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on July 28, 2013
This is neither too complex nor oversimplified. It has all the feature I wanted. I get great pictures, easy to get from the camera to my computer. It is small, yet not tiny, very light weight. I really do love it. Great value for the money.
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on October 31, 2013
This is my 3rd Canon camera over the course of the last 20 years and I've enjoyed everyone of them. This is easy to operate, turns out quality photos, has a nice zoom, and the Canon software for downloading to your computer works wonderfully. A lot of the new cameras are just too small for my big, shaky hands, and often the settings defy comprehension. Not so with this baby. A beauty of a small camera for a very nice price.
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on December 3, 2013
so far this camera does what i want, take pictures. I wanted a simple camera that I could carry around and travel with that if it broke or something it wouldn't be a big deal. I don't travel with my photography equipment all the time because it can be a big hassle with my canon rebel and all my lenses. I have always enjoyed canon and the simple easy to use camera's. all you have to do it turn the camera on and hit the button to take a picture. NO need to figure out what dial to turn for a picture because the camera does it for you. Also the video is simple, press the red button and it starts recording to end the recording hit the red button again.

I would say that anyone can use this camera with it's easy use.
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on January 18, 2014
We got the A2600 to add a low-cost camera to go along with our Canon PowerShot S100 compact digital camera. The A2600 is a fine point and shoot that performs well and produces quality images. A step up from the A2500, it grows the back display LCD from 2.7" to 3" (diagonal) and adds face recognition capabilities. It appears to be solidly built, and is lightweight, weighing about 5oz. (S100 weighs 7oz). The A2600 has two shooting modes: Auto and Program; it lacks advanced modes like Manual and Aperture and Shutter Preferred modes found on more expensive compacts, which is OK for this level of camera. Overall, I'm pleased with the performance and photo quality, given the lower price point and knowing that it's not my primary, full-function camera.

General Comments:
The 3" diag. LCD screen (2-3/8" x 1-3/4") is bright and sharp, easy to view in daylight conditions. Also, darker scenes are shown with enough detail (although very grainy) to compose a shot. The lens shows slight barrel distortion at wide, middle and 5x zoom levels, comparable to S100 lens. The zoom range is (35mm equiv.): 28mm - 140mm optical, up to 560mm equiv. with added digital zooming. The "Auto" mode decides what kind of picture you're taking (people? bright/dark scene? moving?) and adjusts exposure and focus quickly and appropriately. "Program" mode allows you to adjust exposure (through exposure compensation) and image quality (ASA, image contrast) a bit.

The camera has a number of features found on more expensive cameras, as well as a few special effects modes. Check them out in the camera manual, found online at Canon's website on the A2600 product page, under "Brochures and Manuals."

After reading the quick start instructions, basic operations were easy. The manual provides more details, particularly on Auto and Program modes. Color saturation looks good, comparable to the better S100. Image color looked realistic and accurate. I saw negligible to no chromatic aberrations, like R, G or B color bleeds at high-contrast edges. I like the flash and the fact that it’s not a popup. It is sufficiently bright to provide good fill lighting in bright conditions, and gives nice, even lighting to low-light scenes without blowing them out.

For Movies, the lens can be zoomed during recording. Zoom is smooth, but zoom motor is picked up by the microphone. Record button on back panel makes starting movie simple and quick. Record “stop” can be done using the Shutter button, easier than using record button to stop.

The maximum equivalent ASA is 1600 (6400 in “low-light” mode – grainy). Image gets "noisy" (looking grainy and non-crisp) in typical room-light conditions, where camera operates at ASA 800 or 1600. This is due to 16MP sensor - a 10-12MP sensor will typically produce better results. Thus, image quality is adequate but not fantastic in low-light. Slight grainy noise also seen at ASA 250, resulting in a slight loss of definition, fine details and edge crispness.

Image processing after taking the picture is much slower than the S100. It takes 2 seconds after pressing the button for the camera to be ready for another shot (tested for 8MB (M1) and 16MB (L) settings.) The S100 takes less than 1 sec.

Many of the niftier functions are buried in menus, making it less likely one will take the time to use these modes. You will probably not navigate to "low-light" mode to capture someone blowing out a candle in a dark room, but take your chances with Program or Auto modes. Fortunately, those easy-to-access modes produce fine results in most cases.

For Movies, the lens zoom noise can be heard in recording (soft scratch-hiss during zoom.) Microphone is centered on the top of the camera, right above the lens. Zoom switch "clicking" may also be recorded.

This camera is a fine point-and-shoot and has enough "auto" features to allow you to concentrate on your composition. This is not the best camera to use for huge poster-size prints, but it’s great for uses from e-mails to small photos, calendars, photo books, and even 8" x 10" pictures. Have fun with the camera - make your own test shots in various modes that you're likely to use, and find the quickest way to achieve the shot you want.
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on December 26, 2013
I’m rating the Canon Powershot A2600 (5 stars) because based on the other reviews and ratings it truly is a fantastic camera without breaking the bank. I found the Canon Powershot A2600 to be extremely user friendly and easy to use.

Before purchasing any digital camera I decided to conduct my own research regarding price range, LED screens, and sharpness. I was totally torn between the Nikon and the Canon Power Shot however based on the review and ratings; I decided to go with the Canon. I made an excellent choice of selection. It’s a great little camera that gets the job done. The camera takes amazing photos to capture unforgettable moments and memories. It takes pictures that are very crisp and clear. I was totally shocked and in disbelief that this little camera has the power to take really good shots.

Also this camera takes awesome video recordings and overall I’m very satisfied with my purchase :) and would recommend anyone that is looking for a great camera for an inexpensive price tag to definitely consider purchasing the Canon Powershot A2600. This camera has a sharp lens, its inexpensive compared to other “name brands”, has a on-screen help mode, a wide 3-inch LCD screen, and includes a battery charger. Thanks Amazon!
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on December 31, 2013
I bought this camera because of Canaon reputation and its spec indicates it's 16 MP and 5x optical zoom. When I received it, I was a little disappointed with the coarse LCD resolution, but due to the price, I can still live with it. But the picture quality is real bad. I first took some pictues indoors, and the picture seems to be too dim. Then the next day when I took pictures outdoors with beautiful sunshine and view the pictures on my computer (because I cannot judge that based on the camera's LCD), I was so disappointed at the quality of the pictures. The don't look like 16 MP pictures but look like 3 MP pictures. Now I will be very cautious about buying Canon point and shoots ...
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on May 31, 2014
Manual is online, which I find annoying. Selected pic mode continually changes. Does not stay in place like a dial selector. I wanted a very small camera to tuck in purse/pocket and this one is small enough, but I will probably give away as I find it annoying to use and the indoor pics have a funny orangish tint which requires photoshopping each one to get correct colors etc. I usually use a Nikon D70s so maybe I'm expecting too much from this camera. I had a couple of the old film Canon SureShots and loved them. Dropped one of those in icy stream, air dried it and it kept on working until I dropped it down a ravine and couldn't get to it. Smashed 2nd one up skiing. Guess I'll keep lugging the Nikon when I want pics.
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on February 21, 2014
Bought this for a gift for my daughter but she already had 2 other cameras (not hardly as good) and really wanted money so I decided to keep it. When we started using it I let my daughter take some pictures and she really liked it. It is simple to use and setup and takes great pictures for a point & shoot camera. It has a large LCD screen and is visible in most lighting. Still wish it had a view finder for the bright sunshine but it will suffice for now. I think that it is definitely worth the money for a 16 MPx camera.
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on November 22, 2015
The camera works fine, is easy to use, and does everything it says it will. I didn't pay attention to the magnification specs which is my fault. With little magnification if I want a close up I have to get really close. Which often means I don't get the picture I want because the subject is more interested in what I'm doing than what they were doing, like my grandkids and my cats. The pictures are nice and clear. I definitely like the Canon products.
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on August 20, 2013
I take a significant amount of photos for my online stores. I am also a photography enthusiast but without a lot of money. I was very pleased that a camera these reasonably priced took such great pictures. The clarity and quality is really good. I'm a happy customer and love the pink! A+++
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