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Price:$223.98 - $329.00

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on March 28, 2014
I purchased this to use at times I didn't/couldn't lug around my T3i with me; also, it's replacing my SD1400is (2010). So far I am pleased with the quality and abundance of features that are packed into this camera!

Nice image quality
Fast focus
Wi-Fi/NFC capabilities
Smooth/great quality HD filming

The body is pretty light, I like/am used to heavier frames. I miss the cold aluminum sturdiness of the SD1400is.
It doesn't come with a usb cord - I'm sure by now you may have an extra mini usb cord (top hat) laying around but it would've been nice.
LCD can be a bit grainy at times.

Canon went with the new Digic 4+ processor for the ELPH 340 - think of it as a happy medium between Digic 4 and 5 but optimized. I haven't had any issues with speed or lag. The camera responds promptly every time. As far as battery life, I will report back after a day of shooting images. Either way I still would recommend you purchase a back up battery just in case.

The initial set up was quick and painless. I would love if they added the ability to include copyright info within the camera but this can be done in Photoshop in a click - it would still be nice to have. The Wi-Fi was surprisingly responsive and I ran into no trouble with setting it up with my router, phone or PC. This camera also has NFC for even easier connections.

In my test videos, I was impressed with the image stability the most - this would make a great vlogging companion. The screen has a small amount of grain during playback but remember this is for review. Once imported into my computer the HD video looked great.

You must try out the Canon CW app in tandem with the camera. This app has remote shutter, the ability to share/browse pictures, remote shut off, and more! Even if you don't plan on using it, give it a try. I used it with the Android app. Though there is a slight delay, but it isn't off putting.

All in all I am happy with my purchase and plan to use this for a long time. I will upload pictures into the customer photo section as soon as I can!

I have added a couple images to the customer section. I am having a great time working with this camera.
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on March 23, 2014
Very User friendly camera for beginners. Purchased for $199. It is a 16mp camera with 1080p video. It has a good sensor and lens, so it produces high quality images. The lens and sensor matter more than the megapixel count. I have an old KODAK easyshare C653 6.1mp camera that takes better pictures than a Samsung PL120 14.2mp for that reason. For video, I prefer using the 720p setting so the battery lasts longer, and it is still very good quality. It has Wi-Fi, so you can transfer your videos and pictures to your pc that way, or directly to Facebook if you have an internet connection. I prefer to just put the memory card in the pc myself and copy & paste to the destination I want. The default auto settings seem to work very well, but there are other settings and features once you get more familiar with the camera.
It has the usual delay mode for setting the camera down to tae group pictures with the photographer. The timer can be custom set up to a 30 second delay if you want, and up to 10 pictures can be taken before setting it again. Or you can use a feature that when it detects a smile, or wink, it will take a picture.
There is less than 1 second delay after taking a picture until the still image is off the screen and you can tae another picture.
The 12x optical zoom works great and can make high quality 8x10 photos. The 24x digital zoom is good too and works good with 5x7, but I haven't tried it for 8x10 yet. The 48x digital zoom is ok, but does lose some quality.
Video: It can use the 12x optical zoom for video, and unlike some other cameras, with the Canon Powershot ELPH 340 HS, you CAN zoom in and out while recording video. The microphone is located in the front of the camera too, so your fingers don't cover it.
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on March 2, 2015
I have had several other Canon point and shoot cameras and purchased this camera for my wife. She enjoys having a camera that fits easily in her purse, is easy to uses, has a decent telephoto capacity, and takes decent pictures. The 340 meets all of these requirements. It is also lighter than some of their other small cameras. I do wish that Canon had an optical view finder but they have all disappeared except on a very inexpensive camera. I also suggest purchasing a second battery. As another reviewer stated, this camera does seem to drain it's battery even when not in use.

Follow up: Yes the battery drains in 3-4 week of sitting idle. Canon's solution is to remove the battery. A sure way to have your battery door break much sooner than it should. I suggested to Canon that they have an active power drain in the camera, probably the time and date. Canon stated that they take all their batteries out on a daily basis. I don't believe them. I have had several Canons, this is the only model that drains the battery when in short term storage. You want to be able to garb and shoot (the whole point of a "point and shoot", not install a battery and then shoot.
I still like the picture quality and the size and weight but must reduce the rating from 4-3 stars by the above problem.
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on May 23, 2015
I had been looking for a compact non DSLR camera for about a year now. I had been waiting on the ELPH350 but there were constant delays and the only difference between the 340 and 350 was 4 megapixels and $60. I read that beyond about 12 megapixels, the human eye cannot make any additional distinctions, in fact at some point the pixels become so small, the eye cannot see them as well. I decided to get the 340 and an accessories kit for $22. It is a great little camera and much more suited for a lot of point and shoot situations than my phone camera. The instruction manual is pretty straight forward as well as the operation. It came with one 800ma battery and charger which gives you about 200 non-flash shots. I would definitely suggest getting some additional batteries in the 900-1000ma range especially if you do any recording. I do plan on doing some short recording, but do not expect anything beyond about 10 minutes with the stock battery, probably less if you are zooming a lot. The 12X zoom is more than ample and the image stabilization works great. The small internal mic is located on the bottom which does not pick up wind and ambient noise. It recorded my audio at normal voice levels without distortion. I could nit pick about the placement of certain buttons and parts of the body that are a little flimsy, especially the battery compartment door. The Wi-Fi transfer worked without a hitch, but I still got a USB connector for photo transfer and battery charging. All in all, for a "can afford to lose" camera that can supplement your phone snapshots, I do not think the 340 can be beat for price/performance.
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on January 19, 2017
This began as an outstanding purchase, or so I initially thought. Picture quality is great for the price, charging is fairly convenient (comes with its own lightweight plug-in charger for the battery), and controls are convenient. I was sharply disappointed, though, to find that the manufacturer's Wi-Fi claim has questionable merit. Yes, it does have Wi-Fi, but it needs a smartphone app to properly use, and the Android version of the app provided by Canon will rarely, if ever, connect to the phone. Since I bought this camera with the expectation that I could transfer photos from it using Wi-Fi, and I cannot, I can't rate this camera very highly. If you don't care about Wi-Fi, this would be a good purchase (but then you could get a cheaper camera that doesn't claim to have Wi-Fi).
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on September 18, 2014
The Elph 340 replaces a 10 year-old Konica Minolta. The advances in technology are apparent - more megapixels, much faster start-up time, much larger and brighter display and it's easy to use. I first used the camera this week on a trip without reading any instructions. I set it to what I suppose is "Auto", found the wide angle and telephoto switch and clicked away. Now that I'm home I downloaded the 163 page manual, which I may get around to reading, but for the moment, "Point and Click" does me just fine. Yes, Canon is really pushing their wireless photo transfer, but I'm of the old school and to transfer the pictures to my computer I used a USB cable with a Mini Plug at one end and it worked fine except my Mac software version is not high enough so I downloaded to a PC running Windows 7, copied the pictures on a memory stick and transferred them to my Mac. A card reader is coming from Amazon, so I will be able to transfer directly to the Mac.

Review updated.
I subsequently purchased a Lexar Multi-Card USB Reader to replace an older reader that wouldn't accept the HD SCI card used in the Canon. This allows me to download the files from the Canon directly into my Mac. Much quicker than the former card reader and it works perfectly.
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on June 23, 2016
This is my first time ever posting a review. I'm so disappointed. This camera was bought refurbished from FourBros. The camera does not hold a charge. Every time I pull it out to use it, it is out of battery. You can not take it on trips because it looses its charge quickly. I'm so disappointed, because I wasted my money and I don't have money to buy a new camera.
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on November 4, 2014
I can't say enough good things about this camera. I purchased this camera to replace an older Canon PowerShot prior to our trip to Paris. The camera is easy to use and to carry in your pocket. The best thing is the quality of the pictures which I downloaded to my computer and printed to my HP printer. Everyone that looked at the pictures said that they looked like postcards.
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on January 15, 2015
OK, I have been a big Canon fan over the last 10 years, and especially the Digital Elphs. My first was a SD600 and my last before this camera was a SD1000. I loved the 1000 a lot, but it began to die, so I got the new 340HS. I would have to say that I am not really that impressed. The picture quality is rather unsharp and trying to play the videos it takes has been quite a problem on both my computer, TV and Blu-ray player None of them seem to like the MV4 format that it creates. The 340 is also about 30% larger than my old SD1000.

As mentioned on some camera forums, Canon, like others, is slowly abandoning the tiny camera market because of the cannibalism from cell phones. This is despite the fact that most cell phones totally lack some of the most compelling features in this little cameras like manual control, time lapse, tripod support, etc.

Like most camera manufacturers, it appears Canon has gone for the megapixel marketing gusto at the expense of image fidelity. More pixels do not equal better image quality if the pixels are so small that the light sensing elements cannot capture enough photons to make up for their small size! This is just basic engineering folks...
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on September 4, 2015
This camera replaced a Canon Elph 300 that took a swim in the pool. Always liked the small size and decent pictures so we bought this one to replace it. This camera takes good pictures, although using the flash causes red eye in any subject facing the lens. One nice feature is the camera comes with red eye correction software which actually works very well. While the camera takes good pictures, especially outdoors, the Canon Wi-Fi feature and software are TERRIBLE. I thought I would like that feature in this camera, but it doesn't work! I can get the Wi-Fi to connect, but as soon as I try to transfer an image it disconnects??!! No problem - just plug it in to the computer with a USB cable and download them that way. WRONG! The software that CANON had me download to use with this camera gives an error message saying this software is not the right one for this camera. I'm using Windows 7 (64), but have tried downloads for other systems with no luck. So for now I unplug the SD card, install it in a different camera and plug it in to transfer the pictures. Probably when the snow starts flying I'll have some time to really dig into this issue, but at least we can work around it for now. The Canon ELPH 350 is the newer version of this camera, maybe they have this issue resolved.
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