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on July 16, 2013
This is my 6th point and shoot (P&S) camera in 9 years, ranging in price from $200-$300. I have had 1 Bell & Howell, 3 Nikons and this is my 2nd Canon P&S camera. The last 2 P&S cameras I had I literally wore out by taking so many pictures. I bought this as a second camera for my husband (who doesn't usually take pictures) to use when he goes hunting with my son. I chose a Canon because I have a Canon DSLR and love it. I also wanted an inexpensive camera, because I thought it would sit on the shelf for most of the year. Of course it did not come with a memory card, as I have yet to buy any camera that does.

To test this camera, after shooting indoors for a bit, I took it to the park. Luckily, what started out as a sunny day turned cloudy, allowing me to test the camera in different lighting. This is a typical low priced P&S camera. Like all P&S cameras, this one performs best in bright, outdoor lighting. However, the ease of use and quality of pictures for the small price tag makes this a good buy. This is one of the better P&S cameras I have had.

Although no instruction manual was in the box (other than the very basics), it was easy to figure out how to manually set this camera, which is a must for me. I liked the fact that it has a PROGRAM setting, which allows me to set a program manually. Even if I switch to another setting, it saves my manual settings, allowing me to switch back and forth between settings. That was great when I tested it, because the lighting went from sunny to cloudy and back again. I could easily switch from AUTO to LANDSCAPE to PROGRAM (my manually programmed settings) and back, depending on lighting and activity, all while holding my 6 month old. The pictures I took while holding my baby (who was trying to grab the camera) of my 4 other children who were riding a moving train turned out surprisingly good. I also manually adjusted the ISO to 1600 and took some shots while holding my squirming baby, and the pictures were not as noisy as I thought they would be.

This is a great camera for the price. I would definitely recommend it for anyone, especially those who are ready to do some manual adjustments to get better pictures, but not ready to spend a lot of money. I am glad I bought this camera, and I am happy because I think I will actually use it more than I originally thought!
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on June 18, 2014
My mother in law and sister in law ranted and raved about this camera so when it came time to replace my old camera that I bought back in 2007, I decided to trust them and buy this camera. My previous camera was a Nikon Coolpix S4 that I bought for a trip to Portugal and over the years, people have always commented how great the pictures I take were. My niece even asked me to be her wedding photographer which I had to decline due to having two small children. Anyway, back to this camera. My first experience with the camera was a family vacation with my husband and two daughters (age 2 and 4 months old). I found that it took forever to take a picture and the camera got confused at times at what "scene" it was. Example, we were at a indoor water park and the camera had issues taking pictures since it kept rotating through the different scenes on Auto mode. My husband came down two slides and I missed shots of both. Using this camera to take a picture of my kids who can't sit still is impossible. This camera does not do well with action shots. I did use this camera to take pictures at my niece's wedding (not as the main photographer thankfully) and it struggled to take shots of the bride and her father coming up the aisle. Compared with my old camera, it takes 50% longer to take a picture. Needless to say, I will be gifting this camera to some teenager who doesn't have high expectations. It is well worth to just spend another $100 and get a much better camera. If you have kids and want a camera that takes quick shots, THIS IS NOT THE CAMERA. I even tried to do the manual setting and the camera still took forever to take pictures. What was frustrating as well was as I reviewed my pictures from my vacation, some of them are blurry since I guess I didn't hold the button down long enough for it to focus before I took the shot. I have two kids and don't have time for such silliness so I am going to cut my losses and move on :-)
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on April 28, 2015
I should have paid attention to the other 1 star reviews. The shutter delay ruins this camera. It has so many features, seems they forgot to make it actually be able to just simply "point and shoot"!!

The manual actually says in different places: "...images will be blurry if you move the camera (or the subject moves) before the shutter sound ends."

The delay on the shutter is so slow. By the time it's done snapping the picture, your subject has moved and you get an odd shot. So the shutter is slow even if you follow the manual and think you have it set up to take action shots, but then it has to process to the memory card which creates an even larger lag between shots, even if you have a high performance memory card.

My iphone recovers so much faster than this camera.

It's impossible to take pictures of moving kids with this.

I don't understand the 5 star reviews.
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on August 25, 2013
I like the 'one button' record on the back of the camera. When the power is on, you don't have to switch between photo and record, just press the record button. Takes great photos and video, but I wish it had a way to switch to 480p video when the 720 isn't necessary. Otherwise a nice camera.
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on March 20, 2014
This is probably the 4th of this Canon series we've owned, as we seem to need an upgrade every other year (pick-pockets in Buenos Aires, etc).

The camera is affordable, easy to use, yet versatile (a good blend for two people with different skills).

I will say that our visits to ocean-side have shown the camera to be a bit sensitive to water (ocean spray and it lost power) and sand (one tiny grain froze the lens motor). However, Canon has been generous, leaning towards 2 free camera repairs that was partly my fault because of this (here is the word of mouth they are hoping for!). The repair is a breeze with self-printing labels and email status.

Oh and those sunset pictures from Costa Rica are priceless !
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on October 29, 2013
She was extremely happy with it and has been taking beautiful photos with it. I actually did a lot of research to find a camera that was easy to use but took quality photos and wasn't expensive, but wasn't too cheap either. This camera will last her for years. Here's what I was looking for and found in this camera:

1. "anti-shake" - it does have image stabilization - important for kids and my wife
2. Zoom - 5x
3. Modes - easy to select shooting modes for various situations.
4. Nice size LCD display - 2.7 inch
5. More megapixels than necessary - a bonus at 16 MP
6. HD video recording
7. She likes the color
8. Just the right size for her
9. SDHC card bought separately - which I prefer since I wanted to chose one myself.

Of course it has many other features and functions that she will discover as she learns more about photography.

Not an outstanding camera but for the price and convenience it is a great value.
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on March 10, 2014
A2500 replaced a more expensive Canon I got through Amex rewards. While traveling on the train or on the street in Manhattan I lost it.. It was very sleek and slippery LOL Time went by, I found the need to have a camera beyong iphone, ipad. I ordered this camera and I am learning how to use it.
What I have found is that I need to learn about: no blur, MACRO (close up) --for novices like me. I need wide lens features and the ability to fade out unwanted subject in the background.. I have not learned how to use all the features. I have taken very nice shots and not so nice shots experimenting. I find that sharpness is something to be explored in the manual. I am sure Canon tries to keep cost down by not providing a printed out manual but I wanted one and I did the unthinkable:-- printed it out! put it in a three ring binder! old school I guess!
I can point and shoot as described in the product section of this listing. This camera is a nicely priced one and If I should get careless again only this time drive over it!, well it won't cost me an arm and a leg to replace!.
. The manual consists of 109 pages! That means there is a lot to learn! I went to manual websites to see how much a manual would cost to buy. The manual service charges between $12.95 plus the shipping cost! and up.
I had the typing paper and the ink so I printed it out!
Hope this helps you! I am already researching another Canon digital 16 mega because I need close ups of moving animals! i.e. parrots! I would add I bought a .99cent cable UBS cord (reviewed) and two extra batteries from Clearmax and an extra battery recharger. The clearmax battery charges in one hour. The Canon battery that came with this camera charges in 21/2 hours. I bought a SD HC device/card 16GB. Remember: the SDHC card DOES NOT come with the camera. I am going to get a case and more accessories for my camera. Hope this helps! from a newbie
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on October 19, 2013
I got this camera to replace a Sony cybershot that gotten broken. I saw a lot of good reviews, and I even researched it in comparisons to other similar cameras. I found through everything that I read that it was a nice family camera with some good capabilites to help with auto focusing and such. I was pretty excited to test it out after I had read all the good stuff said, but when I got down to testing all of its capabilties I found it to fall short of all of the expectations.
the color
the video button.
Most photos are grainy
It takes terrible inside photos
auto focus doesn't seem to work
photos always seem to blur whether the target is moving or still
all of the camera settings are mediocre
have to take the battery out to charge it
does not come with a computer cord

I could go on and on about all the things this camera disappointed me with, but I think it may just be because my sony was just awesome. I just expected more from a camera that just debuted in February of this year. I mean I guess this camera will work for me since it was only $85, but I just had really expected more from what everyone said. Also the outdoor pictures seem to only look good if your taking pictures of scenary.
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on December 10, 2013
Camera just arrived. I bought it as a gift so I can't speak yet to the quality of the camera. It was supposed to come with a free memory card and case, but I didn't receive these. I just chatted with an Amazon representative who helped me place a free order for these. Looks like the memory card will ship out right away but the case does not have a delivery date yet. Hoping it will arrive before Christmas.
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on June 3, 2014
My mom needed a new camera that provided a good zoom function and the ability to take decent family photos within my brother's and my Christmas spending budget. This camera was the answer. Bonus: mom's favorite color is red. She loves to use it and brings it with her to every family gathering. Even though she still forgets how to use the zoom function sometimes, she loves scrolling through the photos and sharing them with whoever's around to look, usually immediately after they were taken. Great for anybody who doesn't have a smart phone, but wants to share in the fun of constant digital documentation. Not recommended for selfie-taking.
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