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on May 10, 2013
Got this yesterday and like it, had Canon PowerShot A2300 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) before. Just to note, PowerShot A2500 is an entry-level pocket camera which is very similar to PowerShot A2300: 16-megapixel 1/2.3" sensor, DiGiC 4 processor, and 5x zoom 28mm wide angle lens, 2.7" LCD. Even 720p HD video capabilities are the same.


1. What really distinguishes it from its predecessor is Smart Auto Mode recognizing 32 shooting environments and adjusts settings for better quality. It automatically selects the best shooting settings for optimal quality based on the environmental factors (lightning I guess) to provide point'n'shoot simplicity.

2. 16.0 Megapixels, with loads of resolution pictures are still clear. High resolution is also good for producing biggest printouts.

3. 5x Optical Zoom is sufficient in most cases.

4. DIGIC 4 Image Processor. Not as fast as DIGIC 5 though fast and powerful enough to give you advanced system options, provide quick-shoot with reliable performance and low battery consumption. As far as I know DIGIC 4 is currently Canon's most efficient processor for budget cameras. BTW it has some Eco mode, that is said to be providing even faster warm-up times and saves the standard battery, but I haven't tested it yet.

5. Very lightweight, just put it into your pocket, can take it everywhere.

6. Price tag - $99. You can't get any better camera for the price.


1. Like A2300 it lacks optical image stabilization, though it's got digital image stabilization.

2. 1/2.3" sensor. Well, entry level CCD providing good pictures, not of a DSLR quality, that's all I can say.


Sure this is not the best camera in the world. I definitely knew it when I bought the camera. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of pictures I shot.

If you're like me (not a pro) and looking for a budget point-and-shoot camera taking family photos and events, mostly shoot in daylight or good lighting, I'd definitely recommend it, taking into account its price tag of $99 - just about right.
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on July 16, 2013
This is my 6th point and shoot (P&S) camera in 9 years, ranging in price from $200-$300. I have had 1 Bell & Howell, 3 Nikons and this is my 2nd Canon P&S camera. The last 2 P&S cameras I had I literally wore out by taking so many pictures. I bought this as a second camera for my husband (who doesn't usually take pictures) to use when he goes hunting with my son. I chose a Canon because I have a Canon DSLR and love it. I also wanted an inexpensive camera, because I thought it would sit on the shelf for most of the year. Of course it did not come with a memory card, as I have yet to buy any camera that does.

To test this camera, after shooting indoors for a bit, I took it to the park. Luckily, what started out as a sunny day turned cloudy, allowing me to test the camera in different lighting. This is a typical low priced P&S camera. Like all P&S cameras, this one performs best in bright, outdoor lighting. However, the ease of use and quality of pictures for the small price tag makes this a good buy. This is one of the better P&S cameras I have had.

Although no instruction manual was in the box (other than the very basics), it was easy to figure out how to manually set this camera, which is a must for me. I liked the fact that it has a PROGRAM setting, which allows me to set a program manually. Even if I switch to another setting, it saves my manual settings, allowing me to switch back and forth between settings. That was great when I tested it, because the lighting went from sunny to cloudy and back again. I could easily switch from AUTO to LANDSCAPE to PROGRAM (my manually programmed settings) and back, depending on lighting and activity, all while holding my 6 month old. The pictures I took while holding my baby (who was trying to grab the camera) of my 4 other children who were riding a moving train turned out surprisingly good. I also manually adjusted the ISO to 1600 and took some shots while holding my squirming baby, and the pictures were not as noisy as I thought they would be.

This is a great camera for the price. I would definitely recommend it for anyone, especially those who are ready to do some manual adjustments to get better pictures, but not ready to spend a lot of money. I am glad I bought this camera, and I am happy because I think I will actually use it more than I originally thought!
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on October 19, 2013
I got this camera to replace a Sony cybershot that gotten broken. I saw a lot of good reviews, and I even researched it in comparisons to other similar cameras. I found through everything that I read that it was a nice family camera with some good capabilites to help with auto focusing and such. I was pretty excited to test it out after I had read all the good stuff said, but when I got down to testing all of its capabilties I found it to fall short of all of the expectations.
the color
the video button.
Most photos are grainy
It takes terrible inside photos
auto focus doesn't seem to work
photos always seem to blur whether the target is moving or still
all of the camera settings are mediocre
have to take the battery out to charge it
does not come with a computer cord

I could go on and on about all the things this camera disappointed me with, but I think it may just be because my sony was just awesome. I just expected more from a camera that just debuted in February of this year. I mean I guess this camera will work for me since it was only $85, but I just had really expected more from what everyone said. Also the outdoor pictures seem to only look good if your taking pictures of scenary.
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on October 29, 2013
She was extremely happy with it and has been taking beautiful photos with it. I actually did a lot of research to find a camera that was easy to use but took quality photos and wasn't expensive, but wasn't too cheap either. This camera will last her for years. Here's what I was looking for and found in this camera:

1. "anti-shake" - it does have image stabilization - important for kids and my wife
2. Zoom - 5x
3. Modes - easy to select shooting modes for various situations.
4. Nice size LCD display - 2.7 inch
5. More megapixels than necessary - a bonus at 16 MP
6. HD video recording
7. She likes the color
8. Just the right size for her
9. SDHC card bought separately - which I prefer since I wanted to chose one myself.

Of course it has many other features and functions that she will discover as she learns more about photography.

Not an outstanding camera but for the price and convenience it is a great value.
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on April 28, 2014
I ended up returning the camera due to problems with the camera, but here are the comments I had after my short time with it:

+Decent features considering the price
+Compact size, very similar to the Canon ELPH series
+Good picture quality. Better than my smartphone which was one of my ultimate desires
+Rechargeable and removable battery

-Extremely minor and probably not worth mentioning, but my previous Canon came with a small plastic piece to tighten/loosen the loop on the string that attaches to the camera. Depending on the shot, I like to tighten the loop around my wrist in case I drop the camera
-Lag between photos. This is the reason I returned the camera. I found I was missing lots of shots because of the delay in between taking photos. No other reviews on Amazon mentioned lag between taking photos and there is a noticeable difference even between this canon and my 5 year old canon I intended to replace. I picked this camera over a Nikon with a couple more features I would have rather had because the Nikon had lots of reviews mentioning horrible lag between photos.

I realize this is a very short review, bu given my short time with the camera its all I could think of and based on the camera I received.
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on September 10, 2014
I bought this after reading some of the negative reviews and partially dismissing them, figuring that some folks were not used to digital cameras and the need for perfect lighting to take good, crisp pictures. This will be the first product I've ever returned to Amazon after ~10 years of ordering on-line.
After charging the battery I took a few shots around the house. First thing I noticed and did not like was that the image on the display was incredibly grainy. I've never seen something like this on any of my digital devices. Second thing was the delay. It took seconds for the camera to autosense the need for the flash. Third thing was while using even a tiny bit of zoom the image stabilization did not work. Half of my shots were blurry. The last thing was that I took a picture of my daughter wearing a pink top with a pink towel on her hair. The color was wayyyyy over saturated. To the point that my wife said it was too bright to even look at the picture. I bought this for an upcoming cruise since I don't want to lug around my SLR and need a pocket camera and need something with zoom capabilities. This camera fails. It may work if you need a cheap camera that takes OK pictures without using zoom but beware that if you enlarge the image on your compute screen you will see that there is no detail in the enlarged image. Off to check out the powershot SX280. Cameras at this priced point are not worth the money.
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on December 18, 2015
Wish I hadn't bought it!!! This is a review for the Canon PowerShot A2500. This camera, as well as Canon's other products are NOT easy to use or figure out. You really need to have the instruction manual with you all the time. If you can figure out how to use it, it takes good pics, but using the camera on my phone is way easier to use!!!

This camera does take good pics when you finally figure out how to use it, but it isn't just as simple as Pointing and Clicking!!! Someone asked about the accessories. Here's what came in the box: The camera Canon PowerShot A2500), a carrying strap, the battery (Battery Pack NB-11L), the battery charger, and a power cord (which I never used.) So, yes it does come with accessories. If you bought one that didn't, you need to return it!!!
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on August 5, 2014
I didn't expect much from the Canon PowerShot after reading the reviews before making my purchase, but Canon is a good name and how bad can it be? I needed a pocket camera when my Lumix could not be fixed before our trip to Turkey, and I didn't want to spend a lot for a camera I probably would keep as a back-up. Well - I was wrong…it was bad. While the Canon shots taken outdoors came out okay, the indoor shots are fuzzy in low light when you shouldn't need a flash. The 5x zoom lens is inadequate for anything over 20 feet away if you want to capture any details of your subject matter, such as textiles. Seriously bad hand-shake, which is not the camera's fault but I want to point that out to anyone who has that problem, this camera is not for you. I will give the camera away to one of my nieces or nephews rather than keep it as a backup camera. Overall, I made a mistake and I'm writing this in hope it keeps someone else from doing the same.
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on May 22, 2016
It's lightweight and compact, so perfect for traveling (and backpacking---which is why I bought it). It takes excellent photos. It's just a point and click, so don't expect DSLR quality, but I'm very satisfied with the quality I do get. Colors are vibrant, and there are lots of settings to work with to get the types of shots that you want. I highly recommend this product to anyone who's interested.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on March 20, 2014
This is probably the 4th of this Canon series we've owned, as we seem to need an upgrade every other year (pick-pockets in Buenos Aires, etc).

The camera is affordable, easy to use, yet versatile (a good blend for two people with different skills).

I will say that our visits to ocean-side have shown the camera to be a bit sensitive to water (ocean spray and it lost power) and sand (one tiny grain froze the lens motor). However, Canon has been generous, leaning towards 2 free camera repairs that was partly my fault because of this (here is the word of mouth they are hoping for!). The repair is a breeze with self-printing labels and email status.

Oh and those sunset pictures from Costa Rica are priceless !
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