably cost less to buy in the future.

The Canon 60d matched with a nice lens, is possible to get superior images of macro objects, very low light scenes with image quality not possible with the smaller sensor cameras. However, I must admit now, I will not take this camera on a trip because of total weight with lenses and body. This is always a personal decision everyone has to make when packing for a trip. I find a super zoom (bridge camera) like the Canon SX50, or the Panasonic FZ200 and subcompacts such as Canon S95 or S110 are easier to take anywhere and allow more candid photos.

Things I like about the Canon 60D which are not available with the entry level Ti series.

1. Extra info LCD display on top, which gives extra helpful info but not easy to see in dark setting,it has weak light which helps a little
2. Great button placement and many individual controls for ISO, Drive, exposure, etc
3. Better and brighter viewfinder with pentaprism.
4. Wireless flash control, more flash options
5. Q menu allow quick change of functions... T4i has this with touch screen
6. Longer battery life. Can take a huge number of images, 500 plus before needing to recharge battery
7. Many more custom settings allowed. They can easily be reset
8. Electronic level helps keep horizon level, helpful especially when on tripod.
9. Many extra features and options in the menu system.
10. Better grip, camera is larger and easier to handle especially with a larger lens.
11. Better build quality than entry level or ti series.
12. Some weather sealing but not pro level. More robust than ti series but less than pro models which have magnesium frames. This doesn't have it.
13. Very fast focusing and display
14. Many more options than available to entry level models.

Things not so great. I am struggling to find complaints, so here are a few weak arguments.

1. 60D has not been updated for almost 2 years. a new model will be out soon.
2. Camera is larger and heavier than ti series.
3. The LCD display is difficult to view in some lighting situations, could be larger
4. No touch screen, gps, or other newer features found on newer cameras which might be on upgraded model at a higher price.

Canon wisely steered this model to the Amateur who wants a little more Camera but does not need a professional model with Magnesium frame and fully weatherproofed with a giant sensor, extra processors, and a camera that can be used and abused. The 60D uses a poly-carbonate frame like the other rebels. It's strong enough and tough enough for 97% of us taking pictures. It probably has enough to satisfy anyone maybe even the pros who may chose to buy it as a second or third body.

If you are trying to decide whether to buy this camera over the T4i, the T4i has the edge because it has been upgraded to have many newer capabilities beyond the Canon 60D. The advanced amateur, semipro, and pro would probably be better off with the 60D primarily because of better ergonomics, build quality, weather sealing, better viewfinder and more customization. The novice photographer to advanced photographer might be better of with the T41 with its many great new features. Both take great images with a good lens (glass).

What lenses to buy?

The kit lens is OK starter lens and has the advantage of cost and lightness. Choosing a good lens is probably the most difficult decision in photography. The kit lenses offered by Canon for their cameras are a good start. Buying the Canon F1.8 is a no brainer because it's the best buy in lenses today.

This review is about the Canon 60D but I mentioned the T4i which I also bought. You may wonder which I like better. I haven't decided yet because they are both great cameras and you can't go wrong with either. I hope this review has helped in your decision making.
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on April 17, 2015
i bought this july last year, and i see now the price has dropped anther 100 bucks, I was very pleased with this when i payed 1099 for it .

I use this camera a few times a week, i toss it in my car when i go anywhere and just pull over for shots. I am slowly learning how to use it, i jumped from a point and shoot to this

next i want to start trying out different lenses for it

I have had it a little over a year now and i am still very pleased with camera. I have added a 50 mm prime lens, a 17 -55 zoom for using indoors like museums, and i just added a vivitar 500 mm f 6.3 mirror lens so i am pretty set now for a while.

I do not shot movies much but the few that i have are very clear. I have done time lapse, and long exposure shots. I am only an ammature but i sure am having fun with this camera.
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on October 31, 2016
we bought this used...this is the first time buying a used product from Amazon...this was the first DSLR for my 13 year old son and I really didn't want to spend a lot of money for it but wanted something nice for him...the camera was listed "As New" and when I got it the body looked brand new except for a small light scratch on the had the battery and charger...the company had a very high rating and a 30 day guarantee witch sealed the deal for me...we really used it a lot during that time to see if there was any problems and there wasn' takes great pictures and videos
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on May 1, 2013
I purchased the 60D for both photo and video use. After viewing tons of images on Flickr and videos on YouTube, it came down to either the 60D or the T2i. The video quality of the 60D is what finally won me over. Not only does it look incredible, but the 60D video seems to have a depth to it that I felt was missing from the Rebel models. The superior build quality, flip-out screen, and additional features like the metering screen at the top are all icing on the cake.

If you're like me and still have a lot to learn about photography and want to make the most of your camera, I'd highly recommend checking out some of the photography courses available on Lynda dot com. They have a series of called "Foundations of Photography" which covers subjects like exposure, composition, shooting in low light, and they also have a three and a half hour course that's specifically for the Canon 60D. It's way more intuitive than reading a manual and will have you off and running with your new camera in no time.
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on February 19, 2012
I've been using my 60D for wildlife and astro imaging for over 1 year - in temperatures as low as 35 degrees (using an AC adapter for astro imaging). I am extremely pleased with its performance and find the articulating screen a joy to use. It's not quite as robust as my 40D, but has superior image quality, allowing me to get the best out of my lenses and telescopes - the 4.3 micron pixels are invaluable in obtaining the sharpest photographs. I have absolutely no complaints about how the camera performs - for conventional photography. For video, it uses MOV files which I find to be cumbersome at best. Since I rarely shoot video it has not been too much of a problem. Highly recommended!
review image review image
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on September 22, 2012
I ordered the Canon 60D from Celltime (through amazon) as a factory refurbished unit. I prefer to buy refurbished when possible. I like that the product has been completely tested rather than hoping that it came off the assembly line in perfect condition. It arrived as described and works flawlessly. I had no trouble at all with the purchase and the delivery was on schedule. I did a lot of research prior to my purchase as I wanted a full-frame dslr. Since photography is a part time job for me I wanted a good quality camera that wouldn't break the bank. Unfortunately, a 5D MkII was just out of my budget and a 5D Classic is a still a great camera but is getting long in the tooth and has known mirror issues. Coupled with the fact that I would have to replace all my lenses, I decided to stay with a crop body. For the type of shooting I do I saw no real benefit to going with the 7D. I don't need the extra fps and the "build quality" argument a joke in my opinion. When I think about all the "plastic" power tools that I own it really becomes clear.

I have been using the 60D for a while now and am pleased with it's operation. I was upgrading from a 1000D (Rebel XS)and find the auto-focus to be considerably better and the low-light performance to be very good too. I really like the auto ISO with limit function. I also like the 1/3 stop ISO intervals. The rotating LCD is nice but I rarely use it. I would not pick this camera just for that feature. I always shoot raw so the scene modes and other fluff are unimportant to me. The size and button layout work well for me. I use back-button focus and had to spend a bit of time retraining my thumb to account for the extra buttons the 60D has that the XS didn't.

For me it is all about function. This camera does what I need and does it quite well. It has a ton of stuff that I don't need but that is easy enough to work around. I find the IQ to be very good especially coupled with my Sigma 17-50 f2.8. A fantastic combo.

Bottom line: a great camera at a good price.
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on March 27, 2012
Last year I struggled as to whether I should get the new (at that time) T3i or the 60D. I bought the T3i & was very happy with it. The T3i is also a terrific camera, but the 60D is all that and a great deal more. Recently I had the need to get another camera and went with the 60D. If I knew then what I know now, I'd probably have two 60Ds. The relatively small difference in size & weight really doesn't come close in describing the much more robust feel when handling the 60D. It truly feels like a pro camera, although it's not quite considered a professional model. Just pick the camera up and you'll immediately see what i mean.

The increase in frames per second, ability to process RAW images in-camera, better AF and many other nice features also set the 60D apart from other Rebel models. This is truly a great camera.
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on December 3, 2016
Love this camera. Great focusing, even in Live View. Articulated LCD great for high / low shots when you have a bad back. Replaced a 60D that went down a mountain. Had rented a 70D for a family reunion. Terrible problem (wouldn't do it) with focusing using a zoom lens at a wide angle. So glad I rented the 70D and found out the problems and researched it. Apparently Canon did not fix the issues in the 80D. If Canon doesn't fix the issue before my next camera, it will be a Nikon.
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