Customer Reviews: Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3i 18MP SLR Camera 18-55mm & 75-300mm 16GB Bundle!
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on October 16, 2011
I bought this bundle impressed with the value of the contents for the price. Boy was I wrong! I should've bought the camera on its own and the individual pieces locally at a camera accessory store. The T3i and 18-55mm lense are great! The 75-300mm lense is NOT the IS-USM(image stabilized, ultra sonic motor) version. It doesn't have the image stablization which is helpful for a lense with that range. Also the focusing is loud and slow compared to the USM version of the same lense. The extra battery included is an off brand and is super light. Compared to the Canon battery that comes with the camera I doubt this battery weighs 1/3 or performs for very long at all. The SDHC 16gb card that came with the bundle is only a class 2 (the lowest, new cards are class 10), which means transfer from the camera to the card is slow, extremely slowing down the rapid fire/burst function. The 'high speed' card reader is junk. The 1st time I used the reader to transfer images to my computer it corrupted the SD card and gave me a 'card access error.' I lost all my photos! I have since found out I could've taken the card to a local camera shop and they have a rescue program to restore corrupted cards (If I had only known before I accepted the loss of some great photos and formatted the card). The camera bag is decent quality. The tripod is super cheap and low quality. The neck on the tripod will not stay up (no locking feature) and is wobbly. First time using it with a light breeze outside and the tripod nearly blew over with my camera attached! Luckily I caught it.

All in all, I would NOT recommend this package even though I do recommend the camera. I have since had to purchase a new class 10 SDHC card, new HQ tripod, and new high speed card reader.
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on August 11, 2011
I love love love this camera, I am new to the dslr world, so am still finding my way around it, much easier thanks to an app on my iPad! The camera takes amazing pictures, and it feels quite durable as well! The shipping was so fast as well! My recommendation would be to buy the camera alone, rather than this kit, as the kit is very low quality, the bag I got was nothing near what was pictured, it came with 2-8gb sd cards, which are class 3, the cleaning kit was a cloth that looks like a dryer sheet, and a small pack of q-tips. The tripod is ok, but doesnt glide all that well when extending, and seems relatively cheap. It was nice to receive a spare battery, but those are available fairly cheap on amazon, so I would advise against spending any extra money on this kit.
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on February 23, 2012
I purchased this kit as a gift to my wife who has wanted a Canon DSLR for a few years. When the package arrived, the first thing I noticed was the advertised "59 Inch Full Sized Tripod" was actually only 50 inches. Big deal, nine inches right? But the point is, it's not what was advertised, nor what I paid for. Also, the 16GB Vivitar memory card that came as part of the kit was defective. It would not hold a format from neither the camera or nor our home computers. The kit was also missing the advertised "Jumpstart Guide to Digital SLR Cameras".
I contacted the seller, in this case Get It Digital, and left a voice mail to which I never received a call back. I contacted Amazon and their stance was I could only return, not replace. And oh by the way, it could take anywhere from one to three weeks for the money to be returned. I spoke with my wife, who really wanted the camera and was willing to overlook the shorter tripod and missing manual, so I begrudgingly kept the product. Once she used it we found out about the memory card issue. So she bought another memory card from a local retailer and it works fine.

The camera is incredible, takes great pictures and has many features. The reason for my low review is for the kit, which is what's being offered. Just beware and forewarned that you may not receive what you think you are buying.

As a side-note, I left "Seller Feedback" and gave an honest account of my woes. Only then was I contacted via email by the seller who at first wanted to send me all kinds of freebies so long as I deleted my feedback. Once I told them I was standing by my feedback to warn potential consumers of my buying experience and was not looking to gloss over my problems because they sent me some goodies, they became more aggressive and tried to put a spin on it that it was my fault for calling instead of emailing them.

Again, the camera is a quality product that exceeds my expectations. However, the kit was lacking and I would have been better off buying individual components. Maybe it is different from other sellers and I just ran into a dud, but just wanted to share my experience.
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on April 19, 2011
The photo of the camera package with accessories offered clearly shows a camera bag. All other items in the photo are included in the order but the camera bag is not. Only by reading the product description is one aware the camera bag even though shown in the picture is not included. The seems almost intentionally misleading and leaves a unpleasant memory of my experience with shopping on
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on June 22, 2013
The camera is awesome. I will not go into a review of the camera specifically, as there are plenty of amazon reviews and professional reviews that can talk about how great this camera is much better than I can. DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional photographer. I am just like many of you folks deciding on your first DSLR upgrading from a point and shoot. So take my opinions for what that is worth.

Instead I will be going into some detail about the kit. I bought my kit from Focus Camera. The other sellers may have different kits, I am not sure. All of the items came in their original retail packaging, like I picked them all out at the store myself.

-The main item in the kit is of course the Cannon T3i. It came brand new it its original retail box with all paperwork and accessories. It did not come without a box or just wrapped in plastic like some other reviewers experienced with other sellers. This camera is made in Taiwan.

-The extra lens is an authentic Cannon EF 75-300 f/4-5.6 III and does not have the image stabilization or micro motor. This lens retails by itself for $200 and alone makes this kit a good deal for beginners. Like all the items in the kit, it came in its original retail packaging. It is made in Malaysia.

Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

-The 16 GB memory card is a Sony SF-16NX High Speed class 10 SDHC memory card. It is not a particularly extra fast card, but does meet the class 10 specifications. On the packaging, Sony claims it is recommended for HD video and continuous shooting for DSLR cameras, and I have not run into any issues. Made in Taiwan.

Sony SF16NX/TQM 16GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

-The bag is a Vivitar Coco Series Gadget Bag. It has plenty of room for the camera with kit lens attached, 75-300 lens, and extra accessories like the spare battery. There is a well-padded main chamber with adjustable dividers, and three zippered pockets on the sides. I am quite pleased with this bag, and am using it. It is well padded and constructed. It comes with a shoulder strap and a padded handle. The Velcro on the inside could probably be a little better, but the price is sure right. Part # VIV-DC-59 and made in China.

Vivitar Padded SLR Gadget Bag for SLR Cameras - Large

-The tripod is a Vivtar of unknown model. I tried searching for the exact model and could not find it. It appears to be a Vivitar VPT1250 but 9 inches longer and all black. The tripod folds out to be 49", and then gains another 10" from extending the neck all the way up. I found that with the neck extended even a little, the camera became way too wobbly. It feels stable enough at 49". It does not have an accessory/weight hook, and just uses rubber feet, no spikes. The tripod is built extremely cheaply, and I don't know in what country (I assume China). So far it is working fine for me.

Vivitar VPT1250 50-Inch Tripod (Black/Silver)

-The spare battery is a Xit Photo LP-E8 lithium battery. It has a 1750 mAh rated capacity but feels lighter and cheaper than the Cannon 1120 mAh LP-E8 that comes with the camera. I have no doubt the capacity is overstated, but seems to last about the same amount of time as the Cannon battery. Part# XTLPE8 and made in China.

Xit XTLPE8 1750mAh Lithium Ion Replacement Battery for Canon LP-E8 (Grey)

-The lens cleaning kit is a focus camera 5pc kit that comes with a little bottle of fluid, blower brush, lens tissue, soft fiber cloth, and some cotton swabs. It is plenty sufficient to get started. Part# FC-CL5, China.

-The kit includes a DVD, not a book. It is from JumpStart Guides and is 60 minutes long. It is titled "Focus, Digital-SLR photography in a Snap". Same Focus brand as the lens kit. I did not watch it as I purchased the book "Canon EOS T3i/600D From Snapshots to Great Shots" by Jeff Revell and absolutely love it. From Canada

Focus Digital SLR Photography in a Snap Jumpstart Guide DVD

-The wireless remote is a Zeikos ZE-WRC5 remote with no built in flashlight. Small and cheap but works fine. Make sure to turn off auto focus and turn off auto-off to get the remote to work. China

Zeikos ZE-WRC5 Wireless Remote for Canon

-The screen protector is a Zeikos universal screen guard. It comes with three 3"x5" protectors that you have to cut to fit, plus a squeegee card. Works fine, but hard to apply without getting bubbles like most guards . Part# ZE-SG26R, China

Zeikos ZE-SG26 Set of 3 Screen Protectors (3 x 5-Inches)

-The card reader is a Xtreme multi card reader/writer usb 2.0 stick. It has three slots in it and supports SD/SDHC/microSD/MS Pro Duo,M2 cards. Part #32599 made in China

Xtreme 32588 USB Memory Card Reader

-The memory card wallet is a black Vivitar VIV-MW-003 three card wallet made of durable nylon and fake leather. Holds three cards, basic and acceptable. China

-The 6 foot HDMI cable is a mini hdmi to reguluar hdmi cable. Generic of unknown brand, but well made.

This kit is good for beginners. None of it is professional quality but the kit works fine. With the information I have provided, you can now research the individual items to decide if this kit is right for you. Most of the items are sold individually here on amazon, so just copy the name or part number of the item and you can read reviews about them. I am glad I went with the kit as I am a casual user that has no need for the more expensive stuff. I would recommend this to anybody entering the DSLR world. I think the 75-300 lens, which I was going to buy anyway, makes this kit worth it. It is almost like if you bought the 75-300 lens, and then got a whole bunch of cheap but useful free stuff with it.
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on February 7, 2012
I'm a photographer, and I bought this for my niece, everything is very cheap quality, the camera seems fine but makes me insecure and question the authenticity since every single piece on the kit is junk. The camera bag is not the camera bag illustrated on the advertising. DO NOT BUY this kit, saving $100 is not worthed since you most likely will need to replace the items soon. Also the camera and lenses ship wrapped on plastic, canon products are shipped inside their own product box, wrapped in a soft cloth, as i said before very questioning if this is a real canon product. Very disappointed, I will never buy from this seller again.
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on December 3, 2011
Camera is great; But this package deal is a complete waste! Buy the camera separate and build your own package. For the price difference, between the camera + lens and accessory kit, you can get better quality and you can spend money on accessories that are more important to you, like filters. All of the accessories are extremely cheap.

Everything except the lens, the camera, and the HDMI cord is a waste. Buy it separately and get more for your money. I paid 970 after shipping. The items need to be upgraded or the price needs to be lower.
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on October 20, 2011
I purchased one of theses kits from Sunset. The camera is great. I did not get all of the accessories right away. Once Sunset did ship me everything, I was very disappointed. The lens hood is difficult to use. The tripod is too light. The card reader doesn't work. The camera bag is already coming unsewed. The SD card is too slow to use the rapid shot mode on the camera. The spare battery is not an LP-E8. It is a generic that the camera has trouble reading the power level of. The DVD guide is pretty humorous though.
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on August 9, 2012
I purchased one of theses kits. The camera is great. I did not get all of the accessories. Once the seller did ship me some of the rest, I was very disappointed. The card reader and filters still not receive them. The camera bag is not at all as it shows in the picture. The SD card is ok. The spare battery ok.
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on August 12, 2011
I was overall pleased with my purchase. The only downside was the size of the camera bag. If you are going to bundle a package that has 2 lenses in it, provide a bag that fits them both with the camera and all the accesories!
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